William Jennings Bryan’s Motto: ‘Do Not Compromise With Plutocracy’

“The Money Power preys upon the Nation in times of peace and conspires against it in the hour of its calamity. It is more despotic than Monarchy, more insolent than Aristocracy, more selfish than Bureaucracy. It accumulates by conscious fraud more money than it can use. It denounces as public enemies all who question its methods or throw a light upon its crimes. It can only be overthrown by the awakened conscience of the Nation.” – William Jennings Bryan, New York Reception, 1906.

The Nebraskan William Jennings Bryan (1860-1925) was unique in his views and would represent what should be an important American political view to this day. He was the longtime head of the Democrat Party in the 1890s and 1900s. He was the Democrat presidential nominee three times but was never elected (1896, 1900, 1912). He was a highly skilled orator and had pioneering positions and influence that eventually came to pass.

Bryan not only opposed U.S. entry into World War I, he dared to criticize the bankster class family that had organized the war. Par for the course, and because he dared to mention the Rothschilds, Bryan was promptly denounced as “anti-Semitic.”

He responded, “Our opponents have sometimes tried to make it appear that we were attacking a race when we denounced the financial policy of the Rothschilds. But we are as much opposed to the financial policy of J.P. Morgan as we are to the financial policy of the Rothschilds.”

Fundamentally, Bryan held the view of not bowing to plutocratic corruption and certainly not giving any player a pass over sophistry.

At the 1896 Democrat National Convention, Bryan delivered his “Cross of Gold speech” that attacked the gold standard and the eastern moneyed interests and crusaded for anti-deflationary/inflationary policies built around the expanded coinage of silver. At the time, agriculture was an important economic force in the U.S., and Bryan recognized the manipulative games being played to depress farm production prices.

In his “Cross of Gold” speech, Bryan argued that the debate over monetary policy was part of a broader struggle for democracy, political independence and the welfare of the “common man.” Bryan’s speech was met with rapturous applause and a celebration on the floor of the convention that lasted for over half an hour. This speech was made 17 years before the Federal Reserve was established.

In a repudiation of incumbent U.S. President Grover Cleveland and his conservative “Bourbon Democrats,” the Democrat convention nominated Bryan for president, making him the youngest major party nominee in history. Subsequently, Bryan was also nominated for president by the Populist Party, and many Populists would eventually follow Bryan into the Democrat Party.

He was building a core coalition of the white South, poor northern farmers, industrial workers and miners against banks, railroads and “money power.” However, Bryan faced a disadvantage in money and media support. The major papers, such as The New York Times (aka NY Slimes) opposed him.

Bryan supported federal income tax but primarily as a way of ensuring a more balanced distribution of wealth. He was an early proponent of pure food and drug laws, but primarily as a way of keeping the people healthy. Other Bryan positions that need a major revisit include a ban on corporate financing of campaigns. At a time when senators were picked by state legislatures, Bryan led the charge for a constitutional amendment providing for the direct election of senators. He was very supportive of decentralized, local control and ownership, particularly for public utilities. He would have stood against privatization. He pushed and supported Theodore Roosevelt into trust busting.

He pushed for other landmark measures that extended the life of American democracy a bit longer. Winter Watch would argue that there can be no democracy without William Jennings Bryan ideals. Throughout his career, his message was constant: It’s “a contest between democracy and plutocracy.”

He was key on creating federal regulation of banks and securities and requiring national banks provide deposit insurance.

He pushed protections for union organizers and tried to build up labor wages. He advocated for the eight-hour workday. He saw building infrastructure and education as a central role of Federal government. He favored greater federal power to limit plutocratic trusts so as to avoid capture, as seen today.

Somehow, the usual suspects have made Bryan look like a backward hick and have diminished his impact. Bryan was religious and late in life got involved in the Scopes trial on Darwinism. He probably was not the best man for that job, so there was a pile-on — and this is how he was remembered. Overlooked was that the central beef Bryan had with Darwinism was on humanitarian grounds — eugenics, and the use of scientism to experiment on and control humans.

Conservatives in 1900 ridiculed Bryan’s eclectic platform.

However, the other key takeaway is that Bryan stood for traditional values and would not have been a party to divisive cultural Marxism and pervert justice warrior influences.

I believe Bryan would have been a staunch opponent of concentrated media control and cultural debasement. Bryan’s political views shouldn’t be that hard to accept; but then, as now, they are thrown into a contrived dialectic. He wouldn’t check off the social-liberal boxes. Even at the time, he was mocked by conservatives along a false dialectic, as the illustration at right shows.

