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  1. “Alone the fact that one may not question the Jewish “[not-in-the-1968-Britannica]” and that Jewish pressure has inflicted laws on democratic societies to prevent questions—while incessant promotion and indoctrination of the same averredly incontestable ‘[not-in-the-1968-Britannica]’ occur—gives the game away. It proves that it must be a lie. Why else would one not be allowed to question it? Because it might offend the “survivors”? Because it “dishonors the dead”? Hardly sufficient reason to outlaw discussion. No, because the exposure of this leading lie might precipitate questions about so many other lies and cause the whole ramshackle fabrication to crumble.”

    Gerard Menuhin – “Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil”

  2. I was born in the middle of WWII and I have vivid memories of those times; like a catelogue of media pictures and headlines of the war in Europe and in the Pacific. My dad being in the middle of it all no doubt enhanced my focus. Take it from me, there was no holacaust in the news until around 1953, when Life Magazine showed photos of starved corpses. Although WWII vets told me these were people who died of starvation and disease, particularly cholera, many in work camps: Poles, Gypsies, Jews, and deserters; they said it was grim right across Germany, in villages and rural towns. Tens of thousands of German civilians died of winter cold, starvation, malnutrition, and cholera. Most soldiers I knew after the war simply could not talk about it. By the 1960s, the Holacaust story was getting into full stride. Frankly, I neither know nor care about the truth. Some 53 million people died to make a handful rich, Their ethnicity means nothing to me. Their humanity does. To my mind, anybody who thinks one race is more valuable than another is psychopathic.

  3. Interesting information . . . one might even say compelling. It reminds me of the Norm Macdonald quote: “It says here in this history book that; luckily the good guys have won every single time. What are the odds ?”

  4. The ‘internet’ at the time in 1968 (encyclopedia britannica) hadn’t caught up with the talmudic writers, producers, directors & actors of Hollyweed just yet.

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