Was Fidel Castro Justin Trudeau’s Daddy?

The Lugenpresse and usual suspects have spent a lot of effort debunking a theory that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s is the bastard son of Communist revolutionary and former Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro (1926-2016), and not the son of former Canadian Prime Minister Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau (1919-2000).

The two primary reasons given are the incredulity fallacy and the requirement that Justin Trudeau would have had to be conceived in the early spring of 1971 as Trudeau was born on December 25, 1971.

When it comes to these New Underworld Order Crime Syndicate families and behaviors, incredulity doesn’t cut it with us. These people are freaks with a big F.

The inquirists main case for the Castro-Trudeau theory is the astonishing resemblance. When Pierre Trudeau on the left is compared with Fidel Castro, one can see what the fuss is all about.

Who’s your daddy?

However, the debunkers then dismiss the theory and move on by stating that the Trudeau couple didn’t meet Castro in Cuba until 1976, when Justin was four years old. Here, they are pictured in 1976 with Margaret Trudeau looking very familiar and touchy with Castro.

So goes the narrative. But now for the rest of the story.

A Look at the Super Strange Relationship of Margaret and Pierre Trudeau

Margaret Joan Trudeau (née Sinclair, born Sept. 10, 1948) is a Canadian author, actress, photographer, former television talk show hostess and social advocate for people with bipolar disorder, with which she was diagnosed. The Sinclairs are a leading Illuminati family.

If you’ve been around people who are bipolar, you know it can be a wild ride. That was true in spades with her.

Justin himself is frequently filmed getting teary eyed and sobbing publicly. He’s most definitely partaken heavily in the cultural Marxism Kool-Aid.

November 2017 – Trudeau cries and apologizes to LGBTQ2S people.

As an 18-year-old girl vacationing in Tahiti with her family, Margaret Sinclair met Pierre Trudeau, who was then Canada’s Minister of Justice. Sinclair did not recognize him, and she, in fact, thought little of their encounter. But Trudeau was captivated by the carefree “flower child” nearly 30 years younger than him, and began to pursue her.

Five years later, after a six-month secret engagement, 53-year-old Pierre, who had since been elected Prime Minister, married 23-year-old Margaret on March 4, 1971.

It’s well established that the couple traveled several times to Cuba. Under the Caribbean sun, both were evidently charmed by Fidel, as recounted in John English’s “Just Watch Me: The Life of Pierre Elliot Trudeau 1968-2000.”

For Fidel Castro to have impregnated Margaret, they had to have rendezvoused in early spring of 1971.

Well, it turns out that the Trudeaus were in the Caribbean in April, 1971, during which time they went to an “unidentified nearby island”. They asked the media for complete privacy.

The news clip at left was published in the Ottawa Journal on April 13, 1971.

They then went to Tobago, then to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (including both Bequia and St. Vincent) with Pierre taking a side-trip to Trinidad while Margaret stayed in Tobago.

So, ladies and gentlemen, we’re mostly adults here. Yes, superficially it seems far fetched that Margaret (and perhaps Pierre) arranged a tryst with Castro in the Caribbean during this “second honeymoon.” But what kind of arrangement would a 53-year-old man have with a bipolar flower child of 23? Maybe an open marriage in quite kinky ways?

Castro made an unprecedented trip to Montreal in 2000 to attend Pierre’s funeral, although frail and ailing himself.

We aren’t in Kansas any more Toto.

Indeed, Pierre ended up having great difficulties with this rather absurd rocky marriage. What could he have been thinking? Margaret had an affair with U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy and the Trudeaus’ marriage ultimately ended amid stories she was having an affair with Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones, according to Keith Richards’ autobiography “Life with Mick Jagger.”

Wild woman Margaret Trudeau smuggled drugs in the prime minister’s luggage and made scantily-clad appearances at Studio 54. She had a clear history of sneaking off to party and all that came with the lifestyle. But not with Fidel? Really?

Chic Cosmopolitan Margaret: Those were the days at Studio 54.

According to former aides, Castro had an incredible sexual appetite. It has been reported that he would sleep with at least two different women per day, and would send his bodyguards out to find the most beautiful ones for his pleasure. Sounds like Bill Clinton in Arkansas.

As pointed out in a 2014 Vice article, there is a local custom in Cuba in which any woman who doesn’t know who the father of her child is will call it “Fidelito,” or Little Fidel.

And what about Pierre Trudeau? Per a Globe and Mail article:

He often invited two girlfriends to the same event. Allan Gotlieb, his ambassador to Washington, complained about one dinner he hosted for Mr. Trudeau because he had three girlfriends there. At 24 Sussex, he carried on downstairs even though Margaret (from whom he was officially separated) was still in residence upstairs.

Next, Margaret tore apart a quilt made by Canadian conceptual artist Joyce Wieland on the wall in the prime minister’s official residence in Ottawa because it celebrated “reason over passion.” Her husband’s personal motto was “reason before passion.”

