The UFO-Alien Narrative is a PSYOP

The term “flying saucer” gained widespread attention after the summer of 1947. On June 24, a civilian pilot named Kenneth Arnold reported seeing nine objects flying in formation near Mount Rainier. The term “UFO” was coined in 1953 by the United States Air Force (USAF) to serve as a catch-all for reports of unidentified flying objects. A concurrent term is “extraterrestrial intelligence” (ETI).

Curiously, the origin of the modern UFO story seems to correspond with the establishment of the CIA. The government itself supposedly conducted investigations and studies, many which were inconclusive. However CIA documents dwelled on the usefulness and utilization of “the phenomena”.

It is recommended that: a. The Director of Central Intelligence advise the National Security Council of the security implications inherent in the flying saucer problem. b. CIA, under its assigned responsibilities, and in cooperation with the psychological strategy board, immediately investigate possible offensive or defensive utilization of the phenomena for psychological warfare purposes both for and against the United States.” — From a CIA declassified document titled “Flying Saucers,” dated Sept. 7, 1952

We would suggest the agenda behind the emergence of the UFO and alien narratives is a multi-faceted and long-term PSYOP

  1. strategy of tension – funding sci-fi movies and video games in order to prepare us for war.

  2. the development of magical thinking and hysteria or what Winter Watch calls the “cartoon world”.

  3. a tool to be used in the promotion of New Ageism, which often loops into UFOlogy.

  4. neuro-linguistic programming to lump “conspiracy theorists” into a convenient contrived basket for discrediting purposes.

  5. distraction or misdirection- In 1973, a survey found that 95 percent of the public reported having heard of UFOs.

  6. laying the long term ground work for an ultra-false flag called Project Blue Beam.

Prior to the 1980s alien abduction reports were rare. Causation for claims of alien abduction can sometimes be explained by a condition called sleep paralysis. Add New Age beliefs, susceptibility to hypnosis and suggestion, and a familiarity with the cultural narrative of alien abduction. The best of these candidates are then actually drugged and kidnapped to be run through a mock alien encounter experience with a cocktail of drugs and mind control techniques thrown in. Then the experience is covered up by claiming the subject suffers from false memory syndrome.

Read: ‘False Memory’ Narrative Used to Gaslight Child Victims

Alien Abduction: Another Tavistockian Trauma-Based Mind-Control Op

The most commonly found identified sources of UFO reports are:

Fata Morgana
Lenticular cloud

Disinformation: The Majestic Documents

Readers are referred to this site and video for further understanding of this higher profile disinfo PSYOP.

In quick summary, “majestic documents” refers to thousands of pages of purportedly classified government documents that are alleged to prove the existence of a Top Secret group of scientists and military personnel—Majestic 12—formed in 1947 under President Harry Truman, and charged with investigating crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft and their occupants. These allegedly classified documents were leaked from 1981 to the present day by unidentified sources.

Dr. Michael S. Heiser and Dr. Carol Chaski applied cutting-edge computational methods on authorship attribution to a range of Majestic Documents which included a signature (a named author). They determined that the authorship of the documents tested were not written by the persons attributed to the article – in other words a forgery.

Zecharia Sitchin DEBUNKED Fake Ancient Aliens

Zecharia Sitchin (1920-2010) was a Jew from Azerbaijan who posed as a Sumerian scholar and launched the bogus ancient alien scam. The fake scholarship derived from his propaganda have sucked millions into a cult-like following, promoted by all the New Age usual suspects.

He was on Coast to Coast AM radio ten times between 1996 and 2010. His 1996 book the Twelfth Planet (Nibiru) has a 4.5 rating out of 5 on Amazon, with hundreds of fake disinformation reviews. Sitchin’s and other alien theorists were funded by Laurence Rockefeller.

Sitchin holds that aliens from outer space called Anunnakis showed up from planet Nibiru 450,000 years ago and passed on genetic material to select humans. Surprise, surprise right up the controller’s alley, the human product was created as slave material, in particular to mine gold. He claims falsely that the Sumerian recorded this on cuneiforms.

The scam was inserted into the pop culture via the Hollyweird Stargate movie series. The History Channel jumped on the bandwagon with the Ancient Aliens series.  Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo have given momentum to the scam. After running Sitchin’s concepts for four years in 2010-2014, Rogan shifted to more of a skeptic in 2016.  Debunkers are generally censored, ignored and kept off the air. Jimmy Kimmel runs a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) tease with every President who comes on his show.

