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Vicious Serial Killer Israel Keyes and the Insane Clown Posse

Emerging from the dark plague of modern-satanic but highly functioning individuals out of the Jimmy Saville and George Hodel mold, we examine one Israel Keyes (Jan. 7, 1978 – Dec. 2, 2012). We don’t intend to become a crime rag per se. Rather, we are clustering these posts to get a deeper understanding of the socio-cultural aspects at work. We sense that this type of psychopathic criminal has morphed, becoming more hidden and more cunning.

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In a series of FBI interviews, Keyes offered clues. He described his success at being hidden:

There is no one who knows me, or who has ever known me, who knows anything about me, really. They’re going to tell you something that does not line up with anything I tell you, because I’m two different people, basically. 

Keyes’ employer had nothing but good to say about Keyes- he was a great employee, hard working, reliable, trustworthy and “in the top 2% of population” in quality.

Keyes is believed to have murdered 11 people, mostly by ambush and in a highly methodical deliberate way. He was extremely organized and stealthy. He was caught on the last one, as he broke his discipline and committed the murder in his own community of Anchorage, Alaska.

Keyes is a horror-movie villain come to life, a killer who haunts remote areas in search of random prey, someone who kills for no reason other than for the fun of it. An Alaska Dispatch story noted that an expert on serial killing called Keyes “among the top three organizers, thinkers and planners” he had researched.

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He killed far away from home, in different police jurisdictions. He ran up considerable expense to carry out his deeds. An FBI report said Keyes burglarized 20 to 30 homes across the United States and robbed several banks between 2001 and 2012 to fund his hobby of killing people. He committed an unknown amount of arson as well. He called it “for variety.”

He stashed “murder kits” around the country and then would return later to use them, afterward disposing of weapons and evidence. He had no personal connection to his victims and acted from no evident motive. During his killing trips, he would turn off his cell phone and use only cash in order to avoid leaving a trail.

Unlike most serial killers, he did not have a victim profile. He was a rapist of both women and men — although when discussing the latter, he showed rare signs of shame. He also engaged in necrophilia, something (like Ted Bundy) he wished to conceal. In addition to killing far from home, he never killed in the same area twice.

Unlike Black Dahlia killer Dr. George Hodel, his motive was far less about terrorizing the public but rather making people disappear without notice. Nor was he interested in drawing attention, feeling that would distract from his main thrill of randomly hunting people.

Modus Operandi

Keyes confessed to killing Bill and Lorraine Currier, a middle-aged married couple in 2011 in Vermont. On June 2, Keyes flew into Chicago O’Hare Airport. He emptied, locked, declared and checked a handgun. He disassembled his homemade silencer into its separate parts. He rented a vehicle from Hertz and drove east to Vermont, a 926-mile drive that takes him five days.

On Tuesday, June 7, he checked into the Handy Suites In Essex, the same hotel he stayed at on his prior trip. He purchased a three-day fishing license and fished on Lake Champlain before the 8th. He visited Woodside Natural Area, parks and took a short stroll along the boardwalk to recover a Home Depot bucket with a murder kit that he buried two years earlier.

He then began his hunt. He’s specific in his requirements: an attached garage, no car in the driveway, no dogs and no kids. Kids were off limits, he later told investigators.

Keyes had already staked out a place to take his randomly selected victims, a long-abandoned farmhouse at 32 Upper Main Street in Essex Junction and less than 10-minute drive from their house. He broke into the Currier house in the middle of the night, tied up the couple and took them in their own vehicle to the farmhouse. After getting some serious resistance from Bill Currier, he shot him in the basement and then raped and strangled Lorraine. He stated he was dissappointed he had to dispense of Bill too quickly as “he had plans for him.”

So here you have the Keyes belief system of total mayhem and chaos at work- where a sleeping couple in far away Vermont has a fatal encounter with a monster who just shows up out of the darkness from Anchorage, Alaska – hard to fathom.

This pattern was also seen in Anchorage, in the Samantha Koening case, so one can assume it was replicated elsewhere.

Keyes hinted at four murders in Washington State with bodies disposed of in Lake Crescent on the Olympic peninsula. It is likely that he ambushed people on trails in remote areas.

What Drove Israel Keyes

Keyes was very much like serial rapist Jimmy Savile and serial killer Dr. George Hodel in terms of being a proponent of extreme ultimate freedom. All three of these men desired the freedom to prey upon human beings and carry out whatever they willed. They viewed humans as no different than lower forms of animals.

