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NOLA’s Confederate Statues Are Litmus Test for the Status of White Minorities

Some unscrupulous character may have doctored this tweet by adding this photo to it. Irregardless of the potentially unethical action, the message of the tweet — which has been verified — is what matters and remains the same.

The City of New Orleans, La. (NOLA), is a prime microcosm for the treatment of racial minorities in the United States. In this case, we are speaking about whites as the minority. Whites in NOLA were a small majority back in 1970 at 54.5%. Today it’s 33% and dropping.

The issue at hand for the new minority is the campaign to remove Confederate monuments around that city. One has already come down in the middle of the night. The ploy being used is that these statues are racist and are nuisances.

The white mayor of NOLA Mitch Landrieu is in the thick of this campaign, even going so far as tweeting the statues “do not represent diversity.” This form of reverse racism should give serious pause to the white minority of NOLA and elsewhere.

Landrieu’s sister Mary was a U.S. senator. Given his tweet, it’s incredible to also fathom that he is a practicing attorney and was president of International Mediation & Arbitration, Ltd. He was trained in mediation and negotiation by the Harvard Law School Negotiation Project, the American Arbitration Association and the Attorney Mediator’s Institute. Landrieu has also taught alternative dispute resolution as an adjunct professor at Loyola University Law School. What a pathetic commentary and state of affairs. This represents a complete takeover of the process by very nasty elements.

Where were the police while this monument was being desecrated?


A committee in Louisiana legislature voted Wednesday, May 3, to advance a bill that would bar localities from removing Confederate monuments without first getting the approval of voters. New Orleans Deputy Mayor Ryan Berni was among those who testified against the bill. He pointed out that courts have affirmed the city’s ownership of the monuments and argued the city should have control over what to do with its property. Berni also argued the monuments were put up as part of what’s known as the “Cult of the Lost Cause.” When Berni mentioned the Cult of the Lost Cause, the audience erupted into a chorus of boos.

photo- WGNO

This referendum method and solution is fundamental democracy. The New Nationalist (TNN) in general supports this approach. Mostly, that’s because we still have faith that some among the black majority of NOLA will still have the good sense and decency to stop this anti-white race baiting dead in its tracks and let sleeping dogs lay.

Indeed, a poll by WWL-TV showed that 64 percent of metro New Orleans residents opposed the removal or renaming of monuments. Only 18 percent at the time supported removals. A poll solely of African-American voters statewide was more troubling as 46 percent support Confederate symbols being removed, 31 percent oppose the idea, with 23 percent undecided. But it is encouraging to see that there are few white cucks on the monument issue: 85 percent of white voters oppose, versus 5 percent in favor and 10 percent are undecided.

TNN submits this monument scam is racial divide-and-conquer agitprop. In fact, this will be a major litmus test for race relations in the U.S. If democracy is thwarted at the hands of NOLA’s mayor, Antifa agitators and their useful idiots, then it should serve as an enormous wake-up call to whites in minority or bare-majority situations.

Confederate and Union soldiers in 1913 and 1938 held Gettysburg reunions TOGETHER as brothers in arms. If this doesn’t touch your heart, then it is you who is the lost cause. Note that you will also see black Civil War veterans participating in these reunions. For the record, all of my paternal ancestors from that era were Confederate soldiers. On my maternal side, those who were in the country were Union soldiers. Any real American should get it.

41 Comments on NOLA’s Confederate Statues Are Litmus Test for the Status of White Minorities

  1. The graffiti actually looks like it says, “Fuck Trump” and “People are ungovernable”, with Trump and People overlapping.

    As for the “Die whites die”, haven’t we seen enough false flags to be suspicious of this kind of thing.

    • The “Die Whites Die” graffiti appears in multiple photos from multiple angles and multiple sources.

      • I’m not saying that the graffiti isn’t present, just that we don’t know who sprayed it on.

        I’m fine with keeping the statues, but seemed like the plaques describing them should say something like,

        “This man was a traitor to the United States. He led an army of traitors fighting to defend a territory that was trying to maintain the institution of human slavery of black people. But this statue also represents the oppressive mentality of his ancestors who continue to honor him, while continuing to deny basic human rights to black people for over 100 years after this mans army lost the war.”

        Put that on all the statues and let’s see who wants to take them down.

        • Seems like you practice the victors write the history school of history. In the South it was called the War of Northern Aggression. Slavery was on the way out as an institution. Even Russia freed their serfs (defacto slaves) at about this time. That issue was secondary to the war and is overrated as the causa proxima.

          • A bit of a counter factual, we don’t really know what would’ve happened if Southern secession was peacefully accepted. Though the industrial revolution certainly could’ve reduced the need for slavery, but then what would’ve happened to the slaves? Put on boats back to Africa? Genocide? Peaceful integration was certainly not on the table, as the subsequent 100 years clearly illustrated.

            • Under this criteria you have one hell of a lot of monuments to tear down around the world. Johnny Reb mostly certainly did not have a monopoly on serfdom, slavery or exploitation. You better get busy if this is your standard.

            • Lincoln tossed out the idea to ship them back to Africa or South America. The people of the US loved the idea so much they made him president…..