Ancient Aliens Debunked gives a fuller debunking and is available as a full three hour documentary. It is astonishing to the degree that the deceptive ancient alien promoters just concocted and made thngs up.

Developing the Lore and Momentum for Project Blue Beam?

What types of superstitious appeals will be best adapted to the various audiences to be propagandised?… A study of local supserstitions as relected in popular folk lore might be profitable in providing answers to these questions.’ – 1950 paper, The Exploitation of Superstitions for Purposes of Psychological Warfare, Rand Corp – (PDF here).

The narrative would regularly be given a boost a couple of times a year. In between his celebfest of stars, Larry King would host UFOlogists who regale the talk show kingpin with an endless parade of blurry photographs, grainy videos. Yes, here we go again, blurry and grainy. Winter Watch “hostile attribution bias? Guilty again!! Do you trust blurry and grainy? We don’t.

Apollo 14 astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell claimed that he knew of senior government employees who had been involved in “close encounters” and because of this he has no doubt that aliens have visited Earth. A side show revealed by Wikileaks were emails between astronaut Edgar Mitchell and John Podesta about the Vatican holding “evidence” of ETI. Here, Hillary Clinton is seen commiserating with Laurence Rockefeller about his UFO Initiative. In the campaign Hillary promised to “open the Area 51 files.”

President Reagan’s PSYOP — speaking about how “unifying” an alien threat would be.

Others with sketchy but superficially credible backgrounds have been rolled out to feed the narrative such as Vice Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter (the first CIA director), Lord Hill-Norton (former British Chief of Defense Staff and NATO head.)

AI computer-generated imagery (CGI), dense holograms and tiny drones are available for smaller-scale trickery and staged deceptions. One thing Winter Watch knows for a fact: The Crime Syndicate (CS) has not only an interest in relentlessly hoaxing the general population- but the means as well. See 2017 aerial drone test display over Sacramento.

The theory holds that they use dense hologram, drone imagery combined with voice-to-skull technology [see “Voice of God Mind Control“] and possibly a good dose of suggestibility via drug aerosols in the air or put into drinking water.  Neurotech/Cellphonetech can be used to make ‘voices’ or simulate schizophrenia, as well as suppressing portions of brain to create erratic behavior.

Of late we hold that this Mind Kontrol technology is being used for creating a Zombie Apocalypse where numerous men charge an AR-15, and torch wide areas of the Pacific Northwest.

Zeroing in on the Antifa/BLM Zombie Apocalypse Farm System

Another variation —  would be some type of religious Messiah or prophecy hocus pocus and PSYOP overlapped with New Age UFOlogy- aimed at evangelical Rapture and New Age types. Perhaps this would be tied into Jerusalem. No doubt the Crime Syndicate has the data to determine just how gullible and controllable the population, or segments of the population, are and what would be required.

We have seen in recent years more of this alien threat theme in entertainment. When the big show is put on, the God figure or Messiah will speak in every language. Artificial talk or voice to skull is personalized to each individual based on his beliefs and make up. The ETI or alien threat could be run concurrent with this. Supernatural and spooky visions could be conjured up to severely traumatize the population, perhaps driving a mass suicide. Then a contrived salvation is offered by the Crime Syndicate.

43 Comments on The UFO-Alien Narrative is a PSYOP

  1. Leah Haley- thought she had been abducted by aliens but came to realize that it was a mind control black ops.

  2. Interesting how the typical image of a “grey” alien looks very similar to the demonic entity that Aleister Crowley claimed to commune with known as Lam.

    Logos Media also did a good exposé on the Orson Welles War of the Worlds psyop, which was designed to deliberately create panic among the public in order to gauge what kind of response they would have during a supposed alien invasion.

  3. Great article. My kids are young but already know that aliens are totally fake and probably a cover for demonic entities.

    • Correction: Your kids are already programmed and imprinted with your fears and your medieval belief system, and trained to repeat what they’re told by specific authority figures, instead of being taught how to research, evaluate evidence, and think for themselves. But there is no guarantee that this programming will “stick” — and it most likely will not, when they outgrow this form of mind control and more evidence comes to light.

      • “Medieval” giggling Aren’t you a clever one using that word as a reply to what she wrote!?

        See Mike Heiser, Gary Bates, Hugh Ross, and Jeff Wingo, or you may be in for a rude shock!

