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Israel Getting Hit on North Front

Despite claims from the IDF that north Gaza is secured the militias published several videos of its operations in the northern Gaza Strip indicating overwise. Much of Gaza City is contested.


The militias even show the ability at 1:10 in the must see video below to attack IDF bases in so-called secured areas with mortar fire. These are hit and run attacks, after which they quickly pack up and melt through building walls and reposition several blocks away.

In my open source viewing of these videos for over two and a half months I see zero evidence that the militias use civilian shielding. Their preferred method is darting between and amongst bombed and ruined buildings where they plot vector fire. They also use cheap drones (at 2:40) that are very expensive for the IDF to bring down.

The militias are getting in overhead and in close quarters. At 0:28 it appears the Merkava is hit with multiple RPG shots at close range. Ditto at 0:57, multiple overhead shots destroy a Merkava. At 0:40 we see a Merkava blasted at close range from an open building – see headline photo.

In this video we see the standard IDF observer head in the windows tactic that often results in the observer or sniper’s casualty. At 2:18 we see an RPG shot at the observer with deadly accuracy.

It is my contention that Hamas militia losses have been easily replaced by locals and right now they have more men in the field than ever. Since they operate in small squads it has been a whack a mole game for the Israeli leaving them to resort largely to atrocities against civilians.

Fighting at Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip is heavy and IDF losses are larger there than in Gaza City.

But the big story on IDF losses is in the north. IDF has been hitting Hezbollah leadership which has prompted the militias to respond with much more lethal weaponry than seen in the Gaza resistance.  As a clue about the nature of the escalation in the north, two and a half times more IDF casualties were in the north on Tuesday. IDF KIA and wounded are being vastly underreported but hospitals are packed with combat wounded.


It is also clear from the Hezbollah footage that the missiles have some punch and are hitting targets. I submit that Israel is rapidly sleep walking into a world of hurt. I have seen no updates on the numbers leaving Israel since mid-December after 470,000 cleared out in the first two months of the war.

There was also a smack down of a critical IDF surveillance base. The IDF at first claimed these were misses. But then the video showed up and the IDF admitted to damage. As usual we will let you decide what transpired here.

The equation in the Red Sea is equally badly skewed for the genociders. A US ship was attacked with drones and rockets.  The real story was the cost of fending this off.

The photos of Blinken with Netanyahu have that strained how do I get out of this chicken outfit look to them. All the US’ requests and advice are ignored. I now predict the US involvement-as Israel swirls down the toilet in the expanded war-will be very limited.


Speaking of optics, there was a police raid on the main Chabad synagogue in New York City. There are theories swirling, but I am not yet ready to weigh in on those except to say (((what a bizarre, odd, strange group of people))).  Underground New York



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  1. Zionist parasites have slowly bled their (US) host but unfortunately for them, their host is now too weak to either sustain them or aid them. After years of looting the economy, destroying the family with feminism and gay rights, and overloading the country with illegals, this former US ‘mixed martial arts military’ is now frail, weak, dillusional and on life support and not of any help digging Israel out of their self absorbed mess. I guess this is what happens when you keep crossing lines, getting way with it and then crossing them again, and again. At some point your prior successes make you reckless and you cross that line one too many times. I believe that’s where the Zionists are now and falling back on their historical playbook of victimhood, bribery, blackmail isn’t working either; their Goy enablers are heading for the hills.

  2. On another site a commenter made the astute observation that tunnels befit the comings & goings of the rat-faced tribe!

  3. I am noticing much more truth available from different sources. On this site the articles on Nesta Webster and the Sabbateans should be mandatory for a proper understanding of the enemy within.

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