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Divide-and-Conquer DC ‘Capitol Siege’ Psyop a Fiat Accompli

'RIGHT THIS WAY, BOYS': Trump 'deplorables' straight from central casting are escorted toward the Senate Chamber by a police officer inside the Capitol, Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, during the 'Capitol Siege' in Washington, D.C. TEXT: Winter Watch/PHOTO: AP

It should be glaringly obvious that the D.C. Capitol breach (aka “Capitol Siege”) was a set up to tarnish the populist movement. There was no special smoke and mirrors or black magick either. All it required was for a cadre of “Trump supporters” to be corralled into position, led by a posse of agent provocateurs. Then, drop all pretense of security and open up the Capitol building to an easy break in and incursion.

The political Cabal then can brand the Trumpians as terrorists, seditionists and insurrectionists. Will Trump supporters now be added to the list of people who fail to submit to Covid-1984 vaccines, who need to be quarantined and denied freedom of expression and access to resources and travel?

I truly expect reeducation camps under soon-to-be Stasi President Harris (defacto or officially), as called for by her mentor, the pant-suited joker Hillary Clinton.

We were told repeatedly that law enforcement was prepared for Jan. 6. Capitol Hill police, D.C. police and more 340 National Guard troops were in place. Yet, here we see a token and rather amateur security line easily breached. Notice a few protesters and police in choreographed-looking 7-second waltzes. Should it really be this easy to seize the centers of power? This hints at something developing later to our eyes.

Here, U.S. Capitol Police officer removes barriers, waves in protesters.

Although there were claims that several people died (?), from what we could see the whole event looked dicey. Here we see a door barricaded when suddenly and inexplicably a security agent fires a round and hits and kills a woman. This looks rather targeted, and is how you can be executed in such an environment. Incredibly several of the Capital staff are positioned behind or near the line of fire. Per the script, this is blamed on Trump for incitement.

We had predicted problems on Dino Ryan’s Show, and warned people to stay clear, but it could have been much worse. There is only downside to being a Trump supporter. True resistance should be separated from this WWE actor.

This ranks quite tame so far in the history of “sieges” and insurrections.” Frankly, tempers have to be short across the land. The Crime Syndicate (including Trump) locks you in your homes for almost a year, shuts down your businesses, orchestrated a giant financial market wealth transfer, and allowed lunatics to burn down your property without recourse. Now, they want you to calm down. But the angst wasn’t exactly directed at innocents this time.

But no sooner than the event ended, the Lugenpresse called for even more suppression of speech and censorship.

Meanwhile, more mass Big Tech censorship swiftly executed.

As member Lycurgus of the WW commentariat expressed it: “Up until the bitter end the MAGA crowd was expecting a deus ex machina.”

What now, open classified files?

A pedo/pederast document dump was threatened by Lin Wood, to which I say, don’t play games. Reveal everyone now. EVERYONE!

As we have been stating for sometime, these Trump supporters are being used and decoyed. Since the media can now brand Trump supporters as right wingers, violent, white supremacist, and dangerous, they now can — by extension — brand all ideas that Trump supporters and populists in general advocated for as dangerous ideologies that should be silenced.

When you combine partisan politics with a handled and controlled establishment figure or Trojan Horse organization, such as Trump or Qanon — or on the Trojan Horse opposite spectrum Biden, BLM and social justice warriors — you are already falling for the establishment’s oldest trick of division and oppression.

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  1. I dunno, Couple of things that look like loose ends:
    1. That affidavit in Italy regarding satellite hacks
    2. His concession speech that is cryptic in so far as he says “We tried to do it legally”
    3. The Military is awful quiet and they know they’ve been robbed
    4. Pence has now illegally committed to a treasonous act via an um-orthodoxed certification
    5. No patriot Snipers, facebook manifestos, or RV explosions

    • Wasn’t very bright of the organizers to call it the “Wild Protest”. Make it even easier for the media to pin any violence as started by the Trumptards.

      Mass marches in the street give the appearance of working only if the targets of the protest control the protest. You really can’t control who shows up at these things and you will get provocateurs and nutjobs.

      Next peaceful options of resistance are voting with your feet and personal secession from the US government, the culture, corporations etc.

        • And Amazon…but when you live in the rural remote like I do and the nearest equipment-type shops are over 50 miles away and food stores 30 miles away, boycotting Amazon can be hard if it’s the only convenient way to get things one needs…but I try. Also companies that support BLM…some of these I’ve used their products for decades (Burt’s Bees, for one…it hurts that I can no longer buy from them….hopefully, Nuluv Goat Milk Products don’t go the same route!)

          • I think AmaZOG only makes money on web services. I don’t think they make much on books etc. Maybe someone more knowledgable can chime in.

            I use AmaZOG for book reviews and searches. I then try to see if the book is available at the public library or online. I then look to see if there is a used version or Kindle version. I like Kindle but I know that AmaZOG has the capability to clear downloaded content of your device which they have done in cases of copyright disputes. Therefore, I wouldn’t want to rely on Kindle for any book that is or could be considered controversial or that you might need in a SHTF scenario. You’ll want a hard copy.

            If I must purchase a new version of a book, I will buy it at the local Barnes & Noble though I know that chain is owned by a (((private equity firm))).

      • As to “wild” protest – it wasn’t the “organizers” – it was Trump who used that word in, I think, the very first tweet i.e. the first invitation “… it will be wild” he said.

