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The Other Sons of Sam: Now, for the Rest of the Story (Part II)

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Avid Winter Watch followers have probably read “‘Son of Sam’ Berkowitz Was Not a Lone-Wolf Killer (Update),” and watched the Netflix series “Sons Of Sam: A Descent into Darkness.” If not, you’re behind the eight ball on what is effectively a fundamental course in how society works today. We suggest backtracking now and then returning, if possible. 

Ultimate Evil : The Truth about the Cult Murders: Son of Sam and Beyond: Terry, Maury, Illustrated with Photographs: 9780760713938: Books

Netflix’s new series “Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness” is based upon and a critique of the late investigative journalist Maury Terry’s book “Ultimate Evil.” However, there’s some essential history in the book to which the series alluded; namely, that serial killer David Berkowitz was part of a localized discordian network of evil doers.

But in letters and in interviews, Berkowitz described this network as much more, and as he knew it in 1979. This is from Terry’s book, not the Netflix series. He stated

At one time I was a member of an occult group. Being sworn to secrecy or face death I cannot reveal the name of the group, nor do I wish to. This group contained a mixture of satanic practices which included the teachings of Aleister Crowley and Eliphaz Levi. It was (still is) totally blood oriented and I am certain you know just what I mean. The Coven’s doctrines are a blend of ancient Druidism, the teachings of the Secret Order of the Golden Dawn, Black Magick and a host of other unlawful and obnoxious practices.

It is an alliance existed (existing) between the cult and related narcotics and pornography enterprises.

Winter Watch Takeaway: If such a malevolent organization was and is to be successful on a larger scale, it would need considerable financial resources. Drugs, pornography and human trafficking would provide the fuel and enable this secret society to corrupt officialdom. This goes well beyond the simple definition of the Mafia or La Cosa Nostra, which are mere tentacles of a larger octopus.

Nothing to see here, move along

During the last couple decades, this network has incorporated and expanded it’s muscle via dedicated satanic death cult Mexican and Central American criminal organizations, such MS-13 and Los Aztecas (aka Barrio Aztecas). These gangs have colluded with Mexican and American police, military and plutocrats to run drugs and a large-scale sexual exploitation ring in Juárez, Mexico and elsewhere.

For further reading:

Discordian satanists’ open-borders agenda is enriching drug cartels which in turn gives them even more corrupting influence.

[VIDEO TITLE: Joe Biden’s Open-Borders Agenda Is Enriching Drug Cartels | Mark Morgan on Newsmax]

William Mentzer
‘Manson 2’

Berkowitz fingered one William Malony Mentzer as “Manson 2.” Mentzer helped found a nationwide satanic private club called Magick Island. Manson 2 was from the Los Angeles area. That’s where the Sam cult has its headquarters. He was involved with the original Manson and the cult there in L.A.

Mentzer is now in prison for the murder of Roy Radin who Berkowitz suggests was also a kingpin in the cult. At the time of the Radin murder, Mentzer was a trusted bodyguard for pornography publisher Larry Flynt, the founder of Hustler magazine. What a coinkydink.

Berkowitz also acknowledged that one purpose of the NYC shootings was the production of snuff films. This was shown in the Netflix series in an interview.

Berkowitz believes Manson 2 was the guy who had the most to do with picking him to take the fall on Son of Sam.

Page 2A of The Journal News from Aug. 11, 1977, when David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam, was arrested.
The ‘evolution of a suspect,’ it was called, perpetuating the lone-wolf killer narrative.

“He hates this guy,” Terry wrote, “and fears him.”

Berkowitz acknowledged that a satanic cult existed and that he belonged to it. At the time of his arrest he knew that the Cult had turned him in as a Son of Sam suspect.

Berkowitz zeroed in on the Chingons, which research had shown was a Process Church offshoot based in California.

In another letter, he’d written, “California is the home of Chingon and other foul groups.”

He stated that Charles Manson was a “Christ/Devil,” another Process link. He then underlined just two words, indicating that Manson’s disciples acted “under orders.”

Terry notes that in his meeting with the killer, Berkowitz also underscored the following passages

“Sunset Strip — where the Process hawked its wares.” Further down, he underlined: “The shade of Aleister Crowley looms large in the area [L.A.], but his excesses pale into insignificance compared to today’s devil worshippers.”

