Hezbollah and Israel Intensify their War

Hezbollah now possesses more than 1 million rockets of various types – Quds Force official told Foreign Policy magazine. This changes everything, since previously Western intelligence agencies estimated that Hezbollah had around 200,000 rockets.

The air defense systems in the north of Israel seem to be barely functioning. Hezbollah has enhanced it’s ground to air defenses. Has Israel lost its absolute aerial superiority? Listen to the expert’s take.

On Thursday Hezbollah hurled 100 missiles and 30 drones at settlements in less than 40 minutes. 300 were fired over two days. 999,700 to go.

Hezbollah demonstrates excellent military weaponry and skills here. Two injuries looks unlikely. What would an IDF invasion look like?

Israel strikes back as this theater intensifies. Is IDF about to enter Lebanon?

The condition of messianic nut-wing ruled Israel

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  1. Sorry, but most Arabs are incompetent cowards — these pinprick attacks on Israel aren’t going to change a thing — instead they’ll give Israel a pretext for more strikes against Lebanon, and Israel has far more firepower.

    OPEC met in December 2023, when they could have decided to reduce oil output, which would hurt the nations supporting Israel a lot more than the oil producers, since the price spike would compensate for lower output — but they did nothing, because the oil producers are too comfortable — I believe they meet again this June (2024).

    • This is not 1973. OPEC is controlled by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE, who are, in turn, now controlled by the Zionists, so no oil embargoes against Israel are going to happen. As for Lebanon: are you aware of what happened to the IDF the last time they invaded the place in 2006?

      • You can make any excuse you want, but no matter how sensible (and yours isn’t particularly sensible, since Israel and Saudi Arabia don’t even have formal diplomatic relations), the fact is that other muslims/Arabs with the power to do so have to date done nothing to help the Palestinians, or alternatively (as I suggested) hurt those nations supporting Israel.
        At the moment, invading Lebanon makes about as much sense as trying to eliminate Hamas — but Israel has a large, modern air force, coupled with more than adequate strategic capability (their targeted assassinations are evidence of that) — so a concentrated air campaign would probably be enough to do serious damage to the military assets of Hamas.

    • Totally agree eah, the Muslim world is mostly all bark and no bite. They stood by while tens of thousands of Palestinians were slaughtered and did nothing. If they were the real deal they would have sent an army of 25,000 men into Gaza to reinforce the Palestinians, bring in food and supplies and confront the IDF. Instead, as you stated, all they have done is pin prick attacks.

      This to me is proof that most of these groups, the Turks, Iranians and even Hezbollah, are probably controlled opposition secretly taking orders from the Crime Syndicate. I feel the same way about Putin, do not make sense that it took 2 years to beat Ukraine, sounds like he is taking his marching orders from a higher power as well. It is well known that the Jews finance and control both sides of every conflict. All these wars seem staged, with everyone playing their part like actors in a play.

    • How about christian zionist prophesies to escape to Petra after dragons”flood” against it? Are you waiting rapture before murdering
      everyday people. Do your God accept it in new testament or are you still living in the past??
      Just wondering this killing culture.

  2. That is a cool picture of Hezbollah on dirt bikes. Interesting they have their AK’s strapped to their chest, instead of on their back. I have a little 1973 Honda Scrambler and use it every day on my farm to get around. It is a great way to travel. My friend got a job in a different state and is letting me babysit his more modern dirt bike, one that looks similar to these Hezbollah bikes. That thing is very powerful and fast compared to my ’73. I could definitely see the use of bikes like that in warfare, especially in the desert, where you could cover ground and not depend on roads or trails. Interesting as always, thanks!

  3. What I see is that they are just moving the pieces around on the chess board for mostly their amusement and for the narrative and focus for everyone else.

  4. certainly not state of the art image looks like comp
    what is real and what is fiction

    the banks control all sides the debt is the key to the sl;ave system

  5. On the evening of 9 June, Israeli war cabinet ministers Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot announced their resignation from the emergency government. This is not a step two war ministers in a government heading for victory would take. By resigning, Gantz and Eisenkot have two main objectives. First, they want to alleviate the pressure on Netanyahu to accept a deal to stop the war, a strategy likely coordinated with Washington.

    Second, being among the most informed Israeli officials on the state of the war, they chose to jump ship, anticipating that Netanyahu’s continued insistence on prolonging the war would only lead to further disaster. In military terms, this means they have assessed that Israel’s Gaza operations have “peaked.”

    Westerners are almost completely ignorant of the facts regarding the escalating war in Israel. Remember when we were all being told how Ukraine was defeating Russia? We later found out those were lies too. https://thecradle.co/articles/tipping-point-israels-military-peak-has-come-and-gone

  6. It’s not going to be the easy genocide the Jews were hoping for. It was announced today, Netanyahoo was firing his entire genocide, er, War Cabinet. The Israeli army is facing significant difficulties in confronting the Palestinian resistance across the Gaza Strip, Hebrew news outlet Channel 12 reported on 16 June. As the fighting rages, Tel Aviv’s enlistment crisis continues to worsen. An Israeli army radio correspondent, Doron Kadosh, reported on Monday that the military is setting up a new division for reservists over the retirement age of 40 in order to meet the “urgent need for more troops.” https://thecradle.co/articles/israeli-army-in-urgent-need-of-troops-as-resistance-deals-heavy-losses

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