        SC above says “everything seems and feels off” about the event – and that tweet is when my “off” feelings started – struck me as an incredibly reckless, grossly unstrategic thing to say…

        • The protest organizers had a web site actually called that existed as of yesterday. Most of the speakers listed I’ve never heard of but there were a mix of good negroes, women, jews etc. The site still turns up in a search but when you go there it is now completely blank.

  2. Yeah the RV dude is swept under the rug now. Old news. The whole security charade is baffling. It was telegraphed and plastered everywhere days and weeks in advance there was going to a protestor presence in DC this week. And security just let these people walk in the door?

  3. Okay, not too much time for this one now; however, it is an excellent thread and I wished to give a little bit of support while I had a moment.

    To be honest, I have been inside the Capitol many times, eaten lunch at both the cafeteria, as well as the restaurant, and I have taken a couple rides on the subway. Further, I once was friendly with a Capitol Hill Police officer. The security you are witnessing in the images and videos are not even close the the presence one would see on any given Tuesday. Further, I am not sure if the Twinkie eating Sgt. Al. Powell look-a-like is even a USCHP officer (you know the uy who had to pick his baton off the floor before lumbering up the stairs).

    The officer I knew and the officers (male and female) I came into contact with were fighting fit at all times. In fact the officer I knew purchased an elliptical machine from me in order to increase his cardiovascular capacity for the annual fitness review. That fat guy in the video is wearing a uniform, but does not resemble officers in the USCHP at all.

    Further, the shooter in the alleged murder video would either be private security (likely) or work in the Office for the Sergeant at Arms (unlikely), which not a single “news” report (whether conservative or liberal) seems to get right. USCHP is always uniformed, not suited. The other two groups I have just named can be suited.

    Lastly, there is a townhouse restaurant / club a few streets behind the Capitol complex where members of all three branches go to meet in private. The building is an old brownstone that has had all of its windows boarded up and the whole structure is painted a uniform red.

    This restaurant / club always has USCHP security guarding it, even when the place is not open. Try to wander near it or enter and you will be reminded very quickly that some locations are for “members only”. Now I have never been inside this place, but I have watched a homeless individual get a quick lesson in “DO NOT TOUCH THAT DOOR!”

    Now if security is that tight on the townhouse, then why was everyone welcomed to “all get inside” at the main building?

    Gotta run…


  4. I was expecting just this post – thanks! – I will read carefully later – The woman from San Diego who was shot dead: – 14 year AF Vet … did she continue in a “sensitive” line of work? … was it a hit? – people said she seemed to be deliberately targeted (I couldn’t bare to watch).

    • The simplest explanation is that the ostensible security officer that fired the shot was an affirmative action hire, and by way of natural incompetence fired out of panic. However the information provided by “Simple Citizen” on this post seems credible and suggests otherwise.

      If she was targeted for any sensitive work, I doubt it would have been done under such cover of an event that might receive a lot of scrutiny.

      • thanks – Simple Cit has provided very interesting context;

        There was that FL airport shooting 5,6 years ago – the lone white male from Alaska – typically including “reports” of multiple shooters; among the dead was a long time active duty army guy about whose service record and affiliation very little was said.

        Some speculated at the time that it was a “hit” and further speculated that mass shootings are often covers for ops of that sort.

        Most obvious at this point: lots of very good people got badly “played” yesterday and may be facing serous criminal prosecution – it stinks!

        Question is: did Trump get played as well, or was he a player ?

        • (ugh) I watched the video (and have now read the article); I see RW suggesting an execution at least “how you could” but, “rather targeted”?? – I have no LEO background but sure looks to me like the shooter is standing back waiting for his shot – steps forward and takes it

          The guy who did the tweet: O’Donnell does seem to have a LEO background.

          But, who wrote the words: “stop the subject from entering the barricaded area” ?

          Is someone actually saying THAT video shows ANYone who is imminently about to even gain the capacity to proceed beyond those barricaded doors ?!?

          • Man RL, I am not sure I wish to touch this one with a 100 ft pole; however the video is being bandied about in such a manner that my child nearly bumped into the footage by accident. This is disgusting, and I weep for our nation.

            Now I may not be too popular after this idea, but I am wondering about staging and squibs. Many descriptions about the shooting have very differing opinions about the area of impact.

            Further, I am unclear why this “soldier” was trying to charge a window when no other soul did. There was not a huge impact against the doors. No one saw the shooting and then kept the pressure on the shooter to relent. Further, the SWAT team did not seem interested in securing the crime scene and then allowing the shooter, as well as other folks stuck in the room to exit.

            The video is gruesome and extremely succinct in so many ways.

            Again, SC is still very baffled by the situation; however, I am glad to communicate with you and I hope we can all eventually figure this very unusual situation out.

            BTW — those separations and doors are oak (to my knowledge), not sure of the origin; however, I know the marble floors are from the Carolinas and Tennessee. Most citizens who go into the Capitol building are made very clear (like a constant recording) on these points.


      • Yes Trump is a player and the betrayal is almost complete. We just are waiting to see if the police will follow through on Pelosi and Biden shrieks for the round up and prosecution of patriots. BTW, someone has already deconstructed the video of yet another fake shooting event:

        • I like to use FreeRepublic as a contrarian indicator based on the rule-of-thumb “Whoever is widely admired on FreeRepublic will end up to be a backstabber”.