Prohibition was a large issue in that era and Bryan came to support it. This may have been a mistaken policy in the end, but Bryan’s heart was in the right place. Bryan “sincerely believed that prohibition would contribute to the physical health and moral improvement of the individual, stimulate civic progress and end the notorious abuses connected with the liquor traffic.”

You don’t hear much about Bryan in the current political climate. Bryan-like candidates should fare well today but never appear because plutocratic money controls politics. Thus, they are MIA. The ever-prescient Bryan saw this coming.

In 1912, after the start of the convention, Bryan engineered the passage of a resolution stating that the party was “opposed to the nomination of any candidate who is a representative of, or under any obligation to, J. Pierpont Morgan, Thomas F. Ryan, August Belmont or any other member of the privilege-hunting and favor-seeking class.”

Made Man and Agent August Belmont and the Panic of 1837

Bryan won the presidential nomination again in 1900. In the aftermath of the Spanish–American War, Bryan became a fierce opponent of American imperialism and much of the campaign centered on that issue. He supported the Spanish-American War but only as a Cuban independence measure. He was outraged that the Treaty of Paris granted the United States control over the Philippines.

Woodrow Wilson appointed Bryan as Secretary of State. He served from March 5, 1913, to June 9, 1915, and he had considerable influence up to the point that British agent Col. House compromised Wilson.

After World War I broke out in Europe in August 1914, Bryan consistently advocated for U.S. neutrality between the Entente and the Central Powers. With Bryan’s support, Wilson initially sought to stay out of the conflict, urging Americans to be “impartial in thought as well as action.” For much of 1914, Bryan actively attempted to bring a negotiated end to the war.

The May 1915 sinking of the RMS Lusitania by a German U-boat further galvanized anti-German sentiment. Bryan argued that the British blockade of Germany was equally as offensive as the German U-boat campaign.

However, after Bryan’s departure on June 9, 1915, Col. House sabotaged peace efforts, and the rest is hidden history [see “Covert Agent Edward Mandell House: The Enemy Within Wilson’s White House“].

Winter Watch Takeaway: Men like William Jennings Bryan are sorely needed but nowhere to be found. His epitaph was fitting and would be fitting today: “Statesman. Yet Friend To Truth! Of Soul Sincere. In Action Faithful. And In Honor Clear.”

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  1. Since I am sure others will discuss Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan form the standpoint of his own history, I think my addition might consider his influence and legacy. Secretary Bryan had a major impact on an American author who developed (arguably) one of the most beloved children’s book series in the history of our nation: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

    Author L. Frank Baum, was a major supporter of both Secretary Bryan and the use of bi-metalism within our economic system. In fact, the original story of Dorothy had her wearing silver shoes (the movie switched to ruby red in order to show off the technology of technicolor), while walking on a golden road, an illusion to Americans walking a path that returns home (or rather to common fiscal sense) through the use of silver and gold working together as tools to support the citizen’s journey.

    Author and journalist, Mr. Bill Still, created an interesting documentary in 2009 about Secretary Jennings, Mr. L. Frank Baum, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz and our own economic position of the time (a debt fueled economy with no end in sight). Although I do not agree 100% with some of Mr. Still’s ideas, I did find the history fascinating and the documentary worth my time (I own a copy on DVD).

    If you are interested in the documentary, you can watch it for free here:


    And here is a link to Mr. Still’s other work:


    Gotta run, but I will keep a good thought and prayer for everyone here throughout the day.


    • I find it interesting that Wizard of Oz was “chosen by members of the US intelligence community to provide a thematic foundation for their trauma-based mind control program.”

      As always, if you look hard enough you can find occult roots in anything that is promoted on the world stage. I’m not here to say L. Frank Baum was a bad guy, but his membership in the Theosophical Society(an occult organization, mainly based on the teachings of Helena P. Blavatsky, which seeks to extract the common roots of all religions in order to form a universal doctrine)does raise some questions.

      Again, just for your consideration.

      • Hello JWR, good to see you here today; I hope all is well in New Mexico.

        The District is a little more seasonal (50-60 degrees and sunny) right now. I did respond to you on the other thread a few days ago (I think it was the Creepy Uncle Joe and Heels Up thread).

        To be clear, I have visited many states within the nation, but I have never been to New Mexico (Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas — yep, visited them all, but somehow never New Mexico). With this stated, I hope you do not mind if I ask you this question (not being sure on the regulations in your state or locality):

        Are you noticing a lot of mask litter in your area of the world?

        The District, Maryland (Montgomery County) and Northern Virginia seem to all be growing in littered mask on lawns, in parks, on streets as well as gutters after rain storms. I was just wondering if it is our region or all over the country. I should probably ask Sparrow as well, since I think he is in a neighboring state and may have a different read on the subject.

