Missouri theme park implements new rule after massive brawl erupts involving more than 150 “teens”

Fox News | April 13, 2023

An amusement park in Missouri established a chaperone policy after a fight involving 100 to 150 teenagers broke out over the weekend, requiring law enforcement to help break it up.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release that the teenagers were involved in a fight at the Worlds of Fun amusement park in Kansas City, Missouri, on Saturday.

In a Wednesday announcement, Worlds of Fun announced it would be implementing a chaperone policy, requiring all people ages 15 or younger must be with a person who is at least 21 in order to “be admitted to, or remain in, the park after 4:00 p.m.”

“For decades, Worlds of Fun has been a place where families and friends come together to enjoy our one-of-a-kind park. Millions of guests have counted on us for their daily dose of wholesome family fun, and we’re committed to keeping that promise going forward,” a statement along with the policy states.


4 Comments on Missouri theme park implements new rule after massive brawl erupts involving more than 150 “teens”

    • Kind of makes one wonder whom is behind all teh chaos;

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      • Yes, and the NAACP was founded by Jws. . and also run by them for decades, until the NAACP was forced to actually have a black person as the Executive DIrector. NAACP was started around the same time as the Russian Revolution, which was also funded and run by that same group. It was all to create widespread chaos and hatred.

    • I’m sure that the miscreants were all white supremacists, probably a lot of Mormons, Orthodox Jews, and traditional Catholics. They couldn’t possibly be those angelic POCs.

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