The Death of the Bakken Field has Begun: Means Big Trouble for the US

12 September 2016

SRSROCCO REPORT — The Death of the Great Bakken Oil Field has begun and very few Americans understand the significance.  Just a few years ago, the U.S. Energy Industry and Mainstream media were gloating that the United States was on its way to “Energy Independence.”

Unfortunately for most Americans, they believed the hype and are now back to driving BIG SUV’s and trucks that get lousy fuel mileage.  And why not?  Americans now think the price of gasoline will continue to decline because the U.S. oil industry is able to produce its “supposed” massive shale oil reserves for a fraction of the cost, due to the new wonders of technological improvement.

I actually hear this all the time when I travel and talk to family, friends and strangers.  I gather they have no clue that the Great Bakken Oil Field is now down a stunning 25% from its peak in just a little more than a year and half ago:


The mighty Bakken oil field located in North Dakota reached peak production in December 2014 at 1.26 million barrels per day (mbd) and is now down to 942,000 bd.  This decline is no surprise to me or to my readers who have been following my work for the past several years. []

2 Comments on The Death of the Bakken Field has Begun: Means Big Trouble for the US

  1. It’s an OK article…but a little bit of “hair on fire.”

    The author does nothing to correlate the drop in oil price and rig activity to the drop in production…other than a couple passing mentions.

    The pitch to “buy gold & silba” also makes the informed reader wince.

    • Key take away is that he correctly describes the true short-life nature of these fields. In reality they need extremely high oil prices to persist. The big peak in rig activity was an anomaly.

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