Was ‘Jeffrey Epstein’ Subjected to Star Chamber Sleight of Hand?

U.S. financier Jeffrey Epstein during his bail hearing in New York. Is this Jeffrey Epstein? IMAGE: Wall Street Journal/Jane Rosenberg/Reuters

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One of the tells that we are being subjected to in Star Chamber procedures is a dearth of photos and the public only be allowed to see court sketches. It is astonishing that a public legal proceeding would be diminished to renderings and not photos or footage. But we saw this in the Charlottesville car hoax in which the convicted driver, James A. Fields, Jr., was never seen in the flesh.

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We also saw this at the Boston bombing trial, among others. In Boston, people who knew Dzhokhar Tsarnaev didn’t even recognized him.

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Although the most media attention was placed around the suicide in his cell narrative, his earlier court appearance provided the real clues.

Epstein’s arrest record detailed him as 6’0, 180 pounds. Do an image search for “Epstein arrest photo” and you will see only pictures from his Florida case. Curiously, Ëpstein’s photo is also not visible on the Federal prison inmate locator website either, which is not standard procedure.

One day before Epstein was said to have allegedly attempted suicide in his jail cell, he showed up in court. According to this New York Post article, Deputy Sheriff Qin Zhang described Epstein as “a 5-foot-10, 240-pound, light-skinned man with white hair, who appeared his 66 years of age,” the filing said.

This is Epstein in court during his first arraignment. Again, no photos. All photos taken of him in the recent past show him trim with a normal-size neck — nowhere near this doppleganger, who appears to be a thick-necked individual. All photos of Epstein show him with trimmed hair and not haggled looking. The second photo is from his registered sex offender profile.

The story of the cell strangulation attempt before his alleged successful suicide is squirrely to say the least. It’s difficult to believe that he would be placed in a cell with an accused quadruple murderer.

Epstein – who’s being held without bail on conspiracy and child sex-trafficking charges – was found nearly unconscious on the floor of his cell, law enforcement sources have said.

Based on the appearance of the marks on his neck, investigators suspect he was choked by someone else, and they questioned his cellmate, a hulking ex-cop awaiting a death penalty trial in four drug-related killings upstate, the sources said. The inmate, Nicholas Tartaglione, 51, denies any wrongdoing, his lawyer has said.

Winter Watch Takeaway

Who knows what the narrative to be played out is here. But to our eyes, this is over-the-top and doesn’t involve the real Jeffrey Epstein. Some other warm up stagecraft game was being played.

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  1. What’s striking is how sloppy and clumsy these doppelgangers are – the other person that comes to mind is the ‘Vegas long distance shooting from a hotel room’ hero who mutated several times in photos and video depending on the day and who made miraculously rapid recovery from injuries. It’s almost as though an agenda of ‘don’t trust anything’ is being promoted – don’t believe your lying eyes etc…

      • It seems no one is paying attention to anything – Mueller’s history of involvement in major establishment sleights of hand (WMD , Lockerbie etc etc) doesn’t register with enraged people on the Trump pied piper witch hunt as an example. It is as if Mueller came out of nowhere as a white knight to slay Trump, they are unaware of any past history or who he is and what he’s done.

        ‘It’s easier to fool people than tell them they have been fooled’ : these same people get enraged if you question their understanding of the Russiagate nothing burger but have no idea who the players are.

        This is worrying because stage sets can be set up with the same payers over and over again and no one seems to even notice except a few people who feel as though they are in the ‘Truman Show’ film, and even that was signaling from Hollywood…


    • I’m no art critic, but if you’re 5’10” and weigh 240lbs at 66 years old you:re def gonna have a fat, fuckin’ neck.

  2. I concur with this analysis. More showtime for the ‘unreal’ which has little to no effect
    on everyday lives. Meanwhile the very REAL – increasing hordes of nonwhites – right
    in our faces, many times strolling around with that look of relatively newly arrived and
    no purpose here whatsoever. Of late the last couple years here in Kabbalifornia are
    more head scarf wearing black females, often heavy (so therefore no famine) and
    looking completely out of place in their sometimes colorful head to toe wraparound
    dress. As a cisgendered oppressive xenophobic toxic White male, I usually can’t
    help but say to myself, sometimes aloud, “What the hell are they doing here …
    “Why do we need them … & “How are they, how can they be self supporting …
    Exclaim-o- questionmark !?! I’m sure ‘Diversity Training’ class will reveal

  3. Israel has always functioned as a safe haven for criminals from the jewish diaspora, specially their spies. If Epstein isn’t there already, he will likely end up there eventually.

