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Blast From the Past: Deceptive Imagery from Paris Attacks


At the Charlie Hebdo event in Paris on Jan. 7, 2015, a “police officer” was administered a coup-de-grâce head shot by “terrorist.” Yet, not one speck of blood or splatter was anywhere to be seen.

One of the more ludicrous scenes in these events flashes back to the gunning down of a “terrorist” at a Jewish supermarket in Paris following the Hebdo event. At 00:00:42 in the next video, the gunman comes running out and is met by a corridor of 20 to 30 policeman on each side and in close proximity. The “terrorist” is then mowed down in a crossfire — with police firing toward each other. In the real world versus cartoon world, how many police in line of fire would have also been hit?

In the next video, “forensic experts” are seen examining a terrorist’s detonated suicide vest located right next to a restaurant’s windows. Yet, incredibly, the windows of restaurant were spotless and unscathed. Oh, miracles of miracles.

At 0:55 this crew can be observed smoking at the cordoned off crime scene – in complete violation of police procedure. According to a U.S. national crime investigation manual (page 5): “Persons should NOT smoke or chew tobacco … within the established boundaries of the scene.”

If this guy is so dangerous, then why didn’t they remove the bag slung over his chest? After all, it was said that the Bataclan suicidal “terrorists” carried detonation devices.

Did “Andre the Giant” from the Bataclan’s alley end up dead on a Paris sidewalk? Actually, he looks bigger than Andre. Those sidewalk bollards in Europe are about 90 cm in height.

At last, a clean and decent higher-resolution photo below, but where’s the sign of a bomb in this establishment? Did the set-up ops forget to break the glasses and undisturbed bottles? Gee, wizards- couldn’t you have just knocked them off the tables? Chairs are neatly stacked as though this were a storage locker. If I didn’t know any better, I would think someone is trying to make a false insurance claim. Second photo shows a real bomb blast in Pakistan.

A WTF Hoax Fail and Test of the One Trick Ponies

During a curbside news report by Europe’s notorious Sky News after the Paris attacks, a dead ringer for one of the alleged terrorists and subject of a “massive manhunt,” Abdeslam Ben Salah, casually strolls in front of the camera and gives us a little smirk. Does this look like a terrorist on the run to you? Either this is a sick joke or French security is worthless. Regardless, I’m sure somebody asked for a large police-state budget increase.

I was waiting with baited breath for the standard “miracle story” part of the script, and here it is: A man named “Sylvester” claims his cell phone blocked shrapnel. Ah, that finally explains why eyewitness video footage from the public has been so lacking.

The Crime Syndicate behind the Bataclan Paris staged deception know that there are holes in their story big enough to drive a truck through. A question I asked from Day 1: How did masked, heavily armed gunmen get such easy access into the theater and go unnoticed by a large crowd.


The method being used of late is to roll out one of the key actors, Jesse “The Devil” Hughes, with some true confessions and “new insights.” Jesse is spinning the yarn that when he came to the theater that night he “noticed security was missing,” causing him to speculate on an “inside job.”

In addition, he speculates that guns saved the day. This serves not only as misdirection and controlled opposition but also to put the fraud briefly back into the news cycle with false “revised possibilities” to be “solved.” It also answers the question that those with greater critical thinking skills may be asking, such as where the heck did this big story go? Hughes also offers more ritualistic New Age mumble jumble, contradictions and other incoherent stories in these interviews.

The method is called “confession and avoidance,” or “taking the limited-hangout route.” This way, you create the phony impression of candor and honesty while admitting to only relatively harmless, less-than-criminal aspects. This stratagem often requires the embrace of a fallback position quite different from the one originally taken. A fallback position need only be peddled by the stooges to skeptics and carefully limited audiences.

A variation of this is lightly reporting incriminating facts, and then making nothing of them. This is sometimes referred to as “bump-and-run” reporting.

The add-on tactic to Hughes’ new limit hangout role was to flood the Internet with disinfo agents. For instance, Reddit’s conspiracy subreddit had the Hughes story multiple times and with liberal up votes.

