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Will Barack Obama’s Real Father Please Stand Up

The ludicrous birther story of Barrack Obama being born in Kenya was finally dismissed by Donald Trump this week. The birther story was a decoy to draw attention away from Obama’s real inception. Obama “Junior” got nowhere near Barrack Obama “Senior,” and was in reality born in Honolulu. His biological father was Frank Marshall Davis (1905-1987).

The starting point are photos that I believe show this.  Compare Davis’, Obama’s and Obama Sr.’s photos below. The Davis resemblance is striking, Obama Sr. a farce. Obama had a “cosmetic refinement” of his nose, detectable in the second photo. Obama is 6’2″ and Davis was 6’2,” and their physiques are described as similar other than Obama keeps the weight under control. Contrast that to East African Obama Sr., who was 5’10” and is small-framed. Obama “Jr” and Davis are both obviously Afro-Americans. One needs to be pretty gullible to believe Barrack Obama Sr is the biological father. Several of Obama’s Kenyan “siblings” no longer believe so.


There is reportedly evidence that Davis, at the age of 54, had a tryst with Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, when she was 18. Stranger yet, Ann Dunham’s legal name was Stanley Ann Dunham (1942-1995), named after her father. Incidentally, Obama’s Grampa Stanley came across his mother dead of suicide when he was 8 years old. He was then shipped out by his dad. I wonder how grandpa turned out?

According to the documentary film “Dreams of my Real Father,” Davis was a well-known leftist, well educated and well spoken, and an aficionado of jazz and photography. He was also a pervert and, using the pseudonym Bob Greene, admitted to authoring a book about his proclivities in 1968 called “Black Sex Rebel.” Friends describe Ann as an original, before-her-time feminist.


Describing him as a “friend,” Ann’s father brought Davis home and they began to hang out. Shortly thereafter Ann became pregnant with Barrack. And while Davis was at it, he sold nude soft-core porn photos of Ann to a men’s magazine.



The head photos can be compared, however. The one on the right is from among Davis’ photographs. In the book “The Dreams of my Real Father” it shows the same furniture from the pose in Davis’s Honolulu house from photos taken at a different time. The photos show a Christmas tree and furniture also seen in other photos of Frank’s residence. Barack Obama was born Aug, 4, 1961, so November would have been the likely time of impregnation.

Oahu does not have a large population and whites are a minority. There are even fewer blacks. Statistically, there just aren’t that many white Dunham lookalikes from which to draw. And the chances of an Ann Dunham lookalike on the island of Oahu, who also knew Frank Marshall Davis, would be quite the coinkydink.

Since Frank Davis was married, and the age difference between him and Dunham would have been embarrassing, and the baby had no name, Dunham’s father more than likely arranged a “marriage of convenience” with Obama Sr. in exchange for money and visa benefits for the young and very poor Kenyan, who at the time was attending the University of Hawaii.

There is zero evidence they ever resided together, and immigration documents show Barrack Obama Sr. had little clue about his “child.” This was laid out in “The Case Against Barrack Obama Sr.” The paperwork was so botched up that he later came back to Hawaii on Dunham’s dime to clear up a scholarship application for Barrack.

The birthers were barking up the wrong tree. Obama was born in Honolulu, and the reason the records are altered and missing was to hide the details of paternity, not the place of birth. Barrack Obama was natural born American well before Ann Dunham went to Indonesia. Ann Dunham went to Seattle shortly after Barrack’s birth and attended the University of Washington.

Also by coinkydink, Davis ultimately agreed to play a role in mentoring Barry (aka Barrack), particularly after he returned to Hawaii from Indonesia, when Barry was 10 years old. Why? By Stanley and Anne’s request, and I would say blood runs thick. It is generally believed that Barry didn’t figure out the truth until he stumbled across a original birth certificate that said father “unknown” at which point his grandfather revealed the truth.

Barry came to call Frank “pop,” and in college he wrote a strange, psychobabble poem about ol’ “pop.” You can read it here under some descriptive of “best American poetry.” This typical fawning is in the same genre as Obama’s ridiculous Nobel Peace Prize. I leave it to others to psychoanalyze and judge the merits of the poetry. When Obama took a job in South Chicago as a community organizer and took some time one day to visit the areas where Frank had lived, he fondly wrote in his book:

“I imagined Frank in a baggy suit and wide lapels, standing in front of the old Regal Theatre, waiting to see Duke or Ella emerge from a gig.”

Beyond the subterfuge about Obama’s real background, why does Frank Marshall Davis — the man who “looked like a football player and he spoke like a poet” — even matter? Primarily because he played an ideological role in Obama’s formative years. Davis was a life-long organizer, agitator and writer in the leftist movement [see Wikipedia]. He got his start in Chicago and actually joined the Communist Party in 1943. When asked if he was a Communist before a Congressional investigative committee in 1957, he plead the 5th.