          So far, even Pence, DeVos and Cruz are now thrown under the bus in their post-Trump meltdown.

          I think Trump, Limbaugh and Levin are the only ones left.

      • Having lunch, and thought I could check in for a moment…

        First, thank you to s16 and RL. You are both very kind, and I am appreciative!

        My experience comes from having had a client (nonprofit) that has close ties to the Capitol and our nation’s history (wonderful 12 year relationship with them).

        The reason I know about the townhouse is because I sometimes drove in the winter or when I was running late for a meeting, and would often need to park near it. When I saw the homeless man being confronted by the Capitol Police, I was on my way home and was parked across the street.

        Also that was the last place that I saw Justice Scalia, about a month before his pillow attacked him. He was going into the brownstone with a colleague, while I was retrieving my vehicle to travel home.

        Now back to the topic:

        Put it this way, I have seen more Capitol Police at the various subway stops (on the private subway that runs the Capitol compound), then were in a majority of the scenes in the corridors and / or the main rooms.

        Again, having walked these halls and visited most of the rooms myself (while wearing an id lanyard and having gone through various security checkpoints, as well as metal detectors), I can tell you that the lack of a police presence in most videos is astounding. Normally there is not a single corridor that one may really travel down (except near the shoe shine stand, if it is still there, since that hallway is quite narrow) where they will not find one or more officers stationed, as well as many simply walking around.

        What you do not typically see are SWAT officers of any kind. The Capitol Police may have protective vests, but are normally dressed in a standard police officer uniform. The only other exception I can think of are the motorcycle units within their organization (they wear more padding and really tall boots).

        Honestly, everything feels and seems off in this event. Personally, I remain a bit baffled and as more information comes to light, I seem to become more confused.

        The thread here is good, and I do believe everyone is helping one another out so that we can make some sense of the matter.

        TT is quite right that suddenly the RV just does not matter. BGNZ brings up that story coming out of Italy about the Vatican’s use of encrypted satellites, and that is quite interesting as well. Yet, I do sit here baffled overall (its definitely just me and not because of anything, anyone else has stated here).


  5. Russ – I first visited Winter Watch back when you were the New Nationalist after seeing your stories featured on the Renegade Review. RR hasn’t featured anything from Winter Watch in years. Any idea what’s going on?

      • I can understand. Recently, every post I made there just disappears. Most of my posts get several up votes. I’ve had 1 or 2 over the past 5 years that got several downvotes but I was civil about it. But I know what you mean about strong headed personalities. That is a common feature of dissident sites.

        • Gentlemen,

          As I am not familiar with the website, I do not know what you are talking about; however, I am curious. s16, would you mind helping me with this one?

          What is RR (just a general idea, we do not wish to start a fight)?

          If you circle around, and can help me, I would be very appreciative.


          • It’s actually Renegade Tribune and Renegade Broadcasting.
            I like some of their stuff, but be warned they are pro National Socialist and Hitler worshipers.

            • JWR,

              Good morning; happy Saturday my friend! We made it through a nutty week.

              Thank you for helping me out here; I am very appreciative. The website does not sound like a good fit for me (personally), but I am glad you helped me understand it better.

              Many thanks.

              Simple Citizen

              • Sure, I get it.

                Yet, I am a bit of a goofball (heck I was even asking Mr. Winter, on another tread, when we could talk about the lizards living in the flat Earth).

                I am sure the website has its merits for some folks, I just think I would necessarily be a good fit.

                Yet, I am thankful for your assistance as well.


            • Don’t want to be National Socialist, now do we?

              Renegade does have some excellent content, but Kyle and Sinead completely lack the ability to constructively criticize individuals who may not have reached a certain level of red pill ‘awakening’ if you will. It’s always an all-or-nothing judgement with them while constantly ridiculing and being derisive toward those who might disagree with them. Brendon O’Connell fits this mold as well!

              There is much to be said about how one conducts oneself with others. You can be the most perspicacious, well-read, and incisive individual, however, if your a complete dickhead and a social midget who turns people off, your ideas will find few adherents.

              People naturally gravitate toward those who are kind and mean well in the way they conduct themselves with others. Aristotle hammered home the point in his ‘Nicomachean Ethics’ that phronesis or ‘practical virtue’ was the highest wisdom a man could attain in this world. It is an art we are constantly working on until the day we die

              “It’s nice to be important, but more important to be nice” -Walter Winchell

              • Precisely – I do use derisive terms like pajama people and Trumptards, but preface it with the admission that I was effectively a PJ person until the age of 63. So I get the mentality although increasingly I get more impatient and have to check myself some.

                We now have an opportunity to reach out to betrayed Trump supporters and bring them home. There is no need for struggle sessions with these folks, we need to be nice.

                • Mr. Winter,

                  Yeah, me too. Although I would like to tell you I changed on September 12, 2001; I would be lying.

                  By January of 2002, I began to change (needed to stabilize our situation in the preceding months; our neighborhood was under a very dark cloud at the time) and learn a bit more about the world.

                  Heck if 9/11 never happened, I would have been a happy-chappy, and probably remained in the happy bubble that I occupied at that time.

                  Now I am still happy, but just a bit more aware as well.

                  Simple Citizen

              • Ed,

                First, great to see you tonight! Hope all is well with you.

                Second, thanks for your insight. As usual I appreciate your perspective.