Next, Berkowitz goes into what Winter Watch has often described in its posts: mind kontrol, MK Ultra, neuro-lingustic programming and inverted shaming (aka cancel culture), double-bind theory and black magik. Enter those words in a Winter Watch search query and you will find plenty.

Berkowitz wrote

There are certain powerful persons who are able to gain entrance into other people’s minds and souls. You asked about Satanists. I’m not talking of thrill seekers who hang onto and join every anti-establishment group which comes along. I’m not talking about those who remain on the fringe of such groups. My letter is in reference to the elite and dedicated hardcore members of Occult groups. You see, these people cannot be taken lightly.

Please try to understand their philosophy of life and society. They have no fear of man-made laws nor the laws of God. To them, murder comes easy. Being anti-God, they love nothing better than a good kill. These people will stop at nothing in order to fulfill their desires. They have the complete ability to elude the police and to cover their tracks completely.

Many members of these hidden and secret groups are participating of their own free will. Others aren’t. Yet, they are there to obey every command and complete every task without question.

There are people out there who are animals. There are people who are a fearless lot. They HATE God! I’m not talking about common criminals. You know who I am talking about.

There are people who will follow a “Chosen Lamb” throughout the ends of the earth. If they feel that this person is the “next one” — well, they have money. They have brains and hate.

They are not a careless group who are apt to make mistakes. But they are secretive and bonded together by a common need and a desire to mete out havoc on society. It was Aleister Crowley who said, “I want blasphemy, murder, rape, revolution, anything bad.”

Final Takeaway: Like Terry, Winter Watch has dived down countless rabbit holes to explore the reach of this malevolent cult. The pages of this website are full of references. We would argue that the malevolent cult is much larger than Berkowitz hinted at and even Terry realized. Terry mostly operated without the internet. For instance, in our post “Flower Power Sowed Seeds for 50 Years of Weaponized Degeneracy,” we describe how branches of the malevolent sistema infested and influenced culture.

In fact, we hold that iterations of this discordian sistema have now ensconced themselves as 5th Columnists in positions of power and work as minions and operatives at both upper and middle levels of intelligence, academia, media and entertainment. Probably a large portion of the surreal, strange and foul characters you see daily on the mainstream media are soldiers and flying monkey underlings of this discordian sistema, or what we more commonly refer to as the Crime Syndicate.

11 Comments on The Other Sons of Sam: Now, for the Rest of the Story (Part II)

  1. Can anyone help me out with this question please:

    Wasn’t President Gerald Ford also tied to Mr. Larry Flynt and his brother back in Michigan?

    Since the thread is focused on the power behind all of these dastardly folks, I wanted to pose this question, as I do recall having read this implication in at least two sources; however, if anyone here at WW has more information and / or resources for me, I would certainly be very appreciative.

    Basically, I came across information implying that President Ford was involved in pornography, snuff films and even prostitution back in Michigan. Further he may have been used as “muscle” around the same period.

    Many thanks.

    Simple Citizen

    • Cathy O’Brien’s “Tranceformation Of America” book describes her memories of Ford using keys and codes to access her Catholic school sex programming and implicates Ford in porn, etc.

      However, the more reliable story (at least in my opinion) is “Thanks For the Memories” by Brice Taylor (Sue Ford pen name, though not related to the president…). In it, she describes her abuse as an MKUltra-programmed slave by both Bob Hope and Henry K. It is her description of latter’s use in assignments which provides insight into how he was able to ply his trade in DC and elsewhere.

      Ms. O’Brien seems to have found a new handler, the man who allegedly assisted with her deprogramming, Mark Philips. This summarizes things:

      I do not recall reading about Larry Flynt om either book, though.

  2. Some time in the last year or two I came across a piece of information about the “Untermeyer Park” site, where the alleged Son of Sam cult held its unholy meetings. The park had previously been the site of a mansion and its grounds for a wealthy family and was given to the City of NY.
    The information I had read/viewed either stated or implied that the original owner/family may have been connected with Sabbatean or Frankist beliefs and practices. I’ll try to find that sources and return with a link later. Or to retract my comment.
    Has anyone else seen information about the Sabbatean or Frankist connections to the original owners of the mansion and grounds of the now “park”?

    • Mr. McCormick,

      Yes, I vaguely recall an article on the land, its history and transfers of the property. What I seem to recall is that I came across the information in either the Post or the Daily News and it was in the early 2000s. You are definitely not off here, but like yourself, I am at a loss to recall the original source that I read.

