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The Use of Magic Bullets in Staged Deception Shooting Events


Although almost all video evidence from the 2017 Las Vegas shooting has been purged from YouTube, we have discovered a revealing collection of material on a Bitchute video. There’s also some new footage we have never seen before. If you’re interested in the subject, we suggest reviewing it before this video is deep-sixed as well.

Las Vegas shooting Mother of All Faking” (good link)

Seven .223-caliber bullets compared to one .308

The official story is that AR .223 and .308 rounds were used by alleged shooter Stephen Paddock. The “gunman” delivered 1,100 rounds in 12 separate bursts over 10 minutes.

Despite the crowd dispersing, Paddock was able to kill 58 people and wound 413 by gun shot, which is an extraordinary feat and shot ratio from his window perch 800 meters away.

We hold that the vast majority of individuals hit by rounds of this size would be on the pavement and incapacitated.

At 00:03:15 in the video, you will hear an eyewitness overlooking the scene state, “Ï’m not buying it.”

However, in examining the video, we noticed some of the wounded walking and even running. In fact, there are some images showing small wounds in these individuals. The Bitchute video offers some background on the use of air gun pellets and also a firing exhibition at 00:39:30 of these larger rounds.

I think the video maker is on to something and, accordingly, we have developed a new theory: Although the event was largely faked, pellets were used on innocents for added effect. In the video, you will also see [at about 00:44:30] an image of what appears to be a small drone off to the right of the Mandalay hotel in the night sky.  Other observers have also said that they saw or heard another shooter or shooters firing from a different building or even inside the venue.

In the video [at 00:04:04], you will see a bloodless Jesus Campos limping around the hallway of the 32nd floor with his pant leg rolled up. Incredibly, at 00:04:30, Campos states he thought he had been shot with a pellet.

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At 00:05:28, police encounter someone with a pellet gun.

At 00:06:50, pellet gun demonstrated.

At 00:08:30, sequence shows police officer “hit with something.” Not entirely clear how he could be running down the street at a fast clip as sheriff claimed at 00:08:45. He had four entry and exit AR wounds, including one through the back. At 00:11:12, the sheriff states the officer was ready to go back to work the next day.

At 00:11:34, a girl appears to wince. From a bullet, or a pellet? At 00:12:00, is that a bullet or pellet wound?

At 00:12:48, a convoluted story, and yet another unlikely neck “bullet” wound at 00:13:07.

At 00:13:26, another hit of a police officer and enough to draw a little blood. But was this a bullet?

Starting at 13:50 administering CPR to various dummies or HALs.

Starting at 00:18:42, if this was a causality, do you just drag the body around like a rag doll? Where is the dead weight?

At 23:00 non-actor eyewitness correctly identifies that wound is not a gun shot, but something else.

At 00:23:30, non-actor eyewitness states “just blanks,” or was it pellets?

Whole sequence at 00:25:07 is slow motion of first 100 rounds. No signs of people downed by AR rounds. Just ducking or running.

At 00:34:30, convert-pellet round photographed in Paddock’s suite.

At 00:40:00, it shows 40 to 50 people behind a thin wall, and what AR rounds really do to said wall.

At 00:42:54, we have a surreal scene with officers in the so-called Paddock suite. An “officer” is heard saying, “We are faking the mother of faking.” At 00:43:12, we hear, “We do not have a broken window.”

Some worthwhile surviving video and analysis is available here: “Highly Revealing Synchronized Videos Emerge of Las Vegas Shooting (Note Important Shooter Audio Analysis Update!)”

This individual from Las Vegas is alleged to have been hit by an AR-15 .223 bullet in the upper chest. Photo is from Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Review-Journal. Once again, refer to ballistic test below to gauge the devastating nature of this round on the human body. In actuality, if anything, you may be seeing a pellet round. The .223 round would have penetrated, expanded and impacted vital arteries shown in the heart illustration below.

