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The Ultimate in CGI Fake-Persona Stagecraft: The Kabul Airport Skulduggery Psyop and the 2018 YouTube HQ Shooting

IMAGE: via The Aviation Geek Club

A prime example of CGI theater of the mind fakery came from Kabul airport. It shows a mob of “desperate” Afghans running without purpose along side a taxiing C-17 military transport plane. How did a scene like this ever come to pass? Where’s military and/or security? The current price tag for a C-17 is $366.2 million.

In particular notice the close proximity of the mob to four turbine engines on the wings. There are even a dozen guys comfortably sitting and standing on the aircraft wheel bay fuselage under the turbine. What if these guys had attached an explosive device to the plane?

screen grab- CNBC video: see below

And here on the right is a closer look at the wheel bay housing these jokers are perched on. Also note proximity to the turbines intake and thrust. There is nothing to grasp, let alone allow one to stay aboard a moving plane.

Another so called scene from Kabul shows problematic cartoon world video of a group of about 8 or 9 “Afghans” attached like ninjas or spider men to the aerodynamically smooth surfaced wheel bay housing as a C-17 takes off. We are even asked to believe that these fellas clung on long enough to end up falling on the roofs of houses past the end of the runway.

In the next video notice the surreal fake quality of the “people” inexplicably prancing and running on the tarmac and under all four intake turbines. Really?

In the video below, the YouTuber explains the safety considerations used in commercial aircraft. There are literally do not pass lines drawn on the fuselage to warn ground crew, mechanics and passengers when the turbines are running. There have been dozens of deaths getting in proximity to running engines. In the video a pilot discusses safety precautions.

A commercial airline turbine has 16,000 pounds of thrust per second. The intake area of danger is at least a 2m area (squared) of intake – that’s behind, in front, left- right- up-down.

The massive C-17 has 40,000 lbs/second thrust per turbine. 5m squared will easily take people off the ground and ground them like hamburger, whereas these CGI fakes are running under the wings, along the fuselage and perching on the smooth covered wheel bays.

The implant of this psych-op is to sell the need to provide refuge in the West to hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of Afghans. Besides impacting the western nations, this will result in a brain drain in Afghanistan, all but insuring that nation can never recover and will regress to primitive conditions. It is also designed to convey these Afghan people as absolutely crazy, of extremely low intelligence and out of control.

First video is a clearer and longer-running version of the second analysis video.

Chaotic scenes at Kabul airport as thousands flee Taliban

Flashback: The YouTube HQ Shooter

The “shooting” in April 2018 at YouTube’s San Bruno, Calif., headquarters takes the cake for skullduggery and fakery. It well illustrates the occultic black magic spell being spun.

The storytellers claim that an “Iranian” woman by the name Nasim Aghdam walked into the company’s headquarters and shot and wounded three before “shooting herself.” So far, the only images of the event show employees filing onto the streets.

Aghdam’s site (if scrubbed, archived here) gives clues about Aghdam’s issues. This is one of the dumbest, most-obvious shooting hoaxes yet.

Let’s check off the boxes:

  • An Iranian Muslim woman — several demonization birds with one stone. Boasts of serving in Iranian army.
  • A vegan. Yes, a vegan, and an animal rights activist. For the dumb dumbs, this translates into a “fanatic.” Yes, society needs to keep an eye on “fanatics.” I can guarantee that we will hear the mentally ill pre-crime narrative soon enough.
  • Had an anti-anal-sex video on her website. The narrative translates to anti-sodomy, or homosexual “hater.”
  • She had a “manifesto.” Yes, of course, a manifesto. They all have that.
  • Her many videos of late have been described as “paranoid.” Yes, of course, paranoid. In a similar manner, this brainwashing implant is designed to make the more reasonable things “Nasim” said — seem to be nuts.
  • The now familiar narrative that police had an encounter before the shooting.
  • She was angry about YouTube demonetization and censorship. Translation: Shut your trap about this or garner suspicions. If you complain about censorship, you are a terrorist now. YouTube can now say, “We told you about these people.”

This event is similar to that of the man who — out of the blue — shot up Comet Ping Pong and Pizza when the heat was coming down too heavy on Pedogate.

Those who have looked at the videos describe “Nasim” as creepy and unnatural. Apparently, they don’t realize that this is coming from the CGI (computer-generated imagery), pixel world. It’s very disturbing that people can’t distinguish CGI from reality. In fact, this one is quite poorly done, perhaps as another test of public gullibility.