What could possibly motivate a person to spend hour upon hour on Internet news groups defending the government or Crime Syndicate and/or the press and harassing and suppressing genuine critics? Doth protest to loudly. Don’t the authorities have enough defenders in all the newspapers, magazines, radio and television?

What would a good fraud be like without my favorite tugging-at-the-heartstrings crisis actress. She was at Boston, Sandy Hook, Aurora and wouldn’t you know it, now Paris and Manchester.

And who can forget the one-for-the-ages 60 Minutes Emma interview after the Bataclan “massacre” As you observe her, especially in the second clip, keep in mind that she just experienced, one week before, a supposed slaughter of 90 concert goers and the wounding of many more.

And who can forget Mason Wells, the alleged shrunken-head “Mormon missionary,” who survived his third “terrorist attack” in Brussels. The incredulous story goes that Wells was in the Boston Marathon and Paris events as well.

Read “Mason Wells from Brussels Blast: Head Shrinks After Miracle Recovery”

26 Comments on Blast From the Past: Deceptive Imagery from Paris Attacks

  1. “The Weight of Logic” in some people’s heads isn’t accessible. Their programming won’t allow them to go there.

  2. Once people know what to look for in these “events”, the road to the truth becomes shorter and more well defined. Such is the case in the latest ordeal in Poway. Again, shooting victims are out of the hospital before the blood has time to dry. Thanks to Jeffersonian girl for here work on this latest hoax.

  3. Good idea to “update and revamp” – but I fear you’ll fall behind and never catch up – what about the Apr 28 Synagogue shooting in CA? – another assault rifle, another manifesto! – and yes, another “victim” with a bandaged hand! (He looks vaguely familiar).

    Seriously, I am trying (with your help) to think “methodologically” about these events – something like “knowing what to look for” as another commentor says.

    But: “Trivium method” – at the top? Have not heard of that – has that been discussed here? – Do you have a link?

    • Trivium method asks who, what, where, when, how and why and apples the law of non-contradiction. It also recognizes that the evidence or input has to be available. More and more that is being scrubbed and hidden, so part of the art is to find it, or even refind it. I also call that low hanging fruit.

      The videos and images in this post are the inputs to apply the questions against. If you don’t have the inputs yet- such as is typical of more contained or recent events, like a good quarterback you run another play – for the purpose of finding the larger truth. In fact the wizards want you to jump the gun where you have poor inputs. Accordingly we can’t always be married to their news cycle.

      The Paris attacks and the others I am running with this week definitely still applies and there is much better input. For example in trivium logic we determine what an AR round would have done as shown in video #1- blown the downed officers brains out all over the sidewalk. The fact that we don’t see that violates the law of non-contradiction. The law of non-contradiction is a rule of logic. It states that if something is true (such as a bullet striking one’s head resulting in a nasty wound and blood splatter), then the opposite of it is false.

      Wash, rinse, repeat this all down the page of the post. We know that the likelihood of an 8 foot covered body on the sidewalk violates the law of non-contradiction and is magical thinking, etc, etc.

      • very interesting – the term at least is new to me … but kinda sounds like just “good reasoning” / “critical thinking” – I will take a look at both links -thanks

        Good to focus on video 1 – I remember it well that day – I remember the intro from the TV talking heads – “Oh it’s so disturbing, don’t watch if you’re sensitive” – on an on in a “hushed and horrified” way.

        So I watched and I said: Huh?! – He missed! And he didn’t try again?! And then turned his back to an armed LEO? And that other guy is not helping out? What’s going on there?! … and you are saying that people literally fail to see that he did, in fact, miss?! – amazing! (Oh yeah, right, cartoon world!)

        I do not remember video #2 – that’s funny!

        = =
        The manifesto, by the way, of the Apr 27 CA synagogue shooter contained a warning about the: “schizos who will inevitably call this a ‘false flag’ … ”

        That may well be a new note (can’t say that I’ve actually read any of the manifestos) – perhaps good news for our side? for critical thinkers? – “they” are a bit rattled, a bit defensive perhaps?

