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Sherlock Appraises the ‘Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’ Show-Trial ‘Evidence’

Not surprisingly, the trial of “Dzhokhar Tsarnaev” for the Boston Marathon bombing is chock full of ludicrous storytelling for the pajama people. It reminds me of how, as if by some miracle, the Crime Syndicate materialized one of the 9/11 hijacker’s passports found at the foot of the demo’ed Twin Towers. The Crime Syndicate rag Daily Mail gives us the trial particulars.

Tsarnaev’s defense attorney, Judy Clarke, presented to the court the dead older brother’s wallet. Naturally, it is full of receipts for bomb-making ingredients. Inquiring minds might wonder why he would keep such receipts, for what purpose? A tax write off perhaps? Souvenirs? To incriminate himself? Dead men can’t talk.

Speaking of dead men can’t talk- the Tsarnaev Brothers tried to survive- no suicide here. Here they can be heard shouting, “We give up!” and “We didn’t do it!” The deployed “units” just kept firing anyway..

While we’re at it, let’s have another look at Judy “Deep Six ‘Em” Clarke, also known as “Judy on the Spot” for many of these high-profile patsy cases of late. For her clients, her specialty is avoiding the death penalty. For the state, it’s ensuring a conviction. Reportedly, her clients typically end up at a special super-max prison in Colorado called ADX Florence. She was also on the defense for the show trials of Theodore Kaczynski, Buford Furrow, Zacarias Moussaou, Eric Rudolph, Jared Lee Loughner and Paul Cianca. What a coinkydink.

Read “Paul Cianca, LAX Shooter: Updated”

Personally, I doubt the doppelganger playing Dzhokhar in court ever sees the inside of any U.S. prison. If you’ll recall, his friends didn’t even recognize him in court – have a listen.

One observant news reporter (who didn’t get the memo) in the courtroom noted that alleged Tsarnaev spoke in a heavy Russian accent. Glitch in the matrix, as Tsarnaev’s wrestling coach told the CNN reporter that he never had such an accent. The real Dzhokhar can be heard speaking in the second video below with a very mild accent- if at all.

The real Dzhokhar (at right) was 19 years at the time and rather baby-faced. The other rendering (no photos or cameras allowed in the court) is who exactly? There are no apparent photos or videos of this person in our open source search of the internet since the alleged apprehension..

Jahar Tsarnaev’s real voice completely debunking heavy Russian accent claim in court


Next we were told that the brothers removed their blood-stained gloves from the officer’s shooting and left it inside of their abandoned car. For what purpose? To help the prosecution?

Yet, despite going to all the trouble of wearing gloves, fingerprints are everywhere. But would their fingerprints in a family car even be significant?

“Forensics experts testified that Dzhokhar’s fingerprints were found throughout the [Tsarnaev family’s] Honda.”

In a second car, that was stolen, they take the trouble to bring along the following items. They leave behind the gloves, but not their beloved bomb-making material.

“Tupperware container filled with explosive powder and fuses found in a car stolen by the Tsarnaevs just before the firefight with police.”

This one is good, real logical. Seems they had the wherewithal to hurl pipe bombs in a shootout with police. Really? Who makes this up? What is effective range of throwing a pipe bomb coming against armed police? Doesn’t combine.

“During earlier testimony Wednesday, jurors were shown two pipe bombs hurled at police during the shootout. Neither of those bombs exploded, but a third pipe bomb did.”


Oh, and while we are it, let’s make sure we also bring along the chill music CDs for listening pleasure in the second stolen vehicle.

There is a high probability the real Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was murdered by the crime syndicate along with his brother Tamalan. If not, he’s deep inside the star chamber “justice” system and, like Aurora shooter James Holmes, out of sight. “Dzhokhar” has never been seen again except in court drawings.

“Dzhokhar Tsarnaev” was sentenced to death on June 24, 2015. “He” has been transferred to ADX Florence, Colorado. 

A Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) spokesperson stated that “unique security management requirements” caused the agency to place “Tsarnaev” in Colorado instead of U.S. penitentiary Terre Haute in Indiana, where male death-row inmates are normally held. “He” has never conducted an interview, and an open search of his name in the last several years turns up virtually nothing about his activities, comments or state of mind.

This question of the dearth of interviews coming from the phantom boogeymen and patsies in recent years is very problematic. You see ladies and gentlemen- one can go on You Tube and avail hundreds of prison interviews with infamous killers and criminals. Some have millions of views.

Just this one playlist (link is good) includes in the flesh conversations and interviews with: Ed Kemper, Jeffrey Dahmer, Dennis Rader, Joel Rifkin, David Parker Ray, Aileen Wournos, David Berkowitz, Arthur Shawcross, Ted Bundy, Gary Ridgeway, Gerald Schaefer, Charles Manson (numerous interviews), Danny Rolling, the Ice Man Richard Kuklinski, Richard Ramirez, Wayne Williams, Otis Toole, and Tommy Lynn Sells. Of course Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh conducted an interview as has Sirhan Sirhan (several) and Mark David Chapman.

But are Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Paul Cianca, James Holmes, Dylan Storm Roof, Jared Laughner, and Esteban Santiago-Ruiz, among others, too busy?

