The Formation of Reuter-Havas-Wolff News Monopoly and Cartel


Typical of hidden history is the pedigree of the news wire cartels such as Reuters, which always seem to have a certain tribe, made-man ties.

Paul Reuter
Paul Julius Reuter caricature featured among Vanity Fair’s “Men of the Day,” Dec. 14, 1872

In 1849, Paul Julius Reuter (1816-1899) — born Israel Beer Josaphat — founded his infant news agency. He worked at a book-publishing firm in Berlin and was involved in distributing radical pamphlets at the beginning of the Revolutions in 1848. Born in Kassel, Germany, he came from what Winter Watch in numerous posts has referred to as the Hesse and Rhineland cesspool.

Reuter should be classed as an innovator who organized the new telegraphic industry and created a news empire. He was also a cartelist who mysteriously received timely financial backing, which was the operating business model of the imperialist Anglo-Victorian era. This is little different from present-day cartelists like Zuckerburg and Gates.

In 1850, Reuter secured the Rothschild banking house in London as his primary client for a new service he was developing to speed information across Europe with the latest telegraph technology. Within months, minion Reuter had moved to London and set up in offices only two minutes from St. Swithin’s Lane. N.M. Rothschild & Sons became early and effective patrons of Reuter’s telegraph, using it to send coded messages to and from their agents, intelligence networks and counterparties around the world.

City of London Rothschild Bank at St. Swithin’s Lane

The “German” Reuter moved to London with his family and soon became a naturalized British citizen. On Oct. 10, 1851, he established a telegraph office at the Royal Exchange Buildings, near the London stock exchange. From this location, he transmitted stock market quotes between London and Paris.

In June 1851, when the Dover-Calais cable was laid, together with Werner Siemens (1816–1892) and, with chief editor, also from Havas days, Sigmund Englaender, Reuters opened his Telegraphic Office, later to be called Continental Telegraph, Mr. Reuter’s Office and, from 1865, Reuter’s Telegram Company, Ltd. (RTC). At first, limited to the dispatch of commercial telegrams, Reuter’s agency soon added news, serving clients and newspapers on the Continent, the provincial press and, by 1858, the London daily newspapers, including the Times.

Read “Reuters’ first editor – scoundrel, womaniser and journalist of flair”

In 1858, he convinced the London Times and several other English papers to subscribe to his service and publish his news dispatches. Soon, his news agency, known as Reuters, became indispensable to the British press. In time Reuters came to pick and choose what became newsworthy and legitimate. It was a primary capitalist tool.

Reuter also received Rothshild financing to lay his own telegraph cables across the North Sea to reach Germany and France. In 1869, three years after the laying of the first transatlantic cable, Reuter laid his own undersea cable connecting Brest and Duxbury, Massachusetts. By 1872, the agency reached the Far East and, in 1874, it expanded into South America. By the 1870s, Reuters, Ltd. had established itself as the leading international news agency,

Charles Louis Havas

Curiously, both Reuters and the Jewish news wire cartelist Bernard Wolff (1811-1879) started out earning their spurs working under fellow Jewish news and advertising kingpin Charles Havas (1783-1858) before going out on their own.

In the pre-monopoly ramp up, Reuter and Wolff first built their enterprises. All three, including Havas and Wolff (1811- 1879), were Rothshild-financed and staked. Additionally, an early iteration of the Mockingbird media emerged as the French government invested in a 47% stake in Havas.

In 1856, Havas and Reuters then signed an agreement to join efforts and exchange information about their respective domestic financial markets, passing on the results of trading sessions in their capitals to each other. Shortly thereafter, Wolff was invited to join the initiative (aka monopoly), using data from the Berlin stock exchange. Three years later, the partnership was formalized with a cooperation agreement signed by the three companies, nicknamed the Grande Alliance or Ring.

