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Infantilization Of The Apocalypse

October 26, 2022 Winter Watch 2

Michael Shellenberger | Oct. 25, 2022 Dumping milk onto floors. Hurling food onto walls. Refusing to eat. Gluing body parts. Throwing paint. Refusing to leave. Threatening to pee and poop in your pants. Screaming accusations. Are those the behaviors of a toddler’s temper tantrum? Yes. But they’re also the […]

Weaponized Governmental Failure: A Primer

October 23, 2022 Winter Watch 0

American Spectator | Oct. 18, 2022 Let’s call it Weaponized Governmental Failure. It’s the single most explicative factor in the breakdown of American political consensus in the 21st century, even though it’s been around since […]

Don’t Ever Forget or Forgive These People

October 18, 2022 Winter Watch 9

#CrimesAgainstHumanity They sold you on being fully vaccinated. They sold you on full protection. They programmed hate, scorn, ridicule, shame, and blame into millions of minds and ripped apart friendships and families based on absolute […]

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