Here we have one Braden Matejka, who was shot in the head. Braden informs us that he has brain bleeding, brain swelling, fluid in the brain cavity, blurred sight and is cross-eyed. His face exhibits no signs of trauma, swelling, or blackened eyes. Nor is he even crossed-eyed as he claims. He doesn’t look to be in the slightest discomfort. He was also kind enough to provide us with a photo of what the “bullet” entrance and exit wounds into the head look like. If these are real wounds, they are pellets, not bullet rounds.

For more background on AR-15 bullet wounds, see this Atlantic article from a radiologist who is alleged to have examined the injuries. In a nutshell, he says these are not survivable wounds. A layman looking over the ballistic test below could just as easily assume the same thing. Dishonest wags may claim AR-15 bullets are like “pencils”. This most certainly is not the case internally inside the body.

“Tulammo .223 55gr Ballistic Gel Test”

At Santa Fe High School in Texas, we have a young man, Rome Shubert, who unknowingly sustained a shot to the head and emerged unfazed.

“A bullet sliced clean through the back of the Santa Fe High School sophomore’s head,” CNN reported. “Remarkably, he walked away with just bandages.”

On Twitter, he said he was “completely okay and stable.”

Acting on pure adrenaline, Shubert said he sprinted to a rear exit in the room and bounded over a 7-foot wall. That’s when the teen realized he was covered in blood and he had been shot, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The young man’s mother, Sheri Shubert, chimed in, saying, “The doctors told me it went in clean and came out clean.

She added, “We have to do something. We have to take a stand. America has to take a stand for our kids.”

Yes, those special black-magic bullets again. No contusions or bruising, no swelling, no real effect on hearing except “ears ringing.”

There’s a pretty good-size neck muscle located at the exit region. In the non-cartoon world, this is what we humans use to flex our necks, and keep our heads upright. By a “clean” wound, we are assuming they mean it hit no vital nerves, veins or arteries. Did it just go though an air cavity? [.38 caliber ballistic test]

The substantial neck muscle there is impossible to miss. How could one even hold their head up after being hit, regardless of whether it went “clean through the back of his head,” if it is exiting from this muscle? If, miraculously, it missed the muscle, there would still be surrounding swelling and fluid, and the novel concept of supportive muscles. The word “through” in English means “moving in one side and out of the other side.”

Update (h/t: Memoryhole Blog) – An article from “Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery” confirms the true severity of a gunshot wound through the neck.

Gunshot injuries cause profound morbidity and significant mortality, especially if they occur in the neck … The high density of vital structures in the neck makes injury to this region highly morbid and often fatal. The trachea, esophagus, carotid and vertebral arteries, cervical spine and spinal cord, phrenic nerve and brachial plexus are all vulnerable [to] injury with neck trauma. Each of these is a vital structure, and any delay in diagnosis and treatment can have devastating consequences. (Emphasis added.)

As far as the bullet entry, as noted in the mainstream media, the bullet entered his head. The shooter had two weapons: a shotgun and a .38 caliber. A shotgun blast would have plastered him, so I am assuming .38 as the bullet.

If it entered into his lower park of his skull (aka head), you have the brain stem there. The cortex is right above the stem. A tight band of spinal vertebrae and critical nerves enters the lower skull. There are a series of other nerves and arteries in that region. It’s like Grand Central Station. Everything is quite packed into that space. I can’t imagine a worst place to take a round — coup de grace, mostly likely, but certainly not unscathed.

Entrance wound

Exit wound
No worse for the wear. Seriously!

The following account comes from the Parkland High School event in Florida. CNN reported some details on the alleged three bullet wounds sustained by Maddy Wilford.

When she arrived, she was “pale and not responsive. She was in shock,” he said. He could see that she had “multiple gunshot wounds” to her chest, abdomen and upper sternum.

“Wounds in the chest were very severe, with massive bleeding,” Nichiporenko said. Emergency staff gave her blood, and when they found fluid in her abdomen, she was taken to the operating room within 10 minutes.

Nichiporenko had to perform “damage control,” amounting to extricating bullets and repairing damage, first in Wilford’s abdomen and then her chest and in the right upper extremity, where tendons had been “shattered from gunshot wounds.” “She still has fragments inside.”