The Ring were edge players who used their superior information technology to run circles over local yokels throughout the world, especially during regularly scheduled bankster-perpetrated panics. Between 1863 and 1913, eight banking panics occurred in the money center of Manhattan. The panics in 1884, 1890, 1899, 1901 and 1908 were confined to New York and nearby cities and states. The panics in 1873, 1893 and 1907 spread throughout the nation. Regional panics also struck the midwestern states of Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin in 1896; the mid-Atlantic states of Pennsylvania and Maryland in 1903; and Chicago in 1905.

Men like August Belmont (aka Issac Schoenberg) mastered Gilded Age manipulation, grifting and information/intelligence cornering.

Read “Made Man and Agent August Belmont and the Panic of 1837”
Bernard Wolff

On the occasion of the consolidation, Bernhard Wolff and Paul Julius Reuter were received in Paris by Charles-Guillaume and Auguste Havas (sons of Charles Havas and owners of the French agency since his death in 1858) on July 15, 1859. Three days later, at Havas’ headquarters at the Hôtel Bullion, the men signed an agreement, dividing Europe into exclusive areas for each agency.

Thus, Havas would be the only company to distribute Wolff and Reuters dispatches in France and its territories (whether independent countries or colonial zones). Wolff would do the same with Havas and Reuters. Reuters would do the same with dispatches from the U.K. and the immense British Empire.

In practice, by combining tariffs, operating rules — and especially exclusive territories — the agencies established a true Rothschild-controlled cartel and monopoly. Wolff was more nationalist than cosmopolitan. He allied himself with the new German Empire and lived his whole life in Berlin.

Secret “news cartel” agreements were extended from 1893, also with the Associated Press of Chicago, secured “reserved areas” of gathering and spreading news, leaving the entire British Empire to Reuters. Today, the Associated Press and Reuters monopoly provides 95% of national and international news to the six major U. S. news agencies.

In 1870, a new and more ambitious agreement would be made: the division of the entire world into exclusive zones for each agency. The allocation of the world to European agencies was not arbitrary, nor was it simply political; it specifically followed the controls of the respective national capitals on installed telecommunications infrastructure. Reuters agreed that British companies should control most of the submarine telegraph cables. Wolff’s share relied on the fact that Siemens had connected Central Europe with Russia, the Balkans, the Ottoman Empire and Persia.

It is worth noting that both The Times and The Daily Telegraph were under the ownership of monopolist Joseph Moses Levy (1812- 1888) from 1856 to 1928.

The DT was founded by Col. Arthur B. Sleigh in 1855. His paper was printed by Levy, who already owned The Times. After only one year of operation and unable to pay Levy’s print bill, the colonel was forced to sell the DT to Levy. Thus, during the most significant period in British history, in terms of Jewish propaganda, two of the major London papers, The Times (the “quality” newspaper) and the Daily Telegraph (the cheaper tabloid) were used as central “clearing houses” of information.

Typical of how news wire grifts worked, it is said that in 1872 Nasir al-Din Shah, the Shah of Iran, signed an agreement with Reuter. It was a concession, selling him all railroads, canals, most of the mines, all the government’s forests and all future industries of Iran. George Nathaniel Curzon called it “the most complete and extraordinary surrender of the entire industrial resources of a kingdom into foreign hands that has ever been dreamed of.” The Reuter concession was immediately denounced by all ranks of businessmen, clergy and nationalists of Persia, and it was quickly forced into cancellation.

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  1. Makes you wonder, going back to that ‘incident’ involving the Wikileaks release of footage, where that Helicopter pilot gunned down those Reuters reporters. Given the high level of wire-coordination between military-intelligence and Reuters, that 1.) such a dumb thing would ever happen, based on something as absurd as ‘guys carrying tripod cameras, mistaken for guns’- that’s a real rookie error to mistake a reporter carrying a camera for a rocket launder and 2.) that they, Reuters, and National Security (so they call themselves) made an effort- they claim- to ‘suppress’ the footage and news of the deaths just so that 3.) Wikileaks, a Pentagon-connected proxy outfit could then release a snuff film of said Reuters reporters being killed.

