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Hundreds of Israelis Demonstrate Against Home Sale to Arab Family

Residents of northern Israeli town Afula demonstrated on June 13 against the sale of a house to a family of Palestinian citizens. PHOTO: Middle East Monitor/Haaretz

GOODIZEN — Dozens of Israelis continued to demonstrate against the property sale for a second day on Thursday [14 June 2018], according to Haaretz.

Middle East Monitor reports: The protest, which was attended by Afula Mayor Avi Elkabetz and Deputy Mayor Shlomo Malihi, saw some 150 local residents wave Israeli flags and carry signs condemning those who sold their house to Palestinians; one sign read: “Traitors against the Jews will get no rest.”

Mayor Elkabetz declared:

“The residents of Afula don’t want a mixed city, but rather a Jewish city, and it’s their right. This is not racism.” […]

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  1. Welcome to the post-truth world! European Jews steal the Palestinians’ country from under their feet, giving them absolutely nothing for it and calling it ‘Israel’, then protest when a Palestinian family has the gall and temerity to dare to want to legally buy back a tiny little piece of it.

    The post-truth world where the USA and Israel invade Syria directly and indirectly via proxies – the same proxies that they are ostensibly there to fight – then warn the Syrian government against trying to free their own country of these invaders.

    The post-truth world where a U.S. President like Trump can break every promise he made during the campaign, flip 180 degrees from every position he espoused, and because the media has turned much of America into insouciant, brain-dead zombies, there are no recriminations, no mass protests, no civil unrest. As the incomparable George Carlin said, ‘nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care’ – there are ball games to attend, beer to drink, porn to watch, Monsanto patented gunk to swill, and Bayer meds to keep Americans just sane enough to go to work on Monday morning.

    Israel has turned America into a zombie farm that it uses to strong arm its way through the Middle East. And everything, even zombie farms, have a use-by date.

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