The Human Smuggling Industry

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As many as 20 million African migrants could come to Europe in the near future, according to the new president of the European parliament. The human smuggling trade is “the fastest growing criminal sector,” Rob Wainwright, the agency’s British boss, said.

“Over 90 percent of all migrants that reach the EU have used the facilitation services of a migrant smuggling network. These crime networks are taking mass profits from mass migration,” he said.

Even the UN admits that 71% of migrations stem from trafficking operations.

Europol’s European Migrant Smuggling Centre (EMSC) gathered information on 17,400 new migrant smugglers, in addition to the countless number already operating inside Europe. Gangs of smugglers offer “package deals” on Facebook that lure migrants into paying thousands of pounds to reach Europe.

The agency said traffickers target vulnerable migrants with “attractive and unrealistic offers” on social media, including sea crossings, fake passports, sham marriages and false work permits. They were even bribing consular officials from European embassies in Asia and Africa for help slipping people illegally into Europe. As we have previously covered, only 13% of the NGO-sponsored migrant racket involves those fleeing war.

Criminal elements and their useful idiots promoting human trafficking and exploitation

There is a thin line between human smuggling and trafficking. Quoting Interpol: “In principle, the relationship between smuggler and migrant ends once the individual arrives in the new country.

However, there is evidence that people smugglers continue to exploit illegal migrants, through threats and demands for additional fees. In some cases, smugglers force migrants to work for years in the illegal labour market to pay off the debts incurred as a result of their transportation.” The German government has fessed up that just 34,000 migrants out of 1.2 million arriving in the last two years have found work.

Sudden Turn of Events

Winter Watch has held that key corrupt Italian and EU officials were bribed or compromised not to interfere with the migrant trafficking. An indication that the rule of law is so poor in Italy is that the Sicilian Mafia has become the primary counter-force against the traffickers and the African gangs. Obviously, the Mafia feels threatened by the onslaught and the poorer Italians that the Cosa Nostra protects (in lieu of the Government) are having their neighborhoods and towns impacted.

Read “Migrations to Libya: An Enslavement Operation From Start to Finish”

In a put-up-or-shut-up moment, Italian news source Il Giornale carried remarks from Carmelo Zuccaro, the chief prosecutor of Catania (Sicily), calling for monitoring of the funding behind the NGO groups engaged in operating the migrant fleet. He stated that “the facilitation of illegal immigration is a punishable offense regardless of the intention.” The chief prosecutor also noted that Italy is investigating who is behind Islamic radicalization occurring in immigrant camps.

A British think tank has said that “ISIS” is recruiting refugees by offering vulnerable people hundreds of pounds and safe passage to Europe, if they join the terrorist group.

As Winter Watch has stated again and again, readers need to have the correct interpretative framework about who or what ISIS is and who is behind it. There is a nexus between the NGOs and the so-called ISIS apparatus. The bottom line is that this is weaponized migration combined with corruption, and it has been allowed to go on far too long with substantial damage being done.

The multiple ships mentioned by the Italians are sponsored by NGO groups with financial ties to organizations run by George Soros and American, British donors. The Soros connection was made by Hungary’s Viktor Orban, an accusation that was dismissed by the faux European mainstream media aka lying press and corrupted government officials (Merkel, et al) as a “conspiracy theory.” The “D.C. Leaks” last summer pointed to Soros (deep sixed) Further, as noted, human trafficking exploitation is a profitable crime racket as is the business of chaos.

The logical, long-overdue, next step is to peel back the onion and charge and prosecute these high level elite donors and criminals– not just the mid-level minions.

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  1. There is another player in this game that is seldom mentioned, and on the rare occasion he is talked about, it is with near reverence. It is my opinion America is indeed being used for all the reasons stated in the video. As the globalist players surely know, America will be weakened and severely wounded by the time the destruction of the middle east is complete and the migrant hordes have swamped Europe and the U.S.

    So who is it that stands silently by, ready to step in when all is said and done and be the new global power?

    “As it becomes increasingly clear the West is controlled by Cabalist Satanists, our hopes increasingly rest on Russia’s Putin who, in contrast, seems like the paragon of sanity and goodness. He thwarted the Zionist takeover of Syria and destroyed the barbaric Zionist proxy, ISIS. However, Andy Sloan points to evidence that this is all a deception and that Russia (and China) plan to attack and conquer the West.”

    • I would say that if you think you know what Putin is up to, you’re probably wrong. His biggest enemies dont know how to deal with him nor can they predict his next move. So do you really think anonymous internet conspiracy websites have him figured out? I doubt it.

