Israel: The Largest Nuclear Threat in the Middle East

Israeli nuclear submarine PHOTO: National Interest

The number of nuclear weapons held by Israel varies wildly depending on the source.

The Rand Corporation, which is a western military-industrial firm with Deep State intelligence ties, claims it has 65 to 85 warheads. (good link)

Former President Jimmy Carter in 2008 estimated Israel probably had a minimum of 150 weapons in stock and ready to use. In 2015, Carter revised that estimate and put the figure in the 300 range.

Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told reporters at the United Nations at the height of the P5+1-Iran nuclear talks that their intelligence puts Israel with 400 nuclear warheads.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) released a 2019 report that claimed that Israel has nearly a hundred nuclear warheads, as well as extensive weapons arsenal that includes: 30 gravity bombs capable of delivering nuclear weapons by fighter jets; an additional 50 warheads that can be delivered by land-based ballistic missiles; and an unknown number of nuclear-armed, sea-launched cruise missiles, Mint Press New reports.

Regardless of which number you choose, Israel has enough nukes on hand to destroy the entire Middle East several times over.

CaptureIsrael has two nuclear research centers. It is one of only four countries in the world that does not permit IEA inspections. Israel is not a signatory to the nuclear proliferation treaty. Iran is not among those four.

At one point, Israel had a 1,500-km delivery capability designed to cover most of the Middle East via its Jericho 2 system with a 1-megaton warhead. However, with its state-of-the-art Jericho 3 system, Israel has a 5,000-km range extending into all of Europe, including European Russia.

For extra reach and punch, Israel has five Dolphin submarines that it purchased from Germany with several more that were heading for delivery in 2016.

imagesIn Washington, and subsequently in other western capitals, the Israeli bomb is almost untouchable. The U.S. treats Israel as a special (and unique) nuclear case. Under this policy, the U.S. has exercised its diplomatic influence and power to ignore and shield the Israeli case.

Israel is treated as an exception, somehow exempt from the nonproliferation regime that applies to everyone else.

But it Gets Worse: The Samson Option

American-Jewish author Ron Rosenbaum wrote in his 2012 book “How the End Begins: The Road to a Nuclear World War III” that, in his opinion, in the “aftermath of a second Holocaust,” Israel could “bring down the pillars of the world” — attack Moscow and European capitals, for instance — as well as the “holy places of Islam.”

Rosenbaum writes that “abandonment of proportionality is the essence” of the Samson Option. So although Jericho 2 could be arguably regional insurance, the idea behind Jericho 3 is some sort of paranoid don’t-ever-shirk-your-duties blackmail against Europe.

To justify this hostage taking and its police and terror state, the term these psychotics throw around is the “threat to existential existence.”

In 2003, military historian Martin van Creveld thought that the al-Aqsa Intifada, then in progress, threatened Israel’s existence.

Van Creveld was quoted in David Hirst’s “The Gun and the Olive Branch” (2003) as saying:

We Israelis possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome.

Most European capitals are targets for our air force.

Let me quote General Moshe Dayan: ‘Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.’

I consider it all hopeless at this point. We shall have to try to prevent things from coming to that, if at all possible.

Our armed forces, however, are not the 13th strongest in the world, but rather the second or third.

We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.

Recently satellite images obtained by International Panel on Fissile Material (IPFM) shows significant new construction at the Dimona site in Israel, officially known as the Negev Nuclear Research Centre. IPFM said on 18 February. The imagery was acquired by the SuperView-1 (SV-1) satellite on 4 January. The construction site is located in the immediate vicinity of the buildings that house the nuclear reactor and the reprocessing plant (to the south-west from the buildings.

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  1. First, excellent thread; many thanks Mr. Mueller!

    Two resources speaking about Israel’s capabilities (sorry that one is pretty old, but it does provide details of the Jericho missile program):

    Texts related to our involvement with their program:


    If Mr. Angleton provided a leg up in the early development of limited nuclear capable bombs, then we might wonder how their program grew so large, so fast? The answer may be here:

    As SA ramped down, Israel offered a “buyout” or at least that is the general thinking on the topic. First they worked together (since about 72′ or 73′), then Israel offered to buy out the business partner with all of it wrapping up by 89′.

    Since, I would (humbly) opine that South Africa was destroyed (as a nation) on purpose for reasons that I will not get into here as it would be a really long post and take away from the thread in the main topic; I do think the timing was impeccable.


