The dirty secret of California’s legal weed

LA Times| June 14, 2024

Aging yuppies in neon beachwear stand before a green wall with the catchphrase “You have changed … so has cannabis.”
The social media post is part of “Real CA Cannabis,” a $5-million taxpayer-funded campaign to promote California cannabis as safe, tested and “regulated by the state to protect consumers.”
In reality, that safety is far from certain.
An investigation by The Times, in conjunction with cannabis industry newsletter WeedWeek, found alarming levels of pesticides in cannabis products available on dispensary shelves across the state, including some of the most popular brands of vapes and pre-rolled weed.

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  1. Totally. My neighbor grows “medical” weed and he showed me his sad looking plants in a red-lighted aluminum foil-lined room. The plants looked horrible. He said his son accidentally applied the wrong concentration of pesticide. They had a mite infestation. That was a few years ago. More recently, he mentioned he only uses some soap based pesticide now. I’m an organic vegetable farmer. Seems that whenever I see plants growing indoors under grow lights, they always look sad, but maybe some people do it better.

    • I’m a medical grower in WA state and I grew outdoors (not growing this season) and I always liked my results better than when I tried indoors. God’s creation wants the real sun imho. I was able to stay all organic even when I had some pest issues last season. What helped me was adding a copper antennae into the soil right next to the plant. It eliminated the pest issues for me within days and it sure beats buying organic pest spray every month! Look up electro culture to see how to make the antennas if anyone is interested, they really do work well!

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