The Ghislaine Maxwell Deception

Editor’s Note: This is a timely re-run of our July 4, 2020 post.

Ghislaine “Jizz” Maxwell is the CEO of a multi-decade kompromat operation. Are we to actually accept that she has hidden out without protection on an estate in remote Bradford, New Hampshire, since last year?  Surely not. She reportedly paid $1 million cash for the property last December and hid her ownership using the umbrella of a business entity. She used “G-Max” as her new cell phone name.

Jizz’s alleged hideout

Just two weeks ago, British tabloid The Sun reported that the fugitive socialite, who was born in France, was “hiding out in luxury Paris flat.” In Paris, the article explained, she was safe from extradition and arrest by the FBI and had a network of friends to help her hide out. It also claimed she was changing locations every month. Was this article a ruse? Or is her arrest in the U.S. a ruse?

Believe nothing about this arrest saga. Where’s Jizz? Has anybody actually seen her? Conveniently, a new law passed in April of this year in New York banned the release of mugshots and ended perp walks. What a cowinkydink. (Relevant for when and if she is moved to NY)

The Daily Mail reports Maxwell is being held in Merrimack County Jail in Boscawen, New Hampshire. I can’t count how many times we have seen this in our posts, but the New Hampshire Department of Corrections inmate locator shows no inmate under her name, nor is there even a Maxwell.

Update: A call to Merrimack County Jail reveals Maxwell, age 58, is being held without charges, no bail and no scheduled release.

Back on July 31, 2019, when we parsed the Epstein confinement, we noted that Epstein’s photo was also not visible on the Federal prison inmate locator website either, which is not standard procedure.

The case is being handled by a public corruption unit, which includes disgraced former FBI Director James Comey’s daughter. It’s all a big club.

The indictment only covers the period of 1994 through 1997, thus creating a limited hangout of the multi-decade political blackmail-kompromat operation for the foreign state of Israel and associated intel.

She is charged with four criminal counts related to procuring and transporting minors for illegal sex acts and two counts of perjury, according to the indictment by federal prosecutors in New York.

The charge was enticing minors across state lines for sexual purposes, period — not rape, nor a multi-decade blackmail operation.

This soft toss will move the Maxwell case through the news cycle quickly. Finally, the documents related to Epstein were conveniently destroyed. This arrest is token damage control.

source; Newsweek

Read “The Epstein-Maxwell Kompromat Operation Likely Ensnared Thousands”

And what a cowinkydink that she will allegedly be transferred to Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York, which is the same jail where Epstein “died”.


She will make bail given the limited charges being brought. The scuttlebutt is that she will “cooperate” and name names. This is doubtful as there is no real incentive to plea bargain a procurement charge. Update: No names have been forthcomming.

Trump: “Ghislaine Maxwell? I think she was one of Epstein’s girlfriends. Never met her.”

It’s all one big club.

Are we now going to get artist renderings in like manner to the fakery around her colleague Jeffrey Epstein? From our post before the Epstein jail skuldruggery: “Is ‘Jeffrey Epstein’ Being Subjected to Star Chamber Sleight of Hand?”

One of the tells that we are being subjected to in Star Chamber procedures is a dearth of photos and the public only being allowed to see court sketches. It’s astonishing that a public legal proceeding would be diminished to renderings and not photos or footage.

Maxwell is expected to appear in federal court in New Hampshire on Thursday.

Without perp walks, mug shots and courtroom photos, the public is left in the dark not only as to whether a suspect has actually been captured but also as to the condition of the suspect upon arrest and at the time of the first hearing. The ramifications of such obfuscation are endless not only in terms of justice but also for the safety of the accused.

Epstein’s arrest record detailed him as 6’0, 180 pounds. Do an image search for “Epstein arrest photo” and you will see only pictures from his Florida case.