The New York Post gave more details. Here, the claim is that the liver was missed. Given the liver’s size, location relative to the broken rib cage, the downward trajectory described as starting from piercing the right lung, and the blowing-out effect of an AR-15 round. Inquiring minds would like to ask how this is even possible.

Regardless, clearly she sustained very severe injuries. Our skepticism is primarily with her unaffected appearance and mobility in the press conference only 12 days later.

One of the bullets traveled though Maddy’s backcrushing her ribs, piercing her right lung and exiting through her stomach, Wilford wrote. Several others went through her shoulder and traveled the length of her right arm before exiting. Her liver, reproductive organs and heart were miraculously not affected. The teen underwent surgery Thursday to “put in titanium plates to hold the ribs together,” her mother wrote.

President Trump visited her at the hospital two days after the “shooting” and she was sitting up smiling and talking with no oxygen, no tubes or EKG machine — absolutely nothing.

So 12 days after receiving her three AR-15 bullet wounds, Ms. Wilford strolls into a press conference. Go to minute 00:19:30 in the following video and make sure to watch to the finish as she gets up and walks out.

“Fla. school shooting survivor, health officials hold news conference on her recovery | ABC News”

Several wags in Reddit comments claim “young people can really bounce back” like Teflon from lethal injuries. The problem with this exaggeration is that this is far from the only case of magic bullets in these events. Apparently, older people can be just as unaffected. Even acknowledging that a miracle can with great rarity happen, the script in these events has them happening with great frequency.

For example, Vicki Gardner is the Chamber of Commerce lady who was shot in the back with a hollow-point bullet in the Aug. 26, 2015, Roanoke “shooting.” Gardner’s husband, Tim, told the Associated Press that during surgery and while in a medically induced coma, doctors had to remove her damaged kidney and part of her colon.

A mere week later, this robust 62-year-old woman shows up for a Fox News interview with Greta and appears no worse for the wear. She looks tan with a great complexion, a good range of motion and nicely trimmed down. Par for the course, Gardner gets off her script in the interview, providing details that don’t combine with others’ accounts, which is noted in:

Roanoke Shooting: If You Believed This, You’ll Believe Anything

Magic bullets occur with enough frequency in staged events to be considered part of the lore. Indeed, a couple other notable magic bullet incidents stood out from the Las Vegas event. Yes, we have all seen the absurd images of Jesus Campos walking onto the “Ellen” show two weeks after taking an AR round in the leg and looking 35 pounds heavier.

And what about this actor, who climbed out of his hospital bed to greet President Trump just days after being shot through the leg. Notice the WTF look on Melania Trump’s face. She’s probably not in on it.

Winter Watch Takeaway: The operators are pushing the Outer Limits of the Twilight Zone with deceitful brainwashing and black magic.


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  1. Did you catch Maddy Wilford’s regular instances of “duper’s delight” (starting at the 19:38 mark) as she tries to well up tears? No one smiles or has to resist from laughing before crying. Always a clear indication of a liar. (Mother also complicit, naturally.)

  2. Russ, I know you have been complemented by others before on a few occasions, but I just wanted to reiterate that your choice of content on this blog is absolutely superb. I don’t know what your numbers are or how they have evolved over the years, but to me Winter Watch is the best site I’ve come across dealing with secret government, politics, false-flag events, espionage, conspiracy, et al.

    Your choice of content never becomes repetitive or redundant and is always well sourced and challenges the reader to delve even further into the said topic at hand or the peripheral subject-matter that is related to the main topic in question. The countless hours you invest into many of your posts is evident and like me, I’m sure you’ve put in many late nights ‘chipping away at your quarry like a subterranean miner.’

    Anyhow, your work here along with Torchy and Thomas is appreciated by us regular visitors and is considered by me to be CUM LAUDE LEVEL!

    Just out of curiosity, why did you title the site Winter Watch? Is it along the lines of Steinbeck’s ‘Now is the winter of our discontent?’ or is there another meaning to it?

    Thanks again guys!