  4. We have to be able to separate obvious falsehoods from reality. The military, from what I’ve heard, has come into contact with certain “unidentified” things and had either artifacts, wreckage or whatever, to keep watch over. Knowing that, I have to consider some things may be legit. However, is there anything “alien” to this planet? Who knows. As far as I’m concerned, it’s all advanced human technology and the aliens are just a distraction. As are most of the stories we are sold.

    • Once I wrote a piece about the “fire bearers” (i.e. the humans). People think what makes us different from other creatures include feats such as architecture and social order. But the beavers, birds, ants, spiders and too many other creatures to mention all excel the human race for social order, food storage and frequently appropriate architecture. One main achievement unique to humans is harnessing fire, particularly as applies to warfare. Another is creation of abstract communication such as written languages. A tattletale spiritual vestige betraying the difference between humans and other creatures is that only humans are born naked, for the most part unable to survive without covering.

      In this respect creators of alien fables err, ascribing the human nakedness to extra-terrestrials. An assumption is made attributing human frailty to those beings – that they would need clothing (instead of having feathers, hide of metal scales, whatever) and space vehicles (an extension of clothing) rather than integral means of transiting space. This fallacy points to the likelihood that sci-fi writers of alien fables are the narcissists they indeed would have to be, engaging in such deceit.

  5. Twenty years ago I read the first five books of the ‘Earth Chronicles’ by Zechariah Sitchin, and the companion volume ‘Genesis Revisited’ ….. About 1500 pages in all. At least TWICE.

    I know his work very well. I disagree with your article as it pertains to Sitchin. Other than some of his anthropological theories that I might question, he nails it down tight. I’ve heard so many dumbasses try to debunk his work and they fail every time. If you haven’t read 1500 pages of his work, you DO NOT know what you are talking about.

    Yes, Zionist Israel is a terrorist state and they are most prolific liars in the history of the world.

    And yes, the U.S. government are also prolific liars.

    As an example, the cattle mutilations saga was a result of the DOD detonating a nuclear weapon underground near Dolce, NM (Operation Gas Buggy). In an attempt to breach a natural gas deposit they ended up releasing radiation on the surface and they would subsequently ‘abduct’ cattle remove vital organs, by laser surgery, so they could test for radionuclides.

    Dolce, NM has had higher than average cancer rates.

    There is plenty of information about this, however most people have never been exposed to it…

    The DOD/DOE has played people with disinformation to try and create a ‘conspiracy-theory’ label on anyone who talks UFO’s.

    I know far too much about the origins of humans to waste MY time debating anyone on this subject.

    The bottom line is that Sitchin’s findings offend both the religious-mythology idiots and the athiest-Darwinist idoits.

    Silly article…..

    STICK TO WHAT YOU ACTUALLY KNOW ABOUT….. You obviously know NOTHING about this one.

    • You have showed up here with appeal to authority and ad hominem fallacious arguments- namely that you read the guy’s book. Normally I would just delete a comment like this and say screw you on your “advice”. However as a courtesy I would challenge you to specifically address Dr. Heiser’s points about Sitchin in the videos above. Do so without resorting to fallacious arguments: straw man, moving the goal post, tu quoque, or ad hominem attacks.

      • I read 6 books, 1500+ pages, twice, not…. “the guy’s book” ….

        I’de be the one that HE needs to debate. By all means give him my email address, as you obviously are friends with Dr. Heiser. I would happily debate him all day, every day. We can do a Skype or Podcast. I would love that.


          • Dr Heiser died of pancreatic cancer last year. It was quite a loss to us who are still stuck on earth with this mess. Dr Heiser did a great job of debunking Stichin’s work.

            By the way, funny how most of your articles get zero or few replies and this one is through the roof.

    • the cattle mutilations saga was a result of the DOD detonating a nuclear weapon underground near Dolce, NM… they would subsequently ‘abduct’ cattle remove vital organs, by laser surgery, so they could test for radionuclides.

      “No one in 1973 had the ability to detach a spine from a cow in one night [-in the dark!] in a clean surgical operation” [without cutting the skin]

      It sounds like you are claiming that these events were confined to one area when they actually occur everywhere that cattle are raised, on a continuous basis* – and secret experiments or extraterrestrials (or both) cannot be ruled out.


      This debunking attempt also fails to explain a couple of cases where a bunch of mutilated cows were stacked from floor to ceiling in a mobile home on the property, without the rancher noticing any activity. How would humans even accomplish that?