        Now on Mr. Baum:

        Yes, I agree that there is a very occult aspect to the Wizard of Oz and Vigilant Citizen seemed to do a fine job of analysis, so hats off to you for the link. Yet it was also well documented that Mr. Baum was a supporter of Secretary Jennings and a sound currency, so the additional fiscal interpretation may not be wrong, but simply an addition. Both factors may have been influential to the man.

        Now with regard to the the texts that followed the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, one can make a case that pure Theosophy was at work with the books that the author felt like writing and pure greed was the motivation for the last one or two texts (forget if it was both or not). So, I would have no issue singling out Theosophy as the motivation for follow-up books, but opining that the first text may have had a few (combined) inspirations.

        As for our intelligence superstructure, I am not surprised that they utilized the film and story for nefarious reasons. Heck, we might both laugh and reflect on the fact the ONI and DOD were extremely supportive (including financing) of the gay messages, overtly displayed, in the Village People’s song, In the Navy, as well as the film Top Gun. Nothing surprises me anymore about what the intelligence superstructure has done at this stage, and they will use anything possible for influence.

        Then there is the story of President Donald J. Trump and his New Thought Christian background. As we might agree New Thought and especially Christian New Thought has nothing to do with Theosophy, but there are similar roots to both from the Burned Over-District of New York State (along with all of the other American religions that formed in the region).


        Certainly I am familiar with the Marble Collegiate Church (walked past it many times) and Mr. / Rev. (?) Norman Vincent Peele, who was an advisor and friend to the Trump family as a whole. Mr. / Rev. Peele was not interesting to me, but I try not to judge the President or his family regarding their interests. Plus, I do think the President stopped attending the church as it took a very definite liberal turn (to my knowledge) back in the 1990s.


        All of it is interesting and all of it is worth consideration.

        Please be well.

        All my best,
        Simple Citizen

  2. Sounds like a decent guy. I can’t really argue with anyone opposing the money power, but I disagree with his views on prohibition and education. Prohibition creates cartels and the government sucks at educating, and both of those ideas make the government bigger. And his fiscal theories would in the end still lead to deflation due to silver being marketized and thus exposed to manipulation by the money power. My sentiments remain that fiat currency should be backed by nothing since it’s a government mandated medium of exchange, not a store of value. If you back it by anything of value that is subject to market forces (like metals) you will get deflation, and the current inflationary trends on currency over the past ~100+ years is because it has been backed by something of negative value (debt).

    • I also disagree with Bryan’s prohibition crapola (you cannot legislate morality! Period!) and education (I home schooled my kids). As for his position on Darwinian evolution, it’s not just about its genocidal creed, but about the FACT that evolutionists (even Dawkins!) cannot explain HOW or WHERE the two particles that started everything (or the one particle, whatever) came to be…just as one cannot divide by zero, one cannot make “something” out of “nothing.” IMHO, atheists like Darwin, etc., came up with “the Theory of Evolution” to “prove” God does not exist…its a construct, that is, because they have to find a way to prove God does not exist. Even Dawkins cannot say how something came from nothing. Watch Ben Stein’s movie “Expelled” which explains Evolution vs. Intelligent Design (the “scientific” scenario explaining Creation). It will never be the “LAW of Evolution” because it cannot be empirically proven.

    • Black Throated Sparrow,

      Hello! Hoping all is well with you and yours.

      Although I do not have the same perspective as you do regarding fiat currency, the Federal Reserve, the United States Congress, United States Presidents since Wilson, and the United States Treasury, which I would opine have all failed the citizens of the United States; I will simply respect your position and move on, otherwise I am afraid I will become so long winded as is often a failure in my posts (from my own opinion). Plus it will just be my own opinion and not represent the definitive guide on what governments should do for a sound monetary policy.

      The only comment (humbly and respectfully) I will make (and I promise to make this one really, really quick) is that the criminal President Abraham Lincoln could not have begun or waged an illegal war without fiat currency, and he set the precedent that made the Federal Reserve Bank feasible. Now I will do as I promised, and move on.

      Now I do need a favor my friend. As I inquired with JWR, I would like to ask for your input on a question (the question is open to everyone), it is just I have had the most dialogues with the two of you, and feel more familiar with you both. So if you would not mind:

      Are you noticing a lot of mask litter in your area of the world?

      The District, Maryland (Montgomery County) and Northern Virginia seem to all be growing in littered mask on lawns, in parks, on streets as well as gutters after rain storms. I was just wondering if it is our region or all over the country.

      If you do not get time or prefer not to say, I will understand and there will be ZERO hard feelings between us; I am simply curious about the trend I am seeing over here in the east.

      Please be well.