    More of this garbage where they are doing one thing, present it to the public as another, then ‘get off on the idea’ that they are subverting people with the secrecy of it, like some Occult-Dollhouse mentality (i.e. ‘they think they are spreading a video for social justice outrage, but it is actually an organized snuff-assassination, which we are half playing clumsy over for plausible deniability).

    • Also- possible blackmail, to whatever degree, given the ‘foreign’ imperialist connections of both Wikileaks and Reuters. I.e. Setting up said kill on purpose, withholding footage as a ‘threat’- as a joint operation, while shielding Reuters because ‘They’d never get their own killed, use it for blackmail, release it with a cut-out for leverage against certain portions/factions within the US military.’ Yet they did. And intentionally withheld that footage from the families of those reporters, while somehow the footage ended up making its way to Wikileaks. Not like its easy to just obtain helicopter assassination footage, either, when the US Military apparently ‘didn’t want it released.’ Definitely something strange that went on there w Reuters and their spook connections on a few levels.

  2. A lot of strange coincidences happened in the 1850s, stuff that impacts us still today. Giant stone structures like churches and government buildings being built in just a few years in remote areas like Montana and Canada, where there were sparse amounts of laborers and supplies as well as an indigenous threat. Photos of big cities completely void of people when there should’ve been thousands walking the streets. The Telegraph was gaining widespread use as well as other inventions that were becoming popular. Also these powerful banking and spy networks are running at full steam and the people involved in these operations, their lives span the 1850s as well for the most part.

    My question is: what happened in the mid 1800s that allowed all of these clowns to immediately seize power over the entire world? I know the flat earth conspiracy and mud floods and Tartaria but what does mainstream history say?

    The rich and powerful just took for themselves the world’s technology and now slowly over the centuries sell it back to us?

    Not only that but they’ve used the US govt to create a system where nobody can compete with their monopolies. How our parents and grandparents, great grandparents slept through all this just amazes me. Was there just not enough good people to say no? Where are the good people now?

    Are there enough good people to keep this thing going or are we just going to lie and kill and subvert until all we have left are the slaves and the slave owners?

    • “The rich and powerful just took for themselves the world’s technology and now slowly over the centuries sell it back to us?”

      I believe the reason we can’t fix this is because the families/descendants of those rich people who took everything are now firmly seated in our governments around the world. That’s why nothing ever changes. Whether it’s bloodlines or secret societies or something else it seems the shitbags always rise to the top or at least have enough power to keep good people from doing good things. In my experience working within power structures this always seems to be the case.

      • Whatever created this world/reality wants things to be exactly the way they are. Whether it is god/evolution/aliens that created life on earth, it clearly favors these psychopaths, how else can one explain their spectacular success? Nature clearly favors the ruthless, history proves it. The saying from the Bible that “the meek shall inherit the Earth” is laughable, in reality the men that have inherited the Earth are guys like Paul Julius Reuters.

        I reject the Christian belief that this is all some sort of “test” and that God actually favors good people and the evil people are punished after they die. It could be true, but I don’t believe it. What is more likely is that the creator of this universe himself is a psychopath, which explains why the psychos seem to have an evolutionary advantage in every area of life, from business to mating, politics, war, business, etc. If you are willing to lie, cheat, steal and kill and are good at it, this world rewards you, not punishes you.

        I’ve concluded that God, if he exists, created life for the sole purpose of ending it, which is inherently psychopathic. This explains the extinction of the dinosaurs, wooly mammoth, saber tooth cat, and hundreds of other species. God or evolution creates lie so it can end it. If that is not psychopathic, I don’t know what is. Guys like Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Reuters are definitely God’s chosen people, if their banks accounts don’t tell you that then I don’t know what to tell you.

  3. “My question is: what happened in the mid 1800s that allowed all of these clowns to immediately seize power over the entire world?” IMO the battle of Waterloo started a large chain of dominoes to fall. The first two to fall were England and France after that battle. Ever since nearly all countries’ central banks have been taken over by the international finance crime syndicate. The USA had some valiant efforts against the banks but has suffered the same fate in segments occurring with the act of 1871, then later the federal reserve act of 1913. The 19th century is also the time that most of the law in this country and around the western world was converted from common law norms to admiralty law, paving the way for the central banks to corporatize their bankrupt nation debtors into for profit bank duchies.

