Gaza Genocide Playing Out- No Outside Intervention

The IDF continues a slicing and dicing strategy in Gaza. 

Israeli forces advanced to the Indonesian Hospital in Beit Lahia bordering northern Jabalia refugee camp on November 20. They clashed with Palestinian militia fighters along the western border of Jabalia refugee camp and neighborhood.

Palestinian militia fighters attacked the IDF behind the Israeli forward line of advance, which is consistent with the nature of clearing operations.

The war footage illustrates that this block by block advance by IDF and rear and flanking ambushes by Hamas has the effective of leveling the entire city. It is now estimated that half the buildings in northern Gaza are wrecked. And substantial portions of Gaza City have yet to be entered, but the place is uninhabitable for years to come.

The full extent of that damage has been estimated using radar signals collected from the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-1 satellite. Corey Scher of the CUNY Graduate Center and Jamon Van Den Hoek of Oregon State University used algorithms to calculate how many buildings have sustained damage to at least 50 per cent of their structure since the war began.

The largest age of the Palestinians massacred in the last month is FIVE YEARS OLD according to an analysis by the Norwegian newspaper VG. The second largest age is three. In my examination of war footage I have yet to see any sign of five or three year old fighters.

Here is an example of the ghoulish characters involved in this genocide. Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy had better social masks than what the Israelis demonstrate. These are truly scary, creepy people. We are all Palestinians now.

Singing genocidal themes seems to be a popular pastime in Israel.

American influencers like James Woods are on board.

The IDF is reporting KIA at 63. This is probably underreported but nevertheless suggests that if the ultimate goal is total eradication of the Palestinian presence in the Gaza Strip it has been a huge success from a military point of view.

From a global PR perspective this ethnic cleansing operation has been an unmitigated disaster for Israel, and the US ZOG.

However the Arab world and Iran have largely stood down to the serial killer as the operation grinds on. Now a cholera epidemic is feared and in the population’s weakened condition the genocide will really ramp up. Attempts at relief are stymied.

Diseases spread in Gaza amid water and sewage crisis, cholera feared

Even Hezbollah is lightly engaged. As the Gaza operation winds down in the next few weeks, IDF forces will be redeployed north and Hezbollah and Lebanon will be next on the menu.

15 Comments on Gaza Genocide Playing Out- No Outside Intervention

  1. I’m sure it’s hard for the other Arab nations to stand down and watch this slaughter, but I believe they also realize that shouldn’t interrupt while Israel keeps digging this hole for themselves.

    Israel’s thought process is that this will all blow over and they will do what they always do, and say yeah, we made some mistakes, we’re sorry…but we’re all good, right?

    The rest of the world is hopefully taking notes and watching carefully — a couple of phrases the Jews love to use come to mind, “never forget”, and “never again.”

    The best outcome would be for Israel and every Jew to be ostracized by the world for eternity, but that will never happen.

    In the end, Israel will take the entirety of Gaza and compensate the dislodged Palestinians with exactly $0.00. That expense will be paid by everyone else who takes these displaced person in as refugees. In addition, the United States will flood Israel with tens if not hundreds of billions in “aid” to help prop up their destroyed economy.

    Next it will be on to the West Bank — Israel, like Putin (Crimea/Ukraine) and Xi (Taiwan) realize that big bully America is on it’s back foot and the time to strike is now.

    The one and only benefit to this entire Gaza episode is that the mask has slipped and the Jew has been revealed in all its ugliness and horror as the blood thirsty murderer and child killing psychopath documented in so many “conspiracy” legends handed down over millennia.

    Lest the world, “never forget.”

  2. You know, the “Christian” Dispensationalists always believed Russia would attack Israel and level it. Russia is looking the other way as long as Israel, and the US leaves Iran alone.
    I just lost any respect I had for James Woods.

    Looks like the Jews learned a lot from the Nazis and they are definitely not forgetting.

    Very inciteful comment by the first anon.

