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Escalation to Next Phase

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al Sudani announced that his administration will take steps to remove International Coalition forces (primarily US) from Iraq. Attacks on US sites and bases have accelerated since the assassination of Iran’s general Sayyed Razi Mousavi.


At the same time the northern front with Hezbollah is firing up.

Shipments of advanced weapons and precision guided missiles to Hezbollah have increased exponentially. Iran also reinforcing its militias in Syria near the occupied Golan Heights. This was confirmed by the Kann newspaper. The next phase will be a massive war with the far more powerful Hezbollah.

Israel’s Strikes On Syria Stopped By Russian Air Defence Systems:


In Gaza despite chatter over last couple weeks about clearing and eliminating Hamas in various locations, as of now major pockets such as Beit Lahiya hold out. Khan Yunis is dug in with the IDF claiming for over a week that they are “expanding operations”. 30,000 IDF soldiers are participating in the battle of Khan Yunis with 6 full-fledged combat divisions. These divisions have been fighting there for over a month, and progress is very slow.


There are very few buildings left in Gaza to raze, and almost the entire population is displaced.

New combat footage shows resistance popping up and firing literally right on top of IDF targets. They seem to move freely within and through destroyed and damaged buildings. Hamas developing combat skills during this fighting? This is from the Al-Tuffah and Al-Daraj neighborhoods in Gaza City. This begs the question, how secure are the areas the IDF claims to hold?

More point blank drive bys:

IDF KIA are almost exclusively officers and NCOs.

The naval blockade of the Houthis, the evicted “settlers from the border areas of Israel and the war itself are taking their toll.

This week, 299 ships with a total capacity of 4.3 million containers have changed course or are planning to do so to avoid the Red Sea. That is about 18% of global shipping capacity.

As we predicted in the beginning: Israel is moving forward with its plans to forcibly expel Palestinians. Haaretz reports that some countries in Latin America and Africa expressed willingness to receive Palestinian refugees from Gaza in return for payment and “other stuff” (weapons and surveillance technologies?).

Those who support Israel really can’t complain about the next wave of refugees.  If you want to #StopTheBoats, start by stopping destroying other people’s countries!

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  1. Thanks for the update, Russ.
    I don’t think this will end well. We are ruled by psychopaths, though it does seem like people are waking up to the fact that Zionist Jews own America.
    We’re up against psychopathic monsters–Satan’s chosen are not allowing anesthesia into Gaza, so children are having amputation without anesthesia!!

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