One day before Epstein was said to have allegedly attempted suicide in his jail cell, he showed up in court. According to this New York Post article, Deputy Sheriff Qin Zhang described Epstein as “a 5-foot-10, 240-pounds, a light-skinned man with white hair, who appeared his 66 years of age,” the filing said.

This is Epstein in court during his first arraignment. Again, no photos. All photos taken of him in the recent past show him trim with a normal-size neck — nowhere near this doppleganger, who appears to be a thick-necked individual. All photos of Epstein show him with trimmed hair and not haggled looking.

Read “Out the Back Door? Questioning the Death of Jeffrey Epstein”

Ghislaine Maxwell’s father, British news publisher Robert Maxwell, had links to MI6, KGB and Mossad-arms dealing, trafficking, blackmailing. Born in Czechoslovakia, he built Pergamon Press empire. Pergamon = Throne of Satan. This is a multi-generational operation, but the criminal cover-up case being brought against Jizz only involves enticement of minors and only during a three-year window.

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  1. Melania Trump is a Czech born Monarch mind controlled porn star sex kitten. Maxwell was a “Czech” jew who made his first fortune smuggling weapons from Czechslovakia to Palestine. Reportedly, Ghislaine introduced Melania to Trump.

    After WWII, millions of Sudeten Germans were ethnically cleansed and genocided from those eastern German provinces. Hundreds of thousands of Orphan German children would have been stumbling around Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia, easy targets for Sabattean Frankists like Maxwell and Soros, who would extract their blood and adrenochrome in judaic satanic rituals.

    There were reports of underground dungeons filled with children at the Zorro ranch when Ghislaine and her pal Jeffery were still at the top of their game. As of today, these reports still have not been investigated.

    The timing of this Ghislaine “arrest” is too close to the election to be a “coinkydink”, so even if it is all just theater it is a political hit of some type, and all the compromised politicians surely consider this to be a wake up call.

    • While I agree with your final paragraph, you’re making some pretty grand statements as though they are facts, without providing any evidence, which is basically what the left is famous for. Could I see Melania being an MK slave and getting tapped for info on Trump and not even know it? Of course I can. But feel in 2020, those of us who are awake need to stick to making statements we can back up with evidence or else we are no better than the insane conspiracy theorists on the left.

  2. You are incorrect. Jews were Gods chosen people in the Old Testament because they were the descendants of Abraham with which God made a covenant. Read Genesis 12,15,17,22. Jesus Christ fulfilled the covenant according to Paul in the 3rd chapter of Galatians. The Pharisees and the Sadducees were the religious leaders during the time of Christ and he excoriated them for abandoning their responsibilities and for their oral traditions. God destroyed the temple, Jerusalem, and the Jews in 70 ad.

    Orthodox Judaism is Talmudic and Kabbalist. It has zero to do with the Bible or the creator God of the Old Testament. From a Christian perspective, there is faith in Christ as the only salvation for humanity. That to has been exploited by humanity for power and financial gain.

    • This post was attached as a response to someone. Not only did it not nest, but that post disappeared.

    • >God destroyed the temple, Jerusalem, and the Jews in 70 ad.< Is that so ?!
      I thought it was the Romans ?!! Are you saying the 'Romans' were gods ?!!
      A whole new take on history. BTW, if "God" destroyed 'the jews' as you post,
      then who the heck are these people collecting holocaust survivor checks ?!

  3. “Believe nothing about this arrest saga. Where’s Jizz? Has anybody actually seen her? Conveniently, a new law passed in April of this year in New York banned the release of mugshots and ended perp walks. What a cowinkydink.”

    Bingo, exactly what I’ve been thinking ever since they rolled this ridiculous story out. She is probably on Epstein Island sippin’ martinis with Sir Jeffery.

  4. Why does a law about eliminating perp walks and arrest photos in NY matter when she was arrested in NH?

  5. At this point about the only thing that’s certain is this: you cannot trust the government to tell the truth — about anything.

    … but the New Hampshire Department of Corrections inmate locator shows no inmate under her name, nor is there even a Maxwell.

