Biden Humiliation Ritual Coming to an End

As the “Presidential Debate” goes into the dust pin, at long last the talking heads check in with their verdict and it ain’t a pretty picture. Incredibly it took until June 27 to render what was obvious to anyone who thinks with clarity. This is not just a disgrace for the Democrat crime of elder and national abuse, it is a national disgrace that points to deep demonic issues with how the country is run.

Trump on his end used “Palestinian” as a slur. Probably works considering how banal most Americans are.

Biden performed like a mentally addled patient let out of the ward at 2:00 am to ring your door bell. See Doorbell Video Reveals Assorted Disturbed Dindus and Illegals.

The ongoing national humiliation ritual doesn’t end there, as another patient was let out of the security ward. It is hard for me to view all this as organic: Fetterman visits Israel.

Unbelievably some polls still have Biden at 33% after that debacle.

After Obama pays a visit to deliver the word to the White House obviously there is a power vacuum in play. Someone in the Democrat party will assume the mantel at this time. As a reminder the Democratic National Convention is August 19-22. This is pre-planned so the next stooge will be in place. GOP shitshow is July 15-18.


While this is transpiring the end times posse running Israel is about to go total war with Hezbollah et al. Russia has promised retribution for Crimea.

The Gog-Magog Situation


It is safe to say that the prime attribute will be a slick form of genocidal neocon approved nation destroyer maniac. The chances for a genuine dove or decent human being to appear is nil.

There’s more from the talking heads, sit back and take it all in.

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  1. All I got for this is … Bwahahahahah…… Dems painted themselves into a corner didnt’ they …. they chose a corpse named Joe to front their circus and he ain’t working. The reserve clown, Kamala is waiting in the wings but she’s dumber than AOC and that’s something.

  2. Seems like the script will be a “save in time” johnny on the spot actor comes in to take his place on the ballot. Or Trump has paid all of his dues to get his name plastered in history for the (((cost of doing business))) while the rest of us suffer.

  3. So he or “the other Biden” will either declare martial law (over war or flase flag) or steal the election again. Theatre., that’s all this is. And the Republicans and RINOs don’t have the guts or the savvy to stop the steal anyway!

  4. It doesn’t appear to be easy to replace Biden without a lot of other collateral damage. I think the dems will focus on the house, senate and state offices and cede the presidency to Trump knowing they have full control of the bureaucracy and substantial control of the courts. They will leave a mess for Trump to take the blame.

    Not that Trump will fix anything. As usual, it’s Zionist A vs. Zionist B.

  5. They had the debate prior to the convention for one reason and one reason only. Biden will be replaced. They threw him under the bus.

    Debating prior to the convention is unheard of.

  6. Biden still has a huge chance of winning. The libs would vote for Jack the Ripper if he would give them their abortions.

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