      All my best,
      Simple Citizen

      • I think someones building an app to fix the mask litter…Something to do with losing a Mario Brother or district credit…People will get used to the mask within 18 months…At least that’s what the obedience schools say…

        • You had me rolling with this one. Many thanks.

          On a serious note, do you have this litter in NV, and when is your mostly Federally owned state going to get done counting? Certainly, I am not complaining, but just seeking your insight.

          All my best…

        • REPLY 2

          Sorry, I thought you were NV, not NZ. Sincere apologies. If I am reading another one of your posts accurately, then I guess I should ask you about mask litter in the Sunshine State.

          Again, very sorry.


      • Simple Citizen, yes masks are the newest en vogue sidewalk litter.
        Regarding Lincoln- I always considered him criminal for blockading southern ports, closing newspapers that opposed him, and suspending habeas corpus, amongst other things. He blockaded the ports and raised over 100k soldiers after shots on Fort Sumter in 1861, so he certainly began it before the greenback, which came in 1862. Certainly he continued the war using it, but as a testament to the growth power of debt/interest free currency, remember the south issued it as well in the “graybacks”, albeit with less success due to Union counterfeiting. I reckon that is a tell as to which side the money power backed, but I digress. If only the south used tally sticks, things might have been different…
        Regarding fiat currency- I explained in my first comment-that backing a fiat with ANY value is incorrect-was my sentiments. Let me explain my thinking: With government fiat currency being forced upon us to use as a medium of exchange, if it is backed by anything of value, the money power is enriched. In either inflationary (when backed by debt) or deflationary (when backed by assets subject to market forces such as metals) cycles, the money power will either make money on the interest during inflationary cycles or on cheap asset acquisition during deflationary ones. It’s a classic double bind situation. Heads they win, tails we lose. I’m not an economist but I’ve read their textbooks and they are incredibly vague about many important topics, i.e. the status of the Fed: “…the legal status of the Fed is unusual: It is not exactly part of the U.S. government, but it is not really a private institution either.” (“Economics” Krugman and Wells, 2009) Hardly a definitive statement. Modern day economics is a farce and is rigged as any other casino. Economists will say that I don’t know what I’m talking about, and I will accept their compliment.

        • BTS,

          First and foremost, you know more than 99.9% of PhD. students in economics or government.

          Please allow me me to state, as an individual who has worked in the financial sector for quite some time, that you are more intuitive than a majority of professionals in this line of work will ever be. To be quite clear, you took the time to study and develop a perspective, while others (even in the field) were quite asleep.

          One reference of interest:


          A distant relative to your response (the link), but interesting overall.

          Now regarding your, actual, response:

          Certainly, I would never wish to dishonor you with a half-hearted measure. Yet for me to give you an honest opinion, my response could launch this discussion into many pages.

          There is no intention on my part to monopolize the conversations of Mr. Winter’s blog. At the same time, I do welcome our continued dialogue.

          You can reach me here:


          Now I am not advocating that we leave this wonderful blog, but instead I am (humbly) suggesting that we not dominate a thread with our dialogs; this is just a humble idea and nothing more.


          Simple Citizen

        • BTS,

          Okay the coffee is flowing and the brain is beginning to wake up. Perhaps I can add a shorter response to this dialogue; I just try to honest about my lack of ability to be short and succinct when I write.

          First, good morning; I hope you and yours are all very well. Also, I forgot to send my sincere thanks for the mask update. This new form of litter has me intrigued. You have chucke-heads in government and the media beginning to state how we are lowering the carbon footprint by wearing the masks (I knew this justification was coming and mentioned it to my wife months ago), yet no one is speaking on the piling up of mask litter. Again, thank you.

          Actually the documentary I cited (bottom of this thread and free to watch at YouTube) is all about fiat currency as a reasonable economic solution for nations. Mr. Still presents a decent case, similar to your thoughts on this matter and I respect how reasonable the possibility of utilizing a fiat currency could be if the money powers had ethics.

          Where I run into issue is that the money powers (whether monarchs, bankers and / or politicians) seem to be corrupt throughout history. By pegging a currency to a commodity of any kind (could be puka shells my friend) you are placing limits on the ability of these corrupt parties to float massive debts and thereby cause certain types of harm in the world (endless wars).

          Now do I agree with you that gold and silver can be manipulated through the futures and options markets? Yes, I agree 110%. Yet do gold and silver (or puka shells) need to trade if they are the peg for a currency? No, they do not. You would need a value and maybe a little price discovery for the industrial aspect of these two metals (e.g. wiring as one use), but there is no law on the planet that states we must trade these metals in the markets.

