Zeroing in on Illuminist Secret Societies

In my research into secret societies, I’ve found thinly veiled distractions involving what exactly to call them and the signs of membership. One catchall that is somewhat of a misdirection is to lump usual suspects in with Freemasons; when, in reality, the term “freemasonry” is just too broad.

The Masonic secret society structure was used to mask and organize Illuminism, especially after the Congress of Wilhelmbad in 1782 merged the Masonic lodges with Illuminism and Rothschild Sabbattean-Frankists to carry out Step 1, the French Revolution. But even after Wilhelmbad, there was a break within the ranks.

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Adolph Knigge was an organizing Illuminist. Wikipedia states:

In 1780 Knigge joined Adam Weishaupt’s Bavarian Illuminati, and his work with the Illuminati gave the group a great deal of publicity. But in 1783, dissensions arose between Knigge and Weishaupt, which resulted in Knigge’s final withdrawal from the group on 1 July 1784. Knigge stated that he could no longer endure Weishaupt’s pedantic domineering, which frequently assumed offensive forms. He accused Weishaupt of “Jesuitism” and suspected him of being “a Jesuit in disguise” (Nachtr., I, 129).

“And was I,” he adds, “to labour under his banner for mankind, to lead men under the yoke of so stiff-necked a fellow? — Never!”

The split came, in my view, because Knigge didn’t believe in the leveling and inversion of humanity, which is a core tenant of Sabbatean-Frankist Illuminism. In fact, when you read the personal accounts of the leading Illuminists, they are universally nasty people. An excellent example was Karl Marx, who just flat out admitted to being a Satan worshiper in his poetry.

Read “Portrait of Evil: Karl Marx, a Disciple of Hell on Earth”

Ted Gunderson (1928-2011) no slouch as a law enforcement expert devoted three decades to going into the rabbit holes of these groups and organizations. Ultimately he used the term satanist to describe an Frankist influenced Illuminist.

Retired FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Revealed Star Chamber Justice System in Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald Case

It seemed Knigge — although initially a fooled pajama person — was one of the good guys. No disciple of the Illuminism-Frankism world view and belief system would write leading books on good manners and etiquette like Knigge did. Wikipedia goes on:

Knigge is best remembered for his book Über den Umgang mit Menschen (On Human Relations), a treatise on the fundamental principles of human relations that has the reputation of being the authoritative guide to behaviour, politeness, and etiquette. The work is more of a sociological and philosophical treatise on the basis of human relations than a how-to guide on etiquette, but the German word “Knigge” has come to mean “good manners” or books on etiquette.

So the difficulty is separating good, well-mannered figures like Freemason Knigge from the nasty Frankist and satanic types. In the photos below, we see the classic Freemasonic hand tucked within the shirt. This is not as common today as in the past.

Which one of these individuals are Satanic Frankists posing as Freemasons? The answer lies in the context of that individual’s actions. Notice Adolph Knigge in the upper right corner of the collage below. And here, directly to the right, is yours truly at age 14 in the 1960s, wearing a beret and engaging in adolescent humor. Yes, busted.

To review, we have misdirection in the terminology used and in the gestures and signals incorporated. The difficulty is that the language among those examining secret societies and organized conspiracies is pretty well established as “Masonic.” When I hear this, it’s not worth the time and energy to deal with. In fact. I used “Freemason” in the titles of the recent three-part series on the topic.

But in reality, it’s Frankist Illuminism. James Billington and Nesta Webster just called it “Illuminism,” a literal anti-civilization, inverted religious belief. Illuminati is sort of a neuro-lingustic programming term for jamming the authoritarian followers and pajama people. But even the great Webster, who made the Frankfurt-Rothschild-Illuminism connection, missed the Sabbatean-Frankism influence. It is interesting to note that observers like David Icke are now incorporating Frankism into their world view.

Modern Sabbatean-Illuminist Hand Gestures

The gestures are everywhere, which suggests many public figures are tied into Frankist Illuminism as a force in the world. Here we have Will Smith and Pat Robertson on the front of magazines flashing a lion’s paw hand gesture. And considering that Will Smith regularly cross-dresses in women’s clothes, a thinking person might suspect some Frankist-Illuminism inversion in play. And Smith’s son is even more extreme in behavior.  And is Pat Robertson a made man?

Read “Anomalous Behavior in Christian Evangelical Circles: The Curious Case of Pat Robertson”

And the deliberate and not-so-casual use of the 6 or 666 hand gesture just doesn’t look in context, like an “okay.” That’s the mocking, fooled ya element of it all.

Just random gestures? Really?
Let’s see if we can get the pajama people copying us. Nice beta test.