    A possible explanation: she was arrested by federal authorities on federal charges — she is not in the custody of NH authorities, but is being held in the state pending transfer to a federal facility.

    The indictment is a nothing burger and only covers the period of 1994 through 1997, …

    Which probably corresponds to a time period during which Trump associated with Epstein.

  6. We are going to limit your very long comments. Also try to stay near topic. Although some of these book long posts are of interest use more sparingly so as not to hog out others discourse. If you have an online publication with this material just link to it.

  7. Excellent article— what a travesty that they are strictly limiting the charges against her.
    They couldn’t pull another Fake Death for her like with Epstein, but I wonder if they will just push the trial through quickly, as you said, then pretend to jail her for a long time in “solitary confinement” or something, so no one will know she is really sipping cocktails with Epstein, as some have said, on their vast estates in Andinia, the Illuminati Hideout country where you may also find other “sudden death” celebrities & politicians.

    Since Maxwell’s father Robert also “died suddenly” at a most convenient time, just as his financial crimes were being exposed, like stealing all of his employees pension funds. He would be about 97 years old now, probably sipping cocktails himself.

  8. Maria Farmer, in separate interviews with Shaun Attwood and Whitney Webb, stated divorced IVANA Trump rode around in limos with JizzLane MaxHell pandering under age girls in NYC and Palm Beach. Married from 1977 to 1992, this is believable for a Gold digging, social climber. One possible blackmail tool that reached the end of useful shelf life.

  9. I’d simply start with the obvious assumption that Gizzies whereabouts have always been known. Or at least from the start of any investigation toward criminal charges as a known associate of Jeffrey’s.

    So why now ?

  10. Ted Cruz tweets: ” Were she to die in custody-for any reason-it would be a HUGE blow to our justice system”

    What a moron! A huge blow to our justice system. Gee Ted, you think it might indicate something else besides a blow to ‘our’ justice system?

    Multiple sites are reporting that she already had her arraignment which is mighty quick due to the fact that she was arressted Thursday. That means they ‘fast-tracked’ her for the following day which is questionable as well. More than likely her arraignment would have taken place vis-a-vis an audio-visual feed from the county jail to the courthouse.

    Also, if in fact she was in custody, wouldn’t her sisters want to go to her subsequent court proceedings? In the real world, the media would be all over the sisters to poke and prod them for information, which would mean TMZ(as well as others) would find their addresses and send a crew to their homes and pester them constantly. The media would also be all over Ghislaine’s transport from the jail to the court house.

    Shallow sites like WeAreChange and Shaun Atwood just go along with media narrative without bringing the proper amount of skepticism and questioning that this ‘arrest’ requires!

  11. Just a little follow up on your article Russ!

    I do not think Maxwell would have been in the New Hampshire Dept. of Corrections data base because she would be in the specific county jail in Bradford, NH awaiting adjudication and from what we’re being told is her transfer to the New York facility. It is only after you have been sentenced on a felony that you are transferred to your state prison from a local county jail. When you arrive in prison you go through R & O (Receiving and Orientation)and then receive an inmate number and then are put into the DOC database. She would have had booking information though from the county jail she was in which is the one Spiro Skouras called.

    • Updated with YT clip of Skouras’ call to that jail. She is listed but with no charges, no bail, or release date. I don’t think they can hold her for long with what is effectively a 23 year old pimping indictment.

      • 72 hours for charges to be filed; a judge can grant an extension to 96 hours if the charges are serious enough. But, some of these news outlets like the Guardian have indicated that she has had her arraignment, and if that is the case, a bail amount has been set or she was denied.

        This possibly was the initial arraignment which usually takes less than 5 minutes. You stand in front of a television monitor with audio and you are:1) read the charges buy the judge, 2)told about your right to council, 3)the judge decides whether to issue a bail or not- that’s it! Then, you come back for a post-indictment arraignment where you possibly enter a plea or plea bargain if the DA offers one.