      • @ Winter Watch
        I appear to be free to post comments onto your website so please tell me why you no longer post comments onto the Renegade Tribune website?
        Was it because of something that you said which got you banned, or was it because you know something about that website that made you decide to no longer contribute to that website?

        The Renegade Tribune website hasn’t removed all of its comments history and looking back through its history, I have noticed that you are not the only man who no longer posts any comments there.

      • Russ,
        Being very slightly off-topic:


        Check out this video Russ:

        Del Bigtree On Coronavirus And The Coming MANDATORY Vaccination Program!

        The bloke on the left is an American equivalent to David Icke, and the bloke on the right is a Canadian equivalent of a shill who wishes to be the Canadian version of Alex Jones.

        And what do they both have in common with each other?

        Neither of them dare to say who or what; “They” are…………………!.

        “They” = a 3 letter word that begins with the letter J….

        • Hi Russ, please do not respond to that comment of mine, all you need to do is to make use of the information.
          If you were to respond to that comment in a positive way, then there is a very high risk of you getting a knock on your front door.

          (Been there before and got the T-shirt to prove it).

          If you hadn’t seen my comment then no one can prove either way if you had or had not seen it.

    • Let me shout *Amen* to your post, Ed. Winter Watch is simply fantastic when it comes to disassembling the gaslighting and bullshit we are bombarded with daily.

  3. Colonel David Hackworth, who was awarded no less than eight Purple Hearts, said that being shot was like someone taking a baseball bat and hitting you as hard as they can. Think that might hurt a little bit? Do any of these people look like they suffered that kind of trauma?

  4. The Ameri-karma here is a century of watching Hollywood witchcraft. Where actors are shot, lie down dramatically and a discreet little oil spot stains the shirt as they wince and wax poetic..

    Hubby, a concert pianist by trade, ended up a point man in Nam by his CO’s vengeance. It took about five years after we married for him to begin telling me about Nam. His first late wife never heard a word, nor immediate family (I was the first to interview him with hopes of writing a book, stymied for the moment). He saw hundreds of people shot at close range. Just shoot a fingertip and it will become a hose of bloodshed. All shots bleed copiously, and don’t just stop (or ask a woman what a monthly half cup of blood can do to clothing). When men are hit on the battlefield they scream louder than women in labor. They don’t quietly grit their teeth when badly wounded. The aftermath of all battles is protracted screams and at least anguished groans. This can go on for days until the helicopters can make their way in to the rescue. In short, gun battle doesn’t remotely resemble these shooting events or Hollywood.

    But alas, Hollywood and the media has amounted to a century’s worth of brainwash on the public. While we fruitlessly toiled with his VA case, I developed many scenarios he survived. Since then I can’t bring myself to even watch movies falsely depicting gun battle.

    The clueless public is being duped by the most cheesy replicas of gun battle imaginable.

    Great work, Russ, as said down-thread. Amen to all.

    • “Ouch a bullet just penetrated my body and smashed some of my bones, but I will soon be able to recover to keep on fighting within a few minutes”.

      “Oops, I dropped dead instantly after being hit by a bullet and felt no pain whatsoever “

  5. I posted the following comment under the BitChute video:
    @Foe, have you ever considered the possibility that the sound of gun fire that we can hear in those video clips was added after the video footage was filmed? OK maybe the crowd did hear the sound of bullets but the venue has a massive set of powerful speakers which could have been used to play the version of bullet sounds that they heard.

    And remember the motto: “If they did not want you to know about it, you would not know about it”.

    Regarding the so-called bullet injuries, the odds of a bullet hitting the bones of the victims must be over 40% so why haven’t I seen any victims whose bones were destroyed by a bullet? If a bullet penetrated a human skull the skull would be shattered and not be left with a tiny entry and exit hole.
    I haven’t yet watched all the video yet, but I doubt that it will mention the fact that the window panes of the Hotel were impossible to smash and that the image of the broken window pane was posted whilst it was still dark the following morning.

    • Lies need a bit of truth to reinforce the Lies and that works very well until too much truth is exposed/known of.

      Semitism feeds off anti-Semitism and without anti-Semitism, Semitism could not survive.