                And finally…

                You outed me.

                “Don’t want to be National Socialist, now do we?”

                Yeah it is true that if I had a time machine and a Chilean passport, I would have choked Martin Bormann.

                Now Ed, you know I am not a violent man. In fact I am kind of goofy. Yet, I have read up on Mr. Bormann and I think he had a ripple effect on the history of humanity that was extremely detrimental. So if there was one or two guys I had to choke-out, he would make that list.

                Plus, I tend to side with the work of Dr. Anthony Sutton in believing that the Nazis were a front for even more sinister folks. This is just me.

                My guess is that I am simply not a good fit for the website and therefore should just leave things the way they are.

                Thanks for your perspective.

                Simple Citizen

  6. I concur Russ.

    The Global False Flags and Staged Deceptions are now in more rapid succession than ever. Not only that, they are so confident at the spectacle that the little discrepancies are immediately visible. However, these little details – the minutiae – are the fabric of reality. But, hey, convincing enough works!

    As a useless “conservative” personality once said …

    But then they throw it all into that gargantuan sinkhole that is the public attention span. To question the narrative is to be branded a the most deleterious of all epithets – conspiracy theorist.

    Did the Rothschilds not employ a vast network of couriers to receive information about the Battle of Waterloo so that they could financially attack the London Stock Exchange and ultimately buy they Bank of England?

    Did the Lusitania not contain munitions?

    Did the U.S. not break the cryptography cipher on the Japanese Purple Code, or strategically place the oldest ships in the Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor while the carriers were safely located elsewhere, or the massive Japanese air formation was ignored as being a squadron of B-24 Liberators?

    Did the Capitol Police not let the barricades open and direct the “angry mob” to where they’d make the greatest visual impact?

    I’d have to assume they are lying about literally everything at this point. Makes me wonder what Admiral Byrd found during Operation Highjump.

  7. As on day one or two of the 9-11 false flag (due to van at Logan Airport with Arabic literature, flight manual, Koran, etc. discovered by CBS news…coinkydink…and the fact that ten minutes before Bin Laden was announced as the one who “did it” on CNN I predicted he’d be blamed for it, I was suspicious from day one), the night of the videos of the “siege” and Babbit’s killing I knew this was a false flag, backed by the next day seeing “Viking man” pix of him at Antifa rallies and then that “hammer and sickle” hand guy….and of course I knew WW would also call this truthfully. Thank God you are here for us truthers, Russ and Thomas and Torchy! Blessings to you all!

    I pray that Trump-tards FINALLY SEE THROUGH TRUMP’s role in this psy-op, which of course started well before the election night when at about 11 pm on Fox News site I saw Arizona flip blue to Biden…that is when I KNEW my suspicions were correct.

    • If FreeRepublic is any indication, Trump is even more adored by the rank and file Trumptards. Very similar to the cult of Elon Musk except Musk occasionally makes things that function.

      Speaking of Musk, there is a Youtube channel called “Common Sense Skeptic” which is devoted to debunking all things Musk, particularly his plans for sending 1 million humans to colonize Mars by 2050. They have also discussed NeuraLink and Musk’s questionable financial practices with Solar City.

      I’m not sure the motivation isn’t some personal or business vendetta but I am an engineer and I have to agree with the technical reasons why Musk’s plans for martian colonies are total BS. While Musk and his technical associates may have deluded themselves on the technical gee-whiz aspect of martian colonies, how does he attract investors that certainly want a return on their investment?

      I’m wondering if the whole plan is not a cover for something else like a covertly funded DARPA, CIA or pentagon plan for a space-based weapon for the recently created Space Force. One commenter suggested it could be something similar to Howard Hughes building the “Glomar Explorer” to supposedly mine the sea floor but whose real purpose was to serve as a cover for a covert effort to retrieve a sunken Soviet submarine.

      Maybe Russ can look into this?

    • What I find interesting is that whoever these numbskulls that beached the capital are, they are nothing compared to the 535 members of Congress (sans a small handful) that do injustice in that capital building on a regular basis. Last week these mooks voted on the pork ladened COVID bill of some 3000 pages without reading any of it. This time last year Pelosi and her talking monkey Schiff were working on a fraud impeachment.

    • shh,

      Respectfully, I would add Virginia to Arizona. In fact no one is speaking about Virginia; however, I would (very humbly) suggest that the race in Virginia was extremely odd. Further, PDJT was leading for most of the night, but just about all websites had the state in the Biden category. The final win seemed to stem from a “dump” or rather a surge of very late night Biden votes.

      Strange times.

      Simple Citizen

  8. Unhappily you will be an extra in a made for TV show if you chose to participate in these types of ‘protests’. There can be thousands of boring, polite protestors at the site but if you frame up the orchestrated violent/outrageous action, that’s what hundreds of millions see and believe on their boob tube, becoming gammon faced and apoplectic. You can also state what is supposedly a large crowd which turns out to be pure made TV – the yanking down of the Sadaam Hussein statue is a good example of that.

    We live in a world where screen viewing is far more important than what actually happens in real life. If you don’t show the ‘BLM’ mayhem on screens, it didn’t happen.

    Sadly the idiocracy has discontinued mass entertainment shows with clever scripts that make you think, such as ‘Columbo’. Incredible to me how people rush to ‘the news’ and believe everything they see when something dramatic happens..

    • Ned, you’re hitting the nail right on the head.