          Now before I begin to get lost with a lot more writing (I can feel a very large response forming in my head), I will just add a few quick ideas:

          1. The only and last democratic republic on the planet is Switzerland. The Swiss still back their currency with gold and as a result, the Franc is one of the most trusted currencies in the world. If we had not pulled off Bretton Woods and set up the SWIFT system, I doubt many nations would even bother with the greenback.

          (Respectfully I would opine, that the U.S. is nominally a domestic democracy currently, although I could be wrong on this one due to the recent election, and a military empire abroad — I think the total is 1000 bases / rendition sites in other nations.)

          2. Rome was a republic. This republic had a currency peg to commodities and grew as a debt free society for many years. Once the peg was gone, the empire began. Debt eventually destroyed the Roman republic and killed the Roman empire as well (I am serious abbreviating this statement to try and stay smallish in my response).

          3. By allowing the Federal Reserve to control M1, our dollar has lost nearly 100% of its value. The Euro is facing a similar issue, and they have not been around nearly as long.

          Further, the EU is now using M2 to steal from citizens in certain nations, which is why Technocrats have utilized negative interest rates in some countries as a method to ensure that debt may be piled onto a nations economy. Money market and savings accounts are pledged as an asset (without consulting the customer) and utilized to borrow more money, while driving the economy into a fiscal position, which it may never recover from (economic hitman 101 type stuff).

          And (I should probably end here — it is getting a bit long already)

          4. With a fiat currency system, debt financing becomes far too easy. Now in the fantasy world, no one ever needs to pay the debt and the good times (including wars) can just roll on and on and on. In the real world, we know that the World Bank and the IMF have utilized debt financing to take governmental control away from a nation’s citizens and it has been disastrous.

          Okay, there is a lot more I could write, but I am going to stop here so as not to make the response too much longer. You are certainly welcome to contact me via electronic mail if you wish or I can try to limit the length of any future responses in this dialogue.

          Last thing…I have always liked this cartoon movie very much and you may find it interesting as well. It is about the American Dream, the Federal Reserve Bank and the Rothschild family. The runtime is about one half of an hour:

          Part 1


          Part 2


          All my best,

          P.S. I truly meant what I said about you knowing a whole lot more than many of the individuals I have encountered in my own studies and subsequent career.

          Please be well.

            • Torchy,

              First thank you for the response.

              With regard to the Money Masters, that was Mr. Still’s first documentary to my knowledge (I think I have a copy on DVD somewhere), but what I referenced was his second documentary (it might share some commonality and / or scenes with the first; I do not recall).

              As for Winter Watch, please forgive me as I am relatively new here and do not know which videos are on the website. Although I did watch the video on the Oklahoma City bombing, I did not make any mental notes on other videos listed.

              Lastly, if you are referencing the video I referenced above, it is actually a cartoon / documentary from 201?, which is both informative and funny. Its title is the American Dream.

              Certainly, I do appreciate all recommendations for documentaries and also appreciate your current response, as well as any future input you could provide on suggested films.

              From my own side, I have recommended the Light Bulb Conspiracy (an extremely tough documentary to now find and / or acquire) on planned obsolescence and the Commanding Heights (global government and economics) series to Mr. Winter via electronic mail.

              Please be well and thanks again for the response.

              Simple Citizen

          • SC- good morning and thank you for your kind words, I hope you and yours are doing well also. FYI I enjoy Bill Still’s work very much. I reckon an “anti-mask party” is apropos nowadays, perhaps patterned in the style of the anti masonic party of times past, this could be the 3rd position that Mr. Winter promotes.
            I don’t have answers for sound national monetary policy primarily because the money power and their lackeys in government have no ethics, as you rightly stated. Most people who think about it for five minutes can grasp the fact that debt-based currency as not a good idea, but then proffer an asset currency peg as the answer, when all that would do is throw an unbelievable amount of people into dire straits virtually overnight. Giving congress back its main duty of printing at this point isn’t an option because congress is abhorrent. Quite a conundrum. The populist in me wants to suggest a debt jubilee as an answer to all this but the cynic in me wants to laugh hysterically while rejecting that suggestion out of hand, knowing who we’re dealing with.
            I don’t believe the swiss franc is trusted because of gold backing. It may be more trusted, but I figure the facts that the swiss banks have very secretive practices and few scruples, combined with many people storing their money there who aren’t swiss, helps tremendously as well. I liken Switzerland to the prototype for the world’s offshore money havens. I consider it curious why Rothschild didn’t send a son there, perhaps the descendants of the knights templars already had the banking industry cornered there…
            Perhaps I’ll email you in time. Don’t take offense if I don’t, as I’m a private type.

            • BTS,

              Please do not take offense to this response as a list, I am simply trying to be aware that I seem to make really long posts and responses. The list is a means to self edit a bit.