    • @Foe, have you ever considered the possibility that the sound of gun fire that we can hear in those video clips was added after the video footage was filmed? OK maybe the crowd did hear the sound of bullets but the venue has a massive set of powerful speakers which could have been used to play the version of bullet sounds that they heard.

      Yes they definitely were using theatrics and sound enhancements.

  6. @russ winter

    The video is interesting and clearly all is not as it seems. Still – there were many actual deaths claimed. Prompted by this video I went and searched on one of the dead names and found links from the local church to an obituary and a gofundme for kids etc.

    How do you explain away the dead bodies?

    • Dead bodies or dapper cadavers? Las Vegas also has an active morgue of drug overdoses and street people to use for staging.

      Fake personas and obituaries are very elementary simple stagecraft 101.

      • What about links like this: This appears to be a church web-site with an obituary for an employee. I guess that could be faked. But what about death certificates? Friends? Relatives? Can they all be faked? And surely a journalist asking questions would be able to uncover lies fairly easily? No?

        Where would the weak points be and how would you go about uncovering a deception?

        • Journalists? really- existem?

          3-5 years ago there were independent folks on You Tube and reddit conspiracy birddogging this stagecraft. Now those have been purged and memory holed. I am banned at r/conspiracy for this very thing.

          More than Merely Dubious: How I Was Permanently Banned at Reddit (be sure to watch the clip)

          Profs Fetzer and Tracey have been hauled into court and mostly silenced. Peekay Truth has been paid “visits” at his mother’s residence and has largely quit. If you look hard at Bitchute you might still find a few here and there as I did for this post. Bitchute videos are now banned on Twitter.

          On your last question, we have a whole tag on the site called staged deceptions and false flags:

          Some relevant posts on this topic are below. You might start with:

          Miles Mathis Exposes Fake Personas in the Las Vegas Shooting Victims

          Did Rochester Institute of Technology Class of ’07 Grads Provide Fake Personas for the Vegas Shooting?

          • Ok. I read all those links. Interestingly Miles has specifically addressed the woman I was looking at. He writes:

            “Next, let’s hit Jessica Klymchuk. That sort of pops out at you, doesn’t it? Instead of taking us to her page, Intelius takes us directly to a Juliya L. Klymchuk, who I guess is supposed to be the same person. But shouldn’t the mainstream be posting the real names of these people, not their nicknames or aliases? Plus, how does Intelius know Jessica is the same as Juliya L.? Are we supposed to just take their word for it? If it is not her, why are we directed to her page? Why not just say, “none found”?

            Juliya is supposed to have a sister named Yuliya. But wait, isn’t that the same name? Do you really think their parents named two sisters Yuliya and Juliya? They are pronounced the same, so it isn’t a very good job of naming. As you are seeing, this is all just another joke. Instantcheckmate apparently hasn’t yet been informed that Jessica is the same as Juliya, although they are tied into the same big government computers as Intelius. That site tells us there is no such person as Jessica Klymchuk.

            Could be because Jessica is supposed to be Canadian, and these sites only scan the US. That’s convenient, since several of the other victims are also Canadian. What are the odds that so many Canadians would be in Las Vegas listening to country music? However, has no listing for a Jessica Klymchuk in all of Canada. There is a J. Klymchuk in Edmonton, but Jessica is supposed to be from Valleyview. And no, Valleyview is not a suburb of Edmonton. Valleyview is about 150 miles away.”

            I did my own digging, and found the following:

            1. Intelius does only work for US, so that’s a red herring.

            2. Obituary here: This references the following people:
            Father Wade Klymchuck (deceased). Record exists here
            Mother Pauline Klymchuck
            Children: Isiaha, Caidence, Averie, Natalia
            Fiance: Brent Irla

            3. Gofundme here:
            Brother: Nathan Klymchuck
            Sister: Jennifer Klymchuck (also shows here as Jennifer Grenier)

            4. Tiktok for Caidence (the eldest daughter). e.g. see this video which shows
            father (presumably he and Jessica were divorced), sisters Averie and Natalia, and (presumably step-sisters) Avery and Emily. Video also notes existence of a stepmom.