      • BTW, Putin’s NOT Jewish and I’m not really sure what type of mental gymnastics it takes to believe he is but… Israel has been playing both sides in the middle east conflict and Russia seems to have a friendly relationship. The story of who his mother is doesnt really make sense nor does the timeline of his life line up with any official story.

  2. Meanwhile on the southern US border South American gang ‘coyotes’ extract lavish tribute from the large numbers of casual workers as they illegally enter the US through tunnels etc.
    The facilitation of entry comes at a low five figure dollar costs per person for safe passage and delivery. There are rumors of corrupt US border patrol participating, turning a blind eye in return for a stake in the stream of seasonal agricultural, catering and handyman workers that do most of the hard work in the western states

  3. And meanwhile here in the U.S. you have my sell-out Gov. Gary Herbert sending a letter to Trump asking for even more refugees to be sent to Utah. I have lived here in Utah since 1980 and I am telling you that I am seeing more and more Somali’s, Nigerian’s, etc. every year that it is becoming visibly noticeable.

    And in New York City, you have Mayor De Blasio exporting his homeless across the U.S. without even notifying the receiving cities about what is going on. It begs the question- what else is going on that is hidden from us?

    • Don’t worry, Gov. Abbott is sending NYC plenty of “homeless” aka illegals… and to LA, Chiraq, Baltimore, Boston, Minneapolis, etc….where the affluenzas aka rich folk are now complaining about it. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

  4. The Judaic Supremacy owns (through the central banking cartel) / controls (through the Jewish governing class – the Chabad Lubavitcher Sect) both ZOG West and ZOG East. They have different scripts, however, in the ‘Consolidation of the Tribal Wealth’ phase of the world-wide Communist Revolution ( inaugurated 1917 when they seized the land and people of Russia ).

    Chabad Leader Menachem Mendel Schneerson: “We will not allow any nationalism to evolve. And we will destroy by fire and sword all those nationalist movements that seek to lead people out of our dictate, as it is done in Georgia, Armenia and Serbia. Instead we will insure the full prosperity of our nationalism – Zionism and, more precisely: Jewish fascism which in its secrecy and power is super-fascism. It is not for nothing that in 1975, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution which defined Zionism as the most blatant ‘form of racism and racial discrimination’ but repealed this resolution in 1992 because of our triumphant march across the planet. [ ie the armed aggression of their world-wide Communist Revolution rolled over Asia, Africa and Latin America and conquered for the Communist Block of their JWO – three continents : they already owned the others ] We have made UN a weapon for our goals of seizing power over “all kingdoms and nations.” Under the UN “We will work to ensure that the governments [they own] will “contain as little as possible of the native, ethnic peoples who will be replaced by our Jewish elite.”

    The leaders of the Russian Federation are a Jewish governing class. They are not Russians. The Russians are a brutally repressed Christian people. The Jewish governing class of ZOG East has its script in the great dialectic and their counterparts in ZOG West have theirs. That script is World War III. They are not the ‘Russian leaders of the Christian East leading the world into a nationalist, multi-polar order’. That Kool Aid is pure cyanide. They are the Jewish governing class of the Russian Federation running their gulag state and working with the Jewish governing class of the US ZOG and the UK ZOG and the EUSSR – who are (at this time) running their ‘satanic state’ and managing the chaos caused by the invasion by the populations of failed Marxist states on three continents’.

    Glad to see Andy Sloan acknowledged here. He did a great job for Fitzpatrick Informer’s old website on the Perestroika Deception which was de-platformed by Word Press this year.

    Today is the 11th of November – this is the anniversary of Rhodesia’s Unilateral Declaration of Independence (from the Crown of the Empire of the City and Great Britain). They fought their War of Independence against the world-wide Communist Revolution in Africa. And, militarily they won.

    To all the Rhodesians and the American nationalists: “Sit Nomine Digna’.
    Zundel Prophecy

  5. It’s quite stunning witnessing the centuries-long plans of the ZioFascists continue to unfold unabated with little or no resistance. Indeed, the paltry few who attempt to speak out against this (so far spectacularly successful) attempt at world domination of the Gentiles are effectively demonized, marginalized, and branded as “anti-semites”. This movement is pure evil – the anti-truth, and will not stop until it either achieves complete Gentile submission to slavery (Gulag Archipelago style), or fails in the face of a massive revolution against it. Right now I’m betting on the latter, but regardless, copious amounts of blood and tears will be shed with either outcome.

    “I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.”

    – Barbara Lerner Spectre

    “The seed of the goyim is like an animal.”

    – Sanhedrin 74b

    “All Gentile children are animals.”