  4. More of the critical history of the concentration of international financial power is coincidentally detailed in a rerun of a classic article by Andrew Joyce on the Occidental Observer site today. Called “Free to Cheat: “Jewish Emancipation” and the Anglo-Jewish Cousinhood, Part 1,” with a link to Part 2. “The Cousinhood” was a group of Jewish families that all interbred (ewwww) to concentrate their wealth and power with the result that Jews, a tiny percentage of the population became 20% of the non-landed British millionaires. Rothschild stood at the head of the Cousinhood.

    Jews entered into the legislature, which enabled more of them to become administrators of the British Empire.

    Thanks, Russ for this information on Reuters, the newspapers and telegraph. They were very savvy to get such control over information and propaganda which as we know continues to this day.

    • The 19th century also produced the likes of Margaret MacDonald, John Darby, & C.I. Scofield who turned ‘biblical prophecy’ into an unfulfilled, future event with pre & post tribulation, pre & post millennialism & the jewish congress of that time as being the restored ‘Israel’ , temple and all, and the jews identifying themselves as God’s chosen people’. Once again the race of vipers infect what is left of the Church, substituting themselves as ‘God’s people’ & creating endless division & confusion within their enemy. No wonder they consolidated money to purchase the wonders of invention in order that we ‘beasts’ make payments to them forever for their usage.

    • We all know it’s Jews or Jewish interests but if you say “it’s the Jews” the pajama people, who are in charge, will immediately put up a brick wall between you and whatever it is you are trying to accomplish and your credibility will be destroyed. I think we need to find ways to fight these people without using the term Jew or it’s synonyms. Banksters and crime syndicate are both great and I think “grabbler”, a term coined by some comedians works well too. Regardless what we call them we need to point out the behavior historically and how it’s bad and the damage it has done to the human race collectively. Jews have done more damage to African Americans than any other group of people but they never call out the behavior so it just continues and more black people fall for the scams over and over again but you rarely hear the black community call them out. Why?

      • So you want to come with a New Name for the Usurping Jews? Yet Nick you wont use the term ‘Black’, but instead call them African-Americans, no doubt another word created to cause division.

      • I have read all the comments here. What I conclude is from what I have read for the past several years about these Jews. Its only a tiny fraction of them. This is where the Khazarian Mafia and Ashkenazi Jews come into play.
        Most Jews I know have never heard of either. This is how secretive they are. When you control the media, you control the flow of information. You can feed the sheeples whatever you want.
        As Nelson Rockefeller stated in the mid 1960’s about media and control.
        M=m3 Manipulation = Money x Media x Manpower.

  5. a quote from that article: “Therefore, you always have to ask yourself: Why do I get this
    specific information, in this specific form, at this specific moment? Ultimately, these are always questions about power.” (*) Dr. Konrad Hummler, Swiss banking and media executive”

  6. ‘referred to as the Hesse and Rhineland cesspool.’
    The Alsace-Lorraine area bordering France has a higher than usual history of Jesuit activity and Jesuit institutions of long accord.

    Waiting on delivery of a secret Anonymous book published in 1918 and dropped off at the Hague that Kaiser Wilhelm mentions in his memoirs. ‘The Problem With Japan”. Inside it mentions that the Anglo-Gaul alliance of England and France coaxed the US to back their plans in encircling Germany with a secret meeting in 1898, some 16 years before anything public or diplomatic appeared to start WWI. The question is what was driving them in the years before that secret meeting to cause that? Germany had won Alsace-Lorraine back(?) in the Franco Prussian war in 1870 which contained the Decapole of Hesse and other free cities you mention.

    Ruth Putnam (of her Grandfather Putnam publishing fame) has a good 150 page book on the history of Alsace Lorraine worth reading.

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