        Of course, we know this is all on the assumption that she is even locked up. These coming days and weeks will undoubtedly manifest more cowinkydinks as you like to call them!

        • Claiming she is in jail is the best way of having her “die” and not have to prove it. It’s almost as good as being a wanted “terrorist”, then they can just “bury you at sea in accordance with nobody’s customs” and case closed!

          In any event, she will soon join Epstein in Israel. Her use for honey pot business has exceeded its use-by date.

      • Had she actually been indicted 23 years ago there would be grounds to hold her. She wasn’t,though. After 23 years, she can likely be indicted only on murder charges, because only murder typically has no statute of limitations. Limitations statutes vary according to jurisdiction, but typically are 3-6 years for most crimes. The whole affair is thus a dog-and pony show.

        • To the best of my knowledge, this is being prosecuted federally, and here is the federal statute of limitations guidance. Note that the statute of limitations isn’t met until 10 years after the death of the victim for child sexual abuse cases.

          The child protection section, 18 U.S.C. § 3283, permits an indictment or information charging kidnaping, or sexual abuse, or physical abuse, of a child under the age of 18 to be filed within the longer of 10 years or the life of the victim. Section 3283 extends the statute of limitations in sexual abuse cases generally and is not confined to the offenses found in sexual abuse chapter of the federal criminal code.35 In contrast, 18 U.S.C. § 3299 eliminates the statute of limitations in child sexual abuse cases arising under the specific statutory provisions it cites.

          Applicable offenses: The felonies in Chapters 109A, 110 and 117 include violations of 18 U.S.C. 2241 (aggravated sexual abuse), 2242 (sexual abuse), 2243 (sexual abuse of a ward or child), 2244 (abusive sexual contact), 2245 (sexual abuse resulting in death), 2250 (failure to register as a sex offender), 2251 (sexual exploitation of children), 2251A (selling or buying children), 2252 (transporting, distributing or selling child sexually exploitive material), 2252A (transporting or distributing child pornography), 2252B (misleading names on the Internet), 2260 (making child sexually exploitative material overseas for export to the U.S.), 2421 (transportation for illicit sexual purposes), 2422 (coercing or enticing travel for illicit sexual purposes), 2423 (travel involving illicit sexual activity with a child), 2424 (filing false immigration statement), 2425 (interstate transmission of information about a child relating to illicit sexual activity)

          • Since this is also related to my comment above, thanks for the info.

            Note that the statute of limitations isn’t met until 10 years after the death of the victim for child sexual abuse cases.

            But perhaps you slightly misinterpret the following language (?), which you highlighted:

            … within the longer of 10 years or the life of the victim.

            Looking at the key parts of this clause, “longer of” and “or”, it seems there are two cases:

            1) The victim dies within 10 years of the date the offense was (allegedly) committed — in this case, the SoL runs for 10 years (presumably they would conceivably still charge and try to convict someone within this 10 years even though the victim was dead);

            2) The victim is still alive after 10 years — in this case, the SoL expires when the victim dies.

            So generally, the min is 10 years (case 1); the max is the lifetime of the victim (case 2).

            • It is quite clear that case 2 is in play for victims who survived this- thus no SoL. There are practical difficulties in persecuting 25 year old cases however.

              These are the indictments in question- 2421 (transportation for illicit sexual purposes), 2422 (coercing or enticing travel for illicit sexual purposes), 2423 (travel involving illicit sexual activity with a child)

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      Essentially correct; few people who go with the 13/50 meme are savvy enough to refine it in this way (although you can also reasonably round the percent of homicides committed by Blacks up to 55).

      Unsurprisingly, here’s how the ADL characterizes this meme: The number 13 used in conjunction with either the number 52 or the number 90 is a shorthand reference to racist propaganda claims by white supremacists against African-Americans to depict them as savage and criminal in nature.

      You were cautioned before about your overly long and often OT comments — why not police yourself in that regard so any/the useful info you may provide is not lost?

