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Strange Imagery from Waukesha Parade SUV Attack (Updated)

There is no evidence that the vehicle came up on the sidewalk or clipped bollards. PHOTO: Inside Edition

Editor Note: Several of the videos around this event have been deep sixed, but enough remain to rerun this post.

In 2021 there was a high strange vehicle attack on a parade that occurred in Waukesha, Wisconsin. I’ve gathered some of the imagery provided online thus far and posted below for scrutiny. This post will be updated as new information comes available.

Update: New images and footage from Waukesha SUV event itself has been largely non-existent. Also see: Russ Winter Joins ‘Operation Scorpio’ and the Brain Trust to Discuss Imagery from the Waukesha SUV Attack

Police have identified a suspect, a black male named Darrell E. Brooks. He’s a rapper in his late 30s and has a big rap sheet. He performs under the name “MathBoi Fly,” and his music uses violent anti-white rhetoric. The following image is from an alleged Facebook post by Brooks.

Here he’s on a Nevada state sex-offender database.

For the record, I call it as I see it and don’t pick racial sides on this type of event. Yes, there is a serious black criminality issue, but staged deceptions — if this is one — can be run against all manner of people. It’s all part of the strategy of tension and problem-reaction-solution modus operandi.

Brooks apparently has a 2019 YouTube video up (for now: update- now removed) that actually features a red vehicle similar to the one spotted at the parade. Is someone in the stagecraft getting a good chuckle over this?

YouTube rap clip may show vehicle used Wisconsin parade attack — Really?

Here’s the full thug life video, which features the vehicle throughout. Also note the Illuminati one-eyed calling card, gestures and other imagery.

Darrell Brooks Jr (Mathboi Fly) feat the Murder Vehicle (Music Video) – deep sixed

Next, Waukesha’s local CBS affiliate TV station reports that the vehicle used in the assault was located backed into a driveway with the smashed front revealed for all to see. This strikes us as odd behavior for the perp. One might surmise he would instead seek to hide the vehicle, but no. This looks just too easy. We chalked this up as highly sketchy.

Brooks inexplicably shows up at a stranger’s front door to ask for help calling an Uber – super flaky scene.

There was a crowd at the parade, so we would expect to see some bystander footage of the event as it unfolded. Perhaps some CCTV footage from building security cameras or traffic cam footage is available as well.

We would also expect some — if not most — of this to be good, clear, 2021 technology, not 1963 Dealey Plaza quality. Decide for yourselves on the following clips.

This video shows the red vehicle driving by at a pretty good clip. He doesn’t hit anybody and just disappears out of camera range. Was this the actual experience of the real parade attendees?

This photo shows the red vehicle speeding past onlookers.

If the intent was a surprise attack, why would the SUV have its headlights on?

These clips are especially odd. The second one shows the vehicle about to enter area of the parade marchers. He inexplicably veers to the left and slows down noticeably before seemingly striking the marchers. But, par for course, the clip stops before you see anybody actually hit. Instead an “impression” is made — not real evidence. Classic black magik.

If readers locate good quality video where anybody is actually hit by the red vehicle, please put in comments below and I will update the post.

The following video compilation shows pedestrians being hit in the non-cartoon world at similar speeds. They often flip straight up and slightly to the side. Unless hit at high speeds, they don’t go far. You can see several get right back up after solid strikes.

Also, note that real people in some bad spots often can evade or take glancing, less serious blows. Humans have senses and one is hearing. Are we to believe there wasn’t screaming and a racket behind the marchers as the vehicle plowed through? Most people will not stand there like a deer in a highlights while a slow moving red vehicle mows down a parade line. That’s ridiculous on its face.

In the first video, you can hear some chatter and wailing, but look at the scene and street. It’s perfectly normal and there seems to be a lot of people just going about routine activities. Does it look like the red vehicle came ripping through here?

Second video is grainy but shows red vehicle approaching marchers as a slow speed, 20-25 mph. It inexplicably just stops and goes off frame  right as the first marcher is hit.