    P.S. Sorry the links are all Amazon in that book section…I was just moving fast and did not look in other spots (being a bit lazy about it all).

    • I would love to hear your humble opinion on how South Africa was taken down. Funny, just found out today in our little echo chamber that a company Klaus Schwab was with apparently set up of what we call Pellindaba. They’re tagging him as a neonazi which is both amusing and distasteful … but did his family firm , one Sulzer Escher-Wyss, have ties to Israel? It’s always been there but South Africans know it as a research facility, low key and quite old, no weapons capacity.

      Otherwise, revelation is very clear that Babylon falls and the beast rules for one hour at which point Christ and his strategists within the order of Melchizedek take Jerusalem and presumably its colony in the other side of the Atlantic, he doesn’t set up in Tehran or Astana erm Nur Raisin or anywhere colder.

      • Sammy,

        I placed it above with your first response.


        “Funny, just found out today in our little echo chamber that a company Klaus Schwab was with apparently set up of what we call Pellindaba. They’re tagging him as a neonazi which is both amusing and distasteful … but did his family firm , one Sulzer Escher-Wyss, have ties to Israel?”

        This was a fascinating piece of news that I am glad you shared with us.


        • Good documentary about the Nazi(plus former) involvement is

          “Dimona Geheime Kommandosache” by Gabi Weber

          sadly cant find it in english,
          description translated by web translator:

          “Israel’s atomic bomb – crawled out of the Nazi lap?

          On December 13, 1960, “Time” alarmed the world public: Israel was secretly building the atomic bomb. How did the young state manage to build an atomic bomb? The excitement was great, nobody wanted to know anything. The International Atomic Energy Agency, which had only been founded three years earlier, remained silent. She still does that today.
          The public and parliaments were systematically lied to. The truth is: Western governments knew about it as early as 1960. They had given their nod to the building and supported it.
          The Israeli atomic bomb was created with German money and German technology, a technology that had been developed and patented on behalf of the Führer at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute. This knowledge was put to the service of Israel from the late 1950s. The heavy water came from Norway, where it was produced by the Nazis during the war. The uranium was supplied by the Argentine Atomic Energy Commission – with the knowledge of the USA and with the help of Adenauer. It was built by Nazi scientists after 1945.

          The patents from 1941, registered by the Army High Command, were considered to have disappeared until recently. As part of Gaby Weber’s research, they have now reappeared.”

          Oh and in this article “isreal purchased submarines from germany”
          “…agreeing not only to the sale of the vessels but also to provide financial support for the purchase as in previous deals..” in short special price because we germans are in eternal guilt.

          • Nice post.

            What I was thinking about:

            “because we Germans are in eternal guilt”

            Or we Germans were, financially backed, by Israelis. Essentially it could go either way.


    • No doubt Angleton provided cover for Israel’s nuclear theft. It was another division of the CIA that provided proof of the theft when plant samples taken from the surroundings of the Dimona nuclear research facility were analyzed and the telltale signs of the highly enriched uranium processed at NUMEC were found. Israel did not have the capability of producing enriched uranium.

      Atomic Energy Commission head Glenn Seaborg played an even larger role in looking the other way during the investigation of NUMEC’s uranium inventory shortfalls during AEC audits.

  2. And good old uncle Joke Xiden pays homage to his true masters this year on Purim. God bless the Zusa.

    Purim 2021 begins Thursday night, February 25 and continues through Friday, February 26 (extending through Sunday in Jerusalem)

    Consider this:
    -The Iraq war of 1991 ended prematurely exactly on Purim day, immediately following the savage slaughter of 150,000 surrendering Iraqi troops during the Purim dates. Decidedly monstrous in any estimation.
    -The next Iraq war began on Purim 2003, with a reckless, sensationalized death-dealing bombardment of Iraqi civilians. The war went on dealing millions of needless deaths and continues to this day.
    -To top it off, the merciless Libyan invasion began on Purim 2011…just one week after the Japan earthquake and tsunami.
    -There were also massive earthquakes on Purim, a 7.8 in Chile in 2008 and an 8.8 in China in 2010.–HAARP and other technologies in the hands of these extremely evil forces?

    • JWR,

      The Purim aspect is very interesting indeed; however, something else caught my eye and I was hoping to ask you about your perspective (I once took a real beating on stating my thoughts on this one:

      “…just one week after the Japan earthquake and tsunami.”