      • I should have corrected this:


        Of course it is 4% (actually probably somewhat < 4%) of the general population that is committing approx 55% of all homicides — i.e. not “4% OF BLACKS”.

      • Wait a minute. Isn’t this an article about Ghislane Maxwell ? She’s not ‘black’
        and as far as I know, not been accused of murder. How did we get here ?!
        MAN, can’t blacks ever catch a break ?! Pile on systemic racism 🙂

        • You replied to the wrong comment — you replied to my comment, and in my comment I already told Dave Rubin that his comment above is OT.

    • @Dave Rubin – I don’t understand how your post relates to the criminal pervert Ghislaine Maxwell. There’s a woman like you on Brother Nathanael’s website, who just uses his website to post her own book-length comments on often unrelated topics, swamping everyone else. Not a single article of his is spared from her lavish attentions. I guess it’s because he is well-known, respected and popular, while she isn’t, so it makes sense for her to piggyback on his website, rather than pay for her own.

  13. The viability of charges against her has been mentioned, e.g. statute of limitations — this appears to be a relatively simple technical legal point that a knowledgeable person could clarify.

    Finding a plausible motive is a normal part of any/every criminal investigation — so another question to consider is: What was Ghislaine Maxwell’s motivation to participate in this whole business? — or how was she induced to participate? — I assume she inherited a good chunk of her father’s estate/wealth, and so was very well fixed financially, i.e. she didn’t need money — why jeopardize all of that?

  14. Hmmm

    The author’s assertion that the charges against Maxwell are essentially just a “23-year-old pimping indictment” is of course a monstrous whopper of a lie. The chutzpah it takes to equate kidnapping, drugging, sex trafficking of minors (automatically rape under US law) and corrupting minors with a “pimping indictment” is beyond reason and well into into the realm of true debasement and depravity.

    The government has announced a 6 count 17 page indictment against her. And rumor has it that this vile predator is an israeli mossad agent, also faces an unsealed indictment involving blackmail, extortion, election tampering and espionage . For the record; espionage is a capital crime involving national security. And there is no legal requirement to make such charges public. Even if the 2006 Florida deal did protect her against a conviction for Capital crimes like espionage in the State of Florida, which it can not, that order has no authority to shield her from prosecution by any other State or the Federal Government.

    • You have asserted what the charges should be, but have you read the actual public indictments? obviously not The charges are not stated as kidnapping and drugging.

      We can only hope unconfirmed rumors that more serious crimes charged are in the cards. But we are just reporting the facts on the ground bro. Do not kill the messenger.

  15. Perhaps the charges are just a ploy to have her in custody so that more serious and egregious charges can be levied against her, conceivably to the advantage of the current administration along with having anything remotely related to the POTUS to be swept away. If i was in a situation such as the President is in, being beat up by the left wing lugdenpresse as Russ calls them and also am suffering a massive slide in the polls (remember, perception is reality to the occultists) that may lead to his unseating plus having potential traitors all around me, then i would be looking for a hail mary pass (Trump craves attention and acceptance from his public it seems) and what would prove him right all along then to have this massive trove of blackmail information on his opposition (but anything on him and any of his potential allies would simply just disappear) be released to the public for all to see?

    Or if he is a plant, it would definitely kick start civil war 2.0 into going hot. isnt that what the Ruling Banking class wants anyways? For not only the financial collapse to happen so they can reset the monetary system (check) and for their main obstacle for global rule to be neutralized (which is why everything to this point has happened to our people of this nation)?

    I have not the answers, all I do see is what we think is our world is nothing but a lie and all free thinking people are being subjected to Fourth Generation Warfare to which we are not to survive. All i can do is just give it over to the Divine, and trust God’s plan (to which i do not fully understand, but isn’t that the reason for faith?)

  16. Ghislaine’s task now that she has basically turned herself in, is to do damage control to protect high level contacts and continuing blackmail with Mossad clients high in the U.S. government.

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