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Macron Says Europe Should Reduce Dependence On US Dollar, Seek ‘Strategic Autonomy’

Zero Hedge | April 9, 2023

As the United States combats a recent flood of countries ‘de-dollarizing‘ – trading commodities in other currencies, the last thing that was needed was French President Emanuel Macron amplifying this message.

After spending around six hours with Chinese President Xi Jinping as part of a three-day state visit to China, Macron made extremely clear that France wants nothing to do with WWIII, emphasizing that Europe must employ “strategic autonomy,” presumably led by France, to become a “third superpower,” according to Politico.

This isn’t the first time Macron has suggested reducing dependence on the US. In November, the French President called for a “single global order” while discussing the power interests of Russia and China and the threat of war.


3 Comments on Macron Says Europe Should Reduce Dependence On US Dollar, Seek ‘Strategic Autonomy’

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