In Obama’s early editions of his book “Dreams of My Father” (ghost written by Weatherman radical Bill Ayers), “Frank” is mentioned 25 times. He is strangely missing in later editions. The first edition was published in 1995 as Obama prepared to run for office in Chicago.

As Obama came of age and began to think for himself, Frank lectured him as he prepared to depart for college. Obama summarizes Frank (and his mom) as  being “stuck in a Hawaii ’60s time warp.” That kind of remark is part and parcel to ANY independent offspring and his parents, and is one of the few normal, uncontrived things I’ve ever read about coming from Obama.

Obama returned to Hawaii to attend Frank’s funeral services in 1987. Ironically, Frank’s parting advice was the most sage of all: “Don’t sell out to the elites.” I’m sure “pop” would be rolling over in his grave if he knew what transpired.

But the Davis connection helped Obama get established as a player with the wealthy, influential, leftist Ayers family of Chicago, who sponsored Obama’s early political career.


Obama adopted the teachings (disorganizing to reorganize, tear down to rebuild, etc.) of (((Saul Alinsky))) of Chicago. A key Alinsky theorem is to “overwhelm the system” until it snaps. This is also known as the Cloward-(((Piven))) strategy. Obama taught classes on it, and as a community organizer in Chicago, spearheaded Alinsky-inspired voter fraud campaigns.

As president, Obama’s crowning Alinsky-esque glory has been the evisceration of the American bourgeois, the middle class, and creation of a large, lower class power base. For more read, “Saul Alinsky: The Evil Genius Behind Barrack Obama.”

Although Obama never met Alinsky, the connection comes via Ayers and Davis, who did know and associate with Alinsky. Like Davis, Alinsky warned about those in power being co-opted. I believe Obama is a narcissistic personality, and a very compromised individual who has allowed himself to sell out on “pop’s” and Alinsky’s co-opt principles but not tear down those principles.

This connection goes a long way toward explaining Obama’s role as a third-world, corrupt, authoritarian, Marxist-Leftist who was installed as a cabal Crime Syndicate marionette. He was largely unvetted by the compliant media, who just went along with the fictional card-cut version of his strange background.

I was listening to an interview from a high school classmate about “Barry,” who said he first came off as charming, but then would continually lie and compulsively bullshit about the most mundane things, almost like a game. Sounds like mom and “pop” were good teachers. Obama controls it better now and acts more serious, but earlier on he had this constant duping delight smirk on his face when doing his spin.

Ultimately, Obama was raised by psychos: a frequently absent, wacky, super-intelligent young mother, and without a real father, except for communist pervert Frank and his secretive, CIA grandparents (who once worked in Lebanon). In another coinkydink, Dunham worked under Tim Geithner’s dad with the CIA-influenced Ford Foundation in Jakarta. Obama is the perfect amoral sociopath, with a smile that is as Eddie Haskell-ish as Geithner’s.

Strange family, strange boy, grinning Barry Soetoro wearing a inverted arm man rune talisman, the symbol of evil and death. We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

This is speculation, but Obama might have been put through the CIA’s East-West mind control program at the University of Hawaii as both Frank and his grandfather were interested in that kind of research. Frank starts blabbing out of context about this “interesting program” in an interview in the 1980s. Red flag?

In family photo taken in Indonesia, young Obama is wearing a reverse stickman talisman, or inverted arm man rune. Sounds innocent enough until you realize this symbolizes death and evil. Strangeness like this, coupled with mysterious gaps in Obama’s life, just goes on and on. And the vetting for strangeness as a qualifier for these agents to be in power is well established. See The Sordid Family History of John Forbes Kerry and on George Bush. The excellent documentary “Dreams of My Real Father” goes to the core of it.

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  1. Russ, I think you are wrong on this one. First of all, Davis looks absolutely nothing like Obama. I think that Obama’s real father is Stanley Armour Dunham (his grandfather, according to official history). Dunham supposedly liked black women and had dalliances with a number of them. I read a piece on the web about this some time ago but did not save it, and of course it has disappeared. The resamblance between Dunham and Obama is striking.

  2. Ah So Obama is a Rockefeller man then? (Via Geithner I wonder if that clash is still the MO of our elections, if the House of Morgan and House of Rockefeller are still vying for power to pull the levers.

  3. As well as Barack Hussein Obama & Frank Marshall Davis, another resemblance amongst USA political figures, the war-loving duo of Hillary Clinton & Dr Strangelove (Peter Sellers)

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