Rancid Reddit is an Orwellian Cesspool of Usual Suspects

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Reddit now ranks third among social media platforms, just behind Google and Facebook. Winter Watch is banned from You Tube and heavily suppressed in Google search results which was outlined in our post “Google Revealed as Postmodernist Cesspool of Existential Threats.” We were so obviously throttled back on Facebook that we no longer bother with posting there.

On Reddit, Winter Watch was banned back in 2018 from its r/Conspiracy subreddit. This happened in stages. At first, it was for spamming. Spamming is defined in the dictionary as posting unsolicited, unwanted or irrelevant articles. Peculiar as all articles there are unsolicited. We regularly posted our material there and received 14,000 karma points, which should refute the fuzzy thinking of being irrelevant.

The Reddit cesspool in June 2017 brought in deep state functionary Jessica Ashooh as its policy director, and the outcomes have been shown in spades. Banning and discourse shutdowns rapidly unfolded on anybody participating in truth, justice and revisionist issues.

An examination of Ashooh’s curriculum vitae reveals she worked as Shift Editor and Contributor for private intelligence company Oxford Analytica (2008-2010). Then came a stint at the Atlantic Council. For those unfamiliar with the organization, the Atlantic Council is front and center among “fact checkers” at Orwellian Facebook, fighting the “scourge of fake news.” It’s chaired by Henry Kissinger and is funded by arms manufacturers, various branches of the U.S. military and intelligence, Middle Eastern autocratic regimes and Zionist-Jewish plutocrats.

In 2016, Ashooh — who at that time was deputy director of the Atlantic Council’s Middle East Strategy Task Force and a senior policy planning analyst in the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Foreign Affairs — was also a contributing columnist at The New York Slimes, for which she penned a forgettable op-ed piece titled “Provide Opposition Groups in Syria With Anti-Aircraft.

Specifically, in her prior assignments, she specialized in advocating the balkanization of Iraq and Syria. Questioning the “official narratives” regarding Syria has been relegated more and more to the memory hole on Reddit.

Indeed, her education and career has centered around neocon agendas and Middle East think tanks. Then, suddenly, she becomes a policy manager of a social media site like Reddit. There, she sits at a long table with other like-minded hacks and decides what flies and what doesn’t.

In the The New Yorker, Ashooh described how it works, and freely admits to being thought cops:

Ashooh sat at a long conference table with a dozen other employees. Before each of them was a laptop, a mug of coffee, and a few hours’ worth of snacks.

“Welcome to the Policy Update War Room,” she said.

The job of policing Reddit’s most pernicious content falls primarily to three groups of employees — the community team, the trust-and-safety team, and the anti-evil team — which are sometimes described, respectively, as good cop, bad cop and RoboCop.

For about a year we played this gamesmanship and, at the time, we had the support of a couple friendly or sympathetic moderators, who have since been removed. They would restore our posting privileges, but then we would be put in the penalty box again before long. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Ultimately, some “partner” elected to invent their own his/her/ze-type of doublespeak for the word “spam” to dispense with us and numerous other truth posters. We were even banned from most of the obviously captured subreddits at the site.

As an example my Walter Duranty Halodomar post was summarily taken down at r/Ukraine after it received 70% upvotes from the participants — actual Ukrainians, I would presume. “Somebody” always seems to be running herd over those folks.

Dozens of posters I tended to follow are now long purged, and the value of r/Conspiracy as a resource for “speaking truth to power” has been greatly diminished. I pick up very little actionable information there anymore. The quality of posts and comments are extremely poor.

The final permanent ban for us was sitewide and came for discussing the staged deception at Christchurch, New Zealand.

Read “More than Merely Dubious: How I Was Permanently Banned at Reddit”

We have a backdoor to post there but rarely even bother. For some reason, we never see any referral traffic whatsoever from Reddit, even after our website has seen quite substantial traffic growth since our removal. Nobody still posting at r/Conspiracy knows about the niche site Winter Watch? Unlikely. Looks more like special treatment.

After our exit, we noted other bannings in 2020, such as r/HateCrimeHoaxes. Apparently, calling out people who stoke racial division by faking hate crimes is considered to be “promoting hate” by Reddit’s overlords.

Forums dedicated to Antifa do just fine at Reddit.

Reddit users who keep tabs on potential hate crime hoaxes via the popular subreddit are met with a label notifying them that “r/hatecrimehoaxes has been banned from Reddit.” The page also notes that the page was banned for “violating Reddit’s rule against promoting hate.”

The power of Reddit resided in popular subreddits. There was a power grab to become moderators of these subreddits. Additionally, there is a large presence of not just social justice warriors, but a more despicable breed of pervert justice warriors (PJW relativists) that I do not believe is organic.

