‘Father of Lies’ and Worship of Man Occultism

Warren Weston, who wrote “Father of Lies” in 1938, was at that time the world’s foremost authority on Gnostics and other sects. Today, his work is largely deep-sixed. The book is so full of esoteric examples that it’s actually overwhelming. I will attempt to condense his key big picture points.

Weston lays out the scheme or The Plan: a homogenized religion (globohomo) that would substitute for the worship of God, called the “worship of man.” The worship of man is rooted in many primitive cults. Such philosophies appeal to the lower instincts, and engender hate, malice, deceit. They are the basis of occultism today.

This ’counter-initiation’ – runs throughout history, in parallel and eternal opposition to that of genuine spirituality. Julius Evola characterized it as ‘the war of the underworld against the divine world’.

As eastern religions evolved from their primitive stage, the priestly magicians became fearful for their position. If the people were to shake off superstition, develop a code of ethics based on reason and receive their inspiration directly from God, they would cease to support and venerate the priesthood.

Thus, the schools of magic that formed the core of the priestly caste in India, Chaldaea, Babylonia, Egypt and elsewhere had, at different times, to face this menace to their institution; and everywhere they resorted to the same device. Weston argues the pedigree, or at least the methods, of this powerful priest class carries on to this day.

To strengthen the hold of pantheism and spirits on the people, much attention was given to demonology. The layman was taught that he was surrounded by bad-tempered spirits that the priests alone knew how to placate.

Was the Manes Religion a Precursor to the Modern Discordians?

This surreal black magik method — which we point out and call “the cartoon world” on these pages — goaded the population by the dread of helpless isolation (learned helplessness) and fascination by the brilliant new colors religion (Super Bowl halftime shows, etc) had assumed. The people placed unbounded faith in the pure rainbow ideals, vast knowledge and perceived enlightenment of their priests.

This ancient mystery religion is best revealed in entertainment and especially musical performance. There are sources online who focus on this more closely and effectively than I, but we all see it once we’re awake. This pushes a “union with God” theocracy and has a sexual meaning as a hook.


Man is placed on a par with his creator. Both are divine and immortal. Man creates when he procreates. No doctrine was ever better devised to destroy reason by self-conceit and to plunge man into lust and crime.

In the old ancient religions, this is derived from the creation of the universe (according to the phallic adepts) in the work of the hermaphrodite phallic god. In this role, the god is known as Pan, the first Principle of Nature. If you watch entertainment and advertising, this occult presentation is constantly in your face.

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Asha Logos: The War On The Masculine and Feminine

The doctrine portrayed is famous for the stress it lays on the principle of Dualism. Evil is the exact counterpart of good. One may pursue either. Hence, what’s exoterically called evil is esoterically called good. This dogma is the “looking glass” theory of magic and fakery. You will see mirrors used liberally in Hollyweird entertainment.

Exoteric vice becomes esoteric “virtue,” and vice-versa. Reason becomes “hypocrisy,” and non-reason becomes “truth,” etc., according to a certain subjective moral-relativism point of view.

Sabbattean Frankism morphed off inverted worship of man religion.

See “Tim Kelly and Russ Winter Discuss Sabbatean Frankism’s Impact on the World”

Novices were and are initiated into the mystery not all at once but by stages or grades. At each stage, “a veil was lifted” and a new aspect disclosed.

In order that the dogma might be preserved in its entirety and not suffer distortion through oral repetition, it was cryptically incorporated in the sacred texts. A sentence here, a passage there, to which the layman would attach no importance, was pregnant with esoteric meaning to the high initiate. Sometimes the same words had double meanings; or the words had to be replaced by their esoteric counterparts; or, again, there was a whole system of codes to be applied before the passage could be deciphered.

The lie is of the essence of occultism. It’s only when one has consciously or unconsciously accepted this non-reason as truth that occult principles appear sound.

Man is attracted to magic by the notion of “getting something for nothing” of the “secret heritage,” as opposed to the idea of earning an honest living. Magic appeals to man’s baser nature, to his greed, his appetite and, most of all, to his ego.

The magic mirror flatters the ego by making him believe that he’s on a par with God. At the same time, it distorts his outlook, leads him to reject reason and to accept non-reason and hypocrisy in its place. Vice becomes virtue. Man becomes the slave of his own ego.