      Do you believe that the Israelis hit the Japanese with a device over spent fuel rods that they were refining for Iran and caused this event?

      Personally, I did feel it was likely; however, I took a opinion driven beat down from a few folks who disagreed with me. It was rough.



      • Hey SC,

        I believe Israels finger prints were all over the Fukushima “event”. It was very possible Japan was hit with a tsunami bomb of some sort so the take down of the power plant could be blamed on mother nature. I also believe it was meant to send Japan a clear message to cease and desist what ever they may have been involved in.
        It is also my opinion, along with many others that it was a “Stuxnet computer worm, developed as a joint U.S-Israeli-British cyber weapon” which was the true culprit in the reactor melt downs/explosions

        “Although we most likely will never find confirmation, some analysts speculate that Stuxnet was involved in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear meltdown which occurred on 3/11/2011. Evidence for this includes the fact all layers of the power plant’s cooling systems failed, even systems designed to withstand major earthquakes and severe floods. Furthermore, some claim that Stuxnet was found in Japan just prior to the catastrophe, placing it near the scene of the crime.

        The unfortunate truth is that we will never know the full details, largely because the Japanese government and TEPCO, the energy agency who operates the plant, are more concerned with stopping information leakage about the disaster and cleanup effort than they are about stopping the leakage of radioactive material.”

        The date is suspect to me also, as that 11 date always seems to show up in many of these “events”.

        The number ’11’ symbolizes all that is evil and imperfect [The Old World Order] and the number ’13’ signifies rebellion against God’s constituted authority!
        Whether we believe in the gematria stuff makes no difference, as those who orchestrate these events do.

        Enough rambling on my part, just a few things to consider.

          • JWR,

            Many, many thanks!

            You may or may not recall that before coming to WW, I tried out CTH. On that site if I mentioned say:

            “we should keep a good thought and prayer for Mr. Baron Trump because being a teenager is tough enough, but in this whirlwind it must be really hard”

            Thirty or so likes, twelve to fifteen responses of what a “great idea”.

            Conversely, I stated:

            “I think the Mossad and IDF were behind the tsunami in Japan and directly caused damage to the nuclear reactor”

            Folks or bots or whatever came out of the woodwork to really let me have it and many of them were not even on the topic. It was a pile on of epic proportion. Now friends in the DC area did not attack me for my views, even if they did not agree with me; however, it was not very popular on CTH.

            A little later I found out that Ad Rem over there is author Jonah Goldberg’s mother and even though she was not born Jewish, she had converted and is seriously pro-Israel, as well as a very close friend to Mr. Matt Judge. Then I kind of understood why my comment was held in such disdain.

            As for what you are saying, I completely agree! Also I think the Stuxnet worm is a brilliant point, which I did not give much thought to in the past. Regarding the links, I will be happy to review them. Today I am trying to finish a (close to) 5 hour documentary that RW recommended to me (nearing at hour 4) and not ignore the family on this rainy Sunday. So it will be tomorrow or Tuesday when I can give it all a look.

            Thanks a lot; I am deeply appreciative.


            P.S. BTW I am still blown away by that Kennedy documentary you shared with me. Even showed part of it to Mrs. SC and she too was shocked by the details regarding the pink suit and gloves. Many thanks.

            • JWR,

              You have to see this one! Mr. Everest sent me a link to the website on today’s (2.28.21) thread. I was briefly poking around, and came across this page:


              The image of Jackie pointing at her head was new to me and I thought (immediately), I have to send a link to JWR. Now I ave not read the entire page, but from what I have skimmed, it seems good…the image was the thing that made me loop around here to send a link your way. Its is very interesting indeed.


              • So then I was reading that one page and it lead me to this:


                Did you ever hear of JFK being gay? I sure did not. Yet, look at the image with the matching swim trunks.

                Sure I had heard that Joe Sr. had taken Bobby to a black prostitute in Harlem to make him more of a man, but JFK gay…nope never heard that one before.

                The more I live the stranger it all becomes.


            • Thanks SC,

              Yes, I really love the work of Owen Harris and his JFK series is first rate. When it comes to the JFK “assassination” I tell people it is still very possible JFK was murdered, and possibly in Dallas, but it certainly did not happen in Deally Plaza. That was all a made for TV drama. I have come to accept the fact that the only thing I know for sure is I know nothing for sure.

