5 Comments on House Institutes Military Draft

  1. If our government doesn’t know the difference between men and women, how would it know whom to register for the draft? And, given that, it should be easy for men to avoid the draft. Simply declare that you are in the middle of a M->F transition. For effect, wear lipstick, makeup, and a mini-skirt with shaved legs. Falsies would help, too.

    Engage in effeminate behaviors. Constantly be pulling a compact mirror out of your purse to look at yourself. Learn to cry a bit, especially when they attack your identity as a woman. How sexist! Scream discrimination at the top of your lungs.

  2. If they later include women in the draft, claim to be a “trans” — both male and female; when they then try to draft hermaphrodites, then tell them you identify as a cat, dog, whatever to the draft board of the “most prestigious” army (in the fantasy world of the woke). Keep making them have to change the “law” to lower (or raise) the bar

  3. Either:
    Proudly Identify as a ANTI-SEMITE…
    or as my son elatedly showed his father,
    Beat UnKle Schlomo….

  4. With ALL the laws against ‘ anti’ semitism , and ‘ agencies being promulgated in judeo Kristian America…
    Pointing out, It IS the jooz should preclude you from inductance,
    As my son crowed…
    Bi- Polar disorder is a game changer in dying for the Marxist kollekive.

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