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The Worm in the Apple ( or Why the World is the Way it is)- Henry Makow

Henry Makow. com | October 4, 2022
Some questions you may be asking:
1. Why did the government pretend the common flu was a deadly pandemic, even though the mortality rate was roughly the same?
2. Why did most of the medical profession and the mass media collaborate?  Why did they force people to take untested “vaccines” or lose their jobs?
3. Why do the above entitles continue to promote “vaccines” that maim and kill millions?
4. Why is gender (M/F) under relentless attack? What’s inclusive about excluding and persecuting 98% of the population? Gender less bathrooms are an evil attack on heterosexuals. They destroy the natural mystery, modesty and dignity of females. The goal is to destroy marriage for purposes of depopulationYet heterosexuals are slow to clue-in.
Members of a girls’ volleyball team in Vermont were banned from using their own dressing room when they complained about a male transvestite using it.
Conservatives Fear Schools Being Pressed to Accept Transgender Pronouns, Bathrooms and Showers

5. Why do TV commercials feature a grossly disproportionate number of blacks and mixed-race couples?

Why are whites being taught that rights they enjoy as tax paying war serving citizens are “privileges” which should be ceded to illegal migrants.

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  1. Henry Makow & the late Bobby Fischer- two jewish sources whose collective understanding puts them in ‘camp goyim’ with the rest of us ‘shmucks’.

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