There is a demonic God-like complex at work, and a feeling of great superiority and utter disdain. Keyes grew up in the Ark cult, who believed they were superior Chosenites. These high-functioning and capable individuals are not lacking in self-esteem — in fact, quite the opposite. Rather, it’s a sense of grandiosity. Winter Watch holds that this is a major societal issue now. It is being deliberately fed into child raising, with the latest scheme depriving children of exposure to faces and instead exposure to masks. Keyes loved concealment and the wearing of masks as part of his crimes including arson and bank robberies.

The Perpetuation of Face Mask Requirements is Occult Enslavement by New Underworld Order

Keyes was captured on March 13, 2012. He made it clear from the beginning that he would not be confined in prison. A complete loss of freedom was not in the cards. He offered cooperation in all the cases in return for a guarantee of a quick conviction and execution. He only wanted one trial during which he would immediately plead guilty to one crime and be put to death.

At one point, he told investigators that it would happen one way or another. He wasn’t bluffing. After failing to receive expedited justice, he no longer cooperated on closing the other murders. Almost all these victims are unknown missing people. While being held in jail at the Anchorage Correctional Complex, Keyes committed suicide on Dec. 2, 2012, via self-inflicted wrist cuts and strangulation.

Keyes was born into a fanatical religious Christian evangelical family and community. He grew up in remote Colville, Washington. Though originally from Utah, Israel told Anchorage homicide detective Jeff Bell that he was not Mormon. He harshly rejected religion and became an atheist. He wore an upside down cross and pentagram. He stated that satanism was an influence. There is also reinforcing Satanic death cult symbolism and “personal art” at work.

Keyes art dabblings drawn with own blood: note inverted crosses

Keyes was a fan of Ted Bundy’s and said he felt something similar to Bundy’s “entity.” In his interviews, he repeatedly used the phrases “itching for trouble” and “fiending for a fix.” Obviously, he engaged in this extreme version of criminality because he got an immense amount of addicted enjoyment out of it.

He tied heavy alcohol use into his lifestyle. He told a sister-in-law days before he was caught, “I’ve got to drink every day to forget things. You don’t understand what I’ve been through.”

Cultural Manifestations

I listened to an hour of Keyes interviews but had to quit because I’d had enough. He was totally disgusting and spent much time on distractions, time wasting posturing, and trying to control the process. He was quite cocky and full of himself – the ultimate nihilist.

For some inexplicable reason, the FBI put out a poor audio-video. I did take away a few observations. He rebelled strongly against his cultish upbringing. He became an atheist as no one was going to tell him what to do or how to behave. Thus, he became an ultra-rebel. He was the center of his own twisted universe. He split his personality into two parts for the purpose of carrying out his will. The first was the ultimate, responsible hard-working good guy, and the other was the destroyer of worlds.

Just like the evil Karl Marx, the high-influence psychopath, Keyes also wrote dittys and poems. Here are some excerpts from his suicide note. The nihilism and complete lack of a soul and a spiritual side is evident [see “Portrait of Evil: Karl Marx, a Disciple of Hell on Earth“].

Off to the right a graveyard appears, lines of stones, bodies molder below. Turn away quick, bob your head to the seat, as straight through that stop sign you roll loaded truck with lights off slams into you broadside, your flesh smashed as metal explodes.

You may have been free, you loved living your lie, fate had its own scheme crushed like a bug you still die.

Soon, now, you’ll join those ranks of dead or your ashes the wind will soon blow. Family and friends will shed a few tears, pretend it’s off to heaven you go. But the reality is you were just bones and meat, and with your brain died also your soul.

Like many serial killers, Keyes served in the U.S. Army, from 1998 through 2001 at Fort Lewis, Fort Hood and in Egypt. Like others in his killer profile his murder rampage started after his military stint. One wonders if military service just further fueled his ultra-rebellionist mindset? Or was he a part of an MK Ultra program?

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Like Dr. George Hodel’s surrealism, Keyes was into artistic expressions of his depravity. On weekends, he reportedly drank heavily, downing entire bottles of Wild Turkey bourbon. While intoxicated, he consumed the music group Insane Clown Posse and had several large posters hanging in his barracks room.

Keyes Influenced by Insane Clown Posse and Horrorcore

Note: This post got attention when it was put on Reddit in 2018. It attracted the attention of two nihilist justice warriors who arrived in the comments. This affords the reader prime examples of how these people process issues as well as their quick use of fallacious arguments – which I dispense with.

Hatchet man logo

Founded in Detroit in 1989 under the Psychopathic Records label, Insane Clown Posse performed a style of hardcore hip hop known as horrorcore. At left is the fandom logo, a hatchet man.

The fan base boomed following the release of their third album, Riddle Box, in 1995, leading Insane Clown Posse to write the songs like “What Is a Juggalo?” and “Down With the Clown” for its 1997 album, The Great Milenko.