And what a botched operation on the patsy end. This is brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, seen walking to a police car naked and handcuffed shortly before he was taken out back to be murdered. The scene was so poorly controlled by the Crime Syndicate goons that these videos got out into the public realm for all to see. I hate to put it in this article, but will proceed so at least several hundred of my readers may have a brief chance to see, before it gets taken down. Meanwhile if you have a You Tube channel start mirroring these.

The cover up of the patsy operation was also a clusterfuck. Apparently the old-school Operation 40 goons who knew what they are doing have retired, replaced by Keystone cops perhaps? The next video describes how a friend of the Tsarnaev brothers, Ibragim Todashev, was disposed of during an “FBI interview.” This is the great reporter Ben Swann before he was jettisoned out of a job- covering this sorry case.

Two other friends of the Tsarnaevs were also murdered and marijuana placed on their bodies by a death squad (scene is in second video).

Two elite FBI agents that were on the scene for the Tsarnaev event had freak “accidents” in a training exercise.

For the record, people who knew the real Dzhokhar described him as smart and capable.

This is the real Dzhokhar “Jahar” Tsarnaev before being set up and murdered by Crime Syndicate goons. RIP.

11 Comments on Sherlock Appraises the ‘Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’ Show-Trial ‘Evidence’

  1. The critical question was what music were they playing? My money’s on Kenny G., though I’m not going to rule out Michael Bolton a priori. This information is important in giving us a more complete profile of the evil-doer. Not only must justice be done, it must be seen to be done!

  2. This was no doubt another FEMA Capstone event: FEMA capstone is a federal program that pays millions of dollars to participants and crisis actors of an area and even a whole town to stage and go along with a false flag event that is usually televised as a real event for the purposes of convincing the public to give up a right, go to war or some other pre-planned agenda.

  3. The FBI claimed that the tall, muscular white-skinned guy that they arrested in Watertown was a Chinese national. He looked exactly like Tamerlane Tsarnaev, was arrested at the scene of the alleged ‘shootout’, at the same time that the alleged ‘shootout’ occured, yet they claimed that he was an [unnamed] Chinese. Chinese men are almost uniformly short and/or skinny, literally not one in a million could answer to the description of the guy in the video. So those are the odds of the official story being true- less than one in a million.

  4. Wikipedia –> Trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev — this page (still) does not contain the word “motive” — a good-looking guy, probably no problem pulling chicks (it’s certain he still gets love letters in prison), plenty of weed, why would he throw it all away with no obvious, driving motive? — we are supposed to believe that while hiding in a covered boat overnite he wrote a confession on a vertical fiberglass sidewall of the boat — imagine: trying to do that in the dark, no I’ll wait until daylight to write a confession helpful to the prosecution at my trial; trying to write on fiberglass; but he just happened to have a pen on him; but not just any pen, one that could write on fiberglass.– ? — that does not make any sense — by the time the trial took place, everyone had moved on and no one was paying much attention — he was never “innocent until proven guilty”, so the Establishment felt no obligation to try to make sure the evidence introduced against him was sensible, or even plausible.

  5. What happened to the official security team that was photographed wearing the backpacks which later exploded? What are their names? Were they even called to testify in court? Is this why the OJ Simpson trial was televised but the far more important Tsarnaev trial was not?

    • Craft international? Chris Kyle’s security company? I always thought it was odd they were on-scene and then he gets murdered randomly while working with “disabled veterans”. Kind of hard to not see a connection.

  6. I remember the governor of Massachusetts saying that he took a nap for three hours during the manhunt and lockdown.

  7. So I’m good friends with one of the 3 men who were murdered in Waltham by the supposed “Boston bombers”. I was even questioned by police about it with some of my other friends. I can tell you for a fact those brothers did not kill those men. The cops had nothing. You could tell they were grasping at straws by the way the talked and acted. Or so we thought.
    Turns out there’s a couple of local cops who had a history of knocking off local dealers. They both eventually got caught smuggling and both are dead now. Also a female cop who worked at the same police station had filed a sexual harassment case against the station was found dead in her apartment with the same wounds. Which if anyone has ever read into the Waltham 3 it was lots of stab wounds with your neck slit. No sign of forced entry in both cases. Multiple cops, including top brass and detectives, in the Watertown and Waltham PD have been convicted of drug dealing and other crimes as well, had been suicided or murdered all around the same time.
    What I’m getting at it is these kids taking the fall does much more then “solve” the bombing but allowed 2 disgraced police factions to get great PR as heroes and sweep under the rug all of the corruption and death that had become their hallmarks prior. If it was for my friend being brutally murdered I would’ve never known these things cuz it never makes the front page or 7iclock news. Countless hours of reading police blogs and interviews and cross referencing and searching and finding small online articles that nobody ever reads is the only way to see the truth and connect the dots. Once you know how the world works the picture is easy to see. These kids are taking the fall so that dirt bags can save face and the system can keep chugging along.

  8. A more pressing problem…

    All Vaccinated people will die within 2 years

    Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier has confirmed that there is no chance of survival for people who have received any form of the vaccine. In the shocking interview, the world’s top virologist stated blankly: “there is no hope, and no possible treatment for those who have been vaccinated already. We must be prepared to incinerate the bodies.” The scientific genius backed claims of other pre eminent virologists after studying the constituents of the vaccine. “They will all die from antibody dependent enhancement. Nothing more can be said.”

    May 28, 2021
    French Medical Doctor: COVID-19 Injections Increasing DEATHS and New Infections – The Evidence is Overwhelming

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