The “Nasim Aghdma” videos are definitely worth an examination. Look at the fake-looking cutout images. The woman’s head is badly photoshopped and then put onto the torso. You can see an elongated neck. What human being has such noticeable non-uniform and huge throat ligaments? The skin colorization is nonsensical, especially for someone living in sunny California. There is a clear line across her neck where skin tones don’t match. What’s being conveyed with the multiple Star of Davids in the background? What’s with the mechanical sounding voice? Watch the video frames skip. Enlarge to full screen view.

See Nasim’s hokey workout videos below. If you slow this frame by frame, you will see gaps in the film. Why? CGI? Note the double shadows. – and the MK Ultra like “music”.

#YouTube shooting suspect Nasim Najafi Aghdam workout video

Nasim showing off her giant, surreal, giraffe neck.

Nasim Najafi Aghdam set to Hall and Oates #3

Terminally absurd Nasim Aghdam video shows her jumping up and down in a dance-like jig before the Israeli flag.

Nasim Aghdam doing squats in front of the Israeli flag while hava nagila plays in the background

Nasim advises, “Don’t trust your eyes.” Revealing the method. Notice all the frame skips. Very buggy looking CGI. I think it is the same crew that did Elliott Rodgers’ persona.

Per usual, a revealing video is scrubbed, but here is a screenshot.


“Acting crazy” Nasim Aghdam. In-your-face CGI. Enough said. Are we really being asked to believe this apparition has 11,000 YouTube subscribers? (good link)

Meet CGI Saya.

Meet Saya, A CGI Finalists In Japan’s Miss iD Beauty Pageant

Winter Watch Takeaway: The character of “Nasim Aghdam” would really be quite comical, if it wasn’t part of the serious demonization and psyops implant campaigns.

Reddit/conspiracy: In the near future, an “anti vaxer” will commit a mass shooting somewhere in the world, most probably US. That will be the nail in the coffin.

9 Comments on The Ultimate in CGI Fake-Persona Stagecraft: The Kabul Airport Skulduggery Psyop and the 2018 YouTube HQ Shooting

  1. I try to avoid even looking at ‘maintstream’ footage of news events lately, but that Nasim thing was so psychedelic looking it could not possibly have been real.

  2. Of course I had my suspicions, not that I’m a plane expert, but seeing that scene with a person waving while running over and over again… I had my suspicions this would be fake, as with lots of folks trying to get onto a jet plane. Made no sense. I haven’t trusted media footage for the most part since 9-11.

    • Agree.

      Jim Stone linked to the video. In one frame, the plane window clearly has a fold in it: the plane was an inflatable toy.

      • You are correct. That thing is a dummy aircraft. It is in fact being pulled by a car, which is why they placed a crowd between the ‘aircraft’ and the camera.

        • On other blogs carrying this story, military personnel familiar w/ this particular aircraft believed it to be retired due to extensive airframe damage. Back in 2011.

          So either it’s a mock up WITH the BUNO #’s displayed as a tell, or it’s a stripped carcass “hangar queen” staged to give the appearance of being airworthy.

          Another tell, when you’re as close to a taxiing aircraft as the camera was in this case, they rock, dip and wobble due to the slightest unevenness in the runway. Yet even w/ throngs of “evacuees” clinging to its exterior, it glides as smoothly as if it were on rails. Supposedly this a/c was hastily loaded, absent of any Loadmaster getting Weights and strategic placement of passengers and/or equipment.

          Also difficult to believe the crew wouldn’t have at least pumped the brakes a few times out of sheer panic they were about to take off and FOD out an engine, badly! I’ve seen a/c taxi back to the flightline for a “birdstrike” let alone an entire human? In terms of CRM ( Crew Resource Management ) someone… would’ve pulled the plug.

  3. I did notice that the turbines on the military plane appear to be a fair bit higher off the ground than what they might ordinarily be. At a guess, I’d say that the greater danger of being sucked in would come from those turbines closer to the ground. That said, the turbines higher off the ground might still be an issue, and even if they weren’t, then the footage would have at least been staged

  4. There’s an AP photo where you can see the windows are not windows. I also loved how one of the supposed fallen guys was an innocent and ambitious young soccer player. It’s always pushed to the edge with every detail. Like Ashli Babbit supposedly being pregnant.

    • The “windows” appear to be Mylar or “shipping wrap” heat shrinked to look genuine. Spent many a day on military flightlines over 40+ years and while it can be difficult to see inside the cockpit from certain angles, during its entire taxi, the windows remain completely blacked out regardless of changes in perspective.

      Suspicious AF.

  5. RW,

    Just thought I would provide that Armstrong Economics thing that I showed you weeks ago (Harris and the staircase to nowhere):

    You have a great thread here. A little scary, but still great. The worst part from my point of view is that the image quality and deep fakes keep getting better, while people (not WW) are becoming dumber by the minute.


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