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  1. Russia can do WHATEVER it likes and jews running the proxy war from Washington DARE not raise a finger, or 7m of their fellow weinsteins (incl 750k duals) will be vaporised in 10 minutes. Only the stupid poles and rumanians have not realised.

  2. Great discussion guys, that explosive exchange between Bill and Paul at the end was unfortunate but I get both sides of the argument. Focusing exclusively on the illegals being the problem is a mistake and falls right into the Jewish trap of divide and conquer. The illegals migrate to wealthy countries for better lives, they are the pawns of the Illuminati who are using them to displace and disrupt the native White population. I should also point out that many third world nations are run by governments that were put into place by the CIA/Mossad/MI6 and many people fled to Europe and the USA thanks to the War on Terror, which resulted from the 911 False Flag, not to mention the Central American drug wars.

    But I also see it from Paul’s perspective. Whites should have the right to live in their own communities without being forced to live with non-Whites who come from incompatible cultures. Ultimately, this issue will resolve itself when the USA and West collapses. Many of the migrants, who are living it up on welfare right now in major cities like New York, will suddenly find themselves without food, water or electricity in a region that gets very cold during winter, and will quickly perish because no food will be shipped in. Then they have to deal with millions of gun owners.

    Agricultural states like Montana, Iowa and Idaho have mostly White populations who can cut off the food supply to the rest of the nation, and during the collapse many of the most hardcore White nationalist groups will actively hunt down and eliminate non-Whites via death squads. If you watch the new movie Civil War with Kirsten Dunst there is a scene where this happens, I also saw a video with Navy Seal Matt Bracken where he said that after the collapse if he looks through his rifle scope and sees the wrong color its over and he was not talking about the color of clothing. So there are many Whites in the USA stockpiling supplies and waiting for the collapse and then its hunting season. Glad I left the U.S.

  3. The end of the conversation developed into a situation that was not beneficial to Mr. Winter. I would avoid being on with Dr. Fetzer and Bill at the same time. This should have been a one-on-one with Mr. Winter and Dr. Fetzer. Apparently, Bill has no self control over his emotions which has made this viewer feel repulsed. I was looking forward to hearing a great conversation which was ruined by the caller aggravating Bill. This was disappointing. I could tell Mr. Winter felt uncomfortable and this lacked the respect he deserves. His conversations with Robert Phoenix and Giuseppe are pleasant experiences. I look forward to those more than this one.

    • The caller, Paul, snapped at Bill first, and Bill responded in kind. I understand that Paul is upset at the migrants being in the USA, the problem is that people like him refuse to hold Whites partly responsible for this mess. Whites love to complain about the Jews yet are constantly duped by their schemes.

      I rarely hear White nationalists blame Whites for anything, they mostly blame the Jews, Somalis, Blacks, etc. But it was White Americans who have allowed the government to continually usurp their Constitutional rights over the last 250 years. It was Whites in 1913 that allowed the Federal Reserve to be instituted and Whites who fell for the JFK Assassination and 911 False Flag. Hundreds of thousands of Whites males chose to fight and die in banker wars such as Vietnam, WW2, the War on Terror, etc despite warnings from the likes of Smedley Butler and Dwight Eisenhower. The catastrophic loss of life in these conflicts played a part in the current migration crisis.

      Furthermore, according to the Hamilton Project, White Americans use drugs at an even higher rate than Blacks which makes them responsible for the rise of the Central American cartels and the carnage that goes on in Latin America not to mention the power of Big Pharma.

      Paul was becoming increasingly aggressive and combative with Bill during the call and Bill eventually snapped back. Instead of Paul asking why are so many Africans coming to northern Nevada where he lives, he should be asking why White Americans cowardly rolled over during Covid and allowed the government to shut down their businesses and violate their First Amendment Rights. And do not forget more White Americans took the vaccine than Blacks!

      • You are quick to lay blame at the feet of White people for allowing Jews to take over the levers of power and what you stated is true.
        But are you as quick to blame White Christians for allowing Jews to gain the controls of power?
        The Catholic Church gave Jews full rights to engage in usury in the 15th Century, whilst strictly forbidding Gentiles. That is why to this day, Jews control the banks and high finance. They based their decision on bible verses, such as Deuteronomy 23: 19-20.
        I would assert that it is not so much that “white people” allowed Jews to take control, as it was White Christians, who allowed it to happen.

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