Crime Syndicate Scheming for Implementation of Pre-Crime Powers

One of the neuro-lingustic programming (NLP) implants conveyed by the staged deceptions — whether Las Vegas, El Paso, Parkland high school, or Dallas police shooting — is that the perps have magical abilities to run rings around law enforcement and fall through cracks in the system. Similar to Las Vegas, at Parkland we were presented with a Keystone-cops story whereby three deputies and an armed school guard failed to respond and act as the alleged gunman Cruz roamed around the freshman wing spraying gunfire.

Read “Broward County Sheriff Releases 27-Minute Parkland Video of Absolutely Nothing”

Then miraculously as police cowered, autistic Nikolas Cruz was able to exit scott free and head for Walmart and then McDonalds for snacks and drinks. Finally, Cruz is picked up wandering about at 4700 Wyndham Lakes, two miles away in a random neighborhood. If you look at a map, you’ll see this road is just a large loop that doesn’t go anywhere. This location is just around the corner from the Chai Center Chabad House. Rabbi Hershy Bronstein claims that he was monitoring the street after the Parkland shooting when he noticed the suspect walking past.

Then as “conspiracy theorists” start to speak out about the anomalies and statements from known media liars, the Crime Syndicate (CS) hauls out Dan “Mockingbird” Rather from retirement with pointed comments like the following. Yes, question the script and a mental-health hospital ward awaits you at best and a gulag at worst. Basically, step over the line and you “don’t belong in civil society.” It should be apparent that this is much more than a gun debate at this stage. You would be very naive to think otherwise. This is more about giving gray state control by a band of Cheka-like criminals.

Now with this scam running on fumes the DHS runs with an intimidation narrative declaring that conspiracy theorists examining the sistema and it’s star chambers are terrorists. It is not clear why the bulletin is good only through June 7.

​The Department of Homeland Security’s latest terrorism threat bulletin includes a warning against “the proliferation of false or misleading narratives, which sow discord or undermine public trust in U.S. government institutions.”

The bulletin, issued Monday and in effect until at least June 7, blamed an “online environment filled with false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories, and other forms of mis-, dis- and mal-information introduced and/or amplified by foreign and domestic threat actors.

Although Biden’s Stasi appears eager to employ it, the pre-crime program was rolled out by William Barr during the Trump term.

The problem-reaction-solution is put forth by one Sheriff Scott Israel, who pontificates about the need for more pre-crime intervention. This would include the ability to haul in for “mental health observations” people who exhibit “disagreeable or controversial” aka butthurt behaviors on social media. Surveillance, intervention and detainment is the con game being rolled out here.

The entire litany of Keystone cops stories, as well as the tale about numerous tips to the FBI, has been used to argue police don’t have the means to act without more pre-crime powers. Even the most brainwashed minds should understand how this pre-crime scheme can be severely abused.

Meanwhile while the New Underworld Order Cheka pursues butthurt criticisms, for seventeen years Toy Box killer and torturer David Parker Ray kidnapped, tortured and killed perhaps one hundred women at his New Mexico residence and without a worry in the world. The dot connecting priorities and outcomes aren’t connecting well.

People either tend to forget or don’t know what Trump said on “Fox and Friends” during his campaign:

“Our local police, they know who a lot of these people are. They are afraid to do anything about it because they don’t want to be accused of profiling and they don’t want to be accused of all sorts of things,” Trump said on “Fox and Friends”. He argued that the US should follow Israel’s policing protocols.

“Israel has done an unbelievable job, and they will profile. They profile. They see somebody that’s suspicious,” he continued, “they will profile. They will take that person in and check out. Do we have a choice? Look what’s going on. Do we really have a choice? We’re trying to be so politically correct in our country, and this is only going to get worse.”

That would also include severe censorship. To quote Sheriff Israel, “Lions don’t care about the opinions of sheep.” Meanwhile, YouTube and Twitter are scrubbing into the memory hole virtually anything that allows close examination of the Parkland and other events.

The Nonsensical Account of Nickolas Cruz

The narrative about Cruz is straight out of the Adam Lanza playbook. Then, as now, we have overly permissive parents who allow the autistic or the disturbed unfettered access to weapons stockpiles.

Cruz allegedly became an orphan when his mother died in November. He was living with James Snead and his wife. Snead is a decorated army veteran and military intelligence analyst. They expect us not to bat an eyelash at this fact?

