White Liberals Hate Their Race More Than Ever Before

The following chart is a stunner. It demonstrates the widespread adaption of discordian Illuminist thinking by a segment of the white population labelled as “liberals.” But these aren’t your father’s liberals. It shows the average differences in feelings of warmth (measured along a 0-100 scale) by whites towards their in-group compared to nonwhites (e.g., Asians, Hispanics and blacks).

In terms of blacks, Asians and Hispanics, it shows what one would expect: love toward one’s in-group.  But among whites, there’s a major divide along the lines of political ideology. Non-liberal whites felt “warmth” toward those of their same race and ethnicity at slightly lower levels compared to the other races. White liberals, however, were the only subgroup that exhibited a profound pro out-group bias.

Chart source: Tablet Magazine (good link)

The next chart shows the in-group breakdown among the liberal and conservative whites. The “very conservative” expressed the greatest in-group pride, while the “very liberal” (leftists) expressed extreme levels of self-hate.

The phenomena appears to be new. Traditionally, white liberals of the past didn’t demonstrate an overt other race bias. Notice that historically, there was little difference between moderates and conservatives.

A recent study found that white liberals draw little distinction between economic class, but there is reduced sympathy for poor whites compared to poor blacks. Our takeaway is that this is the result of long-term Hollywood propaganda that continues to portray poor whites as hicks and white trash, and especially those from the Heartland or the South.

Another incredible chart shows the spectrum of attitudes toward the concept of privilege across the ideological spectrum. White liberals, moderates and conservatives all slave under the delusion that men have major advantage and privilege.

The real shocker though is the belief in some sort of “Fiddler on the Roof” downtrodden view of Jews — a point of view that basically ignores and is blind to plain-to-see Jewish privilege, wealth and in-group nepotism.

HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT: AG Merrick Garland’s Nepotism Connection is Chilling Dissent Toward Critical Race Theory Peddlers in K-12 Education

There’s very little difference between white liberals and conservatives on this question. In the latter group, we are clearly dealing with the plague of evangelical Christian dispensationalist Zionism. Across the political spectrum is the belief that “white males” have far more privilege than Jews. Also ignored is the considerable political influence built up by LGBT people.

Between 1965 and 2000, the percentage of white liberals preferring increased immigration levels never deviated far from 10%. From the mid-2000s to roughly the end of President Obama’s second term in office, this figure gradually ascended into the 20% to 30% range. As of 2018, it sits at over 50%.

Some might argue that this is some sort of hyperbolic Hegelian dialectic reaction to Trump. However, the data shows that the percentage of white liberals perceiving “a lot” or “a great deal” of discrimination against immigrants more than doubled between 2000 (29%) and 2013 (57%) — well before Trump arrived on the scene.

Additionally, between 2006 and 2014, the percentage of white liberals saying they feel “very sympathetic” toward illegal immigrants and their families grew from 22% to 42%.

The Tablet article states, “There is no simple or single explanation for how this process got started. It appears to be driven by an interplay of factors: preexisting tendencies among white liberals; a series of polarizing events like the police shooting of Michael Brown and subsequent riots in Ferguson, and the migrant crisis; the rise of millennials as a political force, and the explosion of social media and ‘woke’ clickbait journalism. The years between 2012 and 2016 were a watershed for white liberal racial consciousness.”

We would add the plutocratic foundations have poured billions into this indoctrination.

Read: Rockefeller Foundation: Hardly a Gentile White to be Found

Widespread Defacto Communists 

Seventy percent of millennial respondents born in 1982-2002 in a recent YouGov survey said they would be either “somewhat likely” or “extremely likely” (the survey’s words) to vote for a socialist candidate for elected office, including the presidency.

Thirty-six percent of respondents—more than a third—also said they approve of Communism, a figure, MarketWatch observes, that “is up significantly from 28% in 2018.”

