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US life expectancy reaches 25-year low, according to CDC

Fox News | Dec. 22, 2022

The life expectancy for the average U.S. citizen has hit a 25-year low, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Life expectancy for people born in the U.S. during 2021 stands at 76.4 years, the lowest on record since 1996. Life expectancy for those born in 2019 was 78.8 years — a drop of 2.4 years, according to CDC data.

This marks a dramatic reversal from the steady growth in expected longevity of U.S. citizens for the past two decades.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent, widespread shutdowns exacerbated the ongoing drug addiction epidemic as many susceptible individuals were forced out of social situations and isolated from support networks that kept them from substance abuse.


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  1. Clear proof jews have now taken over ruling the great satan from the wasps, goyim can dies of lead water at Flint, etc, etc. What matters is israel.

    • suicide rates up sharply; murder rates climbing; drug abuse – overdose and systemic health declines; obesity rates growing; medical deaths expanding (iatrogenesis) – could be that the figures discussed here are driven by factors pre-dating the gene therapy shots. Larger point is that declining life expectancy is a huge signal of a society in serious decline. Add in stunning and sudden (i.e. this year) drops in births and fertility (that is the gene therapy) … and things are going to change – the UK has stopped – as of this summer – even disclosing birth rates – that’s one change right there!

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