Originally known as JJ Boyz and Inner City Posse, the group introduced supernatural- and horror-themed lyrics as a means of distinguishing itself stylistically.

Juggalos view the lyrics of Psychopathic Records artists such as Insane Clown Posse, which are often violent in nature, as a catharsis for aggression.

The group has established a dedicated following called Juggalos numbering in the “tens of thousands.” This is another expression of what I am going to call “ultra-rebellionism,” or ignoring and rejecting societal norms and conventions. So the larger implication is to what degree do these twisted cultural influences play in overwhelming the constraints of individuals with already underlying extreme or lethal criminal proclivities. We would hold they feed and release the more dangerous, antisocial types on society.

Common characteristics of identifying a member of the Juggalo subculture are as follows:

  • Drinking and spraying the inexpensive soft drink Faygo.
  • Listening to horrorcore and other types of underground rap music.
  • Wearing face paint, generally either like an evil clown or perhaps similar to corpse paint.
  • Wearing HatchetGear.
  • Having the Hatchet man logo applied on personal effects and, die cast, worn as jewelry.
  • Doing hair in the spider legs style, i.e. like the Twiztid members.
  • Displaying the gesture of wicked clown, the westside sign with the left hand and the C sign in ASL with the right, with arms crossed over.
  • Making and responding to “whoop, whoop” calls.
  • Expressing a supposedly tongue-in-cheek obsession with murder, committed with a blade weapon.

Although the Juggalo subculture stems from the horrorcore sub-genre of the general hip-hop music fandom, criminal and gang-related activity has been attributed to the self-described Juggalos in recent years, including assaults, drug trafficking, vandalism, burglary, shootings, theft, robbery and numerous murders.

According to a 2011 National Gang Intelligence Center report, the Juggalo subculture is split between violent and nonviolent factions. Some members of the Juggalos street gang look down on non-criminal Juggalos, considering them to be weak. Criminal Juggalo gangs have committed attacks on non-gang-related Juggalos.

The following video is the filth Israel Keyes and others have exposed themselves to. Of course, there’s also the whole slasher-movie genre. Even for very balanced individuals, this is a waste of time and energy. If the dark side interests you as a warrior, spend your efforts exposing it and share this post. Don’t be a pyjama person.

This band is called SickTanicK (Tha Souless) and the label is Serial Killin’ Records. The very first words are, “I am a Titan” followed by “I am a man among men, and a God among Gods.” The lyrics, as you will see, are full-court “badass do what thou wilt as the whole of the law”. The second video by Razakel (The Devil Within) is a warning about soullessness to this ultra-rebel influence.

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  1. JSOC is absolutely chock full of people exactly like Israel Keyes. JSOC, pronounced as jaysock, is the Joint Special Operations Command, an umbrella group that includes the Navy Seals and other government death squads. These guys exhibit the exact same behavior patterns- wholesome and disciplined on the outside, depraved killers on the inside.
    No, these people do not ‘protect us from terrorists’ they are, in fact the terrorists. In Jeremy Scahill’s book, ‘Dirty Wars’ he recounts a televideo address to the various sub-commands of JSOC by it’s then commander, Stanley McCrystal. McCrystal reportedly spoke the following words to Our Brave Troops-
    “We have killed thousands of people, none of whom were a danger to the US government.”

  2. Interesting piece by Massachusetts college prof Edward Curtin, on how famous anti-war Texan folksinger Phil Ochs (1940-76), had apparently been hired by US gov to be present at Dealey Plaza for the Kennedy assassination 55 years ago, even a photo puts him there, showing Ochs’ distinctive ear shape.

    Ochs thought he was doing surveillance on Kennedy’s enemies, but realised he was sent as a likely back-up patsy. Ever-after in fear for his life, tormented by the whole string of 60s assassinations, telling the Dallas secret to no more than a few, Ochs broke down mentally and became an alleged ‘suicide’ in 1976.

    Curtin – who has written also on 9-11 – has a nice quote on disinfo:
    “Truth and falsehood rotate like spokes on a rapidly turning wheel – spooks turning spokes in a game of hide and seek meant to confuse and derange the public. Constant befuddlement is the name of this racket … narratives that run like little movies too perfect to be true, but too true to be false – even when they are. Efforts to f-ck up as many people as possible … chaos to mystify as many minds as possible.”
    Phil Ochs’ 1965 hit anti-war anthem, ‘Ain’t Marchin’ Anymore’ … the audience visibly moved:

  3. Hadn’t heard of this serial killer before. Most juggalos I’ve ever encountered were too drug addicted and retarded to hold a job at Dairy Queen, let alone pull something like this off. Makes you wonder if this guy had help and if these killings were really random (check Dave McGowan’s Programmed to Kill for another view on the serial killer-military connection.)

