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Is the US Salvageable?

According to Israeli media Genocide Joe and the Ziocons will send massive amounts of weapons to Israel in the coming days. An arms deal between the US and Israel involved three new squadrons of attack aircraft and thousands of weapons. We hold this in preparation for all out war with Hezbollah.

At the same time the US is planning to withdraw its exposed forces from Syria, writes Foreign Policy.  According to reports, the US-backed Kurdish militias are also in negotiations to align themselves with Bashar al Assad, yet another checkmate. The Ziocons need to prioritize their involvement, and the Houthi situation absorbs resources on the chessboard.

It is not clear where these arms to Israel comes from as the US has no surge capacity to execute this. The word has gone out to Ukraine that they are not a priority in arms shuffles. The problem is that NATO members have already been cleaned out of their defenses.

On the political front support for the supply of more arms is problematic. This datapoint ultimately doesn’t matter in a rigged system, but it does suggest that US is potentially salvageable from ZOG status. Unfortunately the standing of the US in the world gets totally trashed in the meantime. The US is being fiscally ruined. We learned that our debt grew by $2.581 trillion last year.

The unsalvageable Israelis look all in for a double down on insanity. From the latest Peace Index survey 98% of Israeli Jews… think the Israel Defense Forces has used the right amount of firepower in Gaza or not enough. 75% of all Israelis think the number of Palestinians harmed (aka genocide) is justified. We wonder if Jews see themselves as the baddies? Obviously there is minimal introspection going on.

In the social media wars it appears Israel’s largest problem is TikTok where opinion among younger Americans is formed. In Ziocon parlance anti-Israel (aka genocide) or pro-Palestine is conflated with the increasingly cloudy term “antisemitism”.

X is less crucial- which is why a censorship or a dog leash of sorts has been worked out with Elon Musk. Accordingly X can be used mostly for drawing up lists. X is now Twitter 2.0 Bud Lite. Typical tactic employed on X is shadow banning.  An example is me, as I rarely get over 100 impressions on my posts or comments.  Note impressions and engagement on this post. I have 1260 followers who rarely see me there.

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  1. Anthony Goldbloom said “A new survey suggests TikTok is a meaningful driver of a surge in antisemitism.”

    How about Israeli genocide against the Palestinians is the REAL cause of antisemitism.

  2. It’s getting more difficult for Israel to hide behind its false holocaust narrative when it is carrying out a holocaust against the Palestinians.

    Holocaust (sacrifice)

    “A holocaust is a religious animal sacrifice that is completely consumed by fire.”

    A holocaust (fire-bombing of Gaza) is a “religious” human sacrifice carried out by Israel against Palestinians

  3. No, I don’t think the US is salvageable. US govt is 100% captured/owned by Israel and the central bankers. And according to Whitney Webb, all US critical infrastructure is infiltrated by Israeli intelligence (dams, nuclear, etc) and the coming false flag cyber attack will be blamed on Israel’s enemies (Iran).

  4. I seem to recall that under Obama millions (upon millions) of rounds of ammunition were bought by the DoD but they immediately disappeared and are ‘unaccounted for’. I don’t have a source for this – perhaps it might trigger (!) somebody’s memory.

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