Biden Suggests He Will Mandate A New COVID Vaccine Booster This Fall

Trending Politics | August 27, 2023

While speaking with reporters in Lake Tahoe over the weekend, President Biden said that he had asked Congress for funding on a new and “necessary” COVID-19 vaccine booster. The president then suggested that the new booster will likely be “recommended” for all Americans, regardless of their previous vaccination status.

Biden was asked by a reporter on Friday if he had any comments on a reported uptick in COVID-19 cases and the emergence of a new variant. “Yes, I can,” Biden replied. “I signed off this morning on a proposal we have to present to Congress a request for additional funding for a new vaccine that is necessary, that works.”


3 Comments on Biden Suggests He Will Mandate A New COVID Vaccine Booster This Fall

  1. Who cares what this idiot mandates, he has no authority to mandate anything, our constitution does not give him any such right, This creep is an enemy of Humanity and is trying to kill those gullible enough to believe any of his insane ideas or thoughts.
    This Satanist is not my President, never has been or ever will be, he is a flat out criminal Satanist who will do anything for money.

  2. It’s a demoralization ritual at this point. They can’t do shit to force that on you. Don’t fall for their fear tactics.

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