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5 Comments on Susan Sarandon (and others) Dropped After Vocalizing Gaza Genocide

  1. Who are the real Israelites , and what really is their place today in modern times . For one thing , if they are not acting in harmony with God’s will ; they are still not in a favored .

    According to scriptures , it is difficult to decipher what is said to become of the Israelites . Some scriptures imply a continued special status ( written by Israelites ) , which must be taken into account . Other scriptures kind of say otherwise ( also written by Israelites ) .

    I have never been able to converse with any Israelite in any meaningful way.

  2. As soon as some boomer or younger ‘movie/tv star’ voices support for either side of the equation , it’s time to ‘tune out & drop out’. Saranwrap will probably suffer little or no discomfort.

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