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The West Is Losing Control Over the Gold Price

Gainesville Coins | August 25, 2023

An important change has unfolded in the global gold market. The East has been driving up the gold price, predominantly in late 2022 and the first months of 2023, breaking the West’s long standing pricing power.

Until recently, Western institutional money was driving the price of gold in wholesale markets such as London, mainly based on real interest rates. Gold was bought when real rates fell and vice versa. However, from late 2022 until June 2023 gold was up 17% while real rates were more or less flat, and Western institutions were net sellers. Most likely, Eastern central banks, and Turkish and Chinese private demand, lifted the price of gold.


2 Comments on The West Is Losing Control Over the Gold Price

  1. Give me a break, the Globalists control the East as much as they do the West. The Globalists crushed and took over Russia in the early 19th century through their Bolshevik revolution, destroying and butchering the people but sparing valuable assets and property like industries. Likewise they ruined China in the 18th century by flooding it with opium, turning much of its population into drug addicts and causing wide spread crime and corruption and human misery. Then they used that social misery and inequity that they caused to stir up a Communist revolution, which they funded and steered, just like the Bolshevik one. Thusly they also took over China. Everyone should be aware how they took Japan and the rest of South East Asia as well as the Middle East (the parts they didn’t already control through the Muslim Brotherhood [Freemasonry for Muslims] and Saudi Arabia (not sure how or or when they took that but clearly they did.)

    The Globalist took over the East, that is historical fact, and I haven’t seen one shred of evidence that they ever lost or relinquished any of it since and as such I see no reason to believe they aren’t still in ownership and control of it. I’d love to be proven wrong though.

    More recently, the Chinese government letting the Globalist use China as a massive slave farm and biotech test bed as well and launch pad for the Covid fraud clearly indicates it’s under Globalist control. Likewise for Russia Putin is clearly a Globalist agent as he let the Central Banksters freeze (steal) Russias assets when he/they had plenty of time to claim it before they did. Additionally Russia is using purposefully failing and self-harming tactics in the war. They could have gone all in and taken Ukraine quickly and decisively but is instead slowly bleeding its soldiers and weaponry. Clearly they’re working to render the country and people defenseless so it can be overtly taken over. There’s also the matter that Globalist corporations control the oil and natural gas assets of Russia.

    Geopolitics is just a charade and has been so for over a hundred years.

    As the Globalist class have been buying up massive quantities of gold in recent years, I think this news of “the East” driving up the price of gold likely does not upset them…

    • Meant 20th century for the Boleshevik revolution and Russian Communism and 19th century for the opiate fueled destruction of China, of course.

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