              I have read the MM piece on JFK being gay and was really shocked myself. I think the evidence is pretty clear though. I must say I never heard about RFK and the black prostitute.

              Thanks for all your kind words and hope you have a great day. Until next time.

  3. Hi again. I just tried to post but not sure what happened. I’d love to hear your humble opinions on what happened in South Africa. We know Pelindaba as a nuclear research facility, nothing more so it was interesting to learn today that Klaus Schwab family firm
    Sulzer Escher-Wyss, apparently set up South Africa’s nuclear weapons project, especially as he is most distastefully being billed as a nazi or horrible German. Links to Israel ? Thanks!!!

    • Sammy,

      Although I fully and humbly concede that you are WW best reference on SA

      (and I am not kissing your hind parts here; I have never even been there and have had only about one half dozen friends from the nations since 1995),

      my feeling was that the powers in control (1% of the 1%) really wanted to:

      1. First kill the RAND as a really decent secondary store of value (can’t have too many stable currencies in the world or no one will switch to digital).

      2. Destabilize the whole nation with an unnecessary white / black conflict to really terrorize the middle class white populations that call the place “home”.

      3. Destabilize the region, leaving no nation in Africa safe to any foreigner who was either not connected (e.g. maybe Royal Dutch Shell or the like) or in the military (AFRICOM).

      One of my friends was in the Peace Corp and did the whole I will see Africa on a motorcycle as his time was running down (originally posted to Kenya). Bought a bike, an AK and a bunch of food, then went-a-campin’.

      Asked him where he ended? SA.

      Asked if he would ever do it again? No.

      Asked why? Because at least ending in SA he was safe upon finally arriving (the rest of the trip was less than “fun”); his point was SA was no longer safe and the nation was collapsing, so he would have ZERO safe place to get to.

      4. The hands on control that influential nations required in the region, is no longer needed due to the rise of technology.


      5. It is easy to control a nation in a free fall state, and they are then more likely to listen to your “advice”. So as I understand it, all of the white engineers who supported the national infrastructure were summarily fired. Their replacements were not clear on how many of the systems “functioned optimally” when assuming their new positions.

      Therefore as examples: roads and sewers (especially sewers as I understand it from an acquaintance) have had extreme difficulties.

      As these structural items fail, the government wishes to keep the new employees in their positions, as they fit a particular image. Further, they not wish to rehire the people who had previously operated the systems, optimally, as they do not fit a certain image. If these systems continue a decline, then help will be required from outside the nation. With a declining economy and declining infrastructure, aid packages could follow. As you and I know, U.S. aid and aid from many other nations is never “FREE”. Hence control is gained to a larger extent.

      So these are my (humble) ideas on the situation. Certainly, I tried to keep this response really basic so as not to make it too long in length.

      Thanks for the question.

      Simple Citizen

      • Hi sc, thanks for your lovely comments. Africans are really not capable of managing infrastructure under these conditions AT ALL. I found an interesting talk with Russ, can’t quite remember where now, but they were discussing Argentina … and there was an actual handbook, I believe from fascist Italy, where commies were instructed on how to sabotage companies, ie put the stupid guy in charge, don’t place orders till you run completely out of something etc etc etc. I believe this is what has happened and is still happening in South Africa. People can’t understand the endless stupidity and that’s because it’s all planned.

        But South Africans in general are pretty rotten right now. I believe that with white privilege, which I enjoy and don’t apologize for because God made me who I am, comes responsibility. This country has never been free like America, always controlled tightly by the tribe. And now people never stop complaining. So there’s a swimming pool that’s dilapidated and the chorus hoots at black municipalities, but I was in small town Missouri last summer and I know the lengths these little towns go to to keep their pools sparkling and open. In Chicago if there’s a pothole in front of your house you fix it. Not South Africa, they love to complain about blacks too much. And the Afrikaners have been very psyopped by “nationalist” moles who are really Russian commie moles. Tho the big groups did work out that Dannie Roodt was a maggot and if there’s any moles here then good. Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah.

        We are a much closer to the red army type possibilities of the zio/commie dialectic here than America. All you have is Antifa. In fact you can see the commie moles and the zio agenda 2030 bureaucrats all having drinks together in Cape Town. They’ll all very open and social and hardly have a clue what they’re up to except they have a nice foreign think tank funded job and they’re mostly women.