        • This is a basic explanation. It is a method to counter the wizardry and black magik being employed. The other key aspect is language, and I have referred to the list of fallacious arguments and pilpuring (aka BS). Using words correctly (rhetoric) and not letting others use newspeak is also essential Trivium. Dictionaries are useful.

  4. In France, we regularly have this kind of article to keep people in the belief and fear of the event:

    Patrick Jardin, father of a Bataclan victim, is registered S by the Macron police (1/5/19)

    Father of 13 November victim calls for jihadists to be killed, Twitter suspends account (3/2/19)

    By the way, for the past three years they have always brought out this “Patrick Jardin”. I saw very few other relatives of alleged victims who were speaking out.

    Bataclan attacks. The military has been ordered not to intervene, victims file complaints (8/6/18)

    The information was already available as early as November 2015. No hurry for these relatives of victims….

    Nice attack: the anger of Yanis’ parents, 4 years old, buried without his organs (4/4/19)

    Bataclan attack: Bérénice, the baby born from the union of two survivors (27/4/19)

    Here I quote the most recent articles, if I had to do so since 2015….

  5. And alleged Sandyhook victim Noah Posner, whose photo showed up two years later as having died in a terrorist attack in Peshawar, Pakistan. Are they poking fun at us?

  6. I’m as questioning and untrusting of media as any of you. Also aware of the top level perps.

    However, I have several close friends who were on the Eagles of Death Metal crew at that show and I’m telling you it absolutely happened. I had many questions about it as well that didn’t add up but their first hand accounts can’t be dismissed. They worked with, personally knew and watched some of the touring crew get shot and die. Not to mention all the deaths in the crowd.

    Question it all you want, I sure did. But I questioned some who were actually there because I had the opportunity.

    It damn well happened and many actually died.

    And yes, I’m very informed on false flags. No doubt the others listed in your article are highly questionable to say the least. But the E of DM event happened.

    • Your comment is a close cut and paste of others I have received on these topics. As a rule when I hear about so called eyewitnesses or people involved I try to arrange to have an investigator I know interview them. Nobody has ever answered my challenge. If these are close friends perhaps you could conduct and record the inquiry.

      • just because people do not do exactly what you would like them to do to prove it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

        The people I personally know who were there were very traumatized by the event. They are still dealing with it and working through it believe it or not. You can see it in their faces during the conversations.

        One friend in particular, his first name is Shawn, was their tour manager and was at FOH (front of house – sound & lighting control area for the laymen) when this started. He and a couple others at that location immediately went under the FOH desk for cover.

        Eventually one of the shooters realized they were there and came around to shoot them. The only reason Shawn is still here is the shooters last mag was finally empty and he didn’t realize it. They were all pretty much out of ammo by that point. (for those who don’t know AK47’s do not have a bolt hold-open feature when empty unlike an AR15).

        He and the others at FOH (before the point I made above) witnessed one of their merch crew who was at a table on the left side of the room (if memory serves) eventually become defiant and stand up from his cover. He started yelling at the shooters and was shot & killed. I recall saying he couldn’t believe he didn’t just stay down because he might still be alive.

        He described when the police finally entered having to walk through all the dead bodies and blood to exit (there was no way to miss them). He mentioned the police telling them not to look down (because it was so bad) but he of course took in the entire scene.

        I’ll ask if this particular gentleman is interested in an interview with you (he can connect you to others who were there) but I seriously doubt he would be interested. I recall the last conversation we had about it, we were at a hotel restaurant/bar in Queensland New Zealand not quite 2 years ago, just before this covid BS hit. The emotions and trauma he was still dealing with was pretty strong even after the years since the event. Another crew member was present during this conversation and gave his accounting as well.

        This one happen folks. I have no doubt there were many lies in the planning of and coverage of it, but it happened.