      Protests are an exercise in impotence and frustration If you join the amorphous mass, you cast your lot with them for better or worse. No wonder protests are so widely encouraged as a means of expressing discontent – they don’t accomplish shit!

      Invent, create, build, discover. They can’t stop an army of Viktor Schauberger’s or Stanley Meyer’s.

  9. Although I have held the position that the Phoenix Program is being put into full swing within the United States of America. The general apathy and indifference of the current citizenry has been nurtured to a point that it would seem the program can be executed with little to no push-back.

    What I am unclear of is are we experiencing an Operation Gladio at this moment in the United States? Certainly, I am a bit confused at this moment in time (which I had mentioned in an earlier reply). Yet there are some interesting indicators that do cause me to think about such questions.

      • I was about to link to that video. To me it proves beyond a doubt the the whole event was just another psyop. It is also why I did my best to tell the Trumptards to stay the hell out of DC as something like this would be the outcome. Only a dumb ass lets his enemy pick the time and place for the next battle, with plenty of time prepare for that battle. But then common sense is in very short supply these days.

        • Well yes, you are / were right on all accounts.

          Also, I get a little bothered when the event is referred to as an insurrection, rather then Kabuki theater. These chuckle-headed Congress people know damn well what an actual insurrection entails, as our nation has been pulling them off since the early twentieth century. It was part of the complaint that Genera Butler voiced in his well known text.

          Oh well, as you stated:

          “common sense is in very short supply these days”


          P.S. Wonder what the next Trump book will be titled? Art of the __________?

          • “Art of the Spiel”, since the Trump years were just one long spiel.

            A lengthy or extravagant speech or argument usually intended to persuade.

            intr. & tr.v. spieled, spiel·ing, spiels

            To talk or say (something) at length or extravagantly.

            [German, play, or Yiddish shpil, both from Middle High German spil, from Old High German.]

    • They do appear to be quite frantic and sloppy SC, maybe even desperate and pathetic.

      Consider that we even know about the Phoenix Program or Operation Gladio in the first place. That we know that U.S. Army Combat Applications Group and even British SAS “advised” the FBI at Waco.

      If they have even the scantest “plausible deniability” that wouldn’t necessitate them sanitizing the internet of all records. The fact they won’t even address the questions doesn’t magically put the controversy to rest. It just brings up the even more glaring question of why they refuse to even discuss simple and entirely reasonable questions.

      You didn’t retrieve the black boxes from the planes, but you did retrieve the passports? That ain’t finding a needle in a haystack, that’s finding a needle in a hayfield – blindfolded!

      • Lycurgus,

        My friend, you really jogged up some serious memories for me with that last paragraph:

        “You didn’t retrieve the black boxes from the planes, but you did retrieve the passports? That ain’t finding a needle in a haystack, that’s finding a needle in a hayfield – blindfolded!”

        So after I stabilized our situation (my then girlfriend who has been my wife for many great years now), I went down to the World Trade cite to volunteer. At the advisement of a wise friend, I was seeking to volunteer in a makeshift canteen that was providing food and beverages to first responders. I was turned away, which I could not really understand at the time. Further, the person who turned me away was a real son of a b- (well I am on WW and should mind my manners) a real son of a gun.

        Later I come to read that many of the “volunteers” were not New Yorkers and were not “volunteers” in the classical sense of the word, but rather paid “support staff” from “all over the U.S.”.

        A month or so later, I had a job for a client (ran my own business then too, but in a different business sector) about eight blocks north of the Ground Zero. There was noise, traffic and a very toxic chemical smell (the smell of burnt building materials) in the whole area. The first few days, I was down there during the day only and there were normal hauling trucks (dumpster trucks and the like). On the two final days of the project, we ran over and I had to work until about 9:00 PM. At about 8:00 PM or so, there were a whole lot of unmarked tractor trailers moving into the area and they just kept coming (huge vehicles).

        So I asked the gentleman who I was working with (he lived a block away) if this activity was normal. He looked at me incredulously and seemed pretty irate stating that those trucks come and go all night until about 5:00 AM in the morning, when the utility / construction crews start coming in (they were using construction teams for the clean-up and of course were working on securing the power / communications lines that ran underneath the whole complex). Evidently, this gentleman was not getting much sleep in those days.

        So when I read your paragraph, my mind recalled periods of time that I have not thought about in many, many years.

        I do concur with your overall premise that those in power do seem very scared and in a rush to make drastic changes to the entire world. It seems as though they have been planning, and planning, and white papering, and planning;however, now it is “go hour” and all the plans do not really take into account how all of it would feel when action began.

        I do pray for us all. I think 2021 will be a very weird / surreal (for lack of better words at the moment) year.

        Thank you for the reply.


  10. Excellent depiction / image if “govt. was really transparent.” These scoundrels needed to be ousted and swinging a long time back. The people have failed the country.

    However, at the same time, to make it all a little clear as day we should say, the MAIN PLAYER needs to be in there as well. Satan himself — front and center.

    You will see why it is HIGHLY IMPORTANT here–God, at least for the children:

  11. Okay, I see what is going on at the end of the thread (excellent conversation with s16, shh, RL and Mr. Winter, so I would like to help out, but I do not wish this post (which is actually a reply) to be buried at the bottom.

    First: Now I promised Mr. Winter that I would not talk too much business or finance on the blog; however, I think this little bit of information might be okay (hopefully).