              First, thanks for the response!

              Second, I am a very private person as well and completely understand. My invitation to you and JWR was to try and keep my long posts off the blog, but still keep good dialogues going.

              There is never an offense taken, as I completely understand. This is my only online, social, activity. I have ZERO accounts with any social media websites, and I keep a tiny electronic footprint as a whole.

              Last night I broke my own rules and tried to post a challenge to Dr. Fauci on Breitbart, through Discqus (? I think). This action required me to create a basic account, which I did. Then my post was immediately marked as SPAM and never made it to the website. I cancelled the account immediately in disgust, and reminded myself why I have had such stringent rules all these years. I did tell JWR about it (here on Winter Watch) as I needed some perspective and of course he was excellent, as usual, in helping me out.

              Even if you never send me an electronic message, I will totally understand and there will be no hard feelings between us. I just wished to provide an option.

              Third, not sure if you knew this or not, but Barry actually re-ratified the charter for the next 100 years of the Federal Reserve. He had a chance to end the whole debt based economy, returning power to the Congress and restoring the United States Treasury to full authority. He of course did no such thing.

              Fourth, I do not think the Rothschild family went into Switzerland due to concerns related to the nations history and their own safety (the Swiss might have killed any representative in their past, while the English, French and Germans, not so much). Certainly the Bank of International Settlements represents their interests, without the family ever having to necessarily be present in the nation.

              Fifth, I do like the Swiss and the fact that the cantons are still empowered to a greater extent than the Federal government. Do I think they have made missteps in some financial practices, sure. Do I think they are as corrupt as the good old government of the USA? No.

              (An aside: Actually two of the biggest tax shelters in the world are the USA and UK, but that is for foreign investments and not the citizens. As you might know the USA is one of two nations in the world who tax their citizens no matter where they are, most other nations end their taxation once you leave their borders. The only way around this is to hand in your passport, but even then (depending if you have more than USD two million in assets), you will now (since Barry) have to pay an exit tax.)

              Also, I do like the model of the Swiss militia. If the nation goes to war, then everyone is in, otherwise their is no war. There are not collegiate exceptions or bone shard deferments for one group within their society. Heck even grandmas store their SIG in their home and proudly participate in the two weeks of training (or at least they used to) with the weapon.

              So we may need to (respectfully) agree to disagree on the Swiss. I still believe the Franc is a far better store of value than the USD, due to sound money practices.

              Now I am getting really long here again…mea culpa.


              “The populist in me wants to suggest a debt jubilee as an answer to all this but the cynic in me wants to laugh hysterically while rejecting that suggestion out of hand, knowing who we’re dealing with.”

              Yes, I am with you on this point completely and concur. Also, I do not know if a peg would be better in the long run, and yes it could hurt a lot of individuals at this stage, The confiscation in 1933 was designed to begin the process of making sure a peg would be near impossible in the future.

              Yet, I do believe that a peg for a time would be the only way to stop the Empire form continuing to wage war all over the globe. The Fed just extends credit and the wars continue. A peg would end the blank check movement for extended conflict to some extent.

              Always good to speak with you and I am very thankful for your response. If you get a chance, please consider watching the American Dream, it is quite entertaining and also pretty accurate.

              All my best,

              • SC- I enjoyed the American Dream and found it accurate and I chuckled a few times…
                I’m aware of the exit tax, an article here on WW covered it actually…

                I never disagreed with you that the Swiss franc was a better store of value than the USD, I just disagreed with your reasoning for why it was so trusted, namely the gold backing. “Trust” in a currency hinges on many factors, and the practices of the Swiss banking sector as well as the health of their economy are each at least as important as the peg. I do disagree with you that *any* currency is a good store of value. This is why I discount backing currency with a market force sensitive asset- if people think gold or silver is a good store of value, they’re free to go buy some…

                Also, I’m leery of the Swiss. Something about the banking character of the nation (including BIS), combined with their unchallenged neutrality in wars, and their guards protecting the popes, all make me doubtful that everything is on the up and up there. I do admit I need to read up more about this, but I’m very suspicious.

                All debt backed currency is doomed. Suddenly pegging it to assets will exacerbate the suffering. My sentiments are that sound money policy is pegging fiats to nothing, printing them in relation to the population, removing debt as an option for people by preventing commercial banks from digitally printing more out of nothing when someone wants a new car/house/whatever they can’t afford… People have been enabled to act fiscally irresponsible by the banks, which effectively use ignorant people as straw men temporary signatories in a massive worldwide asset seizure operation.

                • BTS,

                  Tight on time all this week, but I wanted to say thank you for the response, glad you liked the video, understand what you mean about CHF / the nation (just differ in perspective), agreed on debt backed anything and agreed on ridiculous banking processes.

