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The Perpetuation of Face Mask Requirements was Occult Enslavement by New Underworld Order

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Rites of initiation, in occult practice, are intended to transform a person from a previous state to a new state. The wearing of a mask occludes the wearer’s true and God-given persona, then forces the assumption of a new persona. This is a key part of most occult initiation rituals. This initiation involves the symbolic killing of the initiate and bringing him to life again. The prior individual having undergone the process, is gone.

Masks were among the instruments of torture, control and dehumanization that were used by the criminal class to abduct and enslave those they attempted to lord over. Mask have also long had a darker role in schemes of sacrifice, transformation and social control.

Philip Zimbardo’s 1971 Stanford prison experiment, among other studies, showed how face coverings and masks can facilitate cruel dehumanization of one’s peers. One can today feel it where the majority of people are masked in public. Combined with hall-monitor types everywhere, this has a depressive effect. That’s very much the intention of the New Underworld Order scamsters who are running the Covid-1984 perp.

Read “Fear and Loathing in California: The Covid-1984 Lockdowns and the Stanford Prison Experiment”

Another study by anthropologist John Watson noted similar observations:

Developing infants and children learn social skills and empathy by studying human faces. Discordians looking to invert and damage society use masking to annihilate this social navigation skill. This leads to psychosis and asocial reactions. Meanwhile, total mortality or serious illness resulting from Wuhan virus infection in children is minuscule.

Lydia Densworth writes in her book “Friendship” about the importance of children’s human interaction with faces. Being subjected to masks often leads to sociopathy due to poor brain development.

Children are being trained for penal colony mentality, submission and passive servitude.

Read “Jeremy Bentham: British-Elitist Agent and Weird Pseudo-Intellectual Godfather of Utilitarianism and the Panopticon”

Socially distanced children during school recess.

Even before this latest mask and spacing onslaught, the younger generation was already demonstrating less empathy and more narcissism engendered by technology — hence the The Selfie Generation moniker for millennials.

Layered on top of this twisted psychological and mind control operation comes Clown World claims from the Leveler Debasers of humanity that treating animals humanely is a trait or in shadow language an act of white supremacy — something whites are more inclined to engage in than other races — and somehow that’s a bad thing.

26 Comments on The Perpetuation of Face Mask Requirements was Occult Enslavement by New Underworld Order

  1. Excellent article vis-a-vis its insightfulness and significance in today’s bizarro world of masks, mendacity and malevolence. Thank you for your work and commitment in fighting TPTB. RGB-Y1 out!!

  2. IF they wanted something harmful inside your body, they would have put it in the masks as more people are wearing them than getting vaccinated.

  3. The clerks in stores, since mask wearing began, are less inclined to be helpful and many are in bad moods, I believe due to the unpleasant and harmful experience of having to wear the suffocating mask all day at work, many while standing on their feet, unable to breathe properly–they are suffering and it affects their attitude.

  4. The face-mask wearing that is now entrenched into behavior of the general public is an extremely concerning barometer of where we are at and is indicative of the enormous hurdle that lies before us. My gym gives everyone the option to not wear a mask, yet still I see 80-90% compliance. Nietzsche stated many times that the world was only redeemed by the onset of great individuals. In them was concentrated and distilled the strength of what man had become. A tremendous ‘pathos of distance’ and massive cleft between a mob of unnecessary duplicates and a Dionysian lightning bolt from above.

    “My taste today takes pleasure in something else; the human being of great love and of great contempt, who is driven out of every ‘remoteness’ and ‘beyond’ straight into the world by his overflowing strength, who is forced by solitude to create beings for himself who are like him- a human being with the will to a terrible historical responsibility, forged to his problem” -Nietzsche(Autumn 1886)

  5. Precarious times, and the precipice is still distant. There is no happy ending. Many people will die, whether complicit (Steve Bing, Petr Kellner) or not. Increasingly I question the nature and value of life.

    • >I question the nature and value of life

      When lived within the current centralized, increasingly tyrannical political system it’s natural to have such a thought — but try to keep in mind that this kind of psychological fatigue/resignation is one goal of the unrelenting propaganda.