    Now many of you are probably aware that Mr. Schumer used the movement of a key Google employee, overseas, and his resignation of his citizenship to justify the EXIT TAX. Basically if you leave America and give up your citizenship, with a balance of 2 million or more in assets, then you have to pay the government for the privilege of divorcing America.

    So that was done during Barry.

    What comes next is the: And you can never return legislation. Mr. Schumer did not get past another piece of legislation before Barry’s departure. This one states that if you give up your citizenship, you may never come back EVER. If your mother is dying, TOO BAD! You want to visit ______________ (fill in the blank), NOPE! You left a box here at a friends home and just want to retrieve it, YOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED AMERICAN YOU SCHMUCK, have your friend mail it!

    We can let bus loads of folks in. We are also one of the largest tax shelter nations (for foreign investors) on the planet. Yet, if you give up the privilege of having been born in the Empire, then you are disowned for life. He was also going to crack down on dual citizenship down the road.

    Just something to keep in mind if you are abroad or decide to move abroad.


    As for leaving the American corporate plantation, while still in America, then I would like to (humbly) offer a list of ideas:

    1. The only cell phone (plus some computers) made in America:

    2. The only American made television:

    (you can use a Sunbrite indoors with ZERO issue)

    3. Electronic mail services:

    A. Startmail
    B. Protonmail
    C. Hushmail

    4. Search Engines:

    A. Startpage
    B. Duck, Duck, Go

    5. Some American / European made tools and other useful products:

    6. American made sweats:

    7. Clothing and home products from around the world (not much from China) that is clean and made fairly:

    8. Build you own home and live mortgage free (heck in some states you can still get an acre for $2K)

    9. Supplements

    10. A food ideas (there are many if one wishes to avoid Amazon, but is in a rural area):

    11. U.S. / U.K. made sneakers:

    12. U.S. made shoes:

    13. U.S. made suits

    14. Jeans and work clothing:

    15. Leather goods:

    So now for the usual disclaimer, Nothing in this list constitutes a recommendation to buy any product or even an endorsement. This list simply represents a group of ideas and is for the common education of us all.

    Certainly there are a lot more companies; however, I would take up the entire thread and be here all night if I tried to list everything. If someone is looking for something specific,then just let me know and I will endeavor to help if I can.


      • s16,

        First, thanks for the response!

        Second, interesting I was not clear on this point prior to reading your response. Now if I recall correctly, doesn’t the Koran call for a tax on any non-Muslim, living in a Muslim nation. Does this seem accurate?

        Again many thanks. Although I cannot (for many reasons) provide financial advice and I have promised Mr. Winter that I would not speak too much on business and finance, I can say that there are ways through life insurance and trusts to legally minimize or completely avoid the tax. There are plenty of good text resources out there for anyone who needs them, and I am open to taking giving some help in which books might be decent.

        Simple Citizen

      • TT,

        Great to see you here. Further I always like your links and now a kind person has helped me with a translator (other than Google) for the Russian links, so I am looking forward at going back to those pages.

        Yes, I very much encourage Purism and we are also acquiring there equipment. On the computer side, you might also like System 76 and Stealth as options. We all need to get away from Microsoft and Apple. These corporations are straight up killers!

        Now on the supplements my friend, I would absolutely recommend you check out Standard Process if you like Megafoods. They have some options that MF does not currently cover, and you may find a match that is good for you.

        Green Pastures is excellent! I just plain forgot about them, yet their products are sitting in my fridge as I sit here typing. Great stuff.

        My thing was that Mr. Winter and many of our friends were discussing how to divorce ourselves from the corporate plantation in the United States. Personally, I love ethical business and the creative growth of a wonderful idea; however, when ugly folks like that pear shaped, soy a-hole, Gates starts ruining options for others through underhanded actions, then I get real mad. This leads me to research options and do my level best to find freedom, while supporting great ideas from smaller partners.

        Today’s reactions by Firefox completely pi–ed me off. No matter what anyone thinks of the orange game show host, Firefox had ZERO right to de-platform anyone! Also, since many of their founders were from Netscape, which Gates ran into the ground, you would think that those knuckleheads would know better.

        Firefox is simply a browser. They did not create ARPANET, they did not invent HTML, and they have ZERO right to say who gets to stay online or who does not. Although I have more thoughts on this matter, you did not contact me to listen to my complaints.

        When I saw that dialogue (down on this thread), I simply wanted to help out with whatever I could contribute. Certainly, I am glad some of the ideas resonated with you and I will be happy to shoot ideas your way when something comes up. Likewise, please feel free to ask me anything. If I can help I will. If I cannot, I will try to help you find the answer.

        As for Sally and Geoffrey, I hope you travel this way and can visit PA Bowen Farm. It is a wonderful place to simply spend a little time and get good grub.

        Please be well.

        Simple Citizen

        •, formerly Minifree in the UK, sells Trisquel based lap top set ups that have pre-NSA hacked chip sets, or my understanding of late is chip sets that cannot be hacked. Thanks for reaching out, I don’t post as often as I used to but I have been here a while under several different names watching Russ/ Torchy change the website over the years. I’ve pushed for them to start exporting some of this content to print form to escape the Digital Rights Mgt terror in the same way the Saker Vineyard blog will print articles to book. We need to keep the samizdat network alive. I’ll reach out to you from my yandex email.