            5. The above referenced church web page:

            6. The various news articles reference a brother (Nathan or Nate), and a grandmother Margaret. I can find no independent verification or information for isiaha , Nate, Pauline, or Margaret.

            So perhaps all that could be easily faked and perhaps there should be more info out there than exists.

            But here’s what I don’t get – there was substantial news coverage of Jessica’s death. If she didn’t exist, surely there would have been some sort of unhideable outcry from the people working at and attending the school she supposedly worked at. And what about the children that do seem to exist? Would they not have said something?

  7. Google maps and Facebook pages can easily be manipulated, Dave. Those are MIC front companies. And I see 38 people checked in on your Facebook page example, not exactly an entire community… Any dolt can start a fake Facebook page, update it as if it’s real, and get 38 other fake accounts to substantiate it. Hell they could conjure up 3800 accounts if you like. You admitted that they could possibly alter/fake the imagery and create personas, why couldn’t they create the same fakery on google and Facebook? You got holes in your logic

    • My issue is not with the fact that facebook pages etc. couldn’t be faked – it is with the fact that the community would have to go along with the deception. It seems to me there are four possibilities:

      1. The community doesn’t actually exist. In this case that would imply that there is no St. Stephen’s school or regional Catholic school organization in Valleyview.

      2. The entire community of Valleyview is CIA (or other US or Canadian government agency) employees. Perhaps this is possible, although it seems unlikely to me – because there are so many such communities.

      3. The entire community is not CIA employees but is willing to play along with their agenda.

      4. The entire community is not willing to play along with the agenda, but their knowledge that something fishy is going on has been successfully suppressed. This seems unlikely to me as well because – given the number of such events – there would be an ever-increasing number of people who would have to be suppressed.

      Which of these do you think is happening? Or have I missed a possibility?

      PS It did just occur to me that perhaps Caidence has no picture of her stepmom on her TikTok video of her family because her “stepmom” is actually her real mom…

      • David Jashby- An entire community of agents isn’t necessary. Nor is an entire community of people “willing to play along”. Nor is a fake community. All that is needed is agents in place in some of the litany of organizations that any town already has. You mentioned the catholic church organization. that’s one node in a network. The litany of other nodes would include but is not limited to: fraternal orders, government organizations, NGOs, corporations, political organizations, international organizations, charities, not-for-profit corporations, partnerships, cooperatives, and educational institutions. All of these do not need to be completely captured or completely staffed with agents to exert control. Only 10% is needed.
        “What does it take for an idea to spread from one to many? For a minority opinion to become the majority belief? According to a new study by scientists at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the answer is 10%. Once 10% of a population is committed to an idea, it’s inevitable that it will eventually become the prevailing opinion of the entire group.”

        • Sparrow,

          I don’t think that applies in this case. People may indeed accept a bad idea. But I don’t think they would accept saying Jessica is dead if she’s still walking around the community every day. Nor do I think they would accept people claiming that she existed and worked as the school librarian if she actually didn’t exist. So either she has to actually be dead, or at the very least she has to have disappeared from the community.

          Which I suppose leaves the possibility that *all* the “dead people” were or are government agents themselves who do actually disappear.

            • Yes agree – but it means that most or all fatalities in these events are government agents who are willing to uproot themselves in this way. Clearly not impossible – but I’m just geting my head around the possible scale of what’s going on – if that really is what is going on.

            • We may be talking slightly at cross purposes as you may not have been asserting what I belived you were asserting.

              At that point in the discussion I was assuming that Jessica (or at least some of the purported victims in similar situations) were real people, not government agents, and I had failed to consider the idea that Jessica was in fact a government agent who had just moved away. Therefore I was thinking that Jessica would not voluntarily disappear and thus either
              – she had never existed and therefore never held a job at the school, or
              – she had returned to her community and was walking around alive and well every day.

              Therefore I believed you were asserting that an entire community would willingly accede to the idea that “Jesscia Klymchuk is dead” even while well aware that Jessica had either never existed, or was not dead.

