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  1. That last pic – particularly chilling.

    Symbolism will be their downfall? Hopium Central. Unless and until they become more terrified of us than they are of their own co-conspirators, their own ideologues, their own cadres religious or political – we will not win.

    To paraphrase what Jeff Nyquist says – they wage war, we play war-games. We disguise a zero-sum game as a win-win scenario. We think Peace is a weapon, and they are happy to feed that oxymoronic idiocy.

    The mesh of evil is tangled and wrapped our own throats. It exploits our own greed and corruption and fosters the development of any and every high principle that constructs a bogus morality out of suicide. Fear is the weapon that is used against us. It is behind everything else, from the pandemic to disgusting cults of immortality to cyber-totalitarian empires. Unless we are finally willing to seize that weapon and use it for our own survival we will become slaves in mind and body, and die.

    We must learn to inflict bowel-emptying levels of terror on our enemy, follow the stench to its source and blot it out. Then, and only then, can we legitimately call on God to save us from our own corruption which led us into this mess in the first place. Anything else is hypocrisy, an abyss of contemplation.

    • Do you think we should form a secret society? And maybe we should suspend the commandment “thou shalt not kill” until we have won? And that would be OK because the end justifies the means?

      And then when we had won, what would we have become?

      • Well, It seems there’s a distinction between being a “Killer” or being a “Murderer”, Which one is this commandment addressing? Do you have the original text??

    • How does a people fight & war against IMAGES that are united antIChrists- never ceasing their lying ‘show & tell’ & drawing in all reactions/responses (no matter what opinion -whether pj people or the most learned Traditionist & all in between) as inexorable participants in their ‘tv program’?

      It would be interesting to find out the mindset of the Amish & Mennonite peoples regarding their seeming lack of image & their relationship (if any) with the world wide disreality image.

  2. I was looking for a recent thread here at WW but this latest one will do just fine as it represents the spiritual theme of good versus evil.

    Allow me to introduce the site ‘Russian Faith’


    This site was split off from ‘Russia Insider’ which is now latent.

    A typical article:

    Russia Bans Fictitious Film About Lesbian Nun


    I am also reminded of something Putin said:

    “Without the values embedded in Christianity and other world religions, without the standards of morality that have taken shape over millennia, people will inevitably lose their human dignity. We consider it natural and right to defend these values.
    “One must respect every minority’s right to be different, but the rights of the majority must not be put into question.”

    • President Vladimir Putin at the 10th anniversary meeting of Valdai International Discussion Club in the Novgorod Region, September 19, 2013.

  3. People need to stop supporting any slave celebrities, sports slaves and anyone “elevated” in this demonic society PERIOD..including what they think are brilliant gazillionaires like the filthy disgusting Gates, Musk, Zuckerberg, Buffet..and their ilk ..all these subhuman Devils are elevated to their “positions” by their generational satanic blood and by the cabal, paid handsomely and showered with all the riches this earthly world can provide by the ((head demons)) who control the cash. Some say the black eyes are because some type of worm is inserted into these tools, something to do with the Vrill society?? Ties to Nazi-NASA..who knows anyway take a look at this group and notice their symbol the swastika inside the star of Remphan..says it all!!! https://www.rael.org/symbol-infinity/ do some digging into this group and it will tie up WHO and what Nazis actually were NA National ZI Zionism

  4. Well done thread.

    Unfortunately, I still hold that a separation and split of the supra-nation, known as the U.S.A. (a corporate entity) is the only way to achieve an end to this situation. Jettison the coasts (sorry, Torchy, but I am on a coast as well) and let them be as morally perverse and degrading as they wish to be, or literally break it between north and south again, but do it peacefully and with full sovereign autonomy.

    The whole entertainment system is much like and has been emboldened with the military industrial complex, as well as the military industrial intelligence complex. There are numerous threads on WW that will provide as much background as anyone could want on the growth and connections of these industries.