This clip actually shows the red vehicle entering the parade. It lasts only five seconds and shows the vehicle moving at a rather slow speed into the marchers. As it seems to make contact, the video veers off and you hear someone scream. Then the video abruptly stops and in fact the vehicle vaporizes.

In this video, you don’t even see the vehicle coming through. The filming goes herky jerky and is not clear at the crucial moment. Then you just see various bags and items in the roadway. Does the context seem right? Finally, people who are down emerge seemingly after a delay. If a SUV-size vehicle came through, why would you see people down on opposite sides of the street? Is this a SUV or a vannado?

This is footage shot from overhead. The film quality is poor and grainy. Who has a camera like this in 2021? It has a CGI look. A tree obstructs the view. Red vehicle is not going that fast. It is not at all clear why people down range couldn’t just get out of the way. Doesn’t look like that many are even hit. Reportedly, 40 people were injured and five were killed. Update: 62 injured nine critical, six dead.

Here is another version of the overhead video. It is different- has a filter of sorts laid over to obstruct and obfuscate your vision.

Here is the scene after the alleged incident.  In shades of other stagecraft we see nothing but a sidewalk.

More aftermath of people milling around. But it is just an impression and reveals nothing.

This is another of the scene afterward. You see a few people down and, strangely, they are not clustered or piled up as you might expect for 68 alleged casualties (six dead and nine critical) from a small SUV. They are on completely opposite sides of the street (see compilation video above). Again, in the other videos, we didn’t see a vehicle travelling at high speeds. This scene is very much like the vannado scenes at Nice, Barcelona and Berlin, where the bodies were also positioned very strangely. The crowd is much smaller than that seen in the tall building overhead video.

30 Comments on Strange Imagery from Waukesha Parade SUV Attack (Updated)

  1. Hard to say, really. People can’t even take their children to a Christmas parade without problems, mayhem, and loss of life. Of course, the MSM will have every possible excuse to explain away the black criminal behavior. What a world.

  2. Vehicle – pedestrian attacks (or “attacks”) have become a WW area of expertise over the years – good to see you on the beat so quickly! Are there (yet) any photos of shoes on pavement? – Is there any video of EMT response; or how much video is there of non-EMT assisting, treating, moving (especially) injured persons? I see one scene of that above (hovering over); a large public gathering (tense time in WI) police and EMT certainly would be poised to respond quickly.

    I will check back.

      • Hard call for this one, real, organic even or another hoax and fake just another psyOp.
        It has the flavor, or formula for a hoax truck attack, with some questionable video….but it has some stuff that seems real to me. Figure the timing and can fit into the narrative of BS decpeitons..

  3. My first thought upon seeing the little clip of this was to check here. The stop start/slow-fast driving of the vehicle struck me as odd and jerky. Like it was being driven by remote control.

    • “first thought”! – same here – not now – but Orlando June 2016 – could there be a better endorsement of WW?!

      Hybrid event? Make no assumptions.

      … It just goes on and on … it is wearying …

    • Brooks was not acting “organically”, as no person consuming msm narratives could be considered rational.

      Big media is truly a menace.

  4. Maybe I’m ignorant, but wouldn’t this be anything BUT a false flag? Since the vehicle occupants were not white, and the majority of those hit were white, how could this possibly be the typical false flag? If anything, the media is covering the news up and covering this only as much as they have to. If this had been a white driver, his name and life’s history would likely have been released almost immediately. Granted, the media will spin this in whichever direction they want to after the fact, but it seems unrealistic that this was a planned event.

    • Instead of getting inside and trying to guess the heads of these satanists just apply Sherlock Holmes sleuthing and start eliminating the nonsensical. There’s plenty of that here.

      It’s called the law of non-contradiction. The law of non-contradiction is a rule of logic. It states that if something is true, then the opposite of it is false. That’s why you need to examine the video evidence objectively. Does it look true or right?

    • Shelly – c’mon now. You need to up your coffee consumption or take some smart pills.
      This is obviously fake / staged and for pretty obvious reasons. Talk about the classic
      low hanging fruit. Perhaps you’re not a veteran reader of this (or other) site(s) or the
      the many content creators on Bitchute, Rumble, etc. etc. Fake, staged, hoax. Think
      of the black and white masonic (Illuminati) checkerboard. Black, White, black, white,
      lather, rinse repeat. The fact that many (most) of these (black) participants are of
      generally, loathsome character with criminal records is no accident either. Think !