The Boston Bombing subreddit, the Pizzagate subreddit and the Bernie Sanders subreddit have been long removed. The 9/11 truth forum was quarantined, and those entering were warned off. Sandy Hook posts are removed and memory holed.

Reddit permitted the Las Vegas Harvest event and other events to be astroturfed with hundreds of shills and bots claiming to “know somebody” or “know somebody who knows somebody” at these events. We covered this in “The Shills’ Chorus: ‘I Know a Guy Who Knows a Guy Who Was Shot in Vegas.”

During the George Floyd psyops and protests in early June 2020 — and what to our eyes looked organized — over 800 moderators signed an open letter demanding a policy banning loosely defined hate speech, and a shutdown of so-called racist and sexist subreddits, and more employee support for moderating.

In January 2021 after the United States Capitol psyops staged deception, Reddit took the opportunity to ban the subreddit r/DonaldTrump (52,000 members). Reddit’s hacks alluded to the alleged potential influence that community had on those who were let into the Capital Building. Forums attacking conservative and election protesters were subjected to more chorus like bots and shills for full propaganda effect.

Reddit’s majority stockholder is Advance Publications. Advance also owns Condé Nast, has a 13% stake in cable company Charter Communications as well as cultural debasement rags like Vogue and Teen Vogue.

Read “Condé Nasty Scales Back Degenerate Rag Teen Vogue”

The president of Advance Publications is Donald Newhouse. Per Wikipedia, Newhouse’s father, Samuel Irving Newhouse, Sr., was born to Jewish immigrants on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and began the family media business. His mother hails from a Jewish silk tie merchant. The Newhouse clan has been at the publishing game for nearly a century, acquiring smaller newspapers nationwide.

The leftist rag FireEye made an announcement regarding “the discovery of a suspected influence operation originating in Iran” and linked to a number of suspicious domains.

When we learned about this, we began investigating instances of these suspicious domains on Reddit. We also conferred with third parties to learn more about the operation, potential technical markers, and other relevant information. While this investigation is still ongoing, we would like to share our current findings.

“This group focused on steering the narrative around subjects important to Iran, including criticism of US policies in the Middle East and negative sentiment toward Saudi Arabia and Israel. They were also involved in discussions regarding Syria and ISIS.”

Next comes the doozy. Notice the use of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and Bagelian Dialetic to paint those with the gall to publicize wholesale slaughter of civilians in Yemen as “far-left” or “far-right” political communities. And these “communities” did so by posting truth bombs.

Unlike our last post on foreign interference, the behaviors of this group were different. While the overall influence of these accounts was still low, some of them were able to gain more traction. They typically did this by posting real, reputable news articles that happened to align with Iran’s preferred political narrative — for example, reports publicizing civilian deaths in Yemen. These articles would often be posted to far-left or far-right political communities whose critical views of US involvement in the Middle East formed an environment that was receptive to the articles.

Vigilance of Reddit community is code for algos, bots, AI, harrassers, hired trolls, shills and Hasbara snitches that run amok on this Reddit platform now. This is all couched in the Orwellian newspeak of “threat.”

Through this investigation, the incredible vigilance of the Reddit community has been brought to light, helping us pinpoint some of the suspicious account behavior. However, the volume of user reports we’ve received has highlighted the opportunity to enhance our defenses by developing a trusted reporter system to better separate useful information from the noise, which is something we are working on.

We believe this type of interference will increase in frequency, scope, and complexity. We’re investing in more advanced detection and mitigation capabilities, and have recently formed a threat detection team that has a very particular set of skills. Skills they have acquired…you know the drill. Our actions against these threats may not always be immediately visible to you, but this is a battle we have been fighting, and will continue to fight for the foreseeable future. And of course, we’ll continue to communicate openly with you about these subjects.

Reddit finishes up with examples of claimed “threats.” In the ultimate in audacity, it invites readers to examine the banned “foreign influence” posters’ account activity. They do this knowing full well that no one will bother to look — except for the likes of me. And what did I find? By and large, to my eye, the Reddit slime balls have silenced a large group of anti-war activists.

To give you more insight into our findings, we have preserved a sampling of accounts from a range of karma levels that demonstrated behavior typical of the others in this group of 143. We have decided to keep them visible for now, but after a period of time the accounts and their content will be removed from Reddit. We are doing this to allow moderators, investigators, and all of you to see their account histories for yourselves, and to educate the public about tactics that foreign influence attempts may use. The example accounts include:


For those not fluent in newspeak, allow me to translate all this skulduggery to English.

Join Rancid, one of Reddit’s team of 17-year-olds who anal-yze “threats.”

Reddit brought in a propagandist hack and launched an ambitious campaign with “select partners” with an agenda to control the narrative and mold public perception. However, even limiting free speech was not enough to keep from foiling their efforts. Thus, the controllers must double down before the next phase of Middle East warmongering and destruction of the First Amendment.

