With Resistance Stiff in Gaza the Israelis Resort to Full Spectrum Diabolical

Since the pause ended, fighting in north Gaza has intensified and IDF casualties have increased. Hamas appears to have put in it’s reserves now that the combat terrain has moved into dense urban districts at Gaza City. The ruins there offer excellent cover. Land mines and explosives are being used to take out whole squads of IDF.

Recent release of combat footage. Second clip shows use of concealed mortars.

Al Qassam pops up from tunnel right in top of IDF in their tents, leaves detonations.

Footage from the IDF showing closer confined urban street level combat.

The latest map shows ground grudgingly given up in the north. Stalled in the north and after removing the civilian population from North Gaza to the south, the Israelis proceed with active bombing of dense population centers in south Gaza. The IDF has pushed towards Khan Younis in south Gaza. There have been substantial civilian casualties in this district. Displaced people in an UNRWA school were hit Monday.


The Wall Street Journal (good non paywall link) reports that desperate Israel is considering flooding Gaza’s tunnels with seawater to force fighters and hostages out. Around the middle of November, Israel’s army completed the set-up of at least five pumps about a mile north of the Al-Shati refugee camp that could move thousands of cubic meters of water per hour, flooding the tunnels within weeks, the report said.

This scorched earth act could destroy the remaining water and wastewater infrastructure, ruin soil, and further degrade Gaza’s aquifer. That would complete Israel’s objective of making Gaza uninhabitable. U.S. ZOG officials admit it could “bring global condemnation” and “compound the humanitarian crisis.”

Activity on the Hezbollah front has picked up notably. There are indications that the IDF has redeployed troops from Gaza to that front. Attacks on US installations surged right after two IRG were killed by US aerial attack.

Targeting a military vehicle in the Beit Hillel base with ATGMs, resulting in 11 Israeli casualties.

Targeting positions in Zabdin, and the Ruwassat al-Alam area in the occupied Shebaa Farms.

Targeting concentrations east of Hanita

Targeting the Raheb IOF site

Targeting the Ramiya IOF site

 Islamic Resistance in Iraq: Targeting the US base at Erbil Airport with a suicide drone.

Targeting the US “Kharab al-Jeer” base, northeast of Syria, with a large rocket barrage.

Targeting the US base in the Green Village in the Syrian depth with a suicide drone.

Targeting the US Ain al-Assad base, west of Iraq with a suicide drone.

The entire Gaza Strip is experiencing a near-total internet blackout.

Now that the north is stalled and the south opening up, the Zios have yet another twisted diabolical plan. As expressed below by a piece of work who functions as the Israeli ambassador to the UK it proposes a so called  “humanitarian zone” on a bleak stretch of coastline not far from the Rafah crossing.  Location is shown on the map.

The Zio sociopaths are preparing an exposed winter graveyard in a bleak location in south Gaza called Mowasi. Wind, rain and cold are in the December-January forecast, and there is no shelter. As disease and epidemics rage, it is the perfect end-of-the-line killing field to bring the ever present bulldozers in and bury the dead Gazans by the tens or hundreds of thousands. Then the survivors can be granted emergency entrance into Egypt where at last relief waits.

Hat tip to Sky News for actually checking up on this tall tale.

This is called truthful parody.

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  1. Classic…just like the trading before 9/11 — but of course the 9/11 trading records were mysteriously “lost.”

    Investors may have had prior knowledge of Hamas attack on Israel – research

    A new study detected a sharp uptick in trading activity on Tel Aviv and US stock exchanges before October 7
    Investors may have had prior knowledge of Hamas attack on Israel – research
    © Getty Images / NatanaelGinting
    Some traders may have been informed about the Hamas plan to attack Israel on October 7 and used that knowledge to make millions of dollars by short-selling Israeli securities, a study by US researchers published on Monday suggests.

    Law professors Robert Jackson Jr. from New York University and Joshua Mitts of Columbia University examined trading in exchange-traded funds that invest in Israeli companies, as well as short-selling activity on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) and options activity around Israeli firms traded on US exchanges.

    Short-selling is aimed at making a profit on an asset that is expected to drop in price. The seller “borrows” a security and sells it on the open market with the goal of buying it back later at a lower price and pocketing the difference.

    Researchers found significant short-selling of shares leading up to the attacks that triggered the Israel-Hamas war.

    “Days before the attack, traders appeared to anticipate the events to come,” they wrote, citing short interest in the Israel Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) that “suddenly, and significantly, spiked” on October 2 based on data from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

    The ETF is commonly used as a way for people to make investments in Israel, which on any given day has around 2,000 shares shorted. On October 2, that number shot up to over 227,000 shares, the study revealed.

    Israel headed for sharp economic downturn – S&PREAD MORE: Israel headed for sharp economic downturn – S&P
    “And just before the attack, short-selling of Israeli securities on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) increased dramatically,” the professors wrote in their 66-page report.

    “That’s extremely unusual,” said Mitts, one of the authors of the study, adding that shares sold short for one Israeli company alone yielded a profit of nearly $900,000.

    In another documented example, 4.43 million shares in Leumi, Israel’s largest bank, were sold short between September 14 and October 5, yielding profits of 3.2 billion shekels ($862 million). Leumi’s share price dropped by almost 9% on October 8 in the immediate aftermath of the attack.

    “Taken together, our evidence is consistent with informed traders anticipating and profiting from the Hamas attack,” the researchers concluded.

    The professors found that the short-selling activity in early October “exceeded the short-selling that occurred during numerous other periods of crisis.”

    The Israel Securities Authority said it was looking into the findings of US researchers, adding that “the matter is known to the authority and is under investigation by all the relevant parties.”

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