    • Kaiser Wilhelm was too nice and honorable based on his own words and actions leading up to and through the first world war. The mustached guy also had several instances of being too ‘nice’ leading to Germany losing the war and becoming occupied. The people they were up against often times had no level that they would not sink to to achieve their goal.

  3. What, you’re slowly coming to realize is that the BIG JEW is the NAZI. Always has been.

    Anthony Sutton, Quigley and the rest, ad infinitum were showing you the evidence, they just couldn’t bring themselves to say the words.

    • You need to de-programme your mind of Jew propaganda, otherwise you will look foolish on this thread. Just the word ‘Nazi’ was a Jewish insulting creation towards German Nationalists. The Jews declared war on Germany in 1933 and via their proxies in London and Washington (the Jew Roosevelt) started to make life more difficult financially for the Germans forcing Hitler to start bartering goods internationally and thereby by-passing Rothschild Jew controlled banks.

      Cannot remember Roosevelt doing this for the America worker or farmer can you?

      Before the end of 1933 even, Hitler had succeeded in building 202,119 housing units, In 4 years he would provide the German people with 1,458,128 new dwellings. All of this was made available by issuing loans to private sector housing at 0% interest. In 1933 alone 17,611 new farm houses were constructed each surrounded by a parcel of land 1,000 meters square. In 3 years Hitler would build 91,000 such farm house as part of elevating and reinvigorating the working and farming class. Again, all of this would be provided as part of 0% interest loans as an effective means of rebuilding the economy and providing jobs at the same time!!

  4. Ostensible allies of the Palestinians among the Arab oil-producing nations could do real harm to the developed, oil-consuming nations supporting Israel by cutting oil output — Russia would probably be willing to go along — not only would this harm the oil-consuming nations economically, it would also generate more political unrest — and the resulting price spike would mean the oil producers would suffer proportionately less harm.
    But they are cowards — all talk.
    That said, what did Hamas expect? — did they somehow believe Israel would not retaliate? — ultimately the result will probably be the same as it always is in every conflict between Israel and Palestinians: a lot more destruction in Gaza than in Israel, and more dead among Palestinians than among Israelis, including more dead Hamas fighters than dead Israeli soldiers.
    Very strange.

  5. Fink, Schwarzman Get Coveted Seats at Xi’s Dinner Table in US

    My understanding is that they were seated on either side of Xi — although I can’t find a photo.

    You can’t make this stuff up…if you don’t see what is happening or don’t understand it, you need to.

    Schwarzman (CEO of the Blackstone Group), Fink (CEO of BlackRock)

    Oh, and don’t worry about the “blackrock” and “blackstone” naming convention…just a coincidence, goy.

  6. Why should we be surprised by such barbarity? This is the ancient cult who sacrifices children, consumes their flesh and drinks their blood; this is the international ring of elite pedophiles who control world governments and run the child sex trafficking rings. These “people” are the harvesters of adrenochrome. This really has nothing to do with Judaism the religion; it’s an ancient cult that has infiltrated, not just Judaism, but all religions, including the Church of Rome; this cult has infiltrated all world governments as well. Some people call the “head of the snake” the “Khazarian mafia, but they have a world-wide following.

    The Hidden Tyranny
    “Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer”

  7. Haven’t followed closely, not even on Winterwatch, but something has been missing. Recently became aware that Britain’s Sunak and family are set to become much wealthier from Israel selling rights to explore for Palestine’s fossil fuels. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that American companies and politicians stand to gain a lot from the same. How much do the Arabs and Persians care about those people? Not that much it seems. Money talks, bullshit walks.

    • Pretty sure that area they call “Gaza” today will become a very large energy import, export, production and distribution hub over the next decade or so. Once the current tenants have been evicted. After which, TRILLIONS in energy related profits will flow to Tel Aviv for generations of which the Palestinians won’t see dime one.

  8. It was the book ‘Under the Sign of Scorpio’ that got my wheels turning in the direction of the talmudic types as opposed to the ‘Roman Catholic Church’ as being the agents of antIChrist at the age somewhat under 65 around 2007AD. This is in regards to the current meme of the day…

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