Violent Criminals Continue To Pose as Migrant Children To Enter US; Congress Must Act Now

Epoch Times | Sept 11, 2023

Despite all the “victory laps” Biden administration officials have taken as they brag that their unlawful policies and processing programs have reduced illegal immigration, recent border data show the opposite.

On top of that, there is an undeniable link between the increase in illegal entrants being welcomed into the country and an increase in violent crime, which is posing a significant threat to public safety.


3 Comments on Violent Criminals Continue To Pose as Migrant Children To Enter US; Congress Must Act Now

  1. For a rapid, accurate resonse to inquiries, best if you contact AIPAC et al. (s)elected officials in this blossoming Marxist hole, (a.k.a.United Soviet Socialists of America), answer to dual citizens much faster. But you need to make the obligatory acts of obeisance or you’re ignored and labelled anti semite.

  2. Congress must act now? LMAO! Acting is all they ever do – they’re crap at it, too.

    Expecting Congress to do ANYTHING for the people of The USA is like living in cloud cuckoo land! They’re CRIMINALS, AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN!

    “There is no distinctly native American criminal class…save Congress.”

    — Mark Twain

    They all need trying for treason (a formality) in a Common Law court of the people and then executing.

  3. By and large they are not ‘illegal entrants’ — the vast majority of the ones coming today via ports of entry are applying for asylum (it’s all bogus of course) — even the ones who enter illegally, i.e. not via a port of entry, just have to say they want to apply for asylum, and most courts in the US would side with the migrants and not allow their expulsion — the tactic of applying for asylum en masse, with help from NGOs, began with the ‘caravans’ under Trump — the proper way to handle that is to force Mexico to sign (in refugee parlance what’s known as) a ‘safe third country’ agreement — while the topic came up during the Trump admin, he never got that done.

    There is an existing ‘safe third country’ agreement between the US and Canada:

    Canada-US Safe Third Country Agreement

    Any third country migrant entering the US from Canada who wants to apply for asylum in the US can be legally pushed back into Canada and told to apply there.

    There is virtually no responsible reporting on this issue anywhere in the media, Left or Right.

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