So Far Robert Card Appears to be a Generic Gun Loving Conservative

October 27, 2023

Winter Watch Takeaway: No manifesto yet, just that he likes guns, and follows standard conservatives like Tucker Carlson and Elon Musk. 40 is quite old to suddenly develop schizophrenic voices. “Card” gives off that black magik phantom vibe though.


Do the voices tell him to go shoot up innocents in a bowling alley? If “conservative, right wing” immersed in “hate culture” influenced Card heard voices wouldn’t they at least direct him towards a more logical high value target? Where are the real terrorists and assassins a la the 19th century? But no, it is always little kids and grandmas in a Wal Mart, grocery store, church, a parade route or bowling alley, etc.

We study evil here on Winter Watch, and believe real evil exists. But no actual evil human being is going overcome their inhibitions enough to shoot up innocents in this particular manner no matter how mentally ill. These perps sacrifice their lives for that? And there are no sickos in existence with these types of fetishes or fantasies. It doesn’t check off enough boxes and really didn’t combine or make any sense.


6 Comments on So Far Robert Card Appears to be a Generic Gun Loving Conservative

  1. Agree – when the mind controlled patsies say that they are hearing voices, it’s because they are; this then is clear evidence of V2K. Of course the patsy has to fit their narrative — (always) a white male,(always) a “gun nut”, (always) a right-wing extremist aka a terrorist. Ho hum! It’s getting really stale.

  2. How about a new narrative –: i.e., a dual citizen Israeli-American Ashkenazi who is passing himself off as a “Hamas terrorist” who wants to destroy America.

  3. I have in laws that have new ‘blue tooth’ hearing aids that can link to incoming phone calls. I wonder…

    On the matter of the victims, no one of consequence is ever killed or anything of value lost. Cheltenham Races are safe, Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland is safe, high end boarding schools in the US are safe, and all the “Rich men North of Richmond” are marked safe.

  4. I’m afraid that at this point, dual citizen control has reached the saturation point. Thus, if there were any real, heroic leaders they’d either have been “Kenedy’d” or blocked (Cynthia McKinney, James Traficant etc.) a culture cannot exist with their collective heads buried for 247 years and still have a government of-by and for. It’d make more sense to play a funeral dirge than a call to arms.

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