    Darrell Brooks may well just be a drug addled fool who is being played by dark forces.

    Interesting how little there is in the US media the Monday morning afterwards, how low key the ‘reporting’ is and how febrile the easily found evidence of his appalling chosen lifestyle is on social media.

    The usual musically abysmal efforts (that are an insult to what’s left of rap music after the big corporations destroyed it by heavily promoting hate filled victim product seem to be an important component of the stagecraft, much as heavy metal was demonized and used in similar ways.

  6. Kyle Rittenhouse and this guy … Waukesha is around 40 miles away from Kenosha

    Seems some satanic-type imagery in the alleged SUV perp’s videos

    At one point in court Kyle made the classic Masonic hidden hand sign … here’s the pic, alongside an illustration of that gesture from Malcolm Duncan’s 1866 ‘Ritual of Freemasonry’

    Kyle told Tucker Carlson he is a ‘supporter of BLM’ … is Kyle fulfilling part of the ‘deal’ for him getting the acquit verdict under an unusual whitey-favourable judge?

    Can’t help but wonder if they are staging a few things, post 6 January, to build up another round of hope and confidence in the system, amongst the generally-attacked populist whites, as established sees the Dem Party woke dictatorship can’t hold yet

    There was the Virginia Republican Governor victory, Kyle’s acquittal, the ‘polls’ supposedly showing a ‘Republican surge’ … encouraging all those people feeling burned by the 2020 election fraud, to go ahead and play at the casino yet again

  7. I usually take the classic counterintelligence approach on many of these, given that many events that are graphic, disturbing, and often worse barely get covered (just put ‘Demons Den’ in your RSS feed, and truecrimedaily- a lot of shit goes on). So if something has a political edge to it, I tend to lean in that direction, trying to be objective but already knowing that they are going to use those basic tactics. And with the basic counterintelligence maneuver, some of it, often some part of the main event, has to be ‘real.’ Doesn’t mean they planned it, either. Often times informants, agitators, people working in private security or undercover outside- hidden variables- could play a role. Like someone said above, you look at the profile of the person of interest, maybe he was an easy target to ‘be driven’ (no pun intended) to do something like this. They tap into his friends, his drug supply (do we know if he was intoxicated? on what?), start messing with his head- which if the FB post was real, he was already a bit wired. Great example- although HBO is mostly garbage- is that doc ‘The Newburgh Sting’- where that time it was Arabs. The Feds use their proxy groups to infiltrate, encourage this kind of event. And remember- doesn’t have to be ‘feds,’ either, although they get an easy out, through certain legal loopholes. Someone else could use similar tactics- although with all the spy technology these days, someone posting shit like that, tough for me to believe someone somewhere in the federal bureaucracy isn’t aware, at least looking the other way- letting the agitation take place organically. Then the only ‘Psyop’ they need is in the perceptual aspects- if they see it coming, make sure someone is on the ground with a camera. Tough to control all the footage. To me it looks like some people got hit- but then they just amp up the division with the next level stuff- newspaper articles with statistics that don’t seem to match the video clips. Like you said, a trucknado?