          • TT, We privately discussed the idea of you writing a few articles on protection against internet and Big Tech skulduggery. It is not something our writers know much about. The offer still stands.

          • Thank you and appreciated on all accounts. Also the recommendation is sound. DRM is becoming more sticky by the year.

            If you can also craft something for WW, it could be really great.


          • TT,

            Finally checked out the hardware. Super cool and many thanks! Bookmarked and will keep them in mind, once I get a little deeper into the OS.

            Thanks again.


      • TT,

        I can do a little better. If you would like to speak with me off WW; I can be reached here:

        Also, I would like to show you Live O2:

        Conjob-19 aside (which it could help strengthen against any pathogens real or imagined), this little idea can be a great a great help is strengthening the body, while assisting the mind in many valuable ways.

        Now, I would not purchase the Keiser bike from them. For one thing, anyone could use any bike. Also, I would not use a bike with a Bluetooth while doing this type of strengthening. The lower model of Keiser (sans big blue) can be acquired from Keiser or even used for a slight discount (Keiser’s are very well made, so discounts are not huge).

        Now what I have not figured out is whether you could use the Live O2 equipment, safely, with a Versa Climber (Keiser and Versa Climber are American made). I am not sure if the user would become too light headed (as one does with additional oxygen) and could fall from the machine, but I consider the possibility of the combination intriguing.

        One last thing…

        As you may know, most weights and kettlebells are now made in China. In fact I would venture to say that 90% of all fitness equipment is now made there. Yet, Powerblock still has a dumbbell set (made of steel) that is fabricated in the United States. Now I have owned Powerblocks before and they are pretty good overall.

        Well, I think that covers it.

        Please be well.

        Simple Citizen

  12. This video has a little more footage than the one shown. The shooter looks prepared to shoot, just waiting, steps out and shoots. The woman falls and no blood. Guy with blue backpack near then moves back and enters a guy with a brown hoody and backpack. Then we see blood from the mouth.

    What do you think? Real?

    This was sent by email: BREAKING: it was a fucking nigger who shot a White unarmed peaceful protestor, killing her instantly. (

    • The two big curious things for me:

      #1 – Trajectory. It appeared he was aiming straight ahead when he fired at close range, so how could he hit a girl in the neck who was about 8 feet away and about 5 or 6 feet up a wall, with neck height maybe 10 feet high conservatively? Odd.

      #2 – No shattered glass. He was behind a glass-enclosed entryway. To shoot her, he would’ve had to shoot through that glass barrier, no? He fired two rounds toward the windows. So where’s the broken/shattered glass? Didn’t hear it break/shatter when he fired or see it break/shatter in the video. Strange.

      #3 – Impact. There was blood coming from her mouth, so he must’ve done more than just graze her. Yet, she gently fell backward onto her backpack after a brief delay. If she was hit in the throat by a round, you would think that the force of it would’ve propelled her off of that wall immediately. Or maybe I’ve watched too many movies. Curious.

      • Thanks Torchy for trying to set people straight. One more point. Blood would have been spurting out of her neck immediately as the bullet was more than likely a hollow point, which is the choice of most police forces as they greatly decrease the chance of collateral damage. Hollow points cause far more tissue damage as they mushroom unlike a full metal jacket bullet.
        This article does a great job of explaining the difference between a FMJ and a Hollow Point round.

        • Thanks for discussing Babbit…I’ve seen the video (white shooter for sure) and now I realize she likely still is alive…truth seeking matters for sure. Thanks for referencing that video as well. Lives matter, but so does TRUTH!

          • Everyone,

            Allegedly someone is “tweeting” in this woman’s name. I have not looked into it at all (today has been really, really busy); however, it may be worth seeing if there is any legitimacy to the claim.

            Simple Citizen

  13. Okay, Mr. Winter will not let speak about lizards in a hollow or even a flat Earth. Also, we know that we cannot regale one another with our E.T. or X Files encounters. No fun!

    Yet, I began to spin a little something in my head today (it was a busy day and I needed to be entertained from time-to-time). Now first I need to ask how many of you know about the orange people? Yes, the orange people. You see, I lived in Manhattan for quite a while. It is an island nation that seems to believe in its own autonomy.

    That island nation was rather a normal mix in the 1970s and 1980s. We had white, black, brown, yellow and tan people who all got on fine. It was a tough time for our little island nation, but we all made it through as one people. Then something strange happened in the 1990s. There was an emergence of a new color and class of people.

    Now thankfully our little island nation has a grid, No not 5G, just a bunch of streets with names and numbers. So on the east side of Manhattan at about East 35th Street (from 4th Avenue to the River) or so, what some would call the Murray Hill neighborhood, up to about 90th Street (from 5th Avenue to the River), what some would call the Upper East Side neighborhood, this new group of citizens began to arise and make a seasonal appearance.

    From the beginning of October to the very last week of May, the city would see a rise of the “orange people”. Yes, they are literally orange! Like an Umpa Lumpa, but often taller, slightly better dressed, and often with faces that cannot easily register such expressions as “SURPRISE!”.

    Now many of you are sitting there saying:

    “what’s the big deal SC”

    “we should protect these people”

    “they deserve our kindness and respect; possibly some reparations”


    “SC you really need to be more open minded; science is real, trans story telling hour is real, and Barry’s kids belong to him and Big Mike — SC I think you may, just may just be a little racist against this wonderful race of orange people”.