    Rap is filled with all sort creepy weird stuff. Three Six Mafia (obvious name) is now an Academy Award winning group. Their label is called Hypnotize Minds and they not only have albums dealing with the occult (Mystic Stylez) but songs where they truly are brainwashing the listener. For instance, the chorus to the song “Break the Law” is that phrase repeated non-stop for minutes on end. Imagine what hearing that message on repeat does to an impressionable mind.

    This “horrorcore” stuff is also disturbing as you mentioned. Take the groups associated with Psycho+Logical/Uncle Howie Records, for instance. Jewish Brothers William (Ill Bill) and Ron Braunstein (Necro) put out rap albums with extremely violent lyrics along with bragging about sex trafficking (“White Slavery”), urinating on “shiksas” (“Black Helicopters” by Non Phixion), Kabbalah (“The Art of Dying” by Goretex – another Jewish rapper; real name Mitchell Manzanilla), etc. This group needs to be investigated. Wouldn’t be surprised if there was more than mere shock value to their gimmick.

    • Ladies and gentlemen, here we have a prime example of a straw man fallacious argument at work. This fuzzy thinking, failing to distinguish, pyjama person used the term “music industry” to describe what the post actually addressed- an extremely degenerate subgenre of rap called horrorcore. Further the post addressed horrorcore beyond it’s effect on “just because Israel Keyes,” (another fallacious argument: shifting the goal post). But PJ person apparently also skipped over that part as well.

      You are what you feed your brain.

  4. You can NOT attribute his actions to the music he listened to. Under that mentality all Juggalos would be serial killers. For that matter there are upstanding people… law enforcement, doctors, and military who are juggalos… So to even remotely suggest that it had anything to do with the way his sick and twisted mind worked is an insult to many

    • I see from your username that you self-profess to being a weirdo, but do fallacious arguments and fuzzy thinking come with the Juggalo territory? You are using straw man and shift the goalposts fallacies and in a quite dishonest manner. If you actually read, rather than skimmed the post it said:

      “So the larger implication is to what degree do these twisted cultural influences play in overwhelming the constraints of individuals with already underlying extreme or lethal criminal proclivities. We would hold they feed and release the more dangerous, antisocial types on society.”

      So nowhere does it claim all Juggalos are serial killers. The FBI, and not me says there is a criminal element. I did say that some individuals with a proclivity toward violence are influenced by feeding their brains with degenerate, sick, twisted soulless music combined with drugs and alcohol.

      And if you think you can come on this particular forum and convince these readers that this is not sick, twisted, degenerate, soulless music, you are barking up the wrong tree. Are you asking us to be tolerant of your musical tastes? take a hike. Further spare us the phony contrived outrage.

  5. “Art is the embodiment of morality” Have a look at this dudes take on Nihilism and Fight Club, the movie:

  6. Must be a slow news day to post this drivel. Or someone is getting tired of the all the scamdemic vaccine fear mongering articles.

  7. >You are what you feed your brain.

    In one of his talks, William Luther Pierce recounted the Congressional testimony of a teacher who said the behavior of one of the kids involved in the 1998 Arkansas school shooting (link) changed after he started listening to gangsta’ rap:

    David Geffen, Steven Spielberg, and Bill Clinton

    … the English teacher of one of the Jonesboro killers, 13-year-old Mitchell Johnson, testified before a U.S. Senate committee in Washington … Debbie Pelley, told the senators that she had noticed Mitchell’s behavior begin changing in the months before the shootings, when he began listening to gangsta’ rap recordings. … these gangsta’ rap CDs were sold to Mitchell by Lew Wasserman’s company, Interscope Records.

  8. The solution to dealing with guys like this is a slow and gruesome public execution. Men like Israel Keyes should be boiled, burned or eaten alive by alligators/crocodiles and the event should be publicly filmed and witnessed to serve as a warning to others.

    I respect the founding fathers but disagree with the 8th amendment. Cruel and unusual punishments are justified in cases like this and in my opinion are the only way to truly scare psychopaths. Lethal injection and especially life in prison is not enough of a deterrent. All the ancient civilizations practiced public and brutal executions to keep people in line. Killing a man is easy; but for guys like Israel Keyes, John Wayne Gacy, the NWO psychos and drug cartels you’ve got to send a message, and it has to be a gruesome one. But sissy liberal Americans will never do what needs to be done so stuff like this will keep happening.

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