      There is a “trickster” aspect to this phenomenon – like the perpetrator is mocking us and flaunting his capabilities, as if to underscore some particular point. If there is a point to be made, what might that be? Could it be (at least in part) a message or reprimand to people in the deep state who know what is going on? Why is it so hard for some people to acknowledge the possibility that human beings are not the most technologically-advanced species in the universe?

      I think many debunking attempts are government-sponsored disinformation: In every manifestation of inexplicable paranormal phenomena, someone steps forward to provide a mundane explanation that excludes or ignores key evidence – as if to reassure the timid & frightened who WANT to be lied to by some authority figure if the facts point to something “out of this world”. Since government is ultimately just a protection racket, the last thing a government wants is for people to think that government is NOT the ultimate power and the highest authority.

      * TEN THOUSAND OVER THE PAST 50 YEARS — ALL OF THEM UNEXPLAINED. Not one person ever caught or arrested.

      • Thanks Anonymous for taking on that specious ‘cattle mutilation’ comment.
        I was gonna do so myself, but you saved me he trouble. Yes, I first heard
        of this ‘phenomena’ in the 80s w/ exposure to Linda Moulton Howe and
        her work, and it completely opened my mind. Not only was she a first
        rate and thorough investigator but also a very compelling presenter.
        I ended up buying her book, “Strange Harvest”, and if there is an
        ounce of truth to her accounts and interviews with farmers and
        ranchers, then we have a whole lot of very interesting and
        seemingly impossible to explain “stuff” going on. And it
        just can’t be casually dismissed away.

  6. The good doctor lost me when he said Eddie Bravo is a disinfo agent. Dude is a martial arts instructor who enjoys conspiracies and is fun to have around the Rogan podcast. No one on this planet who is familiar with him takes him seriously. Rogan is a disinfo agent? A comedian and UFC commenter/host who has some truly fascinating people on his pod and likes to question things is disinfo? What? He just had Dr. Andrew Weil on which totally bashed Big Pharma and discussed the amazing natural ability of the body and mind to heal itself, the benefits of holistic medicine versus pharmaceuticals amongst many other helpful and interesting topics. Sure, Rogan likely stays away from certain topics since he has a family to care for and is the breadwinner and isn’t trying to get Alex jonesed, can’t fault him for that. But anyone going to Bravo or Rogan to find out hidden truths of life and our reality is dumb. Full disclosure, I am a fan of the Joe Rogan Experience and have learned a great deal listening to it due to the interesting guests he brings on. What exactly makes him a disinfo ‘agent’? Is anyone who hasn’t fully awakened or as informed as you on these topics and has a platform and audience a disinfo agent? Again, we are talking about a comedian and marital arts instructor. I don’t see how you come to the conclusion they are intentionally spreading disinfo. I will happily walk this comment back if I am shown otherwise.

    • The show gave regular and widespread exposure to the quack Zecharia Sitchin to push one-sided ancient aliens disinfo. If they gave any opportunity at all to the other side of the debate, by all means let me know, but please cite or link the episode.

      As for excusing him because he is a comedian and marital arts instructor, I would say that is all the more unfortunate- at least on the ETI and ancient alien issue, as he has such a large malable audience and influence. The fact that they are just “entertaining” is a weak excuse for pushing disinfo as well. The post didn’t address other issues good, bad or indifferent they are addressing- solely ancient aliens.

    • Lots of trolls on this thread… Sitchin is a hack, Rogan is a disinformation agent, mankind cannot get past lower earth orbit, if that. Wernher von Braun had repeatedly warned that once all other methods of control and manipulation through fear, or ‘threat cards,’ have been played by the powers that be, (communism, then terrorism, then ‘crazy’ third world leaders, then asteroids,) “the alien card is the final card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it is a lie.” A great book called “Milabs” by Lammer succinctly explains the ufo psyop as a military mind control operation and nothing else. When project bluebeam drops, don’t buy the bullshit! The only thing that you’ll need to be worried about is other pajama people losing their shit because they watched too much x-files!

  7. Add in the fact humans can’t launch an object into orbit and then return without becoming a meteor (that gravity and orbiting thing causing objects to circle the planet even faster as they get closer), making humans (or anything) coming back a complete fantasy. This makes human space travel a total farce. So how do the “ETs” counter these effects? We sure as hell can’t.

    • While the intelligence community clearly has an interest in this phenomenon, that does not explain every case of abduction, and implants which move away from the scalpel without magnetism or any visible method of locomotion – nor does it explain UFO’s that are tracked on RADAR and witnessed by countless pilots up close. I find this brief tract to be wholly inadequate, and speculative at best… even to the point of wishful thinking.