    Maybe a good exercise in understanding how 40 people could be injured by that slow moving vehicle- unless it just continued to hit more and more as it goes off camera. Seemed more like it hit/injured a lower number- and that’s one of those they can just retract as an ‘oops’ later- after it already had the impact, just like the ‘Kyle Rittenhouse Shot three black people’ articles that the MSM released, just to say ‘Oops’ and retract it, because he didn’t shoot any black people, it was two Jews and a White dude (if I remember correctly). Fucked up part is, the more those using these tactics aren’t seriously taken to account, the more it is used as an excuse for more censorship- on both sides. Side one, blue hats, are just Aspen Institute, Noahide Rainbow pro censorship Cornballs. Side Two is pro constitution, but gets lured into censorship, by one, being triggered into Puritanical Christianity through constant retarded unchecked false-flagging, causing an inverse over-reaction (like Victorian Englanders, whom the Neocon Accelerationists- like Curtis Yarvin- Praise), and by just wanting ‘equal treatment,’ and so being lured into a kind of ‘eye for an eye censorship, when taking the high road keeps being dismissed over and over. That’s the shit that has to stop. No reason with all of the tech the Military has at this point that SOMEONE cannot see wtf is going on, see that there are people clearly plotting to do certain things to undermine basic foundational principles that benefit everyone, and reverse that trend. Neocons have done nothing but whine and get nothing done for two decades now, expanding this Pro-East-Asian National Security State, while lying to get votes from their mostly rural, white manual laboring vote (‘Deplorables’). They need to grow a pair if they are actually ‘Defending’ anything. Trillions in a budget for trash talk, to just mimic and become your foreign enemies, your own domestic subversives? They’re the biggest failures in human history, if that’s the case.

  8. When you have that different ‘intuition’ toward an event like this, it is because it is the correct intuition! This whole ‘truck drove through the Xmas parade’ in Wisconsin is another psy-op! Holding a Xmas parade before Thanksgiving is the number one red flag! Really? The convenient, well edited videos put on youtube that fill you with suspense and fear! They tickle you content, but we see no cell-phone footage from the hundreds at the parade street where the truck drove through? This was too manufactured & planned-out!

    There was the video of the truck plowing through the pedestrians at the end of the article that looked ‘real,’ but video can be so intricately doctored today! The tech they have today can alter faces, speech, movement, etc. It’s enormous how we can be deceived now through TV & the Internet! You cannot trust anything you see on ‘the news’ anymore at all! That is how advanced the deception is!

    Watch the level now of deception!

  9. Jewish Lizzie Grubman – yelled ‘F–k you White Trash’, as she rammed her Mercedes SUV into a crowd, injuring 16 people; she served 38 days in jail

    James Fields Jr – panicked and fleeing an Antifa mob attacking him with baseball bats, his car pushed into a crowd, an obese woman fell over and died, and he deeply apologised; sentenced to life in prison plus 419 years

    photo meme on this –

  10. OT for Russ Winter as he contemplates the future

    Significant article on the Hungary-based Remix news service covering the 4 Visegrád countries, this one suggesting the old days are really over for the Czech Republic, the new government is going deep into the Soros agenda, tilting away from the V4

    ‘Will Czechia’s new government abandon Hungary and Poland?’

    Hungary’s Orbán might not only lose in 2022, he has gone vaccine-mad with his ‘get vaxed or die’ aggression, he is not so ‘based’ anymore

    On the other hand, the biggest anti-vaccine, anti-covid-pass demonstration in Europe was in Croatia, 100,000 participating, that’s 1 out of every 40 people in the whole country … Follow the Czech vacationers down to Croatia sometime

  11. For whatever reason, the vehicle did NOT drive back to the residence. It drove onto a flatbed and was then deposited on the drive. Nice and uneven too….

  12. Seems to be a ton of ‘Strategy of Tension’ activity going on on social media surrounding this, highly reminiscent of the ‘Covington Catholic’ debacle. A lot of the accounts then, and probably now, tend to be tied to NGOs, Private Security from all over, cadres of informants, or within that spectrum, some criminal groups who have something to gain from the ‘tension.’ One guy had an interesting take, that they could use incidents like these as ‘Self-Driving Car’ propaganda. One angle- of course with anything like this, it’s ‘Dual Use’ in the very least. Here’s just a basic end of the day write-up from an outlet that does a decent job, overall. Seems to be an awful lot of extreme its either ‘all fake’ or absurd, ‘he was justified in hitting them’ tweets, which tells me it’s being used as a way to stir up chaos, one way or another.