She separated from her husband Pierre in 1977 and became a much-talked-about jet-setter.

Read “The Uncanny Resemblance of Barbara Bush to Aleister Crowley”

Winter Watch Takeaway

We have well established the evidence of a strong taste for kink among the parties involved. Did Margaret Trudeau, more likely with Pierre in tow, take an under-the-radar side trip for a very friendly meet up of hypersexuals with Fidel Castro during their April 1971 excursion in the Caribbean? Sure looks that way. And the relationships last for decades.

Family moment at Pierre’s funeral

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    • Indeed – the entire Obama experience pushed by the mainstream is a fiction. The birth certificate controversy is just another ongoing, manufactured misdirection. They own, plan, and promote two narratives for every story, both of which veer their adherents away from the truth.

  1. There is an interesting connection between Pierre and Fidel, they both had jesuitical educations and backgrounds. Margaret converted to catholicism in order to marry Pierre.
    Justin attended a jesuit college. Three heads of the CIA have had jesuit educations, Casey, Brennan and Panetta. The very leftist leader of the Church of Rome is a jesuit. Is there a connection or just interesting coincidences regarding the influence of jesuitry.

  2. Castro’s career would be absurdly improbable, were he not a made man from the families. His son presiding over the destruction of Canada? Priceless.

  3. A simple DNA test would clear the issue up. Pick up a discarded paper cup the PM used and test it to see if PET’s DNA is half of Jr’s.

  4. Not jews – gypsies. True that the canaanites mingle pretty much with them, but because they are huns, not jews. Both daddies have this ethnicity, so definitely the son. But not all Castro brothers have the same father, so it’s not a family issue. Also Sinclair – another branch of canaanites, this time posing as christians and westerners.

  5. Being the holistic healer that I am and knowing that often bi-polar is a result of a person being abused (mentally, sexually, or otherwise) before they are the age of 7 (and having heard that manipulating people is something the Illuminati groups like to do) it makes sense to me why she would have had bi-polar.

  6. Two quick stories. After the ole man Trudeau was finished being prime minister of Canada he lived/stayed at his home in Montreal Qc. For the most part or at least called Montreal home. How often he was there I don’t know and doesn’t matter for this story.
    I was with my girlfriend of that era back in the 80’s and we were walking along St Catherine street in Montreal. It is one of the main roads downtown Montreal where everyone walks and cruses and shops in the stores and eat in the restaurants that are all along the St Catherine strip. My girlfriend and I were passing a restaurant and I noticed ole Pierre sitting at a table right there in the window of the restaurant with this quite young lady. In her twenties we gathered. Very attractive! Pierre was in a suit and she was in a nice dress with a slit on the side which happened to show to the outside and all who had stopped to look at the ex prime minister of Canada sitting in public in a restaurant with a visibly much younger woman and her gartered stockinged leg sticking out of the side slit of her dress for all the world that happened to pass by could see. Ole Pierre had his right hand on that exposed stockinged leg caressing it up and down and it would even reach under the dress and sty there for a bit and she would smile and squirm a little. This lasted for about two to three minutes. During this short time there had been many people who stopped to watch the live sex show with the ex prime minister of Canada and some floosy young chick.
    He was a sexual deviant the ole man was. Don’t know about the kid if he has the same sexual desires as his parents???

    Second story

    I was working at Mirabel airport the day old Fidel Castro came up to Canada for the funeral of PET.
    I was an aircraft refueller back then. I was out fuelling a plane when Castro’s plane arrived. As soon as the door of the plane was opened I noticed a lot of people working around the plane i was fuelling had stopped doing their work and were looking towards Castros plane. I was too busy watching fuel guages and would take a glance over to his plane every now and then. I really wasn’t interested in the ordeal of him coming to Canada but it was the people working that got my attention more. Or not working. I had noticed the plane beside the one i was working on, all the people there were also not working and now were standing at the end of the plane and then I noticed that everyone outside had stopped working and were watching Castros plane. I wish i had a smart phone back then to take pics and videos cus it was crazy how everyone had stopped working,supervisors included and by now Castro had come out of the plane and walked down the air stairs to an awaiting limo.
    There is a roadway behind where all the planes are parked along the terminal gates and everyone except myself had lined up along this roadway and were watching the limousine as the car passed the people waiting and watching were waiving to Castro as he passed by them. The ole man didn’t even look out at the people. He just sat there looking straight ahead and didn’t acknowledge anyone waiving at him. It was so funny watching these lame people.
    They are sick. They love there masters i guess. The whole thing was surreal.

    Make of it what you will.
    Just want to say the people of Canada,not all but a large majority are sick. Mentally sick. I have so much to say about the actions and reactions of the people that day. But I don’t think this reply box will allow me to write a book…? Lol


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