        SA’s budget speech was last week and I gather debt is now over 80% of GDP and social grants down in real terms. This sets the stage for the communist red berets to bring in a character called Marlena, and they will no doubt maraude and butcher.

        However, I thought you mentioned that you knew about Israel’s activities in the 70s. There was an article on Haaretz, some Israelis took their govt to court to release documents on how they were training the security police at the same time as MK, but they were denied and anyway I haven’t been able to find the article again. Makow just ran that info about how Klaus Schwab set up nukes in ZA … but truly things are just moving so fast now, I’m not sure if I care any more.

        Take care then, S

  4. As evidence covered on this site itself has covered, there are no nuclear weapons, they do not exist, the evidence is overwhelming

    It is a terror hoax substituting for the ‘eternal hell’ hoax of the Abrahamic religions, which was losing its influence on Western populations

    Short summary:

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki were only two more horrible urban napalm fire-bombings, less devastating than what hit Tokyo five months earlier – but re-packaged with a fake story of a ‘new awesome weapon’. A Reader’s Digest article in February 1946, even let on that ‘nuclear weapons’ were fake.

    – Hiroshima & Nagasaki were chemical firebombings like Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, houses were wood so wiped out
    – Smoking gun on Hiroshima, US records show 66 planes same day & hour sent to firebomb ‘Imabari’ … which no longer existed
    – Mushroom clouds are chemical, nuke explosion videos shown to be fake
    – Swedish engineer Anders Björkman showed for years how nuke bombs are impossible
    – German Jesuit John Siemes in Hiroshima reports many witnesses seeing multiple planes
    – US military witnesses admitted even flag poles still stood under ‘ground zero’, nothing was ‘vapourised’
    – Death penalty was threatened in 1945 for any Japanese or Americans who tried to deny the nuke hoax
    – All 10 historic ‘nuclear powers’ joined in the fake, starting with Stalin’s Russia the ‘Best Enemy Money Can Buy’, getting tech and goodies via Israel during Cold War

    1952 – UK HAS THE BOMB even tho flat broke
    1979 – SOUTH AFRICA HAS THE BOMB & WILL NUKE BLACKS then ‘took nuke bombs apart’ so Mandela wouldn’t reveal the scam

    All a big, profitable terror joke by the usual suspects

    • Exactly right Brabantian. Like the moon landing, nukes are a taxpayer bilking con. If they were real they’d have been used many times by now, and the areas used for testing would be radioactive no-go zones for centuries… Like 60 miles outside Vegas and large swathes of NM. The radioactive scare scam was enacted to prevent nuclear tech from evolving to it natural conclusion- individual households having microwave sized reactors supplying endless free electricity for decades. Can’t have that if you want perpetual poverty like the world leaders do.
      Galen Winsor Nuclear Scare Scam:
      Buzz Aldrin clearly states to eight year old that we DIDN’T go to moon @ 7:10:

      • Okay, gosh my friends, my head is spinning. Are you both saying that nuclear weapons do not exist?

        To be clear, I offer no challenge of any kind, I just wish to understand what you are saying.

        Many thanks for any assistance regarding my query.


        • Death Object: Exploding the Nuclear Weapons Hoax by Akio Nakatani is available on Amazon as a kindle for $6.99. The book only hints at why nuclear weapons are impossible, implying that the proof is a state secret. He does a good job of exposing the Hiroshima and Nagasaki hoaxes and explains why the Japanese went along.

          My father in law was a witness to the Baker test at Bikini. His testimony to me about the explosion was at complete variance to publicized accounts. I now believe that the yield in tons of TNT was simply a tally of how much was stacked up for the demonstration.

          • Mr. Chapman,

            You have my thanks; I shall look into the book and really appreciate your experience.

            Please be well.

            Simple Citizen

        • “Are you both saying that nuclear weapons do not exist?”

          That is what they are saying. If you ask them what is generating the electricity at nuclear power stations or what propels nuclear submarines, you won’t get a sensical answer.

          It belongs in the same category as flat earth.

          • Thanks my friend for the response; I appreciate hearing from you this morning.

            At this time, I am going to hold my judgement as Mr. Makow did on the article Brabantian wrote and cited (above) or here:


            s16, if you decide to read it, I would say that someone named Anon had a sensible comment in a lot of noise (both for and against). So if you go that way, simply scroll down to the second comment when you are done with the article.