    What I want to know is; where is Ghislaine Maxwell, Robert Maxwell’s daughter?

  4. “Star Chamber” would normally imply a railroading, Russ. Do you think they’ve quietly killed him or something? Seems unlikely with his connections. This govt has punished him about as much as it has the Clintons heretofore.

    I can’t remember ever seeing pictures via the BOP inmate locator and can’t find one for any inmate there now.

    BTW thanks for not forcing us to go through Farcebook or other enemy site to post here like so many sites do!

  5. Totally think they faked his death and that he’s in Israel with Ghislaine. Was actually wondering if they got him out of there while everyone was distracted with the deep state psyop shooting hoax marathon (El Paso, Dayton)

  6. Lin Wood’s warning:

    “One of the enemy’s tactics is to distract you from the TRUTH. I have learned a great deal in recent months about “false flag” events.

    In time, I think we will ALL learn more about such events.

    As I understand it, one purpose of a “false flag” event is to distract the public from the TRUTH.

    We are approaching the release of the Maricopa, Arizona audit. I would think the enemy would very much like to distract us from the truthful findings of that audit.

    This is another reason why a large rally, especially one in Washington, D.C., is a BAD Idea. Don’t allow yourself to be set up by the enemy in a “false flag” event. The enemy likes to make the false accusation that law-abiding Patriots are “domestic terrorists.”

    Everyone should be aware that they should avoid situations where such a false accusation could be made. Remember, the enemy is looking for a distraction and a propaganda headline. The enemy could care less about the TRUTH.

    I only advocate that we Patriots engage in peaceful, non-violent, and lawful expressions of our rights of free speech and freedom of assembly.

    I urge Patriots to attend small, local rallies limited to demands for full forensic audits and canvassing of the 2020 elections in each state.

    As General Flynn correctly states: Local Action Has A National Impact.”

  7. Russ, you’re not the only one “going on vacation” who runs a popular alt-news website…so is Mike Rivero of What Really Happened and likely others. I’m not “on vacation” because I only post on my blog maybe once a month or longer, and I am trying to complete my new novel… Have a good and relaxing and renewal vacation.

  8. Many questions regarding Ghislaine Maxwell’s supposed arrest, judicial proceedings, and incarceration. For months, there was no public booking photo(s) available, her judicial proceedings were highly suspect with the same artistic renditions, only pre-selected media allowed in the court room, the judge issuing a gag order, no evidence of her brothers and sisters visiting her, and, no evidence of her being eventually transported from the Brooklyn Detention Center to the Tallahassee institution.

    Then, all-of-a-sudden, we are provided her televised Tallahassee incarceration interview surfaces(https://youtu.be/wo_MYozUmW)along with a booking photo. Of course, the interview is edited and the questions of a complete “softball” variety.

    I am still highly skeptical about whether Maxwell has gone through everything we’ve been told she’s gone through. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if her “official” arrest and incarceration story is bogus and manufactured as well, and this interview was a setup to throw the general public a morsel about her situation.

    One thing that is also slightly suspicious is the painting behind her while she’s on the phone. Whether in state or federal correctional institutions, when you are provided a visit, or interview, you are transported by staff to the existing non-contact visiting rooms. Maxwell would be categorized as a “high profile” case and, therefore not allowed contact visits with non family!

    Also, there are no phones in your cell- ever! The telephones that possibly would be in your section of general population are usually attached to the wall. A regular non-contact visiting room would not have any “decorations,” like a painting in it. It would have nothing available to be potentially damaged, destroyed, or used as a weapon, especially in a visiting area, where emotions and behavior can get quite volatile at times between loved ones and/or family. There’s a possibility that the painting was used to conceal where she’s giving the interview from! Just speculation on my part!

    There might be some information on Maxwell that I’m missing, as I haven’t delved deeply in a couple of months, but I still find the story of her arrest and what has happened since to be quite dubious and fishy!

    • I haven’t delved into the Ghislane Maxwell story at all, but I just assume it is all a lie and that she’s not in prison. I just think of the Ghislane story and the Epstein story as intelligence operations, to make the gullible sheep believe that there’s some “justice” going on. At this point, I find it more likely they are both alive and well and living in Israel.

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