In terms of the epidemic of blackened left eyes among elites and celebrities, one would have to believe these people are the epitome of clumsiness and careless behavior. One also is left to wonder why the vast majority of these bruises involve the left eye. Symbolism, or does it indicate they were punched by somebody right handed? Or does the right eye have unique protection when “accidents” happen?

The 1879, the Freeman’s Journal (out of Ireland) stated, “A black eye is said to be the devil’s mark.”

A bruised left eye has also been referred to as the “Illuminati shiner.” To our eyes, it looks like a very professionally done cosmetic job or an injury done in such a manner as to not cause actual eye damage. As such, black left eyes may be a ritual calling card. An alternative theory holds that this is a control mechanism delivered by handlers to keep these individuals in line.

It has been said that getting a black left eye is part of a cult/Illuminism high-level initiation ritual in which the pledge must “eat pain” in order to become more powerful. Are these are high-level cult members climbing higher in the pyramid?

Observably, there seems to be an eye-covering obsession or fad in the entertainment world. Sheer coinkydink? The left eye identifies the individual as a son of Osiris, God of the Dead. Masonic influencers LOVE Egyptian symbology.

Here are some left-eye shiners among the famous that appear professionally administered. Just conjecture?

Kayne West
Ryan Gosling
Adam Shandler
Lindsay Lohan
Christie Brinkley
John Stamos
Bill Clinton
Jackie Cruz
Perez Hilton

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  1. As admitted by many of America’s founding father’s, they were not Christians OR Atheist but Deist. Deist have long gotten a bad rap by all of those associated with the “reveled” religions. My guess is persons like Adolph Knigge were true Deist, and they wanted nothing to do with the Frankist version of Illuminism.

    “Deism is knowledge* of God based on the application of our reason on the designs/laws found throughout Nature. The designs presuppose a Designer. Deism is therefore a natural religion and is not a “revealed” religion. The natural religion/philosophy of Deism frees those who embrace it from the inconsistencies of superstition and the negativity of fear that are so strongly represented in all of the “revealed” religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam.”

    Many of the great thinker’s of that era were true Deist and were trying desperately to escape the yoke of organized religion, which turned out to be more brutal and controlling than the monarchies.

    More on Deism:

    • This deism concept may well explain the difference between no harm Masons, and the more sinister infiltrators and users. Some of the same rhetoric and slogans would appeal to both- making the first group useful dupes for bad projects and ends.

    • Agreed! Nicely done!

      Often when I think of Deism, I am reminded of Shinto. What occurs to me is that two belief systems of similar perspectives could have been created on opposite sides of Earth, without either adherents being aware of one another at the time.

      Like I said, great post.

  2. This is something I’ve often wondered about ever since first reading Texe Marrs’ Codex Magica, which is a collection of photos with prominent figures doing these types of gestures with his commentary. Some of his conclusions seem like he’s reaching, but there’s just too many of these unnatural and contrived poses for it to be coincidence. One I see a lot is the two hands clasped together under the chin. Can’t find a solid source on what this is exactly, but it looks like a signal and all kinds of famous individuals have done it. Here’s what I’ve collected so far:

    President George H.W. Bush (used in publications after he died):

    David Rockefeller:

    Jerry Seinfeld and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach:

    H.G. Wells:

    Joe Rogan:

    Norman Vincent Peale (Trump’s Pastor, 33rd Degree Mason and promoter of modernism and other heresy within Christianity):

    Rollo May (existential psychologist with similar shady connections and influence):

    Quincy Jones:

    Perhaps some could be unintended but for the most part, except for maybe the last one and Peale’s, they all look unnatural. Make of it what you will.

  3. I’d take great pleasure in giving them all real black eyes.

    However, it’s not possible at this point I could stop at one hard blow each.

  4. It’s great and timely that you are exposing this, Russ. These are at the core of the very creeps who have seized control of the world finance system. So few “literate” people have a clue about what really drives world power. All this internecine wrangling over presidential elections is nothing but a ploy to distract the public. Get them to kill each other instead of inquire of the presidential puppet masters. Looking to presidents to address issues stemming from abuse of the international reserve currency is like expecting your dog to put out a house fire. By peeing on it.

    It also brings the opportunity to shill for the excellent book of Rabbi Marvin Antelman – a two volume set put out in the 1970’s titled “To Eliminate the Opiate – an in-depth study of communist and conspiratorial group efforts to destroy Jews and Judaism.” The bell tolls just as loudly for Christians. Antelman gives the history, the pedigrees, the mandates, all of it. And he’s a decent writer – focused, taut, clear prose. It is a must-read for anyone who would pipe up about world power affairs. It is imperative to understand that communism is no brainchild of mere policy wonks, but the fruition of schemes by a tight-knit cartel who are usually closely-related, intermarried kin.