    Of course, no coincidence that this is coming right off the heels of that Rittenhouse trial. And maybe even more importantly, while the Ghislaine Maxwell trial is taking place. I see it- without having to summarize anything about the event- as a terror event to distract from the latter, divide people further, especially since there was a total media blackout of the massive international protests over the weekend- so it’s a sort of counter/follow-up reaction to balkanize people in reaction to those. Always remember to use ‘informant’ instead of ‘crisis actor,’ too, because that was a term planted to make anyone who questions anything on the media sound like an asshole, instead of people who are allowed to question things. Best to frontload it with respect for anyone who might’ve been hurt, as well. Because they will amp up the retarded anger toward the victims to justify censorship, no doubt.

  13. Ok, that South Park thing was weird. I had to play it over a couple of times to catch it because it went by pretty quickly. Good call. Hard to ignore. The powers that be will definitely use this and spin it to whatever storyline they choose, after the fact. I’m still having a hard time seeing this as a preplanned event as opposed to a tragic event that they will spin to their liking. But…..this South Park thing does seem pretty hard to totally ignore, especially with the history of cartoons being used as predictive programming.

    Someone made a comment that it was a Christmas event before Thanksgiving. Sure, maybe a bit odd, but probably not that unusual. This city has had some kind of parade or event like this for something like 50 years, so it may have some precedence for being close to this time of year. I’ve seen no comments from locals stating the event was suddenly on an odd weekend. Also, the fact that the driver had his headlights on may not mean anything, as many cars, if not most, have automatic lights that go on as the light conditions dictate.

    • Does KR support BLM which was responsible for the property destruction he volunteered to repair? Is DB the real driver of the red SUV that knocked a few people over in the preThanksgiving Christmas parade? Will GM’s trial for procuring middle school aged girls to act as sex toys for boomer antIChrists be aired on tv as prodigiously as these previous stories? Stay tuned for the next episode of ‘Days of Our Demise’.

  14. Waukesha Parade Christmas Parade SUV Attack on 21 November 2021

    Propaganda of the Deed : Anarchist : Alexander Berkman

    21 November 2021 = Alexander Berkman’s 151 st birthday

    151 = Prime ( 36 )

    Prime ( 36 ) = Prime ( 6×6 ) >666666

    See also :

    Propaganda of the Deed and Colin Kaepernick – “Taking the Knee”


  15. More 151’s on Propaganda of the Deed : Alexander Berkman’s 151 st birthday …

    Recall that the Kyle Rittenhouse shooting on August 25, 2020 was during the rioting that followed the police shooting and injuring of BLM Jacob Blake on August 23, 2020

    Shooting of Jacob Blake

    Kenosha unrest shooting

    The SUV Attack on the Waukesha Christmas Parade on November 21, 2021 followed the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse on November 19, 2021

    From the police shooting and injuring of BLM Jacob Blake on August 23, 2020

    to the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse on November 19, 2021 is :

    = 453 days

    and :

    From the Kyle Rittenhouse shooting on August 25, 2020

    to the SUV Attack on the Waukesha Christmas Parade on November 21, 2021 is :

    = 453 days


    453 = 3 x 151

    151= Prime ( 36 ) = P( 36 ) = P( 6×6 ) = P( 6+6+6+6+6+6 )

    453 = P( 6+6+6+6+6+6+6 ) + P( 6+6+6+6+6+6+6 ) + P( 6+6+6+6+6+6+6 )

    666666 x3

    Note also :

    6 years, 6 months, 6 weeks, 6 days before the SUV Attack on the Waukesha Christmas Parade on November 21, 2021 …

    Charleston, SC., Police shot dead BLM Walter Scott on April 4, 2015, – the 47 th anniversary of the assassination of MLK Jr. on April 4, 1968 …


      • My view of the design considerations for very complex scripts, such as 9/11 for example, where there are multiples players, nodes, places, & events, is that the kabbalists have progressed from manually invoking human imagination, memory and scrolls & quills, to using more sophisticated design tools using machines like those computer thingies, which, as we all hopefully know by now, rely on rules based behaviours to perform their tasks, which probably explains the shared signatures evident across different scripts …

        No synaesthesia required …


  16. They like to try and pit different groups including racial against each other, don’t buy into the hate. Expect there to be more trans against Christians incidents like the Nashville Covenant School shooting (the shooter’s shoes change color in the footage, they did a shooting drill at that school prior to the real event which is where some of that footage is coming from).

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