      If, I bump into it, I will post a link here.


  3. No wonder Ford’s wife was an alcoholic- my readings concur with yours. And Ford went through the motion of apologizing to Mrs. Frank Olson for the death of her husband after he was unwittingly subjected to LSD in a ‘casual’ experiment (1957?) outside the Fort Dietrich laboratory.

    • Right on Hauntess! That is what has been implication with regard to Betty Ford…secrets cause stress, stress causes depression, and we end up in a result of drinking, while taking lots of pills.

      This part I was aware of:

      “And Ford went through the motion of apologizing to Mrs. Frank Olson for the death of her husband after he was unwittingly subjected to LSD in a ‘casual’ experiment (1957?) …”


      “…outside the Fort Dietrich laboratory.”

      My original sources were (sorry to use Amazon, but it was a fast way to relocate them — I own the texts):


      And then I am pretty sure I came across information on the FreeRepublic website back around the early 2000s that linked him to Mr. Larry Flynt, which then may intersect with this thread both with what Mr. Berkowitz has indicated and of course this paragraph:

      “Mentzer is now in prison for the murder of Roy Radin who Berkowitz suggests was also a kingpin in the cult. At the time of the Radin murder, Mentzer was a trusted bodyguard for pornography publisher Larry Flynt, the founder of Hustler magazine. What a coinkydink.”

      What this gives us is the possibility that RW is on top of his game with the level of power that this network might have, and the realization that the Franklin Scandal coverup may have been predated with the entry of Gerald Ford / Leslie Lynch King, Jr. in the Executive Branch.

      Just a couple of general links:




        WW Friends,

        To be clear, I am not one who wishes to speak ill of those who have transitioned out of this life; however, I look at a thread like this one and our subsequent conversations as a means to help one another protect each other from these predators, which may include a low life criminal (not implying someone specific here) on up to a President of a nation (this is certainly not just a U.S. problem by a long shot).

        Many of us have kids and some have grandchildren. When we speak of these matters, I believe we are trying to help be aware / informed for their protection, as well as our communities (especially for friends who are single or do not have children) and other family members (to my knowledge there are a few uncles and aunts passing through WW).

        It just seemed prudent to clarify this point on President Ford. Although I do not believe that he was a “good man”, I would not normally even bring up his past, unless in the context of recalling how it might help all of us support one another and the people we care deeply about. If I was just out to pick on someone, I would more than likely chosen a more recent fool (in my opinion), as it provides low hanging fruit.

        All my best,

        Simple Citizen

        P.S. For our veterans, Happy Memorial Day and many thanks for your service!

        I do not always like the “cause” and I even can find fault with certain Generals; however, by and large, I am really thankful for the service of our fellow citizens. So (again) a big “THANK YOU” from the Simple Citizen!

      • Gerald Ford palled around with Bob Hope, which links him to Flynt. They and Henry Kissinger are named by the woman who toured the US for years lecturing on her time as a ‘presidential model’ (sorry, too hot today to get my memory working).

        Also, if you look deeper into the Olson murder, you’ll find he was given LSD and then pushed out a window, because he had a conscience and was going to go public with MK-Ultra disclosures-

        • Mr. Rudge,

          Many thanks for your response. Unfortunately, I am a little confused and was hoping that you might be bale to help me out. When you say:

          “Gerald Ford palled around with Bob Hope, which links him to Flynt.”

          Is this a typo meaning Mr. Erol Flynn or perhaps Flint, Michigan? Respectfully and humbly, I just wanted to understand the connection you are making better.

          As for your other points, I do understand and appreciate what you are stating. I did site Ms. O’Brien’s books on this thread, so I think we are both referring to the same lady regarding the “Presidential model”.

          Again, thanks for your response.

          Simple Citizen

          • By ‘Flynt’ i meant Larry Flynt, as referred to above.

            Incidentally, Barnaby Rudge isn’t my name: it’s the title and protagonist of Dicken’s best (imo) novel.

          • Cathy O’Brian’s Tranceformation book describes her memories of Ford using keys and codes to access her Catholic school sex programming and implicates Ford in porn, etc.

            The more reliable story (at least in my opinion) of Sue Ford in “Thanks For the Memories” describes her use by both Bob Hope and Henry K. It is the latter’s use which describes well how he was able to ply his trade in DC and elsewhere.

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