Michelle Obama is Democrats’ Best Bet for 2020, Oddsmakers Say

The fliers are ready for #Michelle2020. PHOTO: _Senatormoody/Twitter

By Stephen Dinan | 17 November 2016

WASHINGTON TIMES — Michelle Obama says she wants nothing to do with politics now, but oddsmakers still say she’s got the best chance of any Democrat of winning the White House in four years.

Bovada, an online gambling site, says the odds of Mrs. Obama winning are 12-to-1. The next-best Democrats, Sen. Tim Kaine and Elizabeth Warren, get odds of 14-to-1.

By contrast three Republicans have higher odds: President-elect Donald Trump is a 2-to-1 bet to repeat, while Vice President-elect Mike Pence and House Speaker Paul D. Ryan are each given 10-to-1 odds.

President Obama has been asked whether his wife would consider running and he’s shot the idea down, saying she’s eager to get back to a life outside the White House.

But their party is sorely lacking in a credible bench of candidates with national exposure to run for president, particularly now that Hillary Clinton appears done with politics. […]

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