Communism is actually a massive conspiracy to consolidate wealth. But unrestrained neo-liberal capitalism and communism are just two sides of the same New Underworld Order coin.

The education industry scam has a major impact of the attitudes of millennial and Gen Z. Total balances owed to pay for higher education more than doubled since 2009 to around $1.5 trillion today – equal to nearly 8% of annual U.S. economic output. Nearly 11% of the total outstanding is 90 days or more behind in payments.

Then to top it off the education system in a perfect storm has indoctrinated these debtors into dead end political philosophies.

Leftists have a proclivity to be engaged in influencing and capturing the sistema. Once empowered they bring on board comrades and fellow travelers. Given that these operatives have no sense of fair play, the next thing you know an authoritarian neo-Stasi state is in place.

Winter Watch Takeaway

We believe the primary cause of the epidemic of white self-hate is deliberate. It’s the cynical digitalization of moral-outrage social engineering conducted through the Kakistocracy’s media arms. This was well documented in “Out of the Blue: Insertion of Social Engineering Terms into Kakistocratic News Publications.”

It was as if a memo was sent down ordering the promotion of certain shadow language and weasel words.

Same is true of the term “systemic racism” – once again the script writers created and utilized this vague term and launched it into orbit. It showed up on all forms of media and what passes for academia.

Some terms were relatively unseen until 2013, such as “white privilege.” This scam arrived seemingly “out of the blue” and was certainly not organic.

Hate crime reached a 21-year low in 2014, and has risen very slightly since. But that’s not what the media, radicalized politicos or advocacy organizations would have you believe. See the real versus fictitious hate crime data in “The Hidden Truth About US Hate Crime in 47 Charts.”

It’s essential to start fully dissecting and understanding the role of false flags and staged victim-hood deceptions, though we know such examinations are not popular and are heavily censored — even among some of our readers. Hoaxes, false flags and staged deceptions are contributing to the alchemy of this rapidly emerging neo-Bolshevik matrix that is engulfing the US and cultures elsewhere.






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11 Comments on White Liberals Hate Their Race More Than Ever Before

    • Since the powers that be seem ready to run the same financial implosion in China, as they did in Japan (Osaka / Leeson – mid 1990s), the idea of a lost generation or three and a few lost decades ought to have a wonderful impact on the youth of that nation and all of its trading partner nations.


  1. RE: the chart showing the number of news articles featuring “White Privilege”. Notice the acceleration during Obama’s second term. Interesting

  2. “We believe the primary cause of the epidemic of white self-hate is deliberate. It’s the cynical digitalization of moral-outrage social engineering conducted through the Kakistocracy’s media arms. ”

    Yeah, but this same situation is occurring within the African American / black / brown community. Skin bleaching, blue / green contacts, hair straitening, and hair blonding has been pushed by stars in this community and their Kakistocracy controllers since the 1990s. Think about it, the largest pop / R&B recording artist (by album sales) decided he did not like being African American / black / brown, and went through what must have been an excruciating skin bleaching process and lots of plastic surgery so that he could look his own (fictional) idol, frickin’ Peter Pan:

    So I do believe self hatred can be a universal insecurity that the “powers which be” utilize to sell all sorts of self destruction.

    • Thank you (again!), SC, for this comment, since I’ve been thinking about why MJ did this “therapy”, for years. And yes, while there are plenty of “self-hating whites” out there (not in my neck of the woods, though, even with a Hispanic majority), the one group I’ve noticed online that is more self-hating than any other, IMHO, is this one: self-hating JEWS!

      • Yeah, I have to agree with you on that one, even though I do not always like to admit it (I mean who really wants someone else to hate themselves?).

        Jewish folks do spend an awful lot of time self loathing, which one can often see in stand-up comedy. Yet, I have even known some pretty cool Hasidim folks who really did not seem to like themselves, their faith or even other Jewish folks very much…real shame, because I think that self hatred manifests itself in the very problems that give Jewsih folks such a bad rap.