    Plus, although I left it off yesterdays thread, we should not forget that the troll from Missouri (Truman) was specifically chosen due to:

    A lack of general intelligence
    A history of lying (including to serve in the military)
    Being controlled by a Democratic machine, with no questions asked and no hesitation / protest uttered
    The ability to easily confuse this man with double speak


    With all of the previously mentioned points, the certainty that he would green light everything globalists wanted including, but no limited to, a new military industrial intelligence complex (1947) and America’s first war on behalf of the United Nations (Korea). We could go deeper on the lawn gnome, but then we would simply be writing a whole extra thread and not a post.

    So I will close with the concept that a simply monetary boycott or even legislation, cannot end the synergistic relationship between Hollywood and the Deep State (lack of a better term at this moment). The best bet is separation and a new state that does not permit entertainment to both brainwash and then destroy people’s minds.

    In the end, I think it is everyone’s responsibility to turn the dumb-dumb box off, avoid stupid films, leave trashy magazines alone and tune it all out; however, I do not live under a rock, and realize a little harmless entertainment can be a relief. So hence, my idea here of a separation and a new entertainment industry that is harmless and maybe even hopeful.

    Oh yeah, and before anyone mentions Crown Media and Hallmark to me, please recall this one:

    (Keep an eye on the spin for this whole event)



    (Then for the opposite position; although I think both sides are pure psyop)




    P.S. I wonder if Anderson Cooper eats a lot of Ritz crackers and uses that Vanderbilt trust fund to invest in Nabisco?

    • All mega companies tied to cabal super multinational corporations the banks and Blackrock, Larry Fink, must abide by the “WOKE” agenda. This is why all the race mixing commercials where the white man has been discarded like yesterday’s garbage

  5. You know how far back that one-eye reference goes? Gibbons was the most famous of historians, I’m pretty sure, to detail the sabotage of Rome by The Usual Suspects, through a number of means- not the least of which was the incitement, bribery of mercenary proxy forces. One of these was Claudius. During the Renaissance, at the end of Rembrandt’s life, he was commissioned to do a painting for the Town Hall, something reverent, patriotic. But because of his knowledge of what was happening, growing tired of the corruption he’d tolerated most of his life, he did the opposite. He painted ‘The Conspiracy of Claudius Civilis.’ It was his largest painting. The commission was rejected, along with the painting, and he ended up slowly dying from poverty. Eventually he had to sell his wife’s grave for food, then he died of starvation. It wasn’t found and restored until much later, found in the rubble among his other possessions. If you look at the dates- the painting was done around ‘the first 9/11,’ in Ireland, which took place in 1649. And of course, the Sabbateans had their big masturbatory currency takeover in their favorite little year- 1666.

    Claudius had an infamously injured eye., which some seems to have a kind of layered symbolism. On the one hand, you have Wotan/Odin, the old One-eyed God of Proto-European Indigenous groups, who ‘gave up one of his eyes.’ But with Claudius, the eye is looked at as a weakness, something lost unintentionally & to exploit, a chip on the shoulder of whoever leads the opposition. So the painting shows this kind of tribal desire to succeed through a wounded man. But the key is the irony, because it was a message to those who commissioned it. He was saying- ‘I see how you are exploiting these people’- but with primitive religious allegory layered into it, because of how certain powers had co-opted this kind of imagery, woven it into the orthodoxy, for their own gain.

    1.) https://www.pubhist.com/works/00/large/rembrandt_claudius_civilis.jpg

    2.) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Conspiracy_of_Claudius_Civilis

    There was a good, newer film I watched a few days ago that actually used this same symbolism, but in a satirical sense, and flipped it backwards. It’s called ‘In The Earth,’ and is, from where I saw it, a dark comedy on the Pandemic, and also about science and religion, cults in general, how those topics have a strange way of getting tangled up. The Plot is- Scientists go looking for a cure for a pandemic in the forest, but they get accosted by a strange spiritual force instead, which ironically turns out to be overwhelmingly human, just batshit crazy people who’ve gotten lost in the woods, studying so much science, they’ve gotten lost in witchcraft, obsessed with stones and monoliths. I found myself laughing the whole way through. Then today, Veritas releases this shit on ‘Vaccines as Blow Darts’ and I’d just read this article in Offguardian about ‘Covid-19 and Voodoo Death.’ Hard to say there is much difference between this shit and what is being said in that film, or in Rembrandts painting. ‘Occult’ implies ‘secret, hidden.’ Voodoo death and blow darts? All seems pretty egregious, to me.