“Human” magic, or that of the microcosm, has to do with all direct influence of men on other men, especially with that of the trained occultist on the untrained person.

At the heart of this modern occult system is Freudianism. For a real appreciation of his role in the world we deal with daily, a reading of our post on Freud is essential. See “Sigmund Fraud: The Father of Modern Psychoanalysis and Neurotic Charlatan.”

Freud copied core occult theory. He held that man is actuated by the baser instincts. And, if he should appear to be actuated by a noble instinct, that is merely a form of “hypocrisy” or self-deception. Freud preached that a noble instinct is a myth and that all genuine instincts are base.

Once you accept this Freudian premise, you go hook, line and sinker into the clown world. From an occult point of view, Freud has framed the esoteric theory in terms of psychology.

Michael Aquino four decades after Weston and Freud stated this worldview of Man: “As you know from the Satanic Bible, people are motivated basically by crude and bestial emotions — greed, lust, hatred, envy of others’ success, desire for power, desire for recognition, etc.”

The occultist Freudian theory explains the polarity of the sexes. The active principle is male, the complement or passive principle is female.

There is a constant preoccupation with self-propagation through countless evolutions. All the specialized instincts (such as malignity, ferocity, etc.) are derived from, or merge into, the all-important sex instinct.

In Freudian occultism, man has a specialized instinct that he calls “reason.”  In Freud’s twisted view, man pretended to possess qualities that he did not have, as it was a great help to him in seeking to satisfy the sex instinct. Calling straight shooters hypocrites was a favored method of Freud and like-minded perverts like Alan Ginsburg.

Read “Beatnik Allen Ginsberg’s Weaponized Debasement of Culture”

According to Freudians and fellow occultists, as time went on, this edge lord hypocrisy became so habitual that it seemed perfectly natural. Man then proceeded to develop it for himself, to talk about it and sing about it, and give it the name of “reason,” or “the noble instincts.”

The cure (according to Freud) is to study one’s sex instinct, and to gratify it (as far as may be) physically or mentally, as one goes along. The other instincts should be allowed the same freedom. Thus, the ego is no longer repressed and no longer causes internal suffering or “complexes.”

But preoccupation with sex makes the individual susceptible to hypnotic suggestion — exactly what the black magicians want. Sex obsession, including porn, makes one a receptive medium for occult influence.

Read “NSFW! (Adults Only) A Disturbing Look at HBO’s New Underage Porn Series ‘Euphoria’”

And for those who call us “prude,” let’s be very clear of what we are talking about. It’s no longer your granddad’s Playboy magazine soft porn. Today, there’s heavy emphasis on sodomy, another centerpiece of this black magik. They start children young with programs like Drag Queen Story Hour and a push toward pedophilia.

Watch the abuse of a young girl – all the while with an inverted twisted message on the wall that says “Love”. This scene produces a state in which the mind is pliant enough to have certain ideas implanted: ideas which resist a great deal of counter-influence.

Read “Who’s Behind Drag Queen Story Hour?”

A Sabbattean-Frankist personality with the veil removed.

Every person captured in this stage exhibits the same base instincts, which occultists call the “natural” instincts. They, therefore, call him the “true man,” which sadly is pretty much everyone today. The person is subjected to so much hypnotic suggestion that his reactions can be predetermined.

A group of people in this state can all be led to act as one man. There is a collective ego that supersedes the individual ego. Each person identifies his own ego with the collective ego. Social media amplifies this. Then the group is animated by a common discordian hatred against society and a thirst for “vengeance” or, that is, bloodshed.

These persons become part of a secret society (whether they know it, want it or not), held together by a common hatred, depravity and greed. These fraternities, which are the plague of humanity, have always exploited religion as a screen for their activities.

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7 Comments on ‘Father of Lies’ and Worship of Man Occultism

  1. Brilliant!!! Thank you for so carefully gathering together all the confusing strands of information on this topic, and explaining it so clearly! It inspires me to read your other articles about this.

  2. The French Revolution and Robespierre’s cult of the supreme being… that whole episode is a great case study in this worship of man phenomenon.