        So I am really with you on this one, but I think we both wish it were different since neither of us would want some other person to hate themselves or their lives…just ain’t how the Lord made us.


  3. I’d argue too that they are not ‘liberal’ in any cultural sense of the word. They argue against ‘liberty,’ and have developed a culturally-conservative religion called Communitarianism, which for the plebs is translated into ‘Woke’ and cries about ‘Anti-Semitism.’ Woke is just the same format for non-Jewish groups that has always been used with the race-ethnicity-religious identity matrix runaround, where they are in denial about each one, never taking accountability. I posed Gilad Atzmons talk about this in another of Russ comment sections, from YT called ‘Jews, Judaism, and Jewishness’ where you can see this format of outgroup hatred and ingroup shaming being developed into a racket where those within the wealthy ingroup can use it to their advantage, a kind of casino-ization of identity. The whole thing really started back with British Zionism, the Jesuit Order, and the Orientialist ‘Enlightenment’ travelers, though- many of whom were ‘white’ British aristocrats of your wealthy Freemasonic or Zionist-Protestant order. They’d go traveling around, communicating with their little Jesuit friends abroad, who had spy networks everywhere in ‘The East,’ in China, Persia, India. And they’d go have ‘adventures,’ write big braggart stories about their travels, and come back lecturing the other British, especially those who were unrefined, about how little they knew about humanity, how terrible it was not to be a cosmopolitan. i.e. the first ‘globo-homos’ as people use the term now. But along with this came a fake ‘white self-hatred’- a sort of upper-class false self-deprecation, where they would loathe British conquest, wealth, etc- all while still doing it, but using it to guilt everyone into ‘expanding their tastes’ into ‘Orientalism,’ hence, ‘The Enlightenment,’ a penchant for Eastern Religion, Near-East Philosophy and Occultism as well, which is where ‘Aryanism’ and all of that came from- which was obsessed with Lurianic Kabbalah (Chinese-Jewish Kabbalah) and this idea of ‘Aryan’ Proto-Europeans coming from a Persian and Vedic Warrior caste. All a bunch of fraud, plagiarism, and manipulation- but they used these same tactics of Xenophilia and guilting people about caring for their ingroup and their home country. All detailed in a book I recommend everyone read called ‘Unfabling the East’- a ton of the first wokeness in there, coming straight from the British-Zionists and Protestants, as well as French Jesuits.

    • “[‘Liberals’] argue against ‘liberty’”. How very true … Your comment prompted me to collect the following thoughts.

      The other day my much-awaited new book arrived …

      • On Resistance to Evil By Force – Ivan Alexandrovich Ilyin

      Written in 1925 in the context of the atrocities committed by the Jewish led Bolshevists against tens of millions of Russians, it has only been translated into English as recently as 2018 by K Benois.


      Matthew Raphael Johnson introduced me to Ilyin:

      • The Orthodox Nationalist – Ivan Ilyin on Democracy and Evil – TON 090121 – Matthew Raphael Johnson


      • Russian Nationalist Philosopher – Ivan Ilyin – Matthew Raphael Johnson

      I have started this at 21:23 to whet your appetite – just rewind if it gets your attention


      “One of the important central concepts in Ivan Ilyin’s thinking is the definition of freedom. The word ‘freedom’ in the West has been butchered to the point where it now almost means the opposite of what it originally was meant to be. The word that we should use I think that would make better sense is ‘autonomy’ rather than freedom. In the West there’s a tendency to believe that freedom refers to the ability to do whatever you want, that there is a lack of external restraint and so it comes down to being able to act arbitrarily, having no reason to act the way you do, because there can be no causality-[…] it’s freedom to do whatever you want, and that’s somehow a good thing.”

      I was taken aback by the relevance of Ilyin’s writing to the current day evil of the Covidian cult – a form of modern medical Bolshevism.