  8. Thank you (again) Russ! One thing I know for sure, this ET alien nonsense is just that–nonsense. And how do I know this? In the early 90s some New Age guru called “Michael El Legion” (you may have heard of him, he has a website somewhere) tried to “channel” ETs disguised as “angels” for me (after cleansing his “chakras” and speaking gibberish) and friends and hubby as well. I still have audio-tapes of these “sessions” that are complete nonsense. And then he had a show at a local bar-restaurant featuring pix of “the Ashtar Command” (including “Jesus Sananda”) and tried channeling these ET-angels and he pulled a big con on my hubby, who after that wanted nothing to do with New Age.

    But he did hook some friends, one of which became demonically possessed, went crazy. Another one used the New Age UFO con to hook his own group of followers who helped him found the “Republic of Texas” movement in the mid-90s (the guy is named Rick McLaren–you may have remembered the RoT standoff in May 1997–he is in jail of course likely for life).

    After reading “The Urantia Book” as well as Sitchin’s stuff and Eric Von Dannikann, this ET stuff really is bogus. Possibly though these “aliens” really are demons.

    El Legion? he claims he was “abducted”…if he was it was likely the CIA that did it. Oh, and he’s from Laurel Canyon supposedly….

  9. Thanks for posting this. In the nineties I dedicated computer power to SETI, naively believing it possible to find intelligent life via radio signals. The fact that none have ever been detected does not bode well for our techno machine.

    2020 marks the hundredth anniversary of the first commercial radio broadcast, made at a time when there was no coast to coast automobile road. I’m thinking what we have built shall perish.

  10. Samuel Delaney combined dystopian societies, homosexuality, inter-species sex, and mass murder of world populations in his well written sci-fi prose. Delaney was a semi dysfunctional gay man in real life, or so we are led to believe.

  11. I must say the one video I watched by Lloyd Pye(known for his promotion of the Starchild skull)left me with more questions than answers. It is based on the work of Sitchin and is very well done. What gave pause for cause was when I learned Pye was ex-Army intelligence.
    “Pye was born in Houma, Louisiana, to Lloyd A. Pye Sr., an optometrist (c.1922–2007), and Nina Jo Pye (née Boyles); Lloyd Pye had two brothers and a sister.[15][16][17] He earned a football scholarship to Tulane University in New Orleans as a Running back/Punter from 1964–1968.[18][19] He was the Tulane Green Wave football team’s leading punter 1967–1968.[20] He graduated in 1968 with a B.S. in psychology and joined the United States Army as a military intelligence specialist. He later lived in Pensacola, Florida.”

    I’m not saying Pye was absolutely correct in his theories, but he does point out the great many problems with Darwinism and the theory of evolution, AND the problems with fossils which they try to use to make the case for the “theory” of evolution. This video more than anything has made me come to believe, like Pye, that “Darwin was a blowed up peckerwood”.

  12. Great article and I agree you are probably right about most of this, but not all. I haven’t really seen (probably) any of the alien material you mentioned, and don’t doubt you are correct about them. No doubt the CIA would and did turn the alien abduction phenomenon into a psyop-but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t also really happen to people. Please watch some David Jacobs talks (a professor who spent his career interviewing victims and studying alien abduction phenomenon). I find him sincere and completely credible. No doubt the aspects and programs you’ve mentioned are fake, and truly used for psyop manipulation purposes by CIA, etc. But I think some abductions are real and “aliens” are really demonic (nephilim, human/demon mixed?) offspring. They seem to be interbreeding with humans as in Genesis as some Christians have suggested. This is also evident from Dr Jacobs’ research. It’s good to listen to Dr Jacobs for a scientific investigative approach & to gain insight on the prevelence and characteristics of the abductions, but then check out the perspective of some protestant Christian types who believe these creatures to be nephilim posing as aliens. It seems Dr Jacobs believes they are really aliens, but a scientific secular worldview can often blind people to the supernatural truth. Some have remarked on similarities between SRA victims and “alien” abduction victims. Another comparable characteristic from Dr Jacobs research is that alien abductions run in families, and so do demonic infestations, etc. I would suggest it’s more likely that these “alien” demons created the CIA than to think the CIA created them. I believe they probably work with and help run the CIA and probably help the CIA run their psyops (including the alien psyop), too. The world is very complicated and it seems the simple answer is usually not the truth. So much of their MO (CIA & “aliens”) seems identical (mind control, manipulation, deception). These “aliens” are reported by abductees (per Dr Jacob’s research) to have very powerful mind control powers. “Aliens” probably started CIA down the mind control road. This is one likely intersection of government and the evil supernatural occult (in addition to Epstein and his pals). Also consider the CIA’s use of remote viewing; another occult practice. Likely they were taught this through their association with occult demonic entities. For some of us with a Christian worldview, these are possibilites that seem incredible but also make perfect sense.