  3. Mystery cults appeal to gullible people with the lure of forbidden knowledge.
    Mystery cults were exterminated by the Catholic Church for good reason. Fools would BUY IN (with money) to be taught all the “answers” using secret forbidden knowledge that “They” didn’t want you to know.
    To move up to the next level in the cult, that would cost more money. When you reached the highest level, ta dah….there is No Forbidden knowledge.
    So how did the Mystery Cult survive?
    Once you reached the highest level, you could initiate other novices into the cult. And keep a portion of the rookies money, Eventually you got your own money back, by roping in new people.
    The cults worked like a chain letter, or a Multi-level marketing scam.

  4. In Italy during the late Quattrocento as the ‘birthing pains’ of ‘humanism’ began to harden and solidify, there was manifest progress in EVERY field of learning! This progress also raised serious problems itself, for it was now building centrifugal forces away from God which at the time functioned as the center and psychological matrix of man’s very being. This explosion of learning and knowledge resulted in an increasing change in METHODS as well.

    What counted most at the time for the humanist was the empirical ability to test, observe, and study the nature of things. This collided head on with the scholasticism at the time which relied heavily on Divine Revelation and had recourse to Scripture and Tradition. This had lethal consequences for Christianity and the Church!

    When these new methods were then applied to the fundamentals of the faith, the sacred texts or documents, then it was only a small step to question the authenticity of the Gospels or the authority of the Papacy itself. Questioning the ‘Donation of Constantine’ or the Apocrypha was one thing, questioning the Church and the scaffolding it was built on was another. There was now a graver side to the problem- God was now at stake!

    The phenomenon that we call ‘the Renaissance’ changed man’s conception of himself from the inside! Socrates’ most dangerous dictum, but- ‘Know thyself,’ or the enchanting pronouncement of Hermes Trimegistus- ‘O Asclepiades, what a wonderous thing is man,’ …these were to define the attitude of the time that man must become something more than he is. As Protagoras would say, man must become ‘the measure’ of things! Pride won the day!

    Now having changed the definition of himself, it was just a matter of time before man would develop to the point where a man named Nietzsche would claim that ‘God is dead’ and that men must seek to become godlike themselves. The boundless possibilities and wonderous temptation was too much for this little creature called man. Not only to live without God, but to become one himself. Man would either become a monster along the way, he would lose his mind as Nietzsche did, or he would become Bataille’s Acephalous!


    • What an excellent find! I have never seen that Nietzsche film.

      At least three accounts have been offered for his descent into insanity. The most widely accepted one both in his time and ours attributes it to syphilis contracted as a student from his single intimate encounter with a prostitute – the only such event of his life; i.e. he was an incel! It was his sister who cared for him at the time of this film who initially countered these scandalous allegations with a romanticized version of the sort you seem to offer: Nietzsche, with preeminent psychological and spiritual insight gazed into the abyss of existence in a way no human had ever attempted and fell back dumbfounded into the disordered state that we see in the film. Within the past few years a forensic historian (guy with an MD) has claimed that Nietzsche’s particular symptom set (he wrote endlessly about his physical afflictions) are entirely inconsistent with a diagnosis of syphilis; rather, the much more likely explanation is a benign brain tumor that grew throughout his life and resulted in his progressive debility starting with headaches and visual difficulties and concluding in severe dementia – he was only 44 at the time of his initial mental collapse and died at 55.

      There you have it! – the prosaic (organic brain disorder) vs the profound (bad trip with the abyss of existence). For me, I can’t get beyond the prosaic. And that’s my approach to the Satanists who currently threaten us and whom Winterwatch has so masterfully documented. Sure – evil exists and they mean to do us harm – but all the rest is mere psychobabble and playacting I suppose just to make it more fun for them

  5. The globalist, coughing pope was elevated to the chair on 3/13/13. The resigning pope abdicated on 2/11/13. 2 plus 11 equals 13 and 11 plus two of course equals the same, so masonic numerology could see the resignation, in it’s occult thinking, as occurring on 13/13/13 . Bill Gates says as many as 33 million could die from the virus in 6 months. JFK who spoke of a “monolithic conspiracy” and the dangers of secret societies was taken out on 11/22. numbers like 11,13, 33 sure occur a lot Armistice day….WW1 ends on 11/11 at 11 o”clock.

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