      Here are some passages. Without further comment, I will let you apply your own thoughts, experience and interpretation …

      From Chapter 2. On Non-Resistance to Evil

      “In fact, what would “non-resistance” [to evil] mean, in the sense of the absence of any resistance? This would mean accepting evil: letting it in and giving it freedom, scope and power. If under these conditions the uprising of evil occurred, and non-resistance continued, it would mean subordination to it, a surrender of the self to it, participation in it, and finally, turning oneself into its instrument, into its body, into its cesspool, its playing, an absorbed element thereof. It would be a voluntary self-corruption and self-infection at the start, and the active spread of infection among other people and their involvement in its coordination by the end.
      Moreover, for however long there is a dislike in the soul or at least a vague disgust, then the person still resists: he, perhaps, does not rise up in any way, but he is still divided, he fights within himself and as a result, the very acceptance of evil fails him; even while completely passive externally, he resists evil internally, condemns it, is indignant, exposes it before himself, does not succumb to his fears and temptations, and even succumbing in part reproaches himself for it, gathers with the spirit, resents himself, turns away from it, and is purified in repentance, even when drowning, he resists and does not sink.
      Therefore the non-resistor of evil sooner or later arrives at the need to assure himself that evil is not so bad and that it is not so definitively evil, that it has some positive features, that there are many of them, that they may even predominate.
      And when aversion subsides and evil is no longer experienced as evil, then acceptance imperceptibly becomes total: the soul begins to believe that black is white, adapts to match, becomes black itself, and finds that it approves and enjoys, and, of course, this gives evil great pleasure.
      This is the spiritual law: the non-resistor to evil is absorbed by it and becomes possessed.
      Evil is first and foremost the spiritual inclination of man =, inherent in each of us, as if for some, living within us there is a passionate desire to unbridle to unleash the beast inside, a gravitation that always strives to expand its field and to overtake us completely.
      It is clear that the more spineless and unprincipled the man is, the closer he is to this state and the more natural it is for him not to resist evil.
      And it is natural that from non-resistance evil passion expands its dominance to fullness: chunks of passion, already ennobled, discard their garments of nobility and pour into a common rebellion; they no longer hold the line and barricade, but they themselves indulge in the former enemy and embrace evil with vivacity. The evil obsession becomes total and draws the soul on its own paths, according to its own laws. Obsessed with an evil passion, the non-resistor runs rampant because he himself has rejected all that restrains, directs and formulates: all his non-resisting force becomes the power of the most thunderous evil, and the breath of death feeds upon the cruelty of a most helpless demise. This is why the end of his frenzy is the end of his psyche and bodily existence: insanity or death.
      Such a decomposition of spirituality in the soul may emerge in a weak person in adulthood, but it can also begin in childhood …
      A person who has been spiritually defective since childhood can even develop in himself a special mental structure, which, if superficially observed, can be mistaken for “character”, and special viewpoints that are then mistaken for “beliefs”.
      In fact, he being unprincipled and spineless, remains always a slave to his bad passions, a prisoner of elaborate mental mechanisms that possess him and reign all-powerful in his life, devoid of spiritual dimension and divining the contours of his disgusting behaviour. He does not resist his evil obsession as “will”, his instinctive scheming as “the mind”, the impulses of his evil passions as “feelings”.
      Wrapping himself in anti-spiritual passions, he pronounces his nature in a corresponding anti-spiritual “ideology”, in which radical and comprehensiveness godlessness merges with his own excruciating sickness of the heart and complete moral idiocy.
      Naturally, spiritually healthy people cause such a person only irritation and anger, and foment in his a sick love for power, in the manifestations of which flashes of megalomania inevitably alternate with outbursts of maniacal persecution.”

    • Well done, Joolyers.

      There’s not much of this business that can be approached without reference to the “Synagogue of Satan” but you seem to do it with great caution and aplomb. My congratulations to you. I don’t have that kind of diplomacy or restraint.

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