    – Yebamoth 98a

  6. “Reuters”, World refugees not vaccinated because drugmakers fear lawsuits due to adverse effects.
    I would suggest, that contrary to the claims by Reuters, which is Rothschild owned, the real reason for not vaccinating the refugees, is that after the vaccine cull of the resident population, the refugees are the replacement population. Ian.

  7. Jews are white, sorry to burst your bubble. It doesnt matter to the average person if they (jews) think they are or not. If you think Jews are going to carry out some genocide against “whites” you are a moron. Are they going to kill themselves too? People of color are fully aware that Jews are responsible for much of the slave trade in America in the 1800s so why would they not go after the people who are responsible for their ancestors suffering? Not to mention they make up about 2% of the population so they seriously lack the numbers to carry out “white genocide”. I’m not defending jews but the stuff you’re posting is utter nonsense. It’s agitation propaganda and it’s not accurate or helpful.

    • Jews don’t hate Europeans because they are white (and yes, Ashkenazi Jews ARE white, because they are from Khazaria…now Ukraine…and Caucasian, descended from Japheth, not Shem!). Well, Talmudic Jews is who I mean. They hate Europeans because they (or were until lately for the most part) CHRISTIANS! Talmudic Jewry HATES CHRIST….who they claim in Gitten 57a is “burning in Hell for eternity in his own excrement.” Their Noahide Laws claim believers on Christ will be beheaded for “idolatry.” Which is also predicted in the Book of Revelation, BTW. In other words, Talmudic Jewry IS the Synagogue of Satan.

      • Studies show they are a Turkic people. Their “elites” believe themselves to be the only true humans, everyone else being but soulless animals. They’re not specifically targeting whites and they don’t care for any other groups. In fact they’ve already conquered and destroyed all other civilizations and are finishing with ours. Don’t be so myopic, this is not a racial struggle but a human one. Mankind vs. these demonic anti-human “elites.” In fact they don’t even care that much for Jews in general, referring to those outside the “elite” bloodlines or not pure enough as “mixed multitudes” and “lesser brethren.”

        I also believe that those behind it aren’t themselves Jews and that (their) Judaism is a psyop and a secret society type organization, like Freemasonry.

        • I don’t think it’s directed specifically against Christians either as they’ve bombed, burned, famined and otherwise maimed or killed countless millions of non-Christians around the world. Humanity is their target.

  8. On the note of the Sicilian Mob ‘Fighting against migrants’- there seems to be some nuance to that. They also are making pacts with, and letting in certain syndicates from Eastern Europe/Balkans- where there are strong ties/crossover, so much in one that they are arguably one group. One of the groups with a name that is darkly ironic- ‘Sacra Corona Unita’- (United Sacred Crown? Hmm- ‘Corona Virus’- a little too over the top but it is strange) unites Italian and Albanian Godfathers. The Albanian Mob also dominates the Cocaine trade in London right now, which they wouldn’t if they weren’t also neck deep in international Jewry. No one is going to march around Rothschild HQ with Colombian Dope like that without having a lot of Zionist friends (isn’t surprising anyhow- the ZIonist connection to Cosa Nostre goes back far, to JFK/Family Jewels, Meyer Lansky/Numec etc- John Dee/the ‘liberated’ Jews and your Venetian Banking Elite if you really want to get figurative about it).

    It shouldn’t even be called ‘Organized Crime,’ anyhow- the term has no punch, separates the head from the body, makes the whole thing sound nerdy. These characters have been engaged in one thing, and one thing only during their entire existence, and that is straight up gang-counter-gang PROXY-WARFARE. That’s all it is. Of course you have these wealthy guys who can’t be on the ground, they have to be safe so they can go finance all of it, cause trouble, do the Machiavellian, Clausewitz/Liddell Hart fuckery and make it all seem too confusing, shock-and-awe, so that the ‘reality of the situation’ remains only up to the planners and speculators, arms dealers. ‘Organized Crime’ is just ‘The Economic Organization of Proxy Warfare.’ And the proxy warfare- the gangs, aren’t separate, so it should just be called Proxy Warfare. The term is a euphemism, like ‘Anti-Semitism,’ used to make it sound soft and too complicated for most to understand. ‘Organized Crime’ sounds like crime committed by pencil-pushing, pocket-protector-wearing nerds in an office somewhere while they were trying to stay ‘organized.’

    If someone can argue it isn’t Proxy-Warfare, please, oblige me. They’re constantly moving large amounts of arms/weapons into extremely violent groups. The groups are transnational and often very tribal, yet move in and out of each others territory (which is often public, where people live, others property- causing massive territorial dispute). They use these conflicts to manipulate politics, along with extortion, blackmail, duress, and capture of business. Same tactics with newspapers, to gloss over or exaggerate depending on what the plan is. It’s a bunch of Criminal dictators funding Proxy Warfare, using Narcotics to secretly procure more funds, and amp up their ‘troops’ (or poison them). Just deductive logic, observation proves that’s what it is. Doesn’t take a genius to get there.