James and his wife Kimberly knew Nikolas was mentally unwell – they even took him to see a therapist – and told the Sun-Sentinel that Nikolas didn’t even know how to use a microwave. This kid was autistic, mentally unwell and basically a total stranger to the Sneads. Yet, they let him not only live with them but also neglected to restrict his access to their gun cabinet? Seriously?

And are we supposed to believe Nikolas didn’t know how to use a microwave but could masterfully operate an AR-15 rifle and evade and run circles around law enforcement and school security? Yet somehow Cruz was a prime candidate for pre-crime measures?

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    • I love the world we live in today. The guy is CLEARLY successful. Love him or hate him personally and yet someone like you can call him low IQ and stupid. It’s unbelievable.

      It’s like your friend who calls everyone on the road an idiot and then you finally ride with him and see, no. You BOTH can’t drive!

  1. I remember a movie with Charles Bronson called Vigilante where he would go out at night and deal with criminals in a most expeditious fashion. That is the ultimate Pre crime power since professional criminals are known at this time both in the community and the the halls of power.

  2. I love this blog so much. Does this sound weird to love a blog so much. Don’t give a hoot because this blog is the only blog where I can read a story that isn’t just a reworded narrative. I didn’t know about that loop to nowhere and a couple of other things that while I was reading dreaded the article coming to an end..
    i remember researching Parkland and besides the usual hinky stuff that was so plentiful I used facial recognition with 4 photos of this dead student, It was a guy popular with teens I don’t remember his name but he was dating Gigi Hadad. Now that is interesting right No one cared,

    I mean no one cared in my little circle, I am on twitter/Gab but just to read people post less than a 1,000. One other thing I found was when the kids were lined up outside being directed off campus there were many photos of those kids and all those kids had shadows and easy enough using markers I saw in those photos to determine N S W E and the time reported by media was totally wrong those photos were taken at 10am, now that is interesting right? No one cared.

    Revolver news is now the go to when you want to get some truth everyone is saying. Well I read Revolver but come on they are digging deep getting to the bottom of this like the leaders of the Proud Boys/Oath keepers/ must be informants they are not charged. Pffft duh. “Who is Ray Epps? The people deserve to know the answer” Ok this needs to be weaved into the story rit large because he is one of the MANY players who participated but this is an easy one that any good PI could find the answer to and be done with it..

    Noooo we get part 1 part 2 part 3 and they still wont publish was it the FBI/ATF/DC National guard (Babbitt) or Special Forces? Just the FBI/ATF have a combined total of over 30 thousand on payroll informants. Tell people that those on payroll informants are the people who travel the country as their own tight knit community of actor who play the part they are needed. Crazy Lori..

    I love this blog! Twitter Lori Purest blood

  3. BRINGING A BOATLOAD OF GOOD investigation and researcher to people who will listen. Regarding those people that took Cruz in. Do you remember when the media talked about Cruz parents had died and his mother left him 750 thousand dollars? The fake foster people sued to get that money.

    I never heard what happened with that but I do know hoaxers who play the biggest part in the scam need to get paid more than their normal salary being an informant they use civil suits already planned out, all lawyers in place ect. They can be paid by Judge’s decision, or the case can settle.

    So that 750K isn’t a death benefit it was placed in a phony trust to be paid out for services rendered which is bonus because he had a bigger speaking part. We the taxpayers are paying for all those payroll informants who are in a super tight community and not one person will step out and be a cooperating witness or Whistleblower on any False Flag event ever unless it was their part to play a whistleblower.

    Not a long prison sentence nothing will make them talk and step out of that civil society group they belong, why would they, where would they go? They raise their families together and bring up kids to be the next generation to fool the masses. . Long prison time means they were convicted on paper but they are not in prison that is for sure. The exception setting up someone they don’t want around..

    We find out about the hoaxes we put a boatload of evidence together to prove it was a hoax but if a Medical examiner comes out with a report (Babbitt) your research now is worthless.

    it doesn’t matter others were with you they leave and jump on the narrative like ME is a person of high standards and their word is the final word. Now any group you had has dwindled down to one. The best you will ever get is Maybe no one died at Sandy hook and maybe on anything.

    PS Smollett wasn’t exposed and taken through the courts as a start to finish hoax that went through the system and Justice won.. That was also a a preplanned hoax “Look hoaxes get called out and we will do something about it” BULLSHIT although pretty sure Jussie was not clued into it.. LOL

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