              I don’t agree that refusing to accept this assertion (given that that’s what I understood you to be asserting), and using the words “I don’t think” to indicate my lack of agreement and point out that – at least in my opinion – you have failed to prove your assertion, is committing a logical fallacy.

              In any event I have moved on as I have now grasped how this could have been managed (purported victims are all government agents who move away, change names and the communities are just told they have died – which I completely agree that they would accept) although the implications for the scale of these deceptions is fairly staggering for someone only just starting to think hard about this type of thing :-).

              • “David Jashby- An entire community of agents isn’t necessary. Nor is an entire community of people “willing to play along”. Nor is a fake community.”
                That is a part of my earlier comment above, which you already responded to.

                “Therefore I believed you were asserting that an entire community would willingly accede to the idea that “Jesscia Klymchuk is dead” even while well aware that Jessica had either never existed, or was not dead.”
                Not sure how you came to believe that I made such an assertion, when I clearly stated the opposite in my earlier comment.

                “But I don’t think they would accept saying Jessica is dead if she’s still walking around the community every day…. So either she has to actually be dead, or at the very least she has to have disappeared from the community.”
                The first sentence is a straw man argument, as I never proffered that valley view townspeople would ‘accept saying Jessica is dead’ in such a nonsensical scenario as her walking around her town after faking her death. The second sentence is at least a half incorrect deduction ‘she has to be actually dead’, derived from a statement that I never made.

                That’s the definition of employing a logical fallacy.

  8. This reminds me of Kurt Cobain’s official death narrative. Magical Kurt “blowed his brains” with a deer-killing weapon and he had no opening wound.
    (Also, why are we told he died the 5th? He was found the 8th and nobody talked about signs of rotting? He died on a freaking greenhouse!! Who believes this?)

  9. LOL!

    Don’t be silly and childish, pal. Seriously, why stage a fake event when you can simply bring in a death squad, position them in three or four places above a concert ground, and open fire?

    “Duh, buh, our masters care for humanity and only desire fake casualties … duh!”. Don’t be a moron. The ruling psychopaths don’t give a flying fck how many people die in their rituals or terror tactics. Heck, the more the better. The greater the terror, the greater the effect of their black magick.

    So no need to concoct a massive Hollywood production on the scale of Ben Hur or Lizzy Taylor’s “Cleopatra” … just so “innocents” don’t really die. You sound like a naive 5-yr old arguing like that. No. Again the sickos who are your masters don’t give a fck if dozens actually died in a shooting. Ergo, they won’t put extra effort in faking something that really does not need to be.

    • So in your fuzzy thinking brain all the superficial cosmetic wounds and people jumping up from hospital beds and doing interviews days later as covered in this post are the product of “death squads” armed with serious weaponry?

      Other than stagecraft can you produce any visual evidence of the aftermath of alleged lethal assaults on the concert goers?

    • JJ Mackey – you are right and wrong.

      You may well be correct that the ruling psychopaths don’t give a damn about human lives and suffering and would be perfectly happy with a real mass murder.

      However you don’t seem to have thought about how their power works. They rely on huge numbers of people to implement their plans. The vast majority of these people do not understand the true agenda. For example young men recruited to the army and the intelligence agencies want to believe they are doing something noble and good. Therefore they can be manipulated into helping stage or cover-up a “fake” terror event on the grounds that the goal is noble, and even if they have qualms about what they are being asked to do they do not risk their careers over it because after all – no-one is really getting hurt. But if they were asked to murder innocent people they would likely rebel.

  10. Everything the evil criminal bastard government says is lies. The “global warming” and “climate change” lies are all about the approaching Planet X system that the chemtrails have hidden every day globally for thirty years. Planet X caused the sinking of Atlantis and Noah’s flood. This time around it will end the coming, planned WW3 that will destroy America. the day of the next false flag using a nuke and blamed on Iran is the day Russia, China and the whole SCO nuke and invade the USA. This is all planned by the evil bastard governments because they stole our money to build the safe places while they kill us off every way they can. that is the reason for the scamdemic and the toxic death-shot fake “vaccines.” Execute the criminal bastard government or die very soon in WW3!

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