                  Lastly, I am not sure I will be here much this week. A lot of work all of the sudden, which requested this morning, but probably needed attention weeks or even months ago. Therefore, I just wished to close by wishing you a good week.

                  All my best,
                  Simple Citizen

  3. Good afternoon Simple Citizen. Yes I have noticed a lot of filthy mask discarded in parking lots and street gutters.

    Sad day here in NM as Gov. Michelle “Wuhan Lujan” Grisham has shut everything down again starting Monday. I’m afraid this will be the death knell of many mom and pop shops and restaurants which were barley hanging on. I guess no sacrifice is to great for the Great Reset and the roll out of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, even if destroys the lives and financial well being of your own citizens. Funny these buffoons never realize(or care)it will also eliminate a large portion of the states revenue sources. God help us all.

    Have a great day SC, and pray for those in NM who are about to lose everything.

    • My friend, you and your are always in my prayers. As for the state, I am more than happy to pray for everyone. From my humble perspective, anytime one person asks another to pray, it is the greatest honor one can bestow.

      Consider it done!

      As for the masks, many thanks.

      As for the lockdowns, please consider relocation my friend, if it is feasible. If not, I completely understand and completely respect you; I just do not wish for you and yours to suffer this ridiculousness.

      So tonight I peeked out of my rabbit hole and saw an article on Breitbart that made me mad:


      In an attempt to support the comments, I actuall broke my own rules and signed up with Disqus (?) to post this comment:

      You sad man. You spend your time seeking to fool the nation and dictate policies that are so far beyond your job description as to be funny, if it were not for the fact that you are hurting citizens with your ideas.

      How about some answers to the following questions. After all you are allegedly a servant to the nation since you are a career government employee, and our hard earned labors have paid for your salary over decades now.

      1. Why are you not pushing for the inspection of the laboratory in Wuhan, and an investigation into the nearby WuXi AppTec facility?

      Sure the Chinese government told the WHO that they would not permit this type of action, but you could voice the importance of such steps in uncovering all of the facts of this “crises”, and suggest that the U.N. Security Council take the matter up.

      If the weapon is as dangerous as you keep stating, then the vote on the Security Council by the permanent members should be 4 to 1, assuming China is the only “nay” vote. If all the other member nations suffered so much due to the laboratory release, then they should be more than happy to have the inspections of the Chinese laboratories and all other BSL 4 facilities in the entire world.

      Should the Chinese government reject a Security Council (majority) ruling, then the starting punishment could be economic sanctions for any rejection of inspections. Other measures could then be imposed if the Chinese government does not correct course.

      2. Why are you not suggesting that all BSL 3 and BSL 4 facilities be shut down, globally, if this situation is as dire and bad as you have claimed?

      Let me get this straight, you are more than happy to issue conflicting information and even push drugs like a pimp, but you will not push for the closure of these types of facilities so that these type of events never, ever happen to humanity again (What about the future of your own grandchildren?).

      Humanity does not need the research of BSL 3 and BSL 4 facilities. The lesser designated laboratories are just fine for future research, and have far better security measures than BSL 4 facilities.

      3. If you are unwilling to ask / push for the closure of BSL 4 facilities, then why are you not being honest with the public in educating them regarding the work of these laboratories and the fact that there is ZERO uniform security protocols for these type of facilities in the world (while all lower level laboratories do have universal security protocols)?

      You will push (rush to market) drugs, but never explain the actual circumstances of the laboratories and what occurred (the use of a limited weapon and a juicing of the numbers, without an explanation of co-morbidity). Honestly you should resign as you are not performing your position properly and your omission forms a lie to the American people, your true employer.

      4. Even if you are going to follow the fiction that cells from a bat’s anus magically leaped into a wet market, where the Chinese vendors will cook a live dog to provide the customer with the adrenaline / endorphin altered blood, why are you not using all of your influence to push your Chinese partners to close these deadly markets for good?

      Are you going to let their voodoo beliefs threaten the entire population of the world, and attempt do nothing about it? Again, if you do not have a set to take on this threat, then just resign and go away.


      5. With your record on AIDS and connection to Mr. William Gates III why should we trust you at all?

      (Please recall that Mr. Gates is an unelected citizen, who does not posses an M.D. or PhD. and only received an honorary Baccalaureate from his alma mater. Further, his degree is not in a medical or related scientific field. He is not a credentialied colleague of yours, Why listen to him at all?)

      You push vaccines, but do nothing about laboratory safety or even closure. You offer contradicting information. You remove your mask whenever you wish, do not social distance and then tell everyone else to do as you say, but not as you do. In your own neighborhood, your neighbors put up “Thank You Dr. Fauci” signs, and I am left asking myself what in the hell are they thanking you for? To me its pathetic and as a government servant, you owe the nation and its citizenry a whole lot more than you are currently giving.