    3.) Blow Darts? https://odysee.com/@TheTruthWillSetYouFree:a/part-2-fda-official-blow-dart:b

    4.) Voodoo Death? https://off-guardian.org/2021/09/18/covid-19-fear-anxiety-and-voodoo-death/

  6. Now many of you may not like what I am posting here, AND THAT IS FINE. This really works for the Simple Citizen, and it may work for others of you here, but I concede that it is not for everyone.

    No judgement on my part; however, if it is not for you, then I would (humbly / respectfully) ask that you just skip the video and move along. Old Simple ain’t gonna take to kindly to a lot of negativity on the matter. Peace be with you.

    If you wish to get straight to the point, then might I suggest you move to 8:45 in the video and begin at that stage for say 3-4 minutes. Of course, if you enjoy the entire sermon as much as I do and take in the entire video, then I shall be happy to have taken a moment in order to place it here.

    All my best,

    • Thanks SC. I am just fine with that – I certainly agree with Tony Evans re the brainwashing that we are subject to. I found this quite enlightening, refreshing and challenging and you open up a great window for discussion.

      It so happens that my wife is Italian-born (and hence Roman Catholic by upbringing and indoctrination) and she is undergoing one heck of a bout of cognitive dissonance lately. I am an abandoned Methodist/Protestant.

      I regularly meet with my [elderly] Uzbek neighbour to discuss reading and ‘world history and events’. He is very pro-Erdogan and anti-China but we love and respect each other. The point is that good people are good people regardless of their indoctrinated eschatology – and so too the corollary. They need to write a book about his personal life journey!

      I inherited Muslim in-laws and have had many ‘lively’ debates as to who claims the ‘high moral ground’. In an effort to understand their perspective I read the Quran and consequently/subsequently abandoned ‘Abrahamism’ altogether. I just could not decide which Billion people I should ’persuade’. On the other hand, I think Confucianism is just fine, for example.

      Nevertheless, while finding his eschatology completely alien, I really do resonate with much of what Sheikh Imran Hosein has to say …

      • Hagia Sophia – My Second Response

      • An Islamic Eschatological View Of Corona Virus

      and then there is this …

      • John Hagee Denies Jesus Came To Earth To Be The Messiah!*

      And don’t start me on Zakir Naik … !

      Shut up me, let’s have some music 😊

      • Love that “By the Rivers of Babylon” song by Boney M straight outta Psalm 137! and that Hagee apostate….I do not understand how any true Christian can support “rabbi Hagee” (as Rick Wiles of TruNews calls him…didn’t Christ come for the Jew first, and then the Greek (Gentile, that is)?

  7. Vigilant Citizen (vigilantcitizen.com) has tons of stuff about this satanic symbolism… and speaking of satanism in the entettainment industry, my Prodigal Band Trilogy (which WW linked to about a month ago regarding if dead rock stars could talk) gets into it big time, and the way out of it: https://omegabooksnet.com. Site includes a FREE PDF download.

  8. “As a very reluctant passenger on New York City’s dirty subways, I can testify that the filth extends from the physical to the mental realm. The ads that line the cars and stations are almost always suggestive, even when publicizing products as innocuous as candy or dental implants.

    I tired of the trains’ noise, crowds and pornography long ago; if I can’t reach a destination on foot or on my bicycle, I stay home rather than endure execrable “public transit.” Not surprisingly, the ads have only degenerated in the years since I adopted this policy.

    But one heroic woman did something about the obscenity. When she saw posters promoting “Pan-sexuality” on the D-train, she ripped them down while asking her fellow commuters whether they approved of children’s seeing such poison. She also denounced the communism behind other ads touting “social justice.” A gentleman helps her in this outstanding task while another woman thanks her and announces, “This is what bravery looks like: saying ‘No!’ to propaganda!”

    Equally courageous: neither our champ nor her male friend are wearing masks!

    Thanks to Bill Martin for introducing us to this worthy lady!”



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