            The two gentleman that I questioned are our friends, I know they are both intelligent; however, I just (personally) remain confused on the posts and responses in this area. Perhaps it is just me.

            I will order the book Mr. Chapman recommended and hopefully will understand where these gentlemen are coming from regarding their perspectives.

            As for flat Earth, I hope I can make you laugh at this one:


            It is 2 minutes 44 seconds long, but if you wish to skip toward the funnier part just begin at 0:45.

            Like I said good to see you here today. Please be well.


          • Wrong skeptic16. I’m saying nuclear energy is a great way to boil water in perpetuity. I’m also saying that safe human radioactive tolerances are hundreds or potentially thousands of times higher than the current national standards, as displayed by Galen Winsor, who swam in the rod cooling pools at the Hanford site, handled nuclear materials with no protection, and ate uranium in the video I provided. He died in his 80’s of natural causes not related to radiation exposure. But you keep believing in nuclear weapons if you want. It’s a scare tactic and you’re falling for it. Don’t address the fact that the supposed no-go nuke test zones are teaming with wildlife just as they were before the testing. There’s a million holes in the official line story that you believe. Hilarious you call yourself a skeptic.

            • Chernobyl also is teeming with wildlife. Mostly because humans were evacuated.

              Much of the irrational fear of ionizing radiation is due to the work of communist Herman Muller who won the Nobel Prize in medicine for work on the mutagenic effects of X-rays. The Rockefeller Foundation found Muller’s work useful either because it diminished the threat of nuclear energy to oil interests and/or it enhanced the threat of nuclear weapons which helped their “one world” convergence plans.

              My degree was in nuclear engineering and though I never worked in the weapons industry, I have worked in commercial nuclear power for 35 years and am somewhat more familiar with the kinetics of nuclear fission than most people.

              • >My degree was in nuclear engineering

                I see.

                >irrational fear of ionizing radiation

                Then it seems you ought to know that “fear of ionizing radiation” isn’t “irrational” because when it’s of sufficient intensity it can kill you, and such a death is extremely unpleasant — see e.g. the deaths of Harry Daghlian and Louis Slotin after criticality accidents at Los Alamos (also later Cecil Kelley).

              • Skeptic16- I trust you that you have an education nuclear engineering. I just don’t trust what you were taught. I also received an “education” and learned later that much of it was bollocks. The fields of science and medicine and many others have been captured for over a century now, and thus any “fact” these fields posit is suspect. The timeline you gave means that you received your education after the nuke hoax was enacted.
                You also wrote: “Chernobyl also is teeming with wildlife. Mostly because humans were evacuated.”
                This makes no sense to me unless you are agreeing with me that radiation is not anywhere near as dangerous as advertised. The “humans being evacuated” detail would have no effect on the amount of wildlife living there if radiation was truly destructive to biological organisms- the radiation would kill all wildlife regardless if there were people around or not. If you do agree with my stance on this detail, great. But how can you so confidently assess that the “nuclear weapons don’t exist” argument is akin to “flat earth”? You admit that you didn’t work in the weapons industry, so exactly how would you know? The short answer is that you wouldn’t. Perhaps someone you trust told you that they go boom, and you trusted their word. Gaylen Winsor also thought they went boom, but he was, like you, not involved in the weapons side. I’m sorry if I have lost trust in the experts, perhaps you haven’t, but they have an uncanny propensity for getting stuff epically wrong.
                Let me put this another way- which story seems more realistic:
                1. The sociopath/psychopath lying leaders of the nuclear powers, who long for world depopulation, really do have nuclear weapons but have somehow miraculously shown amazing restraint over the past 75 years, OR
                2. The sociopath/psychopath lying leaders of the nuclear powers invented the lie of nuclear destruction to prevent widespread worldwide energy independence, which would destroy their energy cartels
                To me, #1 seems much more unlikely. The only reason #1 works for most people is because they believe the side lie of “mutually assured destruction”, or MAD. I reckon that the acronym is apropos, because you’d have to be mad to believe these liars.
                In parting I’ll leave you with my thought that the official line story that a 5 ton bomb could level entire cities or hundreds of miles of land is a perfect example of the mainstream inculcation of the ridiculous magical thinking these lying, thieving psychos employ. I guess people forget, or never really ponder, how vast this earth is, and thus how silly that magical thought really is.