      • 97% of human beings are uncivilized savages. The way we treat non-humans is pure evil without any remorse. Over 3 billion animals are murdered every day on this earth when humans are clearly born either frugivore or herbivore. We are now reaping what we have sown.

    • It’s natural to feel intense psychological pressure/internal conflict/tension when confronted with evil coercion, which is what has been going on, with more and worse to come I think/fear.

      At the link is a short (4m) video by an Orthodox priest — he compares the current and likely coming treatment of COVID skeptics and vaccine refusers to the Biblical portrayal/treatment of lepers:

      link“We must say that any coercion, any pressure, on anyone to take any kind of medical treatment beyond their free will is evil. … Let us resist any move to create a new group in our society that is ritually unclean, unable to mix, unable to be accepted and touched.”

  6. Yes, but it’s not just mask wearing anymore — the pressure to get/prove you’ve had a negative test, or the vaccine, is growing: yesterday I walked by a storefront where a sign said you could only come in if you had a (certain kind of) mask and a negative corona test — it didn’t say how recent, but if quarantine periods are being set at 2 weeks, then presumably they may require a test every 2 weeks — ?

    Keep in mind that assuming this alleged SARS-CoV-2 exists (?), for nearly everyone it is just the flu: it results in flu-like symptoms of a typical severity and duration.

    Here is a Twitter exchange that shows the moronic tyranny developing around this:

    linkHey #NoVaccinePassports dipshits. It’s not fascism, you whiny fucks. We are trying to prevent people from dying. If you don’t want to get a vaccine that’s your right, but I also have a right to know that your dumbass isn’t putting my family at risk at crowded events.

    linkif the vaccine works, why are they so scared about who is at a crowded event?

    This is a kind of transition from ‘virtue signaling’ to ‘virtue proving’ — you now have to prove your virtue not only by mindlessly embracing/repeating all the media moralizing and propaganda, but also by abiding by any/all dictates.

  7. Much of what was written has historical precedent and is valuable to keep in the forefront of the mind when traveling among the fearful.

    It’s interesting that during the past year, being resolutely against the entire scam, that when I walked bare-faced among the masked, there was genuine fear in their eyes, with some people actually shuffling away from my path.

    The cure for much of this is simply to get out among the spring growth and sunshine free of the mask and the human social craziness. I find it interesting that the rest of the mammals on this planet seem to be doing fine…

    This too shall pass, although it may get nastier as people are forced to confront their own folly.

    • From the Johns Hopkins SPARS exercise 2025-2028 pp64 Quote: ” The group vigorously debated whether it was appropriate for the President to acknowledge the sacrifice that vaccine recipients had made on behalf of their communities or to console them in their grief over that sacrifice”

  8. I must admit, I am still amazed how the media, governments, and grocery stores have managed to maintain this colossal scam regarding SARS-CoV-2. My friends who have been “tested positive” to have it have recovered just fine. As I was spending time with them, I probably have had it too and recovered just fine, did not really even know I had it. It’s still weird to listen to grocery stores here to repeat the great lie in Nazi Germany by repeating pre-recorded records within certain time intervals. I must say I feel sad for the grocery store workers when they have to listen to those propaganda records every 3 minutes. And folks in media who have to repeat the propaganda in the state-owned media.

  9. I live in a police state but I’ve been going into stores without masks. Yesterday I saw the manager looking at me and she knew she had better not approach me. You have to keep an inner mindset that you are not going to be tricked, pushed, pressured, or otherwise coerced into submission. Remember: 1 lone woman: Madelyn Murray O’Hare had prayer taken out of schools. Where were the thousands of parents and grandparents???

    Unless you resolve to buck the crowd and even try to warn others to then you can expect to live as a slave with zero rights since that’s what the psychopaths want.

  10. There is no “deadly new illness”. There never was. They are not vaccines either.
    The virus/germ theory is a scam. Big pharma is about as evil as it gets.
    Viruses are imaginary. You cannot “catch” an imaginary thing.
    Wuhan has absolutely nothing to do with this manufactured “crisis”.
    There is no pandemic. End of story.

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