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IDF is Undisciplined and Get Some Trigger Happy

The evidence mounts that IDF shot first and asked questions later on October 7. Here an IDF soldier states to Israeli TV, “Israeli soldiers entered a kibbutz with a tank. “Are there civilians inside?” “I don’t know. Just shoot!”

The ratio of civilian to combatant casualties in Gaza is off the charts. Either the IDF are knuckleheads or genocidal maniacs, or both. This seems to reek of indiscriminate and deliberate targeting of civilians. The US ZOG, who allegedly has influence over the Israelis, pushed for using “smaller bombs” but per usual were ignored.


According to a Guardian report, Hamas has barely been scratched through all this- losing an estimated 1,000-2,000 out of a force of 30,000.  Meanwhile 1.5 million people have been displaced going into winter. 15,000 are dead including 7,000 children with thousands more missing and buried in rubble. 37,000 have been wounded in an environment of few hospitals. 111 UN Aid personnel have been killed. This is not merely collateral damage, eliminating Hamas is an afterthought.


Hamas hiding amongst the book shelves?

And then there are the severely wounded.

Over this pause, the opening presented itself to survey the scene in Gaza.

This is a moment of truth in this war. The pause, set to end on Wednesday needs to hold longer as a 1000 ship relief flotilla is due to arrive off Gaza by the weekend.  The intent is to break the blockade. The Times of Israel (good link) reports,

“In an interview with Turkish news website Haber7, Volkan Okçu, one of the organizers of the protest, indicated the boats will carry 4,500 people from 40 countries, “including anti-Zionist Jews.” Among the 1,000 vessels would be 313 boats filled with Russian activists, and 104 filled with Spanish activists.”

If the trigger happy get some maniacs engage this flotilla that will be an automatic trigger for regional war. The Turkish navy is active in the eastern Med as is a US carrier force. Russia has armed Hezbollah with state of the art anti-ship missiles.

With Hamas still in the field and the IDF held locations shown on the map, fighting in the approaching winter promises to be intense and difficult. Then there is the prospect that fighting will turn south.

As Winter Approaches Next Phase of Gaza Genocide Looms


There are still several hundred thousand civilians in north Gaza. The relief that came in during the pause caused only a dent in the need.

Elon Musk rolled into Israel for an eat shit exercise and was subjected to some typical black magik and razzle dazzle.


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  1. Is it me or are these “tunnels” sewer and utility lines. The “tunnel” in the hospital reminded me of service tunnels.
    Sort of like look at these showers…

    • I don’t believe anything from the Israeli govt- seems like every time they claimed they found a tunnel, they got fact checked and corrected. Once there was something they claimed was a tunnel entrance, and an elevator expert (someone who installed elevators) tweeted out that it was the top of an elevator shaft. Another time, they claimed to be leading the camera into the “tunnel” but then it seemed like it was later admitted they were in the basement. And I think it was in one of Ryan Christian’s videos (TheLastAmericanVagabond) where he showed a video of what was being aired on Israeli TV as evidence of the tunnels they found was a video of tunnels in Switzerland. And he played both videos side by side and they matched. So if the Israeli govt was doing that to fake it on Israeli TV, then I tend to think there’s no evidence of these tunnels.

      • Agreed – TheLastAmericanVagabond does quality work. Talks a bit fast times, but he presents a fire hose of content in every episode.

  2. How come Nettinyahoo didn’t take Musk to see bombed out Gaza to show him how Israel took care of those antisemitic people in Palestine who are actually the real Semites. I guess “anti-Khazarian” doesn’t have that “Biblical ring” to it; they would have to forefit their claim to being “God’s chosen people” because they are not the real descendants of the Biblical Israelis.

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