        • Man, traitor could be applied to so many people in US history. I’m sure the National Pork Barrel Service (Park Service) will apply their cultural marxism filter of course and never mention Lincoln’s racist tirades and white supremacy journal entries. Or Albert Pike, confederate soldier/free mason. Or union officers who previously killed native americans in the US cavalry. Or …. etc x 10000

          • I don’t think traitor can be applied as widely as you think. Dissident, dissenter, conscientious objector, etc. are all terms that sometimes get construed as traitors, but I steadfastly deny that they are in fact traitors. In fact, those who most strongly advocate for a nation to live up to its principles and stand in opposition to the corrupt politicians ruling the country should be viewed as dedicated patriots despite the fact they are labeled as traitors.

            As to your second point, yes, all those other issues should be mentioned as well, though space limitations obviously constrain how much history can actually be included at every landmark, and context in terms of its setting and intended purpose would also play a role in what information is conveyed.

            • Yes, should be up to the citizens of NOLA too, and polls show they are opposed to removals. That was a central theme of our article.

              “Indeed, a poll by WWL-TV showed that 64 percent of metro New Orleans residents opposed the removal or renaming of monuments. Only 18 percent at the time supported removals.”

              • Right, and I haven’t advocated for their removal or their defacement, just a more complete description of who the momument is celebrating. Isn’t that something generally favored here, a more thorough critique of historical events?

                • You’re a funny guy. I have plenty of “descriptions” to add to historical events and monuments. In today’s system I would be the last to be allowed to do so. I can only imagine who and what the “description committee” would consist of. It horrifies me to imagine.
                  “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” ― George Orwell, 1984

                  • Oh, I agree that there are definitely taboos about what historical events can have “descriptions” added to them, but you’ve gotta start somewhere. Maybe this is an opportunity to have that conversation with those antifas to get them ‘woke’ to the other historical monuments that should be reconsidered and they could focus their anger there next after there’s some resolution to these civil war monuments. I don’t think the antifas are any friend to Israel… (maybe useful idiots, though)

  2. No echo chamber here: the uncertainty of the tweet has been noted as an editor note even before your comment hit. The basics of the article very much stands, including the Mayor being a bad actor.

    • I will let the chips fall where they may on the tweet, but the behavior of all these players, including the numerous racist slur aganst whites examples added to these comments more than illustrates the point. The Mayor is a bum to play along with the racial and antifa mob and the monument issue is indefensible.

        • Who hasn’t? Really brings out the honey flavor. But, you know, as someone who actually lives in New Orleans I felt the need to point out the blatant inaccuracies, misrepresentations, etc.

          • blatant? I don’t think you pointed much about NOLA or offered any insights. At this point you are just trolling. Thus it is necessary to ban you. Still you got far better treatment and courtesy here than I got on this post at Reddit whence you came. There the strict requirement for discussion was being from NOLA. See first comment with 27 upvotes. What a nasty awful brood.

            • Thanks Russ. Especially from a guy who has only read ONE article on your site. We get censored all over the place. Nothing wrong with banning jerks who have no intention of actually learning and getting a “balanced” perspective of various topics.

              • Let’s see Jeff’s comment history in 6 months and see if he calls out the Jews for their involvement in slavery; or the Arabs. Then we can let him back in.

          • Hey……go back to Huffington Post. If you are a white guy, spend some more time ‘reading’ this site; rather than opening your mouth. google white genocide. google Coudenhave-Kalergi. Check out the white rabbit radio. Etc. Get rid of your white guilt. Please. Add Barbara Lerner Spectre to that list of study.

    • You’re missing the forest for the tree, son. The issue is the removal of the statues, not a tweet — whether doctored or not. And, yes, an even larger issue is reverse racism, which some express as a denial of history. Embrace history, debate it and learn from it what you will.

  3. Strange the Albert Pike and Abraham Lincoln statues will be allowed to stay up. Guess racism/confederate charges against them are being ignored.
    (Read Lincoln’s memoirs and you’ll see his contempt for the negroes…not taught in (((public school))) .)

    • albert pike: freemason globalist/jew lover and marxist
      lincoln: fascist (the arms of his statue in dc rests upon the ‘fasces’)
      Both useful to the deep state agenda. Whereas unions of civilian fighters and defenders of liberty are not, so their monuments are targeted.

  4. Removing Confederate monuments is the antithesis of diversity. It smacks of Antifa-style hypocrisy and political pandering to a black base.

  5. How did you come about knowing this website was an echo chamber? Only 4 posts, in 3 years of activity? You echo MSM terminology and lingo, something that isn’t practiced much here. Hasbarat maybe ?

    • Removal of a Masonic symbol, couldn’t this be viewed from a wholly different perspective that would be be viewed favorably here at TNN?

  6. Let’s think about this issue from a different perspective. Should monuments honoring the founding of Israel be strictly celebratory? They were founded on genocide, mass displacement of people, oppression, etc.

    This is remarkably similar to the founding of the US and the attempted founding of the CSA. So all I’m saying is keep the monuments, but they should acknowledge the tragic history instead of ignoring it.

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