  13. They are setting us up for another great hoax, to terrify the population, perhaps with a lot of depopulation efforts. The folks who say they saw this or that, or some government guy, like former head of this or that, or some pilot flying around, are all Masonic and collaborating with the crime syndicate. Not good witnesses, but pure bullshitters. I like to remind people that the lunar landings/Apollo were all faked, man cannot survive exiting the earth nor can biological aliens enter and pass thru the radiation belts (van Allen belts) unless protected with 6 feet of lead all around. The only creature that attempted to fly out was the Russian dog Laika, who fried with in minutes of rocketing out there thus ending Russian efforts to go to the moon except robotically.

    • The disqualified geocentric/disc/dome model of earth makes ‘martians & aliens & ET’s’ impossible in that the ‘planets’, moon , stars & sun are celestial lights & in close proximity to earth’s plane. The entire ‘space/solar system/NASA/alien’ dogma insures our being forever ‘lost in space’.

  14. I’ve been preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse. Now I need to get ready for an Alien invasion? Or an Alien-Zombie assault? In War of the Worlds, the Martians fell victim to unfamiliar earth microbes. If we can get all the aliens and zombies vaxxed we can fix their wagon!

  15. Considering many in the alt and MSM media are pushing this stuff these days plus the fact that many “end times” preachers are claiming “the rapture” is coming soon, I wonder–will “the rapture” be of fake persons, and then “the anti-Christ” comes as “the Messiah” (to Talmudic Jewry, that is) which causes many Christians to “fall away” (2 Thessalonians Chapter 2) and buy into this fake messiah stuff, who (alien-like) comes to Earth to “save” the Earth from some holographic “invasion”?

  16. William Cooper got sucked into the psyop of ETs while in the military. So he investigated it vigorously- later concluding that it was total Masonic fakery after he discovered Masonic books from the 1850s planning an “Alien Invasion” to bring in a unified world government. No works of art or scholarship pre 19th century ever mention aliens, unless you also call them ghosts. But NO UFOs and their attendent science fiction accoutrements.

  17. Disclosure project

    “Secret Knowledge: Probably one of the most important videos of our time; On Wednesday, May 9th, 2001, over twenty military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses came forward at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to establish the reality of UFOs or extraterrestrial vehicles, extraterrestrial life forms, and resulting advanced energy and propulsion technologies. The weight of this first-hand testimony, along with supporting government documentation and other evidence, will establish without any doubt the reality of these phenomena.”

    Or not?

  18. I have a dear relative that I love very much. Every time I attempt to share relevant info with him on important issues, such as why it’s not a good idea to take the experimental mRNA spike protein injections, he listens, then immediately brings up the topic of UFOs and aliens. It’s his defense from hearing the painful truth. He has replaced a religious savior figure with an off-planet alien savior figure, switch addictions. He insists the aliens have prevented nuclear war.
    Sadly, he and his wife both took the covid shots. In less than a year his formerly healthy wife, was dead.

  19. Revelation 18 indictates that the Vatican will be destroyed. This will undoubtedly be blamed on Iran and NATO will use it as justification for attacking Iran. Jesus Christ Superstar will then appear in David’s tomb and then in the sky via Bluebeam and play the part of the false prophet. The one world government/religion can then be officially established in Jerusalem. Trump’s noahide laws will then be used against anyone who does not comply with the communist nwo dictates.

  20. I went through an “I want to believe” phase a few years ago. Found scant material at my public library but was intrigued by Leslie Kean’s book documenting accounts of UFO encounters by pilots and aircrews, both military and civilian. It struck me as legit but I guess there could be an international plot to make it all up. I once found a reference that Guy Banister and possibly David Ferrie were connected to the bizarre Maury island UFO tale, years before the JFK assassination. At this point, I can’t say that UFOs aren’t real but if I see any hyped up events in the coming years, I’m definitely not going to believe it’s anything but government shenanigans.

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