      If you really cared about our nation and its citizens, you would retire and go in peace.

      DISQUS LABELED IT AS SPAM AND REFUSED TO UPLOAD IT! So I closed the account, after reminding myself why I do not get involved with these type of things.

      Just thought you would find it interesting.

      Please be well; I will pray as requested and am honored to do so. Again, thank you.


      • Great reply to Fauci my friend, but the level of truth you bring to the table cannot be allowed on DISQUS.

        I would love to relocate but that option is off the table for now.

        Thanks for your prayers.

        • Thank you very much for your insight (about Disqus), and for reading what I tried to put up; I am humbled and appreciative.

          As for a move, I understand 100%, and will keep the prayers coming (for you and yours, as well as the state).

          On a positive note: I have heard New Mexico is pretty from a friend’s mother who retired there, and came back east for a visit. She spoke highly of the natural beauty and her (more relaxed than folks on the east coast) neighbors.


          Postscript: Although I would never dox a single soul on the planet as I do believe in everyone’s right to privacy (even if I do not agree with a person), I do actually drive through Dr. Fauci’s neighborhood for family errands. There are a couple banks, shops and restaurants near his home that we give business to.

          Some of the houses in that neighborhood do actually have these little “Thank you Dr. Fauci!” signs on their lawns (although a lot less homes have them these days; they were more visible last spring). They look like smaller versions of the political signs some folks put up on their lawns, and they were professionally printed by someone (not sure who).

          Yet, I do not believe you would see these signs in other parts of the nation.

  4. New Mexico is an utter shithole. The entire state is a landfill at this point. I love high desert country and of the 4 (NM, UT, CO, AZ) it is clearly the worst. Especially on the TX sides. Many reasons, much having to do with the indigenous (not all their fault as we have set them up to fail) and corruption in general. Shame too because in some respects it truly is a magnificent and magical landscape.

    As for Bryan, He was a remnant of true statesmen. They thrived, and could only have, during the 1st 100 years of the US. They are sadly now all extinct. There are traces of their existence but like a lingering smell it is almost all but gone. Same goes for writers, artists, inventors, and much of everything else. If it used to be the Gilded age, would we now be in the Kakka age? Because everything seems to be bullshit.

  5. “Bryan supported federal income tax but primarily as a way of ensuring a more balanced distribution of wealth.” WHY NOT A WEALTH TAX?

    At a time when senators were picked by state legislatures, Bryan led the charge for a constitutional amendment providing for the direct election of senators. He was very supportive of decentralized, local control and ownership, particularly for public utilities. STATE SELECTION OF SENATORS WAS DECENTRALIZATION. GAVE STATES A PUSH BACK OVER FEDERAL GOVERNMENT POWER. Sometimes the people get wrong before they get it right.

    These two positions were adopted, and are now used against the very people Bryan thought he was helping. Banks make mistakes, we pay for it through inflation and taxes. If the states selected Senators the Senate would currently be 60% + Red. The House is the peoples’ representation.

    And this is the problem with unbridled populism. This is coming from a populist at heart. Understand Complexity Theory and the Theory of Agent Based Self-Organizing Systems . Know it. Love it. Natural Law.

  6. Anyone believe in resurrection for the damned? President Judas coming back for his encore?

    9 Then I said, “I will not pasture you. What is to die, let it die, and what is to perish, let it perish; and let those who are left eat one another’s flesh.” 10 And I took my staff Favor and cut it in pieces, to break my covenant which I had made with all the peoples. 11 So it was broken on that day, and so the afflicted of the flock who were watching me realized that it was the word of the Lord. 12 And I said to them, “If it is good in your sight, give me my wages; but if not, never mind!” So they weighed out thirty shekels of silver as my wages. 13 Then the Lord said to me, “Throw it to the potter, that magnificent price at which I was valued by them.” So I took the thirty shekels of silver and threw them to the potter in the house of the Lord. 14 Then I cut in pieces my second staff Union, to break the brotherhood between Judah and Israel.

    15 And the Lord said to me, “Take again for yourself the equipment of a foolish shepherd. 16 For behold, I am going to raise up a shepherd in the land who will not care for the perishing, seek the scattered, heal the broken, or provide for the one who is exhausted, but will devour the flesh of the fat sheep and tear off their hoofs.

    Woe to the worthless shepherd
    Who abandons the flock!
    A sword will be on his arm
    And on his right eye!
    His arm will be totally withered,
    And his right eye will be blind.”

    – Zechariah 11

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