    So here’s ‘The Sicilian Mob fighting Migrants’- so they claim (through newspapers I’m sure they run).

    Note: I know for a fact, reading up on this for some time, that there is a long history between Italy and Sicily on this particular issue, regarding the Sicilian Mob in particular, and how the Mafia has divided the country.





    More ‘fighting illegal migrants’ here (Sorry Russ, but these guys are some of the top beneficiaries of the Soros model- like Saviano said, ‘the most aggressive Neoliberalism . . .’)

    5.) “Albanians in Italy who are importing drugs along the coast of Puglia have a double advantage: they have links to their compatriots at the source of supply, and with groups in Albania that can facilitate distribution,” the report observes.

    Really cracking down on that transnational migration/smuggling/trafficking racket, aren’t they? 😑

    Again, half of the shit is coming from their own people, from court records when they get caught- but please correct me if I’m inaccurate. I am aware of the Soros/Liberal role in weaponized migration, but Zionists are a much larger group, and the beneficiaries of Zionism (& ‘Mackinder’ strategy etc) on a geopolitical scale, in the criminal world, are an even larger group. They keep people retarded/reactionary so as not to get an integrated picture as to what is fucking up their lives.

  9. Also- note on the video clip. A pattern i’ve noticed, something that may be- as they mentioned- ‘instrumentalized,’ or it could just be a simple human flaw, or both. But you’ll hear reporters, journalists, activists, etc not being careful enough with how they frame things, which is then harnessed to the Nth degree. Obviously the man narrating, channel was from Europe, and he keeps repeating what ‘Globalists’ and transnationalists are doing to make a ‘Global Government.’ Then, they commit the same logical error/fallacy I keep hearing in these kinds of statements/rhetoric. They then say ‘America will not stop until any Autocracy is either destroyed or Americanized.’ One, what is ‘Americanized’? It seems to me, by default, this is not a National issue, but a Global-Business/Criminal one, as he’d mentioned- people not concerned with ‘America,’ it’s constitution, laws, etc- but they’re own power. So they never ‘Americanize’ anything- the Narco-Neoliberalize places, by robbing economies in the Western hemisphere, notably Americas through Wall-Street etc. He then makes the further mistake (or intentional deception) of saying ‘America’ wants to impose this on ‘Europes’ autonomy. Hmm. Last I checked, the most powerful Globalists have their strongest connections to Europe, where they meet more often than they do in the US (like in Davos), and control from Central Banks, Bank of International Settlements, WEF, groups like Club of Rome, Pilgrim Society, Le Cercle, Roundtable Societies, 1001 Club which have been largely made up of European Dynastic Families (including large numbers of Jewish Billionaires). All of the worst laundering networks are also located over there, connecting the West to the East- you’ve got Cyprus which Russia/Israel moves through, the Cayman Islands, which are the wealthiest tax havens in the world, then you have your famous Swiss Laundering networks, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein- all enabling that crime running through the Gladio-Migrant-Crisis.

    Then you have the ‘terror networks’ supposedly funded more by the laundering networks in the southwestern hemisphere, in Colombia, etc. Nothing about that is ‘American’ in the way any average US citizen is taught or participates in society- it’s just billionaires being criminals in a bunch of different countries, laundering narcotics, guns, and drugs into various places, and using it to change policy on a whim. Nothing ‘American’ about it. HSBC is just as Chinese as British, and Cyprus is chock full of Red Mafiya Russian money laundering- yet they all mix together. But your average US citizen still has no clue. So wtf is ‘American’ about it? How is that ‘America’ imposing anything on anyone? That is a weaponized PR tautology on its own. America is just another land-mass these people use for one purpose, while they use others for different purposes. They don’t ‘Americanize,’ they ‘Criminalize.’

    Bank of England, HSBC (China), City of London. Wall Street has been ‘Un-American’ for a very long time. Anyone familiar with even a sample of Antony Suttons work knows that.

    So, is ‘Europe defending itself’, in addition to what I put in the above comment? No. This is them, doing what they do- constant subversion, sabotage, plundering.



  10. Joe Biden told Pro Publica that America will “very shortly” be a “minority white” country, thanks in no small part to the millions of third-world illegal aliens that his administration has opened American borders for. Previously, Biden vowed to make white Americans an “absolute minority” in their own country by way of “non-stop” third-world immigration.

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