      • What she wrote rings true. It is also advanced Winter Watch. Accordingly you are advised to read my linked posts and listen to my podcast (or read the referenced Antelman book) on this Sabaettean-Frankist messianic movement and it’s legacy.

        • Russ, stay on top of your game. As an economist, you’re most qualified to make people understand the true enormous scope of what confronts us. This is imperative, in order to hopefully pry the average person’s teeth off one another’s necks regarding electoral politics.

          Presidents, Schmesidents. It is necessary for people to understand the stealthy encroachment of what is effectually communism in the US. The country is highly socialized. In 1947 (no coincidence the year the CIA was hatched) the US land offices that sold tracts to immigrants became an agency most US citizens know nothing of to this hour: the Bureau of Land Management. Between the original BLM and the Forest Service alone, the Fed owns 25% of US land. The tally is 42% federally-owned, not to include all the state lands, and other various entities. How about that ho-hum phrase quantitative easing; Here are your elementary economics: those with mortgages now live in socialized homes. With auto financing you’re driving socialized vehicles. Graduates of pseudo-academia have socialized student loans.

          This surreptitious intrusion of a debt-based economy by the very outfit described by Antelman (communism is a family – not tribal – business) that is now being retooled as the great reset is a literal pitfall for the US nation. Who sits at the helm is irrelevant when the substructure of the US economy is basically putrescent with bogus debt structure. That is what makes a dollar a dollar, folks. It’s called a fiat currency for the ill-based faith that the US govt will pay back its immeasurable debt to the holders of it.

          Russ I suggest a primer on the international reserve currency so that readers can get their heads around the scheme by which all nations on earth have been looted and bilked. When the towers of worthless c-notes in the vaults of foreign central banks are revealed for the sewage they are, the US people are going to face world wrath. Watch the great reset turn into the great surprise for its schemers.

  5. First, Mr Winter…nice photograph! Now were you pledging, or was it all just a rather sophisticated joke for a high school freshman? Just kidding either way; no harm meant.

    Second, that photo of Lindsay Lohan would simply be called “Thursday night”; I highly doubt she was aligning with anything. Maybe she was just trying to realign with the bar stool (from the first meeting with the floor) and missed again.

    Last, great thread; very informative, thank you.

  6. I just got it.

    Mr. Winter, in the photograph (one with the beret), you were providing us with an indication of the two Corsicans who were on the bridge (the guys with that fancy pistol you showed us on another thread) on November 22, 1963.

    Even then, you were one smart young man. Solved the mystery of the first shot at the ripe old age of 14 Hows that for great detective work Messrs. Marrs (RIP) and Stone?


  7. Thanks for this! Really! I’ve known several Freemasons in my life (lower than 30 degrees of course) and not a one of them were ever evil. I really get tired of all Freemasons getting shoved into the same evil lot as the “Illuminati” ones.

      • You both nailed compartmentalization and it is all true. A while back, BTS asked me if I was a member of a round table (specifically CFR). Certainly I am not, as they would never want me and I have no interest; however, I was honest and stated that I had in fact been in meetings with members. This is true.

        Yet, most members that I have come across are so isolated from the larger goals as to be oblivious. They think that they simply joined a fraternity or sorority. Even the Masons I have crossed paths with may have visited 16th street or Virginia, but have ZERO idea what goes on at the top.

        These are not big folks in the game; they simply think they are special to get an invite to the dance.

        Thank you both for the posts, they are right on track.


  8. Driving though Florida, Georgia, Carolinas this year you see the invert pentagram on all the lodges, often with some colours I don’t know the meaning of. I looked it up quickly at one point and read on some Masonic site that Eliphas Levi states that designating the invert is satanic but mason know that’s just nonsense. Well. I believe I decided that if the townsfolk are that stupid to have this around openly then they deserve what they’re gonna get.

  9. Q: What to call them?

    A: Satanist, Kabbalist, Talmudic Jews.

    (And their gentile helpers.) You talk about distractions but never once mention “Jews.”

    Torah & secular Jews (for the most part) are not complicit.

    Sabbatean-Frankists (close), Illuminists, Masons, Jesuits, Wahhabis, Marxists, etc, are more distractions.


    • Very true indeed. Per the late Texx Marrs. 9 million Jews in USA, 60% secular leaving 3.6 million religious. Drop softy religious and Torah based Jews and you have approximately 2.5+ million Talmudists/Kabbalist/Lubavitcher lunatics that control the US government, financial, news, entertainment, education, and now we know for sure the health industry. 335 million Americans plus 25 million illegals all held hostage by 2.5 million. Of course there is culpability from the Christian Zionists nitwits that are neither good Christians or good citizens. Great post.

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