    Perhaps you are all right. Yet, I need to offer you these further details. So in the beginning the orange people were just female of a certain age, possibly a certain class, possibly a certain religion, and definitely originating from the sections of our island nation that I described earlier. Then something began to happen. You see our greatest defense of our island nation was not guns or missiles, but rather corporations, hedge funds and real estate development companies. So how these orange vixens infected our island defenses and now we had males beginning to turn orange! Yes, orange business men!

    Now I know you are saying, “who cares if the President of Black Rock turns orange”, and I agree with you. As bank presidents turned orange and traders from Long Island flowed into our Manhattan sporting their orange skin, I just needed to accept that this was a faction of our society that needed my unconditional acceptance and support. Sure, I tried to resolve that if ever an orange freedom day arrived, I would march and possibly even throw a urine bomb (this is urine in a balloon or bottle) at some miscellaneous police officer.

    Yet, I did not realize the insipid plan of these orange infiltrators. The “straw that broke the camel’s back” was when this orange plague set upon one of Manhattan’s finest citizens. A man who had a pink marble bidet with plated gold fixtures, a man who owned casinos, fixed fights, printed worthless bonds, destroyed Art Deco landmarks, brought his wife and mistress skiing together with the kids, owned a football team in a league no one had ever heard of, owned an airline with pink marble bidets in its 3 or so planes, an avid fan of Le Big Mac and french fries, a man with the hair of a baby angel and (finally) a man who once graced a Bobby Brown music video for the Ghostbusters 2 soundtrack with his sterling presence. THE ORANGE PLAGUE HAD CROSSED A LINE!

    Certainly our island pushed back with skin creams that altered melatonin in a more natural way. We also encouraged people to wait for the Earth to change position around the Sun so that people could experience the healthy transition of seasons. We fought a war and lost. Plain and simple.

    As many of you may know, the orange plague has now traveled all the way to an Executive Branch of Government and even possess nuclear powers beyond what anyone in the world could imagine. Can you even fathom how this power could, literally, force people around the world to make proprietary taco salads? While I sit here typing, I can only image that every bathroom in the White House has been reconstructed with pink marble and gold plated fixtures.

    What is your point SC? Valid question. My point is that we need to first be aware that orange people exist in the nation of Manhattan. Then we need to guard against their influence in our own country. We need to make sure to build a wall in Hoboken or Weehawken or something to keep these people at and stop the flatten the curve of there plague.

    Good night and good luck!

    P.S. On a serious side, I wrote about oddities in the nations Capitol (below) and would encourage a quick glance. Please stay safe and well. Best…

    • Mistake! Mea culpa.

      I guess it did not print to this thread, but is on the current thread for the 9th. Sorry about that. Not sure why it is not also here; perhaps I did not post correctly for the upload.

    • “Okay, Mr. Winter will not let us speak about lizards (people) in a hollow or even a flat Earth. Also, we know that we cannot regale one another with our E.T. or X Files encounters. No fun!”

      I’m thinking have at it. It might give the New York Slimes or the Atlantic the motivation to feature Winter Watch in a Lugenpresse “story.” They say bad publicity is better than no publicity??

      • Funny! Thank you.

        Honestly, since I wrote about the orange folks, WW will probably be banned form all NY based media forever. These people do not want a punk like me pointing them out. They had an orange revolution in the early 2000s then introduced the propaganda television show “Orange is the New Black”. This is all a program of stealth propaganda to accept an orange king in the months ahead (I heard so on Bitchute, and they never lie).

        So we had William of Orange at one point in history and now we will have Sir Orange Trump of Midtown or some such thing.

        Anyhow, I will start watching Ancient Aliens and see if I can get some ideas on how to approach the telling of my own travels to Xenu! Perhaps I will also listen to old Coast-to-Coast shows on YouTube.

        Orange man banned, but aliens are fine on YouTube.

        Mr. Winter (in all seriousness) I hope all is well with you on this fine Sunday. There are still a good deal of choppers (the gov. type, not the news type) flying around (unusual for a Sunday), but I bet it is just related to the short lead time for transition and people getting either acquainted or re-acquainted.

        If I see anything really nutty, I will let you know.

        All my best,

  14. Premise # 1 The Bond Market broke in late 2019.
    Premise # 2 Geopolitically a scramble is ensuing pitting Eurasia’s ascent against the Anglosphere West, Specifically the USD Reserve Currency Status.
    Premise # 3 A Financial Reset “solution” would have to occur starting with the US.
    Premise # 4 Trump is not a White Hat, He’s in on the reset
    A virus is released during the election year to hasten an economic destruction and to ensure no remnant of salvageability exists. The election fiasco ensues with the end result being that both Biden and Trump do not get inaugurated , but rather the military takes over under the guise of Martial Law.
    The Left becomes irate that Trump brought about a Military Dictatorship,
    The Right welcomes the Military to resolve an obvious stolen election.
    Civil war is created as a massive distraction while the “ financial reset” via the Military ensues under the guise of a Green New Deal or Green Belt and Road, or Green Wash solution de jour.
    The Left and Right, distracted as they are, both welcome the change, but the end result is a command economy under the guise of building back better.
    Credit is dead, the Virus is dead, and everyone’s to preoccupied with waiting in lines for supplies to care about anything else but themselves.
    A new leader emerges eventually.
    History then gets rewritten by the winner.

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