    • I always believed that “ghost writers” not only lack courage but serve an agenda and promoting disinformation and false narratives …… actively participating in propagandizing the plebs, I would encourage every one to take a look at Miles Mathis writings, having great insights to share including his papers in theoretical physics at

    • Hear, hear!

      Glad you said it brabantian.

      The eternal looming spectre of “Nuclear Holocaust” and the impossibility of a global détente courtesy of Einstein & Oppenheimer et al.

      That multi-billion dollar War Powers question is, does fission or thermonuclear fusion even exist?

      There’s the rumour that the Nazi’s used optical lasers from Siemens to enrich Uranium Isotope 235 and Deuterium Oxide as a moderator. And we’re told the valiant and noble Allies enriched Uranium 235 using the racetrack cyclotron at Oak Ridge Tennessee. The had to divert the raw power of nature via the Tennessee River Valley Authority to develop giga watts of power to force electrons to do Mans’ bidding to destroy existentially evil Nazis and Tojo.

      Seriously, how does the purely academic physics of General Relativity THEORY pertain to concrete reality? Nikola Tesla’s work is evident each time I flip on a light switch. Michael Faraday was barely capable of understanding abstract mathematics, yet I can actually physically feel electromagnetic induction fields everywhere. I don’t need to take anyones’ word that they work. These practical devices and principles aren’t hidden away at Los Alamos, or Sandia or some Top Top Secret DARPA research facility.

      Do Gamma rays turn me into Hulk (as conceived of by Stanley Lieber) or will I be reduced to a revenant praying for death like the technicians from Chernobyl or Fukushima?

      Or can I go swimming in the reactor pool like Galen Winsor?

  5. Israel stole a few hundred kilograms of highly enriched uranium from the NUMEC plant in Apollo, PA around 1964. The plant made nuclear fuel elements for the US Navy and was owned by Zalman Shapiro, a devout zionist. To cover the theft as sloppy accounting, nuclear material controls were very lax, leaving a radioactive hazardous materials site for US taxpayers to clean up.

    In 1967, I suspect that this material was made into nuclear weapons by Israel as an insurance policy for the Six-Day War. The weapons were deployed in the Sinai and were to be detonated in the event Israel’s attack on Egypt failed and Egyptian pursuit of retreating Israeli forces threatened to cross into Israel. These weapons were probably too large to deploy on available Israeli aircraft and so were land based.

    My suspicion is that the Israelis knew or suspected that the USS Liberty had intercepted transmissions that revealed the existence of these weapons and this was the motive for Israel’s deliberate attack on the Liberty. At the time of the attack, the Liberty was stationed of the coast of the Sinai.It is the only reason that makes sense. The two major theories about the purpose of the attacks are 1) to lure the US into the war against Egypt and 2) to cover up evidence the Liberty might have picked up regarding executions of captured Egyptian soldiers.

    The first explanation makes no sense because the attack on the Liberty happened after Israel had complete air and land supremacy in the Sinai. US involvement was militarily unnecessary and would have complicated Israel’s objectives in the war. Remember that the US forced Israel, UK and France to withdraw from the Sinai after capturing it in 1956.

    The second explanation fails because the execution of Egyptian POWs didn’t happen until the day after the attack on the Liberty.

    The US covered up the attack because it did not want general knowledge of Israeli nuclear weapons to spur a nuclear arms race in the middle east. The Soviets probably kept quiet so that they would not be pressured by their Arab clients for nuclear weapons.

    • Israel did not steal nuclear material from NUMEC. The stuff was transferred with the approval of crypto-Jew president Lyndon Johnson.

      The attack on the Liberty was probably Johnson’s idea. A smart Brit named Peter Hounam wrote a book, “Operation Cyanide” about the six day war and Lyndon Johnson’s involvement. Hounam postulates, with pretty good evidence, that the war was as much Johnson’s idea as anyones. He apparently wanted to kill Egyptian President Nasser, make Israel dominant in the Middle East and get the support of American Jews for his re-election campaign, and he was willing to use nuclear weapons to accomplish this.

      • What would Israel gain by having the US enter the war against Egypt, especially when they had already won the war against Egypt? Why did Israel wait until the day before the end of the war to pull this false flag attack? Why not attack the Liberty at the outset of the war when US intervention might have done some good? Why did Israel attack the Liberty with French built aircraft (which Egypt did not have in their air force) and why didn’t Israel put Egyptian markings on the planes that attacked the Liberty?