If they determine that brigading, vote manipulation, harassment, bans, post removals and/or astroturfing are insufficient to counter certain news stories or ideas (“threats” in newspeak), then they will resort to more extreme measures to ensure that only Kosher-approved talking points from their masters and corporate media/Lugenpresse owners remain on this thoroughly corrupted Reddit platform and cesspool.

Winter Watch Takeaway

Reddit wreaks of brainwashing and algo immaturity. After all of the purges of valuable users, what’s left are little kids and mindless teenagers and youth. Some 22 percent of U.S. adults ages 18 to 29 years use Reddit. Pew Research Center published research showing that only 4% of U.S. adults use Reddit, of which 67% are men (aka boys). Less than 1% of users are 65 or over. What was I thinking by once trying to participate here.

The next generation of social media zombies and deadheads awaits.

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  1. I got the ‘brigading’ treatment. Which I gather is when the first response you get is “We got a fascist here” (literally) and then a pile on of illiterate scolding as well as picking apart my user nick. My comment was really mild and only suggested that Portland’s ‘AntiFa’ gang was heavily infiltrated by FBI goons. Also when posting this, I tried to link viat twitter and was informed this was a ‘blocked page’. Of course. WordPress loves stomping out opposition as well, so please do keep us informed about where you end up. There was a guy ‘William Ray’ who was a documentary film maker and anti war guy in Canada who questioned the Trans-thing pretty cogently on Quillette and man, they WordPress shut him down fast.

  2. Speaking of Usual Suspects and Reddit, can’t forget that their former longtime CEO was ‘pals’ with Maxwell and pardoned (along with her upscale entourage) her blackmail rings at parties

    All while, it seems there is a substantial probability that Maxwell was one of the most influential Reddit Users of all time, which they were very likely aware of, given the correlations between ad revenue/site traffic, etc. Just as with most of this stuff, they’ll freak out any time a swastika is spraypainted or scrawled in a bathroom stall somewhere, or some troll says the ‘N’ word- but when it comes to real shit- extortion, murder, human trafficking, and the foundations of hard-narcotics & money laundering, they’re complicit and help it along.

  3. The internet is theirs (leftist nerd-dorks), let them have it. I think sometimes we, as humans, forget that we are humans and live in a tangible reality. These psychopaths want to rule a virtual world where they wield very little actual power. Yes they can ban you from a website but if that banning has such a negative effect on you, then maybe the problem isn’t the website, maybe the problem is how dependent you are, of the internet itself. I think the best way to fight social media is to not participate. When people start screaming about social justice I tend to just tune them out anyway. They don’t have any control over how I live my life. With kids it’s a different story but if you’re actively engaged in your child’s life and leading by example you should have nothing to worry about.

    • I am driven differently because I want to get my word out. Once the actual bannings took place I laughed it off and proceeded to drive the site’s traffic up 500% in other ways. The Google throttling does piss me off however because they are monopolistic gatekeepers to the knowledge that is on the internet – which is totally different than mere social media.

        • Exactly lazycat1984, I got banned the very same day I created my first account at Reddit. All I did was defend a comedian’s right to free speech and question why there was an entire thread dedicated to bashing him. It seemed so ridiculous at the time but after I realized what type of people frequent those sites I wanted nothing to do with them. It’s like going to a bar and telling people they need to stop drinking, it’s pointless because they want to be drunk, they can’t help themselves.

          • I am now largely convinced much if not most of what you experienced are bots. They come in various levels of sophistication. You will rarely come across a human with any gray matter in Reddit shitstorms. They try to draw people like me into time and energy wasting duels.

      • I wish free speech meant exactly that. Us adults can decide who’s telling the truth or not, we don’t need a nanny. The hubris of tech companies or any non-government organization thinking they can silence a global movement is hilarious. I understand the frustration from people who want to get the word out and will continue to support them. I thank Russ and WW crew for keeping the website going even though we all know that it’s being held back from reaching its full potential by people with an obvious agenda. The research you guys do here at WW is excellent and greatly appreciated and I try to spread the word as much as possible.

  4. I pretty much also stopped posting on Facebook regarding my omegabooksmet.com trilogy snippet posts. I only use it for far west Texas community postings or messenger with loved ones and friends. I do not use any other oligarchical-owned social media. Have a LinkedIn account I never use either.

  5. Jessica Ashooh is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Note that the Atlantic Council is a CFR affiliate, founded and dominated by CFR members.

    Nearly every player on the “Biden team” is also a CFR member, including the secretaries of State, Treasury, Defense, Commerce and Homeland Security. Also the CIA director, Fed chairman, UN ambassador, and dozens more.

  6. I never did understand reddit. Anytime I try to find something I get redirected to topic I care nothing about.

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