          • so utilizing VPN’s is not a common thing these days ? Don’t mean a thing.

            BTW, the Zastava M70 is an AK47 variant. You’re clearly not a gun guy.

            I’ve carried and used them in war and asked my friend a lot of questions about the shooters and what it was like for him. Details like what it actually sounded like and felt like to have rounds going near by and hitting bodies near you. All things I have lived through.

            He has zero experience like I do. Zero. There is no way he would have been able to detail to me what he did without experiencing it.

            • I very rarely see people using a vpn here or at least different IPs so yes it is unusual.

              It is your second party claim about a friend that means nothing- however:

              If your friend is for real I’m working on setting up an appearance on James Fetzer show The Event on the 24th. Would he be good to go? One of The best researchers on these Paris staged deceptions is Kevin Barrett who has written a book on it. He has all the details and would be best suited to quiery your alleged eyewitnesses.

              • how would you know people are utilizing a VPN on here if not for IP changes ? There’s no intellectual crime in that. Frankly, given the jew controlled world we live in its something most should be doing.

                I will pass this request along with the call-in number but highly doubt he would be interested. He does not frequent sites or shows of this nature. He’s not 100% normie but not far from it.

                He knows what he lived through and was lucky to survive. He doesn’t care about convincing you of his experience. I do recall him mentioning he’s aware of people out there who do not believe this particular event took place and it amazes him this is the case. Which it would.

                Don’t get me wrong man, I’m with you on this stuff. Countless false flags and agendas, I’m questioning and sceptical of everything just as much as you are. But I know my friend is telling the truth. Actually I have three friends who were there and they are equally telling the truth. I’ve known these people for a long time.

                These individuals are not hell bent on setting the record straight for people who frequent sites like this. They are doing their best to get past it and I can certainly understand that.

                • Well then their low or no value input will pass like a leaf in the wind and have no effect one way or the other. Accordingly the readers here, myself included, will properly ignore this as evidence or anything else.

                  • don’t expect you or anyone else to just believe me without evidence, why would you even suggest that ?

                    All I’m saying is I’ve known these guys for a long time. (I’ve had more conversations with with one of them more so than the others).

                    When in person and conversing about this you can see it in his face. You can tell he actually went through this. These guys are “involved in” anything, and certainly have zero motivation to make this up. There IS evidence they were there. I know that because of what I do and have access to .

                    Nothing more than that.

                    I wouldn’t believe it either if I were you but I’m not, and know these guys well. They lived through this.

                    All the rest of the events referenced here are BS, no question.

                    I’ll tell you another one I know to have happened for a fact is the Ariana Grande Concert at Manchester Arena. My friend Hutch (who I’ve known for about 22+ years was the promoter rep on that tour and at that show.

                    He detailed to me what happened and what he saw at the scene. Hutch was an old school hardcore Brit with an attitude for a lot of years. After seeing the scattered limbs etc. he was a changed man. A year or more later he was still a mess and trying to deal with it.

                    Couldn’t care less what you think of what I wrote here. I know these men and these events happened.

                    Might not be for the media stated reasons and no doubt somehow the usual suspects were involved, but these two are not false flags that did not occur.

                    Those are the only two events of this type I have any connection with.

                    I really do wish I could talk these guys into chatting with you to pass on the details. In person though you would have no doubt of what I’m saying just to look at them while telling it.

                    • Manchester was also a full blown staged deception. Grande exhibited some of the worst duping delight ever afterwards. The Eagles of Death Metal at least refrained from that when reading their script.

                    • well, someone needs to explain to me what happened to Hutch at that show (I can prove he was there), where his story came from and why he’s so traumatized from it ?

                      I know he wasn’t abducted by aliens

    • I do truth activism on the streets, it’s suoer funny, pretty much every single time I bring up the Boston bombing, sandy hook, Las Vegas shooting etc etc, there is ALWAYS at a minimum someone in the crowd who’s “friend “was killed in the fake attack, happens like clockwork!!!

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