        • All very good questions.

          In 1967, Israel was not the superpower it is today. A desert outpost of Zionism would be a more accurate characterization. Lyndon Johnson was the BSD of Zionism. The US and Britain were instrumental in the planning and prosecution of the six-day war. They were involved from the beginning- the war took over a year to plan. Defense Minister Moshe Dayan was the prime mover on the Israeli side- prime minister Levi Eshkol may not have even known that Johnson and Dayan were planning a war.

          Putting Egyptian markings on the Mirages that attacked the Liberty would have been pointless. Pilots, even Israeli ones, have this thing about honor and flying with foreign marking is universally seen as dishonorable behavior. Additionally, the Mirage has distinctive delta wings- no one would have been deceived. Israels other aircraft were American- very unwise to attack an American ship with American aircraft.

          The war was fought to Johnson’s agenda because he was the one with all the power, and he was quite unafraid to use it. The man was an extremely dangerous psychopath, which was why he was not re-elected- America’s Jewish establishment was afraid of him.

  6. Zionist Jews are evil people, and the average Jew benefits from what they do – so they tacitly support the agenda.

    No other way to dissect or discuss the issue.

    Someone could say that statistically “not all Jews are that way.” Or, “they aren’t all part of this vast conspiracy to attack the Aryan race and civilization.” But, they never ever make a good case that they aren’t.

    No more time to dance around the bush and minimize. I’ve never met a single Jew I trust.

    • Lycurgus,

      My friend, are you okay?

      Seriously, I am not arguing your point here or trying to “take the p-ss”, I am concerned that you had something not go so right. To be clear, I could care less about the Jews, but I do care about you.

      Your message and link to Chucky is good / fine / insightful, but your tone indicates that maybe something could be amiss. You are normally just a little quieter, still as wise, but a little more paced in your writing. Perhaps I am reading into your posts on this thread a bit too much. Mea culpa.

      Yet, if you need something or want to just talk a bit, indicate on the thread and I will give you an email account to reach me (directly) at.

      Listen, if I am misreading the thread, and you are just venting — COOL — good for you; however, you are a good WW friend and if you need folks to listen, then I am happy to do so.

      Either way, I always think about your posts, and I am appreciate of your perspective.

      To be clear:

      All of this response is meant in the utmost RESPECT, and none of it was meant as humor of any kind. As I can be goofy at times, I did wish to be clear here.


  7. I don’t believe that reported warhead yields in the megaton range are genuine. This is reportedly accomplished with thermonuclear weapons, but I think this is yet another instance in which we have been deceived by the national security state. It is also an instance of multiple nations being in on the same scam.

    My reasons for thinking this are along the same lines as my reasons for thinking that the manned moon landings were fake. The accomplishment of multi-megaton yields happened too early in the nuclear age, just like the accomplishment of manned moon landings happened too early in the space age. It was within about ten years after fission bombs were developed that multi-megaton yields with fusion bombs were reported. Compare that to electric power generation. Fission-based power generation was possible within a few years of the development of the A-bomb, but about 70 years later fusion-based power generation is still out of reach. This is a disconnect.

    • The difficulty with using fusion as a power source is confining and controlling the reaction so that part of the energy released by a fusion reaction can be used to initiate subsequent fusion reactions.

      By contrast, fission was demonstrated in controlled chain reactions before the first nuclear weapon was detonated.

      • A bomb is not very confined, at least while it is exploding. There is a three orders of magnitude difference in yields between the fission bombs dropped on Japan and the supposed multi-megaton fusion bombs supposedly developed within about ten years of that. Most readers of this website realize that the deep state is not trustworthy. It carries out psyops against the public. Do we really have any good reason to believe that this supposed thousand-fold increase in yields within ten years actually happened?

        My point about electric power generation is that it is clear that fission can be used as a source of energy, which makes it believable that powerful bombs could be based on fission. There is no comparable example for fusion, at least not on this planet. It is thought that fusion occurs in stars, but those are extreme conditions, with natural confinement.

        The way the fusion bomb is described, with its multiple stages, makes it sound like a Rube Goldberg contraption. You have a fission bomb wrapped by hydrogen isotopes, along with other things. Who knows what the yield of such a contraption would be